The Morrisons Ch. 02

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This is a continuous story where each chapter builds on the previous chapter. If this is the first chapter you’ve encountered of The Morrisons then I suggest you go back and read the previous chapters first so you will understand the characters actions in this chapter.

I appreciate hearing from the readers of my stories and I want to thank all those who took time to send me an email. I try to answer every email in a timely manner however life catches up with us all, from time to time. If I haven’t replied to your email yet, I will soon. Again, thank you for all your kind comments.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Morrisons is a story about a hard working couple with one daughter who live a certain lifestyle. When you work hard and bring in more than enough money to satisfy your wants and needs, you get to have a few well deserved luxuries in life.

After they bought an estate off the beaten path they decide the hire staff who will meet certain requirements for the positions they want to fill. They can afford to pay that little extra and have things done their way without being pushy and everyone is compensated justly. Sounds interesting……? Then enjoy this story………

For the record: All characters in this story are legal aged!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chapter 2

I woke up to the sun shining in our bedroom window. I looked at Kim and saw she was still sleeping soundly. I wanted to stay in bed and wake her up slowly with some loving but my morning wood told me I better head off to the bathroom. I raised the sheet and carefully slipped out of bed and walked to the bathroom. After relieving my bladder I was washing my hands while looking in the mirror when my eyes spotted the shower across the room on the far wall. Instinctively I decided a quick shower was in order. The water felt great cascading over my body and served to wake me up completely. When I finished I stepped out and dried myself off. Upon walking back into the bedroom I saw Kim hadn’t moved so I decided to let her sleep.

I walked down the hallway and as I passed Terri’s room I noticed the door was open. I also noticed her bed was already made but didn’t see Terri. I started down the stairs when the wonderful aroma of fresh brewed coffee tickled my nostrils. I know Kim was still in bed and Jenna never got up before noon on the weekends so the only person unaccounted for was Terri. I walked through the living and dining room and just as I entered the kitchen Terri greeted me with a huge smile on her face then she stood up and said, “Good morning Dan, please have a seat, how do you like your coffee?”

Returning Terri’s smile I pulled a towel out of the closet while saying, “I like my coffee with cream and only a little bit of sugar.”

I followed her advice and chose the Canterbury Arcadia Swivel Chair next to the one she had been sitting in. I spread out my towel on the seat and sat down. Once seated I waited for my coffee and watched every move Terri made. I watched as she pulled a cup out of the cupboard and saw her small titties bouncing as she moved, while pouring coffee and adding a teaspoon of sugar in my cup. Finally she turned and walked to the refrigerator and her small tight ass cheeks bounced only slightly but moving in beautiful smooth fluid motion. On her return to the counter I was treated to the wonderful view of Terri’s small tits and her luscious tight lipped pussy. Terri caught me staring at the front of her body and she stopped halfway back to the counter and turned slowly while asking, “Does my uniform meet your approval, Sir?”

I smiled at Terri as I watched her continue to the counter before finally responding, “Terri, you have a beautiful body. You are so well proportioned with everything exactly perfect for your body. You are truly a work of art and I believe you could be model material.”

Blushing Terri turned to me saying, “Dan, you’re just saying that to make me feel good. I’ve always tried to take care of myself but I wouldn’t say I’m model material.”

As Terri set my coffee down in front of me I smiled at her and insisted that my theory was correct. She sat down beside me and we started a general conversation over coffee. Terri was full of questions and I did my best to answer them. Several times our conversation moved from one topic to another and after awhile Terri moved it back to our hiring her for such an important position. She expressed her gratitude for Kim and me taking the chance on her. I told her all she had to do was be herself because that’s the part all her references raved about.

Terri asked, “Would it be improper for me to hug you?”

Looking at Terri I smiled and said, “Anytime you need a hug, you can count on me to give you one no matter who’s around me at the time.”

Terri excitedly jumped down off her chair and held out her arms towards me. I slipped off my chair and stepped into her arms wrapping my arms around her body and pulling her to me. I slid my hand down her back and pulled her hips close to mine so she could feel my cock as it hardened between our bodies. I held her close until I felt her loosen her hug and I did the same. I was surprised canlı bahis Terri didn’t step back or break our hip contact as she looked up into my eyes and said, “Someday I may want to take Jenna’s advice and if I do will you help me?”

Even though I knew what Terri was talking about I wanted to hear her ask me directly. I acted confused by her question by looking into her eyes and cocking my head off to one side and raised an eye brow. My silent message was sent and Terri received it because she started to blush before she mumbled something then cleared her throat before repeating herself saying, “Dan when I’m ready, will you make love to me gently like Jenna said you would?”

I acted surprised first and then changed my expression to a large smile saying, “Terri you will find this house is made of love. Since you are going to be like family to us, I would certainly consider it an honor to make love to you anytime you want me to. I know last night was most likely embarrassing to you but that is our way of life here. We are free and open with our love making and now if you want to join in, you are more than welcome.”

By now my cock was rock hard between our bodies and I intentionally pushed rhythmically against Terri’s pubic area and she responded in kind. Terri leaned forward and closed her eyes and puckered her lips and I leaned down to meet her tender lips with my own. At first our kiss was teasing little kisses before Terri pushed the tip of her tongue against my lips. I opened my mouth and the battle was on. We molded our bodies tight together and out tongues dueled for position. Terri moaned softly throughout our kiss as she moved her tits back and forth across my chest. I’m not sure how long we kissed but when our lips parted again we leaned back keeping our hips pressed tightly together looking into each other’s eyes.

Terri broke the silence by saying, “Someone is very excited and very hard.”

I nodded my head and said, “It’s not a problem, I will take care of it when we finish.”

Looking into my eyes Terri said, “I caused it to get hard so I will take care of it. I know how to suck a cock and I will make sure you are very happy when I finish.”

“You don’t have to feel obligated to suck my cock I can take care of it myself.” I responded.

Without any further discussion Terri pulled back from our hug and sunk to her knees in front of me. At first she teased to head of my cock with kisses and licks then she opened her mouth and took my cock into the nice warm surroundings. Her tongue teased the length of the underside of my cock making it bounce when she reached the crown. Terri put her hands on my ass cheeks and pulled me forward buying my cock in her mouth with the head of my cock slipping into her throat. The sensations of fucking Terri’s throat sent me over the edge and I started cumming almost immediately. Terri never pushed me away, if anything she pulled me closer to her and her tongue worked miracles as my orgasm subsided. When I finished cumming, Terri sucked my cock until I was totally drained. With my cock still in her mouth she looked up at me and all I could think to say was, “Oh my God, thank you Terri.”

I reached down and lifted Terri up under her arms and pulled her to me and once again we embraced each other and kissed tenderly. As my tongue again dueled with hers, I could taste my semen on her tongue. I pulled back and while smiling at Terri I said, “It’s my turn to make you a very happy young lady.”

Once Terri was seated in her chair I sunk to my knees and pulled her until her ass was on the edge of the seat. Then I lifted her legs and put them over my shoulders. Hesitantly I leaned forward and planted tiny kisses along the inside of each of her thighs. I carefully avoided her pussy and kissed her bald pubic area before moving back down to the inside of her thighs. Terri was moaning softly then her body jumped when my tongue made contact with her smooth pussy. I licked her slit several times before prying my tongue between her tight lips and being rewarded with a flood of female juices. I lapped her pussy hungrily enjoying the wonderful taste of her lovely pussy and enjoying her fresh scent. Finally I reached my hands up and parted Terri’s ass cheeks remembering how much she enjoyed having her ass hole reamed. I had Terri’s ass bouncing on the chair within minutes of spreading her wide open. Once I attacked Terri’s clit she went over the edge and her screams became louder and louder until her body shook violently in reaction to her orgasm. I stayed in contact with Terri’s clit until she begged me to stop. With her female juices all over my face I stood and leaned forward and kissed Terri. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself to me and stood. Her tiny tongue licked her juices off my face, in between kissing my lips.

We sat down and rested for a few minutes then I suggested we use the shower out by the pool to clean up so we walked out on the deck towards the shower. I grabbed a couple of towels out of the closet on the way by as Terri adjusted to shower. I stood watching her shower and marveled at her as the beads of water glistened and then bahis siteleri ran down her skin. When she was done I handed her a towel and stepped under the shower and started to wash my body. Terri watched me wash and when I got ready to wash my cock I soaped it up and stood facing her and started to stroke it. Terri’s eyes were glued to my hand as it moved slowly up and down my cock. I continued stroking it only until my cock was semi-hard and then washed off the soap and rinsed my body off. I stood facing Terri as I dried off and I noticed was Terri would alternating between looking at my face and then down at my cock. I smiled at her and said with a smile, “I guess this is pay back for me looking at your lovely pussy while you were fixing my coffee.”

Terri blushed and said, “I’ve had to strip naked for a lot of males but I’ve only seen the few cocks that he made me suck. Even then the cock was only pulled through the zipper so I didn’t get to see the naked body each cock was attached to. I’m glad you’re cock and balls are shaved bald to. It’s so much better to suck your cock and not have to keep spitting out pubic hairs that come loose. Your cock looks so nice and it tastes great. I hope you don’t mind me looking at you.”

Looking at Terri I said, “Terri, all three of us keep our pubic area shaved clean just because we are such an oral family and we don’t like spitting out pubic hairs either. Also you are going to see a lot of cocks and pussy some with hair and some without while you are working here. I want to tell you that cocks come in all shapes and sizes with some cocks being barely visible. When you see a small one, please don’t laugh. Guys with small cocks are just as proud of their cock as someone with a large cock. It’s sort of like females with their tits.”

We laughed and headed back into the kitchen. As we stepped through the glass doors we saw Kim sitting at the breakfast counter drinking coffee and reading the paper. Kim looked up from her paper and said, “Good morning love. How are you this fine morning?”

“I am well and everything is great this fine morning.” I said while looking at Kim.

Turning to Terri, Kim said, “Good morning young lady, I hope Jenna didn’t keep you up to late. How did you sleep?”

Terri freshened up our coffee and was taking her seat again when she said, “Jenna and I had a wonderful chat last night and then we went to bed. I love my new bed and I slept in the middle of it and got lost. It’s very comfortable, thank you for asking.”

Kim said, “Terri, I’ve decided to take you and Jenna shopping today. We can go to this little boutique I know and get some lingerie for all of us. It’s always nice to tease the males. Then I know of a couple of shops we can go to and buy some clothes since you only have what you were wearing when you came here.”

Terri smiled and asked, “Would it be ok if I hugged you to?”

Kim put her paper down and stood up. Like a flash Terri was out of her chair and hugging Kim mashing their lovely titties together. I noticed Terri’s shoulders moving and realized she was crying in Kim’s neck. Kim was patting Terri on the back in a motherly fashion as she held her close. I handed Kim some tissues and she handed them to Terri. Finally Kim said, “Its ok you can hug me anytime you need or want to.”

After a few minutes I heard Terri say into Kim’s neck, “I don’t know what I’ve done for all of you to be so kind to me, a stranger in your home, yet all of you are treating me like family.”

Kim said, “Terri, it is apparent you have been through a lot in your young life and you have persevered. I’m sure it’s not easy to lose your family at such a young age and then to compound the problems you are hired by an unscrupulous store owner who clearly was taking advantage of you making you do things against your will. It takes determination like yours to endure such hardships and still be the pleasant young lady you are. I’m sure what little we’re doing for you seems like a lot but in reality all we’ve done is provided a new beginning for you. It’s totally up to you how you manage your life in the future. Please remember we have a daughter almost your age and we understand the loss of your family members because both of our parents have passed away to. I am sure we can help each other and everything will work out fine.”

Terri stepped back from Kim and with tears still in her eyes she said, “Thank you, thanks to both of you for everything.”

Kim patted Terri on her ass and said, “Your coffee is getting cold. Let me go get my laptop and we can create a contract for a house cleaning service.”

Terri and I were engaged in small talk until Kim came back with her laptop. Kim asked me to switch chairs with her so she could sit next to Terri. When we finished our game of musical chairs Kim fired up her computer and brought up a generic contract which they transformed into a contract for a cleaning service. Together they worded an ad which will be run in the local newspapers. Terri was very active providing wording and phrases for the contract and the ad. In addition Kim and Terri came up with a list of responsibilities for the cleaning bahis şirketleri service. They worked out the details for interviews and who should be present when the interviews were conducted. Both Kim and Terri agreed the person(s) who were going to be doing the cleaning should be present along with the owner of the service. When everything was finished Kim copied and pasted the ad in an email to all the local newspapers with instructions to run the ad for one week.

Terri asked, “What would you two like for breakfast?”

I sat there for a second thinking then my brain’s light bulb came on and I suggested going to a restaurant and eating brunch. Kim said, “That’s a wonderful idea and then we can go shopping from there.

“Let’s go up and wake up Jenna and all of us can get through the shower and dressed.” Kim said looking between Terri and me.

We walked up the stairs with me following Kim and Terri and my eyes were alternating between Kim’s wonderful tight ass cheeks and Terri’s young mounds of ass cheeks. When we got to Jenna’s door Kim knocked a couple times before we heard a sleepy mumble saying, “Come in.”

Kim opened the door and there was Jenna sprawled out on her back with her legs open wide rubbing the sleep from her eyes. All of us walked into the room and when Jenna opened her eyes, she asked, “So what do I owe for the honor of all three of you walking me up?”

Kim started off with, “Your father decided to take us out for brunch and afterwards I want to take you and Terri shopping. We saw Jenna smile broadly and say, “Now you’re talking. I think we should drag dad along with us shopping so he can give us a male perception on the clothes we try on.”

Kim was fast to say, “Jenna we’re going to that boutique and buy some lingerie. You know how fussy those women were the last time we took your father in there. But if your father wants to chance it again, I don’t see why we can’t take him.”

Jenna sat up in bed asking, “Daddy, you won’t mind watching us try on lingerie will you?”

I know the place Kim was talking about because I had been there before and it was not unusual for females of all ages to try on lingerie and walk out of the dressing room to get advice from those who came with them about fit and appearances. The couple of times I had gone in there with Kim and Jenna, the old lady who was part owner frowned at me and asked me if I had taken a wrong turn. Kim always came to my defense saying she wanted my opinion on the lingerie she tried on. That seemed to calm the old gal’s attitude towards me.

It was finally settled that all of us would go through the shower and get ready for brunch first then shopping after. Jenna looked at Terri asking, “Terri you don’t have any clean clothes here do you?”

Terri replied, “No all my clothes are at my former boss’s house.”

Jenna said, “Then you stay here and shower with me and we’ll get dressed here. We are the same size so I know I have something sexy to fit you.”

Terri blushed and with a shrug of her shoulders she agreed to stay with Jenna. Kim and I left Jenna’s room and headed further down the hall to our room. About a half an hour later we walked back to Jenna’s room to find both Terri and Jenna almost ready. They were putting some final touches on their makeup.

Kim watched both of the girls before asking, “Terri do you have any personal female items you will need?”

Terri blushed and said, “All of my personal stuff is at his house to.”

Realizing what they were talking about I decided to wait for them in the kitchen. I walked out of the room and heard all three of them giggling. I realized being the only male in a house with three females was going to be a frustrating life. I’m supposed to be the king of my castle but it looked like the queen had more control and backup than I do. I waited patiently in the kitchen and when the three of them arrived we walked into the garage and got into my car. We drove to the restaurant and had a wonderful and delicious brunch before heading off to go shopping.

We arrived at the boutique and when we walked in the old lady who always gave me a hard time saw me entering with three females she actually smiled at me. She wasted no time in coming right over to us and offering her services but Kim waved her off before steering us towards the lingerie section. When we stopped walking I looked around at the sea of sheer to lacy lingerie wondering to myself why they had so many styles and choices. All three females went right to work searching for that perfect piece to try on. Each time they paused to look at something, I found myself a clothes rack a few feet away from the three females, which served as the perfect arm rest. I watched as they looked, whispered and giggled pulling one item after another off the rack for a closer inspection. In most cases they put the item back but I also noticed that all three had a number of hangers hanging from their hands. Kim was the one who encouraged Jenna and Terri to collect various items to try on. She also told the girls that they had to choose at least one article of lingerie that was the same and all three would purchase it. I followed at a safe distance until I overheard Kim say, “Let’s go try on the items we have and then decide if we need something more. Once you have an item on, keep it on and let’s get everyone’s opinion.”

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