The Older Sister Ch. 02

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It hadn’t been a dream; her brother was still between her legs. Her damp thighs had been wrapped around his neck all night and his crushed and distorted face still nestled against the front of her pants. He was asleep, his hands hugging her thighs, as if trying to escape from them had been the last thing he had done before drifting away.

She had orgasmed in her sleep, a wet dream, and she wondered whether her brother had been awake to witness it. Had he watched her come, unable to escape her heightened arousal, or had he slept through it, unknowingly driving his sister to ecstasy.

Elena interlaced her fingers behind her brother’s head and ground him gently against her. She was almost there when Jake’s eyes cracked open, dreamy and confused. She could not be stopped; she simply crossed her ankles and tightened her grip as she continued to work his beautiful face against her vagina.

“Stay, please,” Elena moaned as she came down from her high, her body trembling and her long lashes fluttering. Her big blue eyes closed.

Jake was dazed and confused. Exhausted from long periods of arousal, hot, dehydrated and with barely enough oxygen to breathe. Despite this, he hugged her thighs closer, dreading the moment when his sister let him go. That wouldn’t be for a while though, as her breathing slowed and her grip tightened, and she fell back into deep sleep.

Jake reached for the towel that he had hidden by the side of the bed and wrapped it around his cock. With one hand on the towel and the other tracing the shape of his sister’s bottom, he ejaculated for the fifth time that night.


When Jake next opened his eyes, he was alone in his sister’s bed. Elena was sitting on the large wooden trunk wearing a white lace nightdress that plunged more than elegantly between her breasts. She sat with her legs crossed, watching her naked brother slowly awake.

“Do you remember when I used to put you in his trunk,” she smiled playfully.

“Yes…” Jake croaked, sitting up and covering his embarrassingly hard cock with her sheet, “I remember all too well.”

“Did you like it?”

Jake had never thought of it like that before. He pulled off the sheet and knelt down by his sister’s feet. She had often trapped him in the trunk when he’d misbehaved, but thinking back now, it had really been only when he hadn’t obeyed her.

Now close enough to smell her perfume, he reached up and tried to lift the lid that as always was held firmly closed under his sister’s weight. She slowly recrossed her legs, first leaning to one side to reveal her white thong, and then rolling down so that her cheeks settled back on to the wooden lid.

“Fuck, what chance did I have?” Jake breathed, now even more obsessed with his sister’s body.

“None at all… want to go back in?”

Elena uncrossed her legs and pulled her brother back between her thighs. She had long since known why she liked to put Jake in the trunk and a few more deep breathes beneath her nightie and Jake would feel the same.

She stood up and lifted the lid. She moaned out loud with pleasure; this was the first time that her brother had willingly climbed inside, but the end result would be the same.

“Its tight now,” he breathed, his face barely below the iron rim of the reinforced box.

“I can make you fit…”

She was now a provocatively dressed woman, aroused by her brother’s predicament, yet the look in her eyes was strangely familiar as was the fear in her brother’s eyes as the lid banged shut. Very little had changed as she weighed down the lid and listened to the pleas from below.

“Can you cum for me?” she called.

Jake’s childhood memories canlı bahis were flooding back, but now they made more sense. He touched himself and moaned gently into the underside of the lid. He heard a shuffle above him, and his sister moaned in unison.

“Oh fuck, let me touch your body…” Jake panted, caressing the underside of the lid.

Elena’s eyes were dilating.

“Please, let me go down on you!” he cried.

With her vibrator moving silently between her legs, Elena closed her eyes and breathed deeply.

The same feeling of complete helplessly was back, but this time it was pleasant. The image of a bratty older sister sitting on the box was replaced by the thought of a beautiful woman to which he was happy to submit. Slowly and rhythmically, he climaxed and flopped down motionless inside the trunk.

Elena came moments later, warm breath of a contented sigh as she daydreamed about their new relationship.

“Will you tie me up now?” she whispered.


It was an hour later when Jake walked into his sister’s room. She was sitting on the floor with her back against her bed and her hands handcuffed behind her back and around the heavy wrought iron bed frame. She was wearing make up as if she was going out, but was she wearing only her white lace nightdress and thong.

“Key?” she mouthed.

Jake trembled as he edged forward and removed the small silver key from the handcuffs. His big sister was now his prisoner, her aroused body on display with parted lips and dilated eyes.

Previously he would have left her to struggle, but the rules of the game had changed, and she was now his to enjoy.

Elena pulled at the cuffs, twisting her body in an attempt to escape. Her breathing was getting slower and deeper as her legs spread further and her hips moved in time with the quiet atmospheric music.

“You okay?” Jake asked innocently.

His sister smiled and nodded and gazed intently into her brother’s eyes. Yesterday had been a trap, literally and metaphorically, and Jake had fallen for it. His acceptance of her touch and her body had opened the fantasy floodgates in her mind.

She was buzzing; helplessly chained up, alone with a man. With anyone else this would have terrifying, but with her younger brother, she could be lovingly controlled.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have put you in my skirt yesterday,” she goaded, her legs spread, longing for his touch, “trapped in your own sister’s pants…” She trembled as her brother took the bait.

He ripped off his tee-shirt and pulled off his jeans to reveal his penis pushing to escape his black boxer shorts. Elena cried out and tried again to escape the inescapable cuffs.

“Trapped between my sister’s legs all night,” he whispered, “… ground into her crotch?”

“Want to know what I dreamt about?”

“I know,” he whispered.

Jake was overawed. This must be how his sister was with her lovers; beautiful yet intimidating. He knelt to kiss and massage her feet, unsure of what to do with the rest of her body.

“Well, I’m your prisoner now,” she trembled, the cuffs creating red rings around her wrists.

Jake still looked overwhelmed by his sister’s hungry eyes.

“Nothing you’ve ever wanted to do to me?” she smiled with sisterly love.

Despite being handcuffed, she still felt in control. She sat back in hot damp underwear silently hoping that her younger brother would take advantage. He was on his knees and prowling closer to her. She closed her eyes and flicked back her hair to fantasize.

“Sorry… I’ve always wanted to…” Jake spoke cautiously as he leaned forward and gently kissed his sister’s breasts that were bahis siteleri only partly covered by white lace. Goosebumps formed on her excited body.

“I know,” she panted, “I’ve seen you stare.”

“It’s okay?”

“What can I do to stop you?” she smiled, her fingers now caressing the steel that restrained her.

“My nipples…” she moaned.

Jake looked up, trembling as he ran his mouth over her flushed breasts and placed his lips over his sister’s erect nipples. He had never heard his sister make such noises, strange ecstatic whimpers behind a wall of blonde hair.

He looked up, now eye to eye with his sister with their lips almost touching. They paused, both unsure what to do next. Elena was the first to react, her head bobbing forward so that their lips touched. They both pulled back and giggled nervously.

Jake ran a fingertip around his sister’s shiny lips which opened wider and moaned quietly. The only other sound was the jingle of Elena’s handcuffs as her libido drove her to grab and hold her brother. This time he kissed her lips. Elena strained forward, her tongue pushing into her brother’s mouth before he pulled back leaving his sister’s flushed face straining for more.

Jake stood up and watched his sister lean forward, her lips stretching to reach his penis. He tentatively stepped forward to let her mouth brush against the front of his boxer shorts as she tried to free his cock.

“Please!” she begged with big eyes.

Jake swiped his boxer shorts down to his ankles and stepped forward so that his sister could slide her lips around his penis. She looked up at him with childish delight, her lips tightened, not wanting to lose her prize.

Elena could no longer speak and looked up mutely at her brother. His strong body towered above her and his muscular body dominated and controlled her thoughts. Her brother’s erection was building in her mouth.

The alpha girl in her shuddered as she struggled again against her cuffs only to be reminded of her complete vulnerability. She eyed the single handcuff key that was way out of her reach as she sucked gently on her brother’s cock.

It felt like a wonderfully medieval fantasy, a damsel locked in chains and forced to worship her king. Helplessly chained and pined between his body and the bed, she closed her eyes and sucked.

Jake came quickly and intensely. He tightened and steadied himself against the bed and hugged his sister’s head against his body, “Fuck El that was incredible…” he panted.

Elena was maddening close herself; the scent of his body and his inescapable embrace making her desperate to join her brother.

“Please?” she begged, her body pleading for his touch.

“Fucking handcuffs?” Jake teased.

“Yes!” she laughed in frustration.

He reached a hand down and slipped it inside her underwear. The reaction was instant as she thrust forced, open mouthed climaxing only seconds later. She grinned at him, her body alive and her appetite barely whetted as her brother pushed the handcuff key back into its keyhole.

Elena quickly freed herself and then grabbed her brother’s wrist and expertly ratchet a handcuff in place and twisted it to add pressure to his exposed inner wrist. Jake was on his knees in front of his lingerie clad sister who then led him back to her bed. She straddled his chest as she handcuffed his hands around the metal headrest. She then used two leather belts to tie his ankles spreadeagle to the foot of the bed.

She sat on his chest with her legs provocatively spread, her feet resting either side of his head. Jake winced as his chest suffered under his sister’s full weight.

“I could have you bahis şirketleri arrested for what you just did,” she whispered.

“Just playing cops and robbers…” he replied.

“Okay,” she spoke breathlessly, “then I sentence you to twenty year between my legs.”

Jake knew that his sister was playing with him, but her long held power over him and her sexually intimidating position made him tremble.

“My chest,” he rasped.

His sister slid further forward, her silk clad bottom bouncing on his gym shaped chest. She ran a manicured fingernail over his lips and smiled, “There’s only one other place I’m going to sit,” she breathed.

Jake tried to wriggle free of the inescapable cuffs.

“Nothing you can do,” she whispered, “If your sis wants to sit on your face… then you just lie there and sink between her cheeks…”

She sat on him, a mischievous smile dancing on her lips as she played with the handcuff key between her fingers. Then, a more serious look crossed her red lips, as she slid backward and hovered above her brother’s cock, “What would it be like?” she whispered rhetorically.

“Fucking amazing, but…”

“I know,” she replied disappointedly.

She looked down at her handcuffed brother, thinking of ways to get even closer to him. She slid forward, her bare breasts deliberately close to his face, as she tightened and double locked his handcuffs. She loved how her breasts seem to hypnotise him, his mesmerised eyes making her tingle.

“Five minutes ago, these were yours. Now they’re just tormenting you,” she breathed.

“Fucking cuffs…”

Elena smiled as she danced while perched on his stomach, her bare breasts bobbing and her long blonde hair swishing as she moved. His cock was huge and the temptation to ease it inside her almost too much to resist.

“You’ve a fucking horny sister,” she trembled, her back arched and hips twisting their way closer to his mouth.

Jake was desperate for his sister’s touch, but also overwhelmed by her seemingly huge bottom that was now easing down on to his throat.

“Breath…” he croaked.

“Mmm… this may change you forever,” she purred as her quivering body engulfed his head. Her lingerie pulled to one side just as her vagina pressed against his mouth. Her damp thighs wrapped around his day-old stubble and he disappeared beneath her. She climaxed and then sat quivering on her brother’s face, feeling so close to him that she couldn’t bear to move.


The clock clicked quietly as she sat motionless on her brother’s face. She found his body so calming and so sexy, his touch so weirdly electrifying that the feel of his twitching lips between her cheeks made her nerves spark. She spread her cheeks and settled down on him again. Like this, he was completely hers, his entire world was hers to enjoy.

She continued to tease and control her brother’s breathing for over half an hour before climbing off. Her short white nightdress dropped back down to mid-thigh as she tried to regain order over dishevelled blonde hair.

“The key… or my lips?” she asked, still gazing into the mirror.

Jake looked longingly at his sister; her sun-tanned skin shiny with perspiration. He wanted to hug her, but he couldn’t move.

“Lips…” he moaned, trapped on the edge of orgasm.

Elena walked back and perched on the edge of her bed, “Okay, but understand you’ll stay in my bed for the rest of the day.”

Her brother looked so sweet, so loving and so desperate to be hers. Her lips were about to condemn him to her custody, the second they touched him, he would be hers. Yet, his big brown eyes were still begging her, and she was only too happy to oblige.

It was quick and intense and left Jake writhing in ecstasy against his chains. Elena smiled as she dropped the handcuff key into the secret compartment in her jewellery box and walked into the shower.

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