The Narcissist Wife Ch. 02

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*disclaimer – fiction

It had been a few months since my life had been turned upside down. It was a roller coaster of emotions for me, and all the beliefs and truths I thought I had known had turned out to be false or deceiving at best.

Accepting the loss of a high paying career was upsetting enough, but having my wife, Rachel, deceive me and openly cheat on me had destroyed the little bubble I was living in and had forced me to adapt to survive, so I thought. Having grown up as a single child with a single parent who had passed away years ago, I was used to roughing it out and accepting reality quickly.

The first couple of months were rough. I was working long unusual shifts at a position quite low on the totem pole at my company. I was regularly ordered around by other employees half my age. There were managers, and supervisors, and demanding clients and I was essentially turned into the errand boy for what felt like forever.

My wife, on the other hand, was having quite a lot of fun with her newfound life.

I have to admit that I underestimated her. I always thought of my wife as a housewife who spends more than what she could ever earn. I was wrong. After having met a moderately successful man and saw that she could get gifts and free stuff from them, she honed down on her dating profiles online and joined high-end dating sites, aiming for rich men who were looking for a casual relationships. She knew what type she wanted, and treated this like a career. All while flaunting it to her mother and I.

Rachel’s hard work paid off and the type of men she hooked up with got fancier and fancier. At least I assumed so guessing by the increasingly exotic type of cars that would stop by our house and patiently wait outside for Rachel to get in.

She also started to look different. Rachel was never sloppy, but she was also not the type to give her looks much attention.

This had changed. She was now trimming her eyebrows and wearing incredibly sexy makeup and clothes.

Gone were her classy but plain outfits. Rachel was now sporting canlı bahis very tight leggings with cleavage revealing tops or short skirts and dresses. I started noticing the way men looked at her. They were looking at her with lust, in a way I hadn’t looked at her before. I started feeling bad for the way I had taken her for granted and practically caging her in my house since we married.

Still, the fact that I was sleeping most nights alone now and that I had been slaving away at that awful job for months had given me a feeling of all around indifference to the whole thing. My wife was becoming more assertive and I was not going to get in her way and risk her leaving me.

Things got worse one night when my cell phone rang at work. It was my wife calling to inform me that one of her new fuck buddies, Kevin, offered her an admin assistant job at the large company he worked for, and that she would be taking it.

That’s not all she called me to say. She also told me to tell my boss that I quit, because I would be needed at home to watch the two dogs while she was out working.

“What do you mean Rachel? Quit my job? How will we pay the bills?” I asked, feeling exhausted from a double shift.

“My new job comes with a $50,000/yr salary. Kevin said there will be opportunities to make much more. So either quit your job now or go look for another wife.” Rachel insisted angrily.

She hung up the phone and I was left feeling absolutely shook up… for the third or fourth time in the past few months.

If my job had been any less demoralizing, I would have probably stayed with it. I worried about losing some of my independence, but frankly at this point I didn’t have much left to save. I decided to go with it.

I walked up to my boss’s office. As usual, he waved me off with his hand, busy on the phone. I just mumbled “I have to quit. i’m sorry. family emergency.” I left my ID on his table, grabbed my phone charger and other stuff, and I simply walked out the door.

Leaving that job gave me a huge feeling of relief. I I had started to feel bahis siteleri like a mindless beast of burden working at that place taking everyone’s orders. At least working for my wife, I only had to take orders from her. No matter what these orders are, they were not as stressful as having multiple managers and it would leave me with plenty of time for myself.

Since then. I’ve taken up the role of the house-husband. I cook and clean around the house. I make sure she’s got everything she needs. When she’s home, I try my best to spend time with her. I even sit next to her sometimes when she is browsing her dating sites and give her my opinion when she asks.

Most of her dating has been outside of the house. She even shares some of the gifts she receives from men sometimes. Occasionally she will bring a date or a friend home for sex. It took a while for me to accept that and get used to that, but out of love for my wife and trying to keep her newly found good mood going, I’ve learned to accept it.

Kevin, her manager at work, was one of those men she would bring over. Kevin was a swinger and had always known that Rachel was a married woman, but it never seemed to phase him one bit.

The first time she brought him home, they passed me by in our hallway. While she tried to drag him hurriedly through to the bedroom, he actually made eye-contact with me and extended his hand out to greet me. I shook his hand and said hello back, before they went into the bedroom and closed the door behind them.

I had seen all of this before with other men, but this time, something unexpectedly came up.

The door to the bedroom opened a few minutes later, and I heared Rachel ask me to come in because she wanted me to see something.

I nervously walked up to the door dreading what I was about to see.

To my horror, my worst fears were confirmed. There was my carefully manicured, made up and dressed up wife, on all fours with her mini dress propped up to her waist and her gaze focused on mine.

And there was Kevin, with his balding head and big, sweaty, bahis şirketleri hairy body, sticking his dirty dick in and out of my wife’s pussy.

“Stay here baby.” She whispered to me with a dis-shelved voice as she was getting rammed.

“Kevin wants you to watch. He didn’t want to leave you out.” she said in between moans. “Now stay here and watch your baby get filled with cum.” she moaned with passion.

I didn’t know what to think. I felt petrified, like I couldn’t move. I just stood there and kept watching with disconnect as my wife got penetrated by this man to the point of orgasm. Kevin started humping faster and faster until he let out a deep grunt and started shooting into my wife as she let out one final scream of orgasm.

As he got up to put his pants back on, Kevin looked at me with a smile.

“Thanks, kid. That was very hot. Looks like you enjoyed it too.” He said.

I wasn’t sure what to say. All the sounds and smells of sex had left me with a visible hard-on. I sort of grinned and hesitated to answer.

“Rachel. I know how you like to take care of everyone at the office. Why don’t you suck his dick real quick, show me what you can do.” Kevin suggested.

Without saying a word, and surprising the shit out of me, Rachel got down on her knees, pulled my pants down and took my hard cock right into her mouth.

It didn’t take long. I don’t know if it was the fact that I could see cum dripping down her thighs, or if it was the fact that Kevin was staring at us while she was blowing me, but after only about 25 seconds of throat fucking her as hard as I could, all the thoughts of sex and anger brewing in my mind caused me to lose it and I started to shoot in her mouth as hard as I could. It’s like I couldn’t stop nutting. For the first time in our relationship, she swallowed every last drop and kept it in her mouth for a little while until I was completely soft again, and then kissed it and looked at me with a smile.

I laid there, as Kevin straightened himself out and left, wondering where my life was headed. I looked at my wife, with cum leaking out of her pussy and mouth, used up, and exhausted. In an odd way it felt like my narcissist wife had a heart-full of compassion

A heart-full of compassion, and a mouth-full of cum.

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