Movie with a Friend

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My phone buzzed. I looked at the text. It was from Diana.

“Hey, yeah I’m around. How about I come round tomorrow and you cook? ? xx”

“Sure, when are you free? Maybe 8 or so?”

“Yep, sounds good, I’ll bring the wine xx”

We had known each other for quite a few years. Despite initial chemistry, things just hadn’t happened sexually. We were now good friends, but nothing more. I didn’t much care; nonetheless, I had fantasized about her on a number of occasions.

She was curvy that’s for sure. Nice fleshy thighs and a round ass. But what was best was her impressive rack. A set of two giant, plump, bouncy tits sat on her chest. She often wore low cut tops and push up bras to really accentuate them, and I longed to plunge my face between them and feel the warm fat.

I had jerked off a number of times over photos of those tits. I imagined the nipples, I imagined suckling them, I imagined sticking my erect cock between and letting her tit wank me. I imagined them being let loose, I imagined my hands squeezing them, I imagined how they would react to being manhandled. Most of all, I imagined cumming all over them. That was what how I would often finish off when fantasizing – her handcuffed to the bed, gagged, with me splurging my hot semen all over those giant breasts.

Alas, it had not happened. Yet. But I seriously doubted it would. All the same, the thought of her in my home, alone with me in the evening, drinking… you can’t blame a man for wishing.

“How’s the boyfriend? Still shit in bed?” I texted her.

The phone buzzed immediately.


Excellent. Let’s probe…

“How so”

“Just endless blowjobs. That’s it”

This was brilliant. She was obviously sexually frustrated and unhappily involved. I started to fantasize about what could happen tomorrow. It was unrealistic, but it was near enough to reality to have my cock rock hard just contemplating.

No, I thought, let’s not cum now. Let’s be nice and horny for tomorrow so I can really appreciate those magnificent tits. Even if, as it likely won’t, nothing happens, I can go to bed jerking off to the image of her.

Well, the next day came around. In the afternoon I watched a bit of porn, stroking my cock my not finishing. I walked around the house naked to get in the mood. I lived on my own in a suburb in a small town in the middle of America, the kind of quiet place where nobody notices what you do. I loved it for that.

I showered, shaved and got dressed in some nice clothes. I put a tiny bit of cologne on – not enough to make it seem like I was making an effort, but enough to be alluring.

By the time that the bell rang I was horny as hell. It opened and Diana was stood there before me.

“Hey!” she said in her giggling way.

My eyes zoned in on those beautiful tits. She was wearing a short black dress, and they were pushed out in a highly complementary bra.

When we hugged, I felt them squish against me, and I smelled her perfume. My hands went around her, and I was reminded what a deliciously round, fleshy body she had.

“You look good, have you lost weight?” I asked.

“Oh you charmer!” she waltzed past and into my kitchen.

Well, I cooked, we ate and drank some wine. I was certainly a little merry, and so was my buxom companion.

I listened to her gossip for half an hour and cleared away.

“So you want to watch a movie now or what?” I asked.

“Sounds like a plan. What movie?”

“Oh, I picked up something cheap at Walmart yesterday so I thought we could watch that.”

“What is it?”

I replied innocently. It was a respectable flick after all. What I wasn’t telling her was that it had some highly erotic scenes and I’d seen it before. In fact, I’d picked it out especially to watch with her.

We went to the front room and I put the DVD it.

“I’m just going to get changed into my pyjamas,” she said.

“Oh yeah, I guess I’ll do the same.”

This was going well.

I went to my bedroom and slipped into a tight t shirt and some thin bottoms. If I even got semi erect it was going to show. During the sex scenes, there was no way I wouldn’t be tenting and she’d have to take note.

I returned to the front room and sat on the sofa, waiting for Diana. Eventually she came in. Gone was her bra. Instead she was wearing a sleeveless t shirt, quite low cut, and her enormous breasts were free. They were so large that they were sagging slightly, but not too much. Her nipples were also visible through the thin fabric.

Her bottom half was covered only by some boy shorts. Her thick legs were mostly visible, and when she turned around to adjust the cushions I had a clear outline of her chubby ass. I imagined how good it would be to spank, hearing her squeal canlı bahis as I did so…

She sat down next to me and out of the corner of my eye I looked down her top and over her creamy thighs. I could feel the pre cum dribbling out of my cock.

We watched, and things were generally quite sexy. In fact, she even commented on the fact. I could tell, just by the way she was squirming, that she was appreciating it.

Even so, it wasn’t the fuck fest I was hoping for. That is, until two thirds of the way in. It’s the scene where the two leading actresses are in a bedroom together. They’re friends, and talking casually. Anyway, they move closer, and I’m suddenly thinking ‘hey, what’s going on here’. They get even closer, and one starts stroking the other’s arm. So now I’m sure that it’s happening.

“Oh shit!” I said, excited. Diana giggled.

“They’re gonna-“

As we were watching, the two super hot actresses moved together and started kissing. It was sensual and seductive, unlike porn, and I felt my cock stirring.

“This is so hot. I think I’m gonna get hard…” I warned, unaware of how she’d react.

“Eww!” she said, but didn’t seem disgusted. In fact, she ‘jokingly’ ran her hands up my thigh.

The scene quickly ended, but my penis had rapidly firmed up and I was sitting right next to her with a full erection.

“Well, this is embarrassing,” I said.

“Oh my god!” she laughed.

“What do you expect? They were so hot!”

There was a tension in the air and I didn’t know what to do. Diana was still sat next to me, her thighs on the sofa, grazing my legs, her breasts heaving, and my penis was clearly visible through the thin layer of fabric.

So I just sat there. She didn’t move, and the scene moved on. I lost the erection, but I was still a little turned on, and my penis was sat limply on my thigh, still kinda visible.

The film ended and I switched off.

“So, still thinking about the lesbians?”

“Ha, yeah, that was hot. And don’t deny you didn’t like the sight of my massive cock.”

“Eww, you creep!”

“I bet you even liked that scene. Girls are all lesbians anyway,” I teased.

“Bullshit! We aren’t.”

“You’ve told me you got off with your friends before.”

“Yeah but that was just for fun.”

“Well you don’t catch men doing that.”

“True… I mean, I do like watching lesbian porn sometimes…”

“Oh really?” this was quite a revelation. “What kind?”

“I like nice sensual stuff. Two women tangled together is what I like, stroking and kissing, although I do sometimes appreciate the hardcore pussy licking. It’s a lot softer than with men. And I guess it’s also the taboo nature – I love it when a woman seduces another. When there is a bit of reluctance.”

“So do you imagine yourself being seduced?”


This was really hotting up. I felt so horny it was unbelievable, and had to grip my cock to ease the tension a little.

“I agree though. The videos of an older woman seducing an inexperienced younger woman are the hottest. It’s really sexy when you think they’re straight.”

“Do you want to watch some?” she suggested.

“Well, sure!” This was great.

“Let’s watch on my laptop upstairs.”

“OK,” she giggled. We stood up, her in front of me, and she adjusted her shorts. She pulled them down, as they were riding high, but not before I caught a glimpse of the bottom of her lovely round buttocks. She wiggled out of the room and I followed.

Walking up the stairs I stared straight at her swaying bottom. As we reached the top I told her I needed the bathroom.

“Wait in there for me,” I said, and gave her ass a gentle slap. It was so squishy and I would have done anything to stick my cock between her buttocks. She feigned annoyance as I went to look in the mirror and make sure I looked good.

In the bedroom she was on my bed. I grabbed the laptop and walked over.

Climbing next to her, I opened the screen. She was lying next to me, the sheets off, her body exposed more than was decent. She put her hand gently on my stomach.

“Do you mind if I take off my top? I’m hot” I asked, deciding to push things a little.

“Sure.” In a moment I was there in just the bottom half. Her soft palm was on my belly. I positioned the computer on my knees so my cock would have room to maneuver.

“So what should we watch?” I asked, searching for suitable films. I soon had up a scene where a woman seduces her son’s girlfriend. Standard stuff, but the actresses were hot and decent at acting too.

We watched mostly in silence, occasionally critiquing it and laughing at the obvious flaws. But soon the chicks were kissing, and again the tension crept into the room.

Diana’s breathing was increased, bahis siteleri and my cock started to rise. By the time that the milf had her hands rubbing the girl’s thighs, I was standing to attention.

“Well, that’s what you get when you watch porn.”

She didn’t seem put off. We were lying with our bodies touching and I kept flicking my eyes to checking out her tits. I had to restrain myself from grabbing a handful or two.

Feeling bold, I slipped a hand down to my waist, brushing my cock. Diana didn’t say anything, so I started to slowly massage my erection. The girls on the screen were now naked, licking and kissing each other’s bodies.

Hearing Natalie’s heavy breathing, I purposefully re positioned myself, allowing the waistband to slip down and more of my body to be exposed.

“Oh god, I’m so turned on, I can’t even take this.”

They were now licking each other’s pussies. I was at the stage where I was so horny I couldn’t think of anything but cumming. I needed to plunge my cock into anyone and would have, even if they hadn’t been as attractive as the girl next to me.

“Stop stroking yourself!”

“Yeah like you wouldn’t like to see my cock.”

“I would not!” She had a mock indignant tone.

“Sure you would. I’m bigger than average you know. You’re a straight girl so don’t pretend that you wouldn’t want to see a big, erect penis.”

She remained silent. I felt bold and, more importantly, I felt horny. I decided to do something that was risky but she hadn’t put a stop to this whole scenario yet.

I reached down and took my cock out with my right hand, flopping it out of the waistband. With the other hand I pulled the material down, exposing most of my hard penis to Diana. She squealed and laughed, but had a good look at it.

“That’s quite impressive,” she cooed.

“I told you.” So far I had just let it sit there, pointing upwards, but now I slowly started to rub my hand up and down, the foreskin stretching across my head and wrinkling down.

Diana continued to look at it, clearly captivated. I was watching her face, staring at her while I pleasured myself gently. We were so close I could smell her hair.

“I bet you want to touch, don’t you?”

She looked up at me and nodded.


“Go on,” I pushed, sticking the computer down the side of the bed. I kicked off my remaining clothes, and turned with my left leg over hers. She reached down and took my penis in her warm, soft hand.

My arm went behind her neck, my hand finding its way down her back and round her fleshy stomach. As her other hand reached out and grabbed my balls so did my other hand go to her thighs. God they felt good! Smooth and warm, I slowly caressed her, matching her strokes on my penis.

“You like my cock don’t you?”

“I sure do.”

“How about you show me how much you like it with that mouth of yours.”

Without saying a word, Diana wriggled down the bed and I sat on my keens. On her front, she took my penis in her hands and put her head over my own little head. I was sitting there completely naked, precum dripping.

She leaned forward and took me in her mouth. I could tell she’d done this before, the slow tongue movements around the width while her lips tightly bobbed up and down my length. One of her soft, womanly hands was gripping my testicles while her other shifted down my cock just in front of her slutty mouth.

I was so damn horny that I wasn’t going to take long. Her lips were becoming tighter and I could feel the pressure building.

“I’m going to cum in a minute,” I breathed, warning her in case she didn’t want to swallow. But she didn’t move.

I leaned forwards and grabbed her ass… I was almost on top of her and thrusting into her mouth, face fucking her as my orgasm built. I spanked her ass, hard, and moaned.

“I’m cumming! Oh fuck, this is it!”

I let go, squeezing her buttocks firmly as I blew into her mouth. I continued thrusting hard as it all came out and I heard her gargling and swallowing. Slowly, I stopped, falling backwards and laughing.

“Oh god, that was brilliant!” I panted.

Diana shimmied up the bed and lay half next to me half on top, her thick leg over my cock and her hand massaging my chest.

“Thanks, I’m glad you appreciated it,” she said. We lay in silence. Eventually, I turned toward her, and she brought her face to mine. We kissed deeply and wetly, our tongues licking each other and running over lips.

I moved my head on top of her neck and nibbled. I sucked, gently bit and kissed until she was quietly moaning.

I decided now was the time to check out that curvy, delicious body.

“Take your top off,” I commanded. I knew she liked to be dominated from conversations we’d had before, bahis şirketleri so I put what I’d learned to good use.

She did as instructed, lifting her torso off to reveal the most magnificent, plump breasts, slightly lighter than the rest of her body in tone. The nipples were perfectly sized – not too puffy and not too small. They were also standing to attention.

With great curiosity, I stuck my hands out and grabbed them. I squeezed, the flesh crinkling under my grip and bouncing back. My mouth took a giant bite, nibbling the nipples with great tenderness, prompting her to moan loudly.

For a good couple of minutes I played with her boobs, juggling and licking and pinching and caressing.

Then, I moved my head down to her slightly rounded stomach. It felt delightful to kiss her warm body with sloppy lips, smelling her skin. I went around to the side as one hand stroked her thigh, the other on her breasts.

I realized that, about five minutes after I’d cum, I was semi erect again. Turning my attention to my own body, I began wanking myself until I was hard again. She lay there obediently and watched, fixated once again on my eight inches.

I re positioned myself between her thick thighs and pulled down her shorts. Her pussy gleamed with her own wetness. She was freshly shaved, smooth, and her pussy looked delicious.

I took her hands and pinned them down. She was going to be submissive. Leaning down again I slowly kissed each of her thighs, building up. She was moaning louder than ever now.

I felt her pussy with my fingers, running up and down the wet slit. I added my tongue to the party, licking her clit as my fingers slipped in. Nice and tight I was sure.

A minute or so of this and she was nicely ready.

I shuffled forward until I was as near as possible, taking my penis in my hand and pointing it towards her. I noticed how hard I was… not just turned on, but super excited.

My cock head pressed to her moist opening and I pushed. I felt the tight walls envelope my penis and I was thankful that I’d already cum once, otherwise I wouldn’t be lasting long.

I thrust in and almost completely out, repeating the process as I heard Diana whimper. Her hands went on my shoulders and pulled me down. She wrapped her legs around mine and grabbed my ass, squeezing as I bit her neck.

“You like my cock in your wet pussy don’t you?” I teased.

“Yes! Yes!” she breathed.

“I knew you wanted my big cock inside you, you little slut.”

“Push in deeper! Come on babe! Oh!”

“And you like my ass don’t you? Almost as much as I like your big fat one.”

“Oh yes baby,” she squeezed my buttocks just to confirm my statement.

“You’re a slut aren’t you? Allowing a friend to fuck you bareback.”

“Yes I am!”

“And you loved sucking my hard penis until I came in your dirty mouth, huh?”

“Uhh, yes, ohh, ohh!!”

I decided she’d had enough for a minute, so I slipped completely out, her tight pussy lips sucking my cock in as I removed myself. I felt my member tingle with joy.

“Turn around!” I ordered. Obediently, she said not one word, but turned and lay on her front. Her big round ass stared up at me.

I gave her a spank and she squealed. I slapped the other buttock. She moaned deliciously.

Taking her top, I grabbed her wrists and tied her hands to the bedpost with the material. I took my top off the floor and blindfolded her.

“You like that don’t you, slut?”

“Yeah, fuck me!”

She arched her back so her plump butt was pointing straight up, her wet pussy sticking out and begging for me to enter.

I obliged with two fingers, slowly going as deep as I could and slowly pulling out. The tip of my rock solid penis was touching her soft skin.

Enough teasing. My cock was now in my hand, and once again pressed into her moist, tight opening. She almost wailed with delight when I squeezed all the way in – I watched as the lips of her pussy took my cock right down to the base.

Pulling out slowly, I removed my penis until the base of the head was visible, and slowly re-entered. I got faster and faster.

I spanked her hard. Then again on the other cheek. Then back to the original. I looked as my friend was on all fours, blindfolded and tied up, being spanked as I fucked her.

“I’m cumming!” I managed. “Oh shit, I’m about to-“

I felt the satisfying warmth of letting go and allowing the rivers of cum to leave my penis and fill my friend’s pussy. The waves of ecstasy rolled over me as I gripped her fat ass and closed my eyes.

In ten or so seconds it was over and I slipped out, falling to the side and panting.

Looking over, I saw Diana still restrained and blindfolded, her naked as pointing upwards and my semen dripping out of her pussy.

I got up.

“I need the bathroom. Stay there you slut,” I panted. I spanked her and walked out.

She could wait for a while like that. After all, she’d teased me for years…

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