The Nurse’s Uniform Pt. 10

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Double Penetration

This is a story about doctors and nurses, and a few other people. It is a long story, a complicated story and a fucking horny story, even if I do say so myself. It was horny for me writing it and I hope it will be as horny for you reading it.

We are now well into the story. So a lot of water has flown under the bridge, along with lots of steamy scenes between the amazing set of characters.

In an ideal world, a new reader to this story would start at the beginning and read Part 1 first. We aren’t in a real world though are we? So, as the story jumps around from character to character and fuck to fuck, I thought a brief synopsis here might be helpful.

The story revolves around sex in many forms. The theme of it is how a doctor treats people who are, in one way or another, sexually dysfunctional, so on one level it is a medical story. All the characters in the story who are not his patients, however, are as equally sexually dysfunctional somehow, so on another level it is pure erotica. On yet another level the story looks at how clothing promotes, influences, affects and conditions sexual behaviour; there are lots of descriptions of sexy nurses uniforms and ladies panties.

The two main female characters are Sammi and Emma, the male lead is Mike. Sammi is a blonde, twenty five year old, beautiful nurse. Emma is in her early forties, she is awesomely good looking with dark, olive skin and absolutely gorgeous, full, heavily nippled breasts. She runs an agency that supplies nurses to hospitals throughout the Middle East and to upmarket clinics in the UK. Mike, a psychiatrist and one of the leading sexual therapists in the UK runs one of those clinics and he employed Sammi though Emma’s agency. That is how they got to know each other.

A main theme running through the stories is will they or won’t they? Will Mike shag Sammi, who he fantasises about as he has sex with his long-term partner? Will Emma seduce Mike, or Sammi, and will Sammi and Emma get it on?

At the same time, Ronni, Sammi’s flat mate, has a series of dogging, forced sex and other extreme adventures with her older, actor lover and sleeps with Sammi. Claire, Mike’s live in lover, seduces his partner, as she has previously his brother and one of his financial backers, even wearing her barrister’s, black silks and wig, and nothing else apart from black hold-ups to do that.

Sammi’s great friend Mel has a secret that is being revealed as she and her brother Gordy embark on the ultimate taboo. And Emma’s continuously more intriguing role with the Saudi Arabian Al Korensi, family is examined as she sleeps with both the father and his two sons and acts as their whore and the business fixer.

See what I mean about being complicated?

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy what may well be my magnum opus and possibly my last submission to Literotica. Do let me know.


“That sounds amazing,” Roni said when Sam told her that she would be moving out to live in the clinic in Windsor, totally free. “You jammy sod.” “Come on Ron,” let’s celebrate; Sammi laughed holding the cork and turning the champagne bottle as she had been taught at college. It still went pop and the wine still fizzed out of the bottle onto the floor, before she could get the flute under it. It had been about three months since the hair drying incident and a bit longer since Sammi had modelled the outfit for Roni. There hadn’t been any other overt incidences between them, but both had felt pangs of desire for the other. Both had caught glimpses of the other in varying stages of undress, a little too much thigh, a flash of a breast or a glimpse of a nipple. There had been many double entendres, some suggestive remarks and lots of lingering looks. Both had resisted though and both had masturbated thinking of the other. They had been sensible, they had thought about the future, about what it would be like after they fucked, about how they would feel and react. So they hadn’t gone further than Roni placing her hands on Sam’s bare shoulders when she had dried her hair that evening some weeks ago. That is until half way through the second bottle of champagne when the alcohol had loosened them up, made them both feel mellow and had caused their inhibitions not only to fall away, but also to seem rather ridiculous, and of even greater relevance, unnecessary! So when their gazes caught they didn’t break them, when their knees touched they didn’t pull their legs away and when Roni put her hand on the back of Sammi’s wrist, the blonde didn’t move canlı bahis it away. No, she didn’t move it away, she left it right there. She didn’t avert her gaze, but instead stared right into Roni’s eyes and she didn’t try to avoid the pressure from her friend’s knee, but returned it. Both girl’s body language and eye contact didn’t, as it had on the last two occasions, say no. This time they both indicated a resounding yes. They realised, albeit subconsciously, that Sammi’s new life as a live in nursing manager in Mike’s clinic would take them apart. It would mean they would stop being flat mates and probably finish their friendship. As with many girls who were close friends, Sammi and Mel for instance, sex between them was unthinkable. It wasn’t, though, unthinkable between girls who used to be close friends or who would soon be ex friends. Their knees touching, Roni’s hand on top of Sammi’s, which was resting on the seat, they stared at each other. Slowly, Roni raised her eyebrows posing a silent question. For a moment Sammi didn’t respond, sending a shock through the other girl, but then she smiled and slowly nodded her head, answering the question. They both knew that Roni had wordlessly said, “I want to have sex with you,” and that Sammi had silently answered. “Yes so do I with you.” Standing in Roni’s bedroom, for she had the larger bed, they stared at each other as she pulled the baggy sweat shirt over her head to reveal her breasts. They were encased in a dark blue, M top one first then the lower. Their fingers found the other’s bra strap. Unlike when being undressed by men, the agile female fingers had the clasps quickly undone and they eased their bodies apart to remove the now, annoyingly unnecessary garments. They pressed their tits together, nipple to nipple, flesh to flesh. It was lovely and it seemed as though it was just yesterday, rather than months ago that they had last done that. “Take your jeans off Sam,” Roni asked, breaking the embrace and standing back a pace or two. They stood a couple of metres a apart in the small room dominated by the double bed and the piles of clothes that Roni always left lying around, she was messy but not dirty. Their fingers found their zips and almost as one they slid those down, opened up their jeans then rolled them off. Sammi was wearing thin, knee-length pop socks, Roni’s feet were bare. Sammi was wearing lacy shorts, black with an oyster coloured infill, Roni a white thong, also M they didn’t discuss it, but assumed it was some form of mechanism against accepting that they were conducting a lesbian act. Illogical certainly, but then what has sex of any form and logic got to do with it anything? Sammi, the more analytical and deeper thinker, as well as being the better educated, rationalised keeping them on as also being a signal that full oral sex would not take place; that for both of them had been, so far at least, a bridge just a little too far into the, to them, mysterious world of bisexual sex. And it was the same this time. They lay in each others arms; they cuddled, caressed, kissed and stroked each other. They ran their hands over the other’s body and they cupped and squeezed their friend’s bums and breasts. They kissed the breasts, they kissed the nipples but their faces went no further down the other’s body. They licked and sucked and chewed the nipples, they sent each other high up that wave of orgasmic feelings and their hands, hesitantly at first, but then more confidently as thighs parted, slipped into the warm wetness between others legs. They rubbed and stroked each other and they, most certainly “tipped the velvet” but only with their fingers not their mouths or tongues. Although, usually, when making love with men, both were quite voluble, with each other they weren’t and they had sex in almost silence. There was just the sound of hands running across skin or on lace or cotton, of bodies being squirmed together, of the squelching of lips or the slightly vulgar slurping of tongues in mouths or fingers in pussies. They climaxed several times before their final orgasms. They were as good as in unison. Not only were they mutual but they were full, powerful and as satisfying as a finger fucked orgasm can be.

Chapter 2

They had first had sex when Gordon was in his early twenties and Mel was just eighteen. It had, though, been on the cards for ages before that. They had come close several times, but had been too scared to go where there bodies were drawing. But then one evening, after a few joints it just seemed to happen. Afterwards, they bahis siteleri had both cried and had promised it would never happen again. It did of course, again and again and again during that first year when their parents emotionally abandoned them. Their family life had been unconventional in many ways. Mum and dad were wealthy from inherited money. Neither had to work, though dad ponced around as the chairman of the board of directors of the family businesses, which were now fourth generation and mum masqueraded as a book publisher. Both, though, were really dilettantes and hedonists. Their lives revolved around pleasures derived from booze, drugs and sex. Mum had frequent lovers, usually young, squash or tennis coaches or aspiring writers, and dad had a series of mistresses that he kept in a flat he owned that he didn’t think Charlotte knew about. She did, though, and she also knew every mistress he kept there. She knew that, for she had them photographed and him with them videoed, just in case, just as insurance. They had always travelled frequently. Ostensibly, to the various offshoots of the businesses, but really in search of pleasure and enjoyment, of all sorts, sexual and otherwise. So both Mel and Gordon had been left a lot for, as Charlotte put it. “There’s not much chance of pleasure with two snotty nosed kids in tow.” That had made Mel and Gordon close, it had to, for they were thrown together and left, so they made their own bed, that later they were to lie on and fuck on. As young kids they were very close, uncommonly close perhaps, maybe even unhealthily close. As young teenagers, when they both left their boarding schools not being able to bear being parted, they became even closer. As older teenagers they became intimately closer and as they neared the end of their teenage years, they had become lovers. “He’s just a piece of shit, forget him,” was the advice Gordon offered when Mel told him that her boy friend had jilted her. “But I loved him,” she sobbed, sitting on the arm of a sofa. Mel had come home to the flat after playing squash and had taken a shower. She had wrapped a towel round her and gone into the living room when the phone had rung. It was her latest boy friend, Freddie. With hardly any preamble, the bastard had given her up. She was still shocked and crying when Gordon turned up half an hour or so later to take her to dinner as previously arranged. Sammi was away taking her nursing exams so she didn’t have her close friend’s shoulder to cry on, so that treat fell to her brother “I know, sis, I know, but you’ll get over the bastard.” He consoled her after she told him about it. That just made her cry more and Gordon took her into his arms and cuddled her. That felt good, for her and for him. Mel felt protected and reassured, Gordon felt strong and manly, both felt slightly edgy, a little aroused and rather apprehensive. They stood in the middle of the room their arms around each other. Her sobbing subsided. He continued saying how she would get over it. He spoke more softly almost cooing. She nestled against him, he held her tighter. They stopped talking. They clung to each other. He ran his hands up and down her back and into her hair. Her fingers dug into his back. Both of their hearts were pounding. They were feeling such strong attraction to each other, but were not sure what those feelings were, why they were having them and what they should do about them. They had both had them before, but never as strongly as this. Gordon’s hand rested on Mel’s back just above the towel, on her skin, between her shoulder blades, just about where a bra strap would go. It sent something like an electric shock through her and an explosion of feelings through him. He heard a little whimper. She couldn’t stop it, just as she couldn’t stop herself from pressing more firmly against him. Just as he couldn’t stop himself from holding her tighter, from caressing her velvety smooth skin and slipping a finger into the top of the towel. Just as neither could stop themselves from becoming aroused, from Mel not being able to do anything about the searing heat starting at her clit and roaring through her body, to Gordon feeling that itchy feeling in his balls as they signal the start of an erection. From Mel feeling her female juices starting to flow, to Gordon becoming fully erect. “Oh God,” Mel moaned. “Yes Mel, yes, I know,” Gordon whispered back as he felt the hardness of his length press against the softness of his sister’s stomach. She couldn’t stop herself, though she knew she should have tried harder. As she bahis şirketleri felt that most exciting of feelings for a woman, her potential lover’s aroused cock sliding against her pubic mound and rearing up her stomach, she should have moved away. She often thought that had she done so, then she and her brother may never have committed incest. She didn’t though, move away. Instead, she let her womanly instincts overcome her sibling inhibitions. She let her body rule her mind. She let her desire outweigh her caution. She let her cunt take control. She pressed herself firmly against her brother’s prick, giving him that so familiar to all lovers signal of, I want to be fucked and you can fuck me. As her arms held him even tighter she looked up, their eyes caught and they saw the guilt and fear in them. The guilt and fear, yes, but also the desire, the lust, the excitement and the anticipation. He kissed her. He kissed her fully on the lips. They had never done that before. On the cheek, many times, but never on the lips, never on the open lips as both pairs quickly became, never on lips squirming together and never on lips that had tongues plunging between them. “Oh my God,” Mel croaked. “Shush my darling, don’t speak, don’t say anything,” Gordon whispered, kissing her even harder. She tasted wonderful. Mel was confused of course, just as any eighteen year old girl would be, deep kissing her brother with his erection pressed firmly against her. Gordon was equally confused. They were both confused, but their desire and need for each other far outweighed that and any other inhibitions they had. Gordon didn’t want to do anything that would hurt his sister, but his feelings for her were so strong, so deep and so intimate that he had to satisfy them. And there was only one way that he knew to do that and that was to make love to her. Deep down, Mel felt it was wrong. Incest was wrong, fucking your brother was wrong, but could making love ever really be wrong, she had asked herself many times? She didn’t know what was going to happen now. Whether he would stop, whether she would stop him or whether they would make love. How could she know, it was all too confusing. Gordon was scared; perhaps apprehensive was a more appropriate word. That was not so much about having sex with his sister, but more about trying it on against her will. He wanted her to be as sure as he was. Mel was worried. She had only recently lost her virginity and had been with three different boys in quick succession. She had added them up the other night and had been a little ashamed to calculate that she had been shagged nearly twenty times. It wasn’t that, though, that really worried her, it was Gordon thinking badly of her for so wanting to make love to him. Am I a nympho? She had asked herself. So, full of apprehension and indecision they clung to each other kissing and stroking each other. They didn’t speak; both knew their feelings were beyond words. They were living the moment, waiting for a sign, a signal an indicator. And miraculously one came. As they slightly moved to hold each other differently, their bodies parted a little. As they did, so the towel slipped, as that slipped, Mel could not grab it, for her arms were round her brother and as she could not stop it, so her breasts were revealed. Gordon took that as the sign and as his chance, it made the decision for him. He pulled the towel so that both ends came apart, so they opened up, so they slid away, so that his sister’s body was revealed to his gaze. Mel felt him pulling on it. It would have been the easiest thing in the world to press herself back against him and, thus, stop the towel moving further. But that seemed unthinkable to her. So, as her brother pulled the towel away, Mel revelled in exposing her nakedness to him. “Oh Mel, you are so beautiful.” “Oh Gordon,” she replied, not being able to think of anything more suitable. “I so want you,” Gordon found himself, quite surprisingly saying. “Yes,” was the only response Mel could frame, not really giving her brother much of a steer. He was still unsure. Crazy really, considering she was now naked, that he had been kissing her deeply and pressing his engorged cock right against her pubic bone. But it was such a massive step for both of them. His heart pounding, his head spinning with doubt, concern, apprehension, guilt and enormous excitement, he whispered. “Will you come to bed with me Mel?” He has said it, he wants me, he wants us to make love, he wants to have sex with me, my brother wants to fuck me, were phrases that rushed through Mel’s mind just before she said simply. “Yes.”


There’s plenty more Nurse’s Uniform sex to come. In the next part Emma has extreme sex with Sunni and Ronni get’s involved with two men, a cane and a riding crop!

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