The Phillips Family Curse Ch. 02

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This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. If stuff like that isn’t your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading it. I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.


Chapter 2: The Roots Turn Inward

I didn’t know where I was going, but I just ran. I ended up back on the trail I was on this morning. I didn’t stop till I was on the other side of the lake from the house. I finally ended up on one of the small pedestrian bridges before I came to a stop. I looked back behind me and saw the lake house across the lake, standing there, looking less like a house and more like a demon, a place where the most awkward experiences of my life had just happened. And forcing forward, freedom.

I looked down the river, seeing the glistening water shine in the sherbet colored sunset. The world looked so bright looking this way, but turning around, the house was already shrouded in shadow.

What was I going to do? This was absolute craziness. I had my aunt propositioning me through sexts. I had my cousin throwing her boobs in my face and basically letting me know I could have her up the ass any time I wanted. I had my own mother offering to take me to her room for naked sweaty sex. And I had my sister offering to dance on a stripper pole and expressing the desire to “make babies” with me. And the twins… I don’t even want to start on the twins.

The world had flipped on its axis. I had taken a plane cross-country only to end up on another planet. A planet where incest was accepted and apparently normal, where any semblance of recognition of all these people I had known my whole life had disappeared, and in their place, lusty, teasing, sex-crazed seductresses.

If I went back there, I would be getting caught up in the spider’s web again, putting myself in their lair. And the worst thing was how I had responded. My dick had enjoyed the attention, and there was some part of me that let them play these games with me as the target. I was afraid what would happen if the pressure became too much to take.

I didn’t want it. I didn’t want any of this! I just want to go back to Sandy and escape this madness. I wanted normalcy. I wanted to escape the clutches of this family once and for all. With Sandy, I could be myself, be free of expectations, be free of the pressure they put on me. And also, now, be free of these weird sexual games.

I couldn’t be here anymore. I couldn’t. I didn’t care if they got mad or upset or offended. They started this, and I wasn’t gonna get pushed around anymore. I didn’t care what explanation they gave Dad once he got back. I needed to leave now.

But how? I could just run, run away, but that didn’t seem like a very smart plan. Maybe… I could call a cab, and get driven to an airport, or a hotel. Yeah, that might work. I checked my pockets, realizing I had my phone, but not my wallet. Damn. I needed my wallet to get anywhere. I didn’t care about the other stuff. I could leave it behind. Grandma would surely understand, and would probably mail everything back to me. But I needed the wallet, so no matter what, I needed to go back to the house. I needed to get to my room, grab my wallet and get out.

I paced around, working out the plan. I had to wait people out, let the crowd thin out, so I could get in and out as quietly as possible, hopefully without being seen. I could grab my wallet, sneak back out, look up a taxi service and go from there. This could work.

I hung around the trail for a while, watching the sun go down. I needed the cover of darkness to aid me, so I hid out, walking the area leisurely. At one point, I head a runner approaching, so I hid behind a tree, just in time to dodge Kendra, once again in her workout clothes, on a late night jog seemingly. But I knew she wasn’t out here for exercise. She paused to look around a bit, but eventually she moved on.

A little later, I was suddenly getting a call, only to check it and be confronted by that damn picture of Aunt Karen’s huge tits and juicy cleavage. I silenced the call, only to get another buzz a few moments later. I pulled it up and saw she had sent me a text. Due to some morbid curiosity, I had to see what she sent.

“You can try to run from me, but I know you want me.”

The texts kept coming.

“I am so fucking soaked right now.”

“I want to floss your teeth with my thong.”

“I want you to peel my ass-cheeks apart and lick in between.”

When she started sending pictures, I worked up the nerve to stash my phone away, resisting the urge to peek.

Soon the sun was down and the lake was lit by the moonlight and the luminescent glow of fireflies hovering in the air. I made my way quietly back towards the lake konyaaltı escort house. It was eerily silent as I approached. No voices, no music, nothing. Judging by the parked cars, Dad and the guys were still not here. It wasn’t that late, so I didn’t think all the women would be in bed. I hoped they would be hanging outside, talking so I could sneak in and not run into anyone inside. But, judging by what I could see, none of them were outside, meaning they were all in the house somewhere.

Trying to be stealthy, I slid open the door. Walking quietly up the stairs, I felt a sudden heaviness in my chest. It was as if I could suddenly sense that something bad was gonna happen. And as soon as my feet hit the landing, and I looked down the long hallway that connected to all the bedrooms, the house awoke.

The closest door opened up and out stepped Kendra, wearing only a slinky, thin little nightie. The nightie was made of a thin pink silk, held up by thin spaghetti straps and scooped low enough to showcase the expanse of her jaw-dropping cleavage. The hem of the nightie was very short, barely covering her ass, leaving her firm legs totally bare. Looking at this sexed up woman in the doorway, dressed in pink, confirmed that the tomboy I once knew was long gone. As she moved to stand in the doorway, her massive, bra-less boobs jiggled beneath her thin covering.

“Where did you go?” she asked with a knowing smile.

“Just, uh, around.” I stammered, not trying to look at my sexy cousin. She held my gaze for a few moments, as if she was appraising me and my actions.

“You know, I’ve never had a guy do so much work to not hook up with me. I’m hurt.” Kendra stated, just laying it all out there.

“Uhhh… cousins.” I replied simply, making the point as to why sex could never happen.

“I don’t know what else I could do, I mean, I’m not nearly as whorish as my mom, I’m not as much of a bitch as your sister, and I’m not your own mom. I’ve made it abundantly clear what I would let you do to me.” Kendra stated, fingering the hem of her nightie. “Don’t you think I’m sexy, Jesse?”

“Again, Kendra, you’re my cousin.” I stated, eager again to just escape from this awkwardness.

“Doesn’t that make it better? Wouldn’t it be so much hotter that way?” she asked, stepping towards me. “Isn’t it weird how much we have in common? We would be, like, an amazing couple, and you know it. Everyone would be so jealous of us. We’re perfect for each other. We’re built for each other. Imagine how good the sex would be.” She said, putting her hand on my arm.

“I, uh, I’ve got to go.” I stammered, trying to make it past her. I looked away from her, down the hall, only to stop in my tracks. Cause me and Kendra weren’t alone.

“Face it, hon.” Aunt Karen stated, posing with one arm on the wall. “Jesse doesn’t want a young little slut like you. He wants a real woman.”

I gulped as I stared at her. Aunt Karen was dressed to kill, going far further than her daughter. She was dressed in full-on lingerie, colored black. She wore severely high stilettos, which led up to her stocking covered legs. The fine black mesh showcased every inch of her firm, long stems, making them look mouth-watering. She wore a garter-belt, which connected to the stockings. Under the garter belt was a thin, black miniscule thong, barely covering her vagina, and no-doubt exposing a lot more of her rear end. And up top, barely containing her massive, full breasts was a matching bra, digging into the lush flesh, the smooth edges of her enormous jugs pouring round the edges. Her long, curly hair cascaded down past her shoulders, and her face wore an expression of heavy, smoky lust.

“The last thing Jesse wants is an old lady.” Kendra scoffed. She moved in behind me, and I felt her massive breasts pressing into my back.

“I disagree, my dear.” Karen replied, approaching me. “If a guy has to choose between a… little, young girl, or a gorgeous older woman,” she began, running her hands over her own breasts and down her body while dismissing her daughter verbally, “Young men like him would choose an older bitch to tell him what to do, to dominate him. Someone like Jesse would much rather have a mommy than a girlfriend, and if his own mom can’t get the job done, then I guess it’s up to me.”

“Excuse me?” Mom said, stepping out of her room. She was dressed skimpy as well, wearing a red bra with a matching thong and nothing else. (Why did all these women bring these skimpy clothes to a family reunion?) A large expanse of her creamy skin was exposed, and like her sister, her boobs were overflowing her bra. “If Jesse wants a mommy, he doesn’t need to look any further,” Mom said, stepping near me, putting her hand on my shoulder, staking her claim in me.

“Ha!” Kendra laughed. “Why would a guy want to fuck his own MOM?”

“And why would a guy want to fuck his trashy cousin?” Mom asked, making Kendra scowl. “A man would fuck his own mother because she is offering him the best sex he could ever hope to have. kültür escort Better than anything his slutty cousin or his trashy aunt could offer. I know him best, and I know what is best for him. He’s my son. I know what he likes and what he needs. Trust me, moms know these things. Now, Jesse, come with me.” she said, gripping me, trying to pull me along with her to her room, using the same tone she used to use when I was behaving badly.

“Wait…” I attempted, resisting being pulled in any direction. I evaded their grasp, moving down the hall a bit, turning to face them all. “No! I don’t want to fuck any of you. I have a girlfriend who I love. And plus… we are all related! We’re family! Have you all forgotten that?”

They all looked back at me, almost angry, as if it was offensive to them that I didn’t want to do anything with them.

“Well, Jesse, I think little Jesse disagrees.” Aunt Karen said, looking at my bulging crotch.

“It’s not so little.” Kendra said, gawking.

“Jesse, you’re cock knows what it wants, so take it now.” Mom said. Hearing Mom say the word cock sent an unnerving ripple of fear through me. I turned to walk away, to get in my room and get my supplies. But I was stopped again.

My sister stood in front of me, blocking my path, wearing only a towel, as if she had just stepped out of the shower. Her hair was dry, but her body still looked slick with moisture. Her large, bulbous breasts were barely contained by the towel, bursting to escape their snug confines.

“Jesse, you don’t want any of them as much as you want me.” Dana stated.

“Ha!” Kendra laughed loudly.

“Don’t kid yourself, dear.” Karen stated.

“Dana, face it… you’re a huge bitch. Why would Jesse actually choose you?” Mom asked.

“Yeah, we’ve never gotten along,” Dana stated. “Yeah, I’m a bitch. But, all that simmering tension between us will really translate to the bedroom. Trust me. I am an amazing lay, and you’ve always known that. You hate me, but you love how hot I am. You love my body. You love my breasts,” she said, moving close to me. “You think I’m a bitch, but that doesn’t stop you from wanting to cum all over my massive tits. You see this, my big tits, my face… I want your cum on all of it. Everywhere. And me being a bitch… it only makes you want to do it even more. I’ll be in my room naked tonight, and so will you, but we both know we won’t be sleeping. Once you see what I can do, you’ll forget all about your little girlfriend.”

“Don’t… don’t talk about her.” I said, the anger and tension about to boil over. I hated that cocky smirk Dana wore on her face. I was being pulled apart. I didn’t know whether to shout at her to prove her wrong or fuck her brains out and prove her right. These women were pushing me to the edge, and the last thing I needed now was to hear was any slights against my girlfriend.

“Oh my God, face it Jesse,” Kendra began from behind me. “Your girlfriend’s a dog.”

“Hon, she is not pretty.” Mom stated. “You deserve better.”

“You will never end up with her,” Karen said. “You need a lot more than her.”

“Is she funny or something?” Dana asked.

“Please! Just, all of you, STOP!” I called out, trying to vent all this anger and tension.

“Aww, he’s upset!” Karen remarked, her amusement making me even angrier. “Upset cause we’re making fun of his flat-chested girlfriend.”

“Admit it, honey.” Mom began, moving to my side. “We all know you two aren’t going to last. And we all know you’re gonna be having sex tonight.”

“So it might as well be my ass your balls are slapping against tonight.” Kendra remarked, sliding her breasts against my back sensually.

“I don’t think so,” Karen argued, stepping in front of me. Now, I had Mom to my side, Kendra behind me, and Karen pressed against my front. She spun around in front of me, pressing her thong-clad butt into my crotch. I looked down to see my Aunt sliding her nearly bare ass against my clothed, bulging shaft, my dick sliding between the two cheeks. I looked down, noting the way the tiny thong threaded between the two ripe cheeks. I noted the tattoo on my aunt’s butt, a vibrant, colorful blooming flower. I felt her hair slide against my neck, making me shiver.

I used my superior strength to push out from the crowd, escaping the clutches of the three women, but Dana still stood in my way. She looked up at me, breathing deep. She began to reach under her arm, where the towel was tied.

“Jesse, you’ve needed to see these for a long time,” Dana said, untying her towel. I closed my eyes just as the towel slipped from her frame, so I avoided seeing my own sister in the buff. But that meant I couldn’t see where I was going, and the women took advantage. They closed in around me, so I was surrounded from all sides. Pressed between them, I felt sensation all over. I felt a big pair of naked tits pressing into my shirt covered chest. I felt another pair pressed against my back, and I felt another two bra-clad pairs of breasts against markantalya escort my sides and arms. I felt hands against me, some sliding up under my shirt, against my arms. I felt one hand squeeze my ass firmly, and I felt another one grab my cock, giving the swollen shaft one long, firm squeeze. I felt lips slide against my neck, my shoulder, I even felt a mystery pair of lips press into mine. I was frozen, stuck in place, surrounded by these four women, eyes closed to protect me from seeing what they were doing to me. I didn’t know how I was gonna get out of this one.

And then, I heard a new voice, and a hand grab onto my shoulder firmly.

“Jesse!” Grandma called out, her voice breaking through the tumult. “Come with me now!”

Her hand pulled at me, and knowing I could trust her, I allowed myself to be pulled along by her. I broke through the group of women, and I was pulled into a new room. I let my eyes open to see that I had been pulled inside of Grandma’s room. I looked back just in time to see Grandma slam the door shut and lock it, leaving the women in the hall.

“Ladies, leave him alone!” Grandma called out through the door, “And Dana, put your clothes on!” She guided me towards the bed.

I looked around the room. I hadn’t been in this room since I was a kid, and it looked a lot different now. It was a very large room, maybe three times the size of the bedroom I was staying in. It opened up onto the balcony I had seen her standing on before, overlooking the pool. There was a large four-post bed centered against the wall opposite the balcony. On the far wall was a heavy, oak bookshelf, holding all sorts of heavy books. There was a table halfway between the bed and the balcony, and on the near wall was what seemed to be a large painting of some sort. It wasn’t like a picture or anything, it was words and lines. I didn’t have time to take it in for too long. What had just happened was on the forefront of my mind. I heard voices from the other side of the door, begging for entrance. And standing guard by the door was Grandma.

I didn’t know if she had dragged herself out of bed because of the skirmish, cause she was only wearing a black, silk robe, tied off at her waist, going down to her knees. But she seemed acutely aware of what had just happened to me, and she sensed my consternation. Grandma crossed the room, closing and locking the inner and outer doors to the master bath.

“What the fuck is happening here?” I called out, no hesitance at this point to curse in my grandmother’s presence.

“Sit down… calm down,” she urged me. “Sit down and just breathe. Calm down. You look like you’re about to explode. And we don’t want that right now,” she said, guiding me to the bed.

“Please tell me what is going on. This isn’t right.” I called out, still too wired to just relax. She looked at me silently as her eyes looked up, as if weighing her options. “You know something… please tell me,” I urged, my tone less panicked and more conveying my desperate need for answers. She looked at me and finally nodded.

“Okay,” she began, stepping closer to me, her bare feet padding along the thin carpet. “But please sit down… I have a lot of things to tell you,” she urged me gently, holding out her arm towards the bed. Taking a deep breath, I sat on the edge of the bed. She stepped across the room towards a box on a small table next to the bookshelf. She opened up it up to reveal various bottles of liquor, stuff I didn’t recognize. She pulled out a couple glasses and started mixing a couple drinks deftly. She spoke up, looking down at the drinks she was mixing. “Don’t mistake my hesitance to talk to you as me keeping a secret from you. I knew I’d have to talk about this to someone someday, but…” she turned, holding two small glasses full of amber liquid. “I just never thought it would be you.”

She handed me a drink. I looked up at her, unsure, feeling odd about drinking with my own grandmother. She nodded, so I took a tentative sip, the strong liquid burning on the way down. She smiled and sipped her own drink.

“So… what’s going on?” I asked firmly but calmly. She nodded and began to walk over towards the big bookshelf. She set her glass on the wood and thumbed her fingers along the books. I knew this day was affecting me when I noticed the way her silky robe slid across her ass. I shook those thoughts away.

“This family…” Grandma began, pulling out a large, thick, old looking tome. “The Phillips name… it’s been in this country for hundreds of years. It’s even been traced back to the days of the puritans.” She pulled the book from the shelf and trotted back towards the bed. “We were a religious bunch, back in the day, believe it or not. Not so much anymore, though.” She sat down next to me, the heavy book on her lap.

“This book.” she began, stabbing her finger against the hard cover. “This book is the history of this family, written by the people who lived it. Our ancestors wrote in here, documenting their lives and what happened around them. It’s survived hundreds of years, ending up in my possession. This book, much like our family, is a survivor. The blood is strong. We have survived everything. War, and death, disease… those all faded away, but our family stays strong.”

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