The Mother of My Dreams

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Author’s note; For those of you who followed my finally completed Siblings with Benefits series, once again thank you so much for supporting my work! For those of you new to me, Welcome! As I said at the end of the long, gut wrenching, and more often than not depressing SWB series, it’s time for some fun! Nothing fancy here, just a sordid little tale about a young man whose dream lover just happens to be a very close relation of his. One disclaimer, for those not familiar with my style, I am not into ‘grope and go’ incest. I enjoy attempting to tell a story and trying to build up to the most forbidden of encounters. If you are looking for a quick stroke story, this will not be to your liking. Having said that, enjoy! Lovecraft68


“Hey Joel?”

I looked up from the Red Sox game, to see my mother standing in the doorway of the bathroom. Like she had been almost every night lately, Mom was wearing the short red robe, which made her both hard to look at, and look away from at the same time. The robe was disturbingly short, barely reaching her mid-thigh and was either silk or satin, with black lace trim along the edges, including the neckline. Or at least I was pretty sure it did, as all I saw when looking at it was the swelling of her tanned breasts.

I swear every time I saw her in it that it was tied more loosely. Then again, maybe I was just staring harder at her tits. Regardless of which it was, one thing was for certain; they were being well displayed tonight. As my eyes continued to linger where they had no right to, I could see a hint of the white skin that marked the tan lines from the very un-mother like bikini she had been wearing all summer.

“Joel?” Mom repeated. “You in there?”

“Oh, sorry Mom.” I answered, tearing my gaze from her chest, and hoping to hell she hadn’t noticed me looking.

I felt my stomach turn when I looked up at her. Mom was staring at me with an odd look on her face. My stomach lurched even more as she dropped her gaze down to her tits, where my eyes had just been. Grabbing the ties to the robe, she pulled them tighter. She had not pulled the top of the robe closed first however, and tugging on the belt caused the top to open even further. In a move based on pure self preservation, my eyes immediately jumped back to her face.

“I asked you when you were coming to bed?”

“Oh, ummm I might watch the rest of the game.”

“Really?” Walking over to the chair I was sitting in, Mom leaned over the back of it and stared at the TV.

“Damn Joel, it’s only the third inning, you really going to stay up that late?”

I shrugged.

“I know you’re a strong young man and all,” Mom squeezed my shoulders to emphasize her remark. “But you worked your ass off today and we have to unload the truck tomorrow.”

“Yeah I know.”

As I answered, I was drawn to Mom’s hands on my shoulders. I was wearing a tank top and her long red fingernails looked damn good on my own tanned skin. Letting my gaze roam up her slender arm my eyes widened as I saw her tits were all but spilling out of the robe. I looked away, but not before I caught a glimpse of her rose colored nipples. I became acutely aware of my cock stirring between my legs. Christ Joel! This is your mother!

“Well don’t stay up to much longer hon, you look beat.”

“I won’t, I promise.”

Fact was, I was more than beat, I was fucking exhausted, but the motel only had one bed, and she was insisting I share it with her rather than sleep in the chair or on the floor. A couple of years, hell a few weeks ago, that would have been no big deal. After the last few weeks though, it was the last thing I wanted to do. No scratch that, the truth was I wanted to be in bed with her a little too much.

“Good,” Mom replied, snapping me out of my fog again. “You know just because you’re twenty and was on your own the last couple of years, doesn’t mean I can’t still worry about you!”

“I know.” I gave her a smile and turned back to the television. “Night mom.”

I had no sooner turned away from the danger zone, when leaning forward; mom wrapped her arms around me, hugging me from behind.

“Thank you so much, for everything Joel, really!”

“No problem mom.” I answered quietly.

I went to say more, but lifting her hand to my chin, she turned my head to face her, kissing me on the cheek. The kiss was not in the middle of my cheek, but so close to my mouth, she caught the very edge of my lips. Keeping her arm around my chest, Mom turned her cheek so that it was pressed against mine. I closed my eyes, and bringing my hand up, put it on her arm. She had just gotten out of the shower and I could feel her long wet hair on my shoulder. More distracting was the pleasant scent of her vanilla body wash. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath and forgetting myself, nuzzled my cheek against her soft skin.

I opened my eyes and looked down at her hand on my arm. Again I found myself staring at her slender fingers with those red nails. Those nails looked good on my skin, but nowhere near as good as they had looked on…that thought trailed off and was replaced by a feeling canlı bahis of alarm as I realized I was hard. The shorts I was wearing weren’t doing a lot to conceal that fact and hoping she wasn’t looking, I dropped my arm down to my lap.

“Hey!” Mom exclaimed pulling away from me and causing my heart to skip a beat. “You’re scruffy!”

“Oh,” I said, a sense of relief flowing through me. “Sorry.”

“I used to tell you all the time honey, girls are soft, and we don’t like scratchy skin.”

“I know, I remember.” I nodded, thinking damn straight she was soft.

“Yeah, those whiskers can hurt our lips.” She winked “Even the ones on our mouth.”

“W…what did you just say?”

Mom stared at me for a moment with her big blue eyes and laughed;

“It was a joke; don’t tell me they don’t tell raunchy jokes over at the frat house!”

“Yeah but,” I had an instant image of kissing my mother’s lips and not the ones on her…

“Joel, you’re blushing!” Mom exclaimed. “Oh, how cute!”

I was going to say something to her about making fun of me, but instead found myself smiling at her. After the year she’d had it was good to see her laugh. Not to mention the fact she had a beautiful smile. Then again, as I had been noticing more and more lately, what about my mother wasn’t? As she laughed, she tossed her head sending her long wet hair back away from her neck. I stared at the smooth skin there and remembered how I had spent half ride to North Carolina today wondering what it would be like to kiss it.

“Well anyway, promise you won’t stay up too much longer.”


“And promise you’ll come into the bed with me, and not try to sleep in this lumpy chair.” She shook her head, “Don’t know why you’re so worried about it, it’s not like I bite or anything.”

I wouldn’t care if you did, I thought, but aloud said, “Just trying to be a gentleman.”

“Yeah well, they’re over rated.” Mom said. “Besides,” she added with a smirk. “This way when I see Jill, I can tell her I slept with a hot young guy!”

“Yeah well I don’t know about all that.” I shrugged, although a part of me did get a sick thrill out of her saying it. She’s my mother, she has to say I’m good looking, and she’s only joking anyway, the sane side of me added.

“I’m going to leave the small light in the bathroom on, so we can see a little okay?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Night Joel.”

“Night Mom.”

I tried to resist the urge to watch her walk towards the bed that was on the other side of the room, but as had been happening quite often lately, I gave into the temptation. There was a mirror on the far wall, so rather than turn around and be obvious, I simply watched her approach the bed in the mirror. Mom was tall, and her extremely long legs were well shaped and as tan as the rest of her. When she reached the bed, she untied the robe and let it drop. My jaw dropped with it as I saw she was wearing a pair of red boy shorts, and was shirtless!

Unable to help myself, I turned in the chair and looked at her bare back. Mom leaned over the bed, as she did the shorts rode up, and I felt my heart begin to beat faster when I saw the round cheeks of her ass sticking out. Mom straightened up, and reaching over her head began to slip on a red tank top. I turned back to the mirror and whispered, “Oh goddamn.”

I caught a full view of Mom’s tits from the side and saw her nipples were hard. Her tits weren’t big, but were still perky with tan lines that started just around those gorgeous rose colored nipples. Mercifully, Mom pulled her shirt down and with an act of will I made myself turn around, and face the television. I shifted in my seat and stifled a groan at the sensation of my hard cock rubbing against my leg. Christ I was horny. You’re a sick bastard Joel, getting a fucking hard on over your mother. I let out a sigh, sick or not, something told me I would be slipping into the bathroom to take care of myself before going to bed. If I didn’t, I’d be like this all night.

I slumped down lower in the chair, trying to focus on the ball game rather than my balls. As I did, that old expression “just think about baseball” came to mind, and I laughed softly. Damn I was tired, laughing at my own dumb jokes. I would sit here for awhile until mom went to sleep, go into the bathroom, and calm myself down so to speak. Hopefully it would be to the thought of Allison, the cute little red head I had dated for awhile back at school, rather than my mother. Then I would slip into bed as far from her as possible, and hope to fall asleep quickly.

I began to actually follow the game, but after a few minutes I looked up from the television, and cocked my head; I’d thought I heard something. Picking up the remote, I lowered the volume and listened. There it was again, it was mom, but she wasn’t speaking, she was moaning. Turning in the chair, I couldn’t help but let out a moan of my own. Mom was lying on her back, her shorts pushed down to her knees, and her tank top pulled up over her tits.

Mom’s hands cupped her small, but perfectly shaped tits, and she gasped as she pinched her hard nipples between bahis siteleri her fingertips. I watched, my cock already hard and hot against my leg, as she started rolling her nipples between those long red nails. A low moan escaped her, causing me to look at her face.

“Oh, damn.” I whispered.

As hot as the site of her playing with her tits was, the look on my mother’s face was one of the sexiest things I’d ever seen. Mom’s soft full lips were parted; the tip of her pink tongue just visible between them. Her blue eyes were rolled back, and her long honey blonde hair was fanned out across the pillow, framing her face beautifully. Goddamn, she was gorgeous! Her head was back exposing the smooth skin of her throat, the skin I was so dying to feel beneath my lips.

Mom groaned again, and I saw her shoulder dip. Following the movement, I watched entranced as her right hand left her breast, and slowly trailed down across her flat stomach. Mom groaned and her hips twitched as her hand disappeared between her thighs. My own hand dropped down, grabbing my cock, and stroking it through the thin material of my shorts. Mom’s hand was moving up and down rapidly and her breathing was becoming heavier. I was breathing pretty heavy myself, and taking a second to slip my hand inside my shorts, I grabbed my cock and started pumping it hard and fast.

On the bed, Mom gasped, and arching her back, began making little whimpering noises that caused my cock to jump in my hand. Straightening her legs, Mom lifted her hips off the bed, and again I focused on her small round tits, which were now thrust out even further as she pushed her back further off the bed.

“Ohhh,” Mom moaned loudly, and I could see her thighs trembling from where I sat not ten feet away watching her masturbate.

I stifled my own low moan as I could feel the cum building within my cock and knew I would be going off within seconds. Mom cried out, her hips thrusting wildly against her hand. Throwing her head back, she let out a squeal of delight that caused my cock to explode in my hand. Groaning, I pumped it furiously. I felt my own cum splash onto my stomach, and moaned at the vision of it spraying across my mother’s tanned skin. I imagined it hitting her tits and dripping down her hard nipples.

I pumped my cock until it had nothing left to give, and then slumped back into the couch panting. I closed my eyes until my breathing slowed down. Opening them, I felt my heart skip a beat; Mom was now lying on her side, and looking straight at me.

“You enjoy the show, Joel?” She asked, smiling at me.

“I, uh….I wasn’t…” I stuttered.

“Oh yes you were,” Mom said still smiling, “You were sitting there watching your mother play with her pussy weren’t you, you bad boy?”

“Mom I…”

“You are a bad boy Joel,” She shook her head. “Know why?”

As I sat there speechless, she sat up on the bed, and spreading her legs, touched her pussy.

“You sat and watched me do it myself.” She pushed her lips out in a pout. “Least you could have done was come over and help me out!”


“Oh, you know you want it honey!” Mom moaned as she her fingers slipped into her smooth wet pussy.

“No I…”

“That’s alright Joel, because I want you to want it!”


“Of course I do, why do you think I’ve been teasing you the last few weeks?”

My reply turned into a gasp, as removing her fingers from her glistening pussy, Mom shoved them into her mouth.

“Mmmmm.” She groaned, rolling her eyes back.

Sliding her fingers from her mouth, she smiled at me.

“Damn, that tastes good, but I bet it would taste better if I was sucking it off of that nice hard cock of yours.”

“Oh my…”

“Let’s go Joel,” Mom beckoned to me with her finger. “Come over here and give your mother what she needs.”

“I…I can’t” I whispered.

“Of course you can, if you’re nervous, I’ll just suck it hard for you, now let’s go!” She again touched her pussy. “It’s not nice to keep your mother waiting.”

Swallowing hard, I stood up.

“Ohhh, look at that!” Mom said licking her lips, “Oh, honey you bring that over here! You…

“And that ball is long gone!!” I jerked awake, as the announcer began screaming that someone had just hit a home run. Reaching down quickly, I fumbled for the remote. Finding it, I shut the TV off, and sat back with my heart pounding, and my cock throbbing.

“Jesus Christ,” I whispered.

The same dream I’d been having every night for the past three weeks. Well no this one was different. This was the first time I’d dreamed of her catching me and inviting me to join her. I exhaled softly as I felt my heart begin to slow down. The dreams were getting worse. When they’d first started, I was alarmed, but figured it was some kind of weird phase and they would run their course. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Not only were they becoming more and more vivid, but they were intruding into my waking thoughts as well. Just like earlier, when she’d said goodnight to me, I could hardly look at her without becoming aroused.

The first time bahis şirketleri I’d dreamed of my mother playing with herself, I’d woken up feeling more guilty than aroused. The next few times I’d felt more than guilty, I’d wondered what the hell was wrong with me. Lately though, I’d been getting more and more worked up, and was even masturbating to them now. I tried not to. When I would start jerking off, I would imagine Allison or Jamie or one of the other girls I’d fooled around with back at school. Within minutes however, their pretty faces and young firm bodies would be replaced by that image of my beautiful mother, arching her back, moaning and squealing as she came.

That had gone downhill as well. The last time I got myself off, it was to the thought of what my mother’s lips would look like wrapped around my cock. Speaking of Mom, I turned around and in the light from the bathroom, saw she was lying on her side facing away from me. The motel’s air conditioning was working like shit and she had kicked the covers off. My eyes made their way up the backs of her legs admiring the shape of them. When I reached her ass I felt my already throbbing cock, twitch again. The boy shorts had ridden up, and most of her left ass cheek was exposed.

“Stop it.” I said softly, forcing myself to turn around.

I shook my head, this was getting ridiculous, and seeing I was going to be staying with mom for the foreseeable future, I’d better get over this. Dreaming of my mother was just not right. I smiled wryly at the thought that one of Mom’s favorite expressions was that sometimes dreams come true, so keep dreaming. Something tells me that mom might think a bit differently in this instance.

Taking the opportunity to stop thinking of her as a sex object, I turned my thoughts to the times that expression did work for me. Even though I was a scrawny little kid, I’d always wanted to play ball and Mom had told me to chase my dreams and try out. I failed the first time, but went again, and not only made the local little league team, but played right through high school, making Varsity and getting the notice of a few college scouts. College was the second dream that Mom had assured me would come true, when I had applied to USC.

My father made too much money for me to qualify for scholarships, but not enough to afford for me to go. But between my grades and the fact I was a pretty good ball player, I’d gotten enough in grants from the school that my parents could afford the rest. Well that was up until Dad pulled his shit last year. On that note, I noticed that my hard on had left and laughed bitterly to myself. Leave it to my father to fuck up a wet dream.

Deciding to take advantage of the fact that I was no longer horny at the moment, I stood up, stretched and slowly approached the bed. I stood there hesitantly, trying to keep my eyes off of my mother’s scantily clad body. I thought about simply going back and trying to sleep in the chair. I could tell mom I fell asleep there. That’s what I should do. Yup, that’s exactly what I was going to do. Instead, I looked down at her sleeping form. The tank top was cut low in the back and staring at her smooth skin, I envisioned placing a soft kiss between her shoulder blades. I’d slide my lips up to nuzzle that inviting neck, slipping my arms around her and cupping her tits.

Back to the chair Joel, I told myself firmly. Yeah right, I couldn’t resist looking at her, let alone lying next to her. Leaning over, I gently pulled the sheet up over her waist, so I wouldn’t be staring at her ass and legs. I paused and debated whether or not to take my shirt off. I probably should leave it on. Then again, I would be on my own side of the bed, and hell it isn’t like she looked at me that way anyway. The fact that the room was warm as hell made up my mind, and slipping off my tank top, I carefully slid into bed next to her.

I wasn’t careful enough. I was still on my side sliding the covers up when Mom leaned back against me.

“Hey honey,” She whispered sleepily. “Glad you came to bed.”

“Yeah, I was getting tired.” I said, trying to keep my voice steady.

Mom’s back was pressed against my bare chest and her now dry blonde hair was just under my face. I was propped up on one elbow and had the absurd urge to slip my arm around her waist. I started to try to slide back, but as I did she let herself go so that she was still leaning against me. I stopped, not wanting to end up on my back with her curled into me. It was bad enough her ass was dangerously close to my crotch.

“Hmmm.” Mom cooed. “You feel nice.”

“Umm, thanks.” I said lamely.

“Been awhile since I’ve had somebody to lie next to.” She sighed. “And who knows how long since it was someone who wanted to be next to me.”

As she spoke she turned her head to the side so that she was looking up at me. Our faces were only about a foot apart, and I found myself marveling at how young she looked. Of course in reality she certainly wasn’t old. Mom had met my father while still in high school and had gotten pregnant right after graduating. So although I was closing in on twenty one she was just shy of her thirty ninth birthday. I realized I was staring, but noticed Mom didn’t seem to mind. In fact she was looking up at me with a slight smile on her face, as if she were enjoying looking at me as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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