Same Time Next Year, Too

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Hand Job

Author’s note: This story takes place over the last two Christmases. 2001 and 2002.

Every year Melissa (“Mel,” to her friends) comes back to FL for a visit. And every year we try to out-do the previous year!

Let me tell you a little something about Mel: Melissa crashed into my life at a time when I thought I’d never love again.

I had just lost Julie, the first love-of-my-life, to a drunk-driver. I was feeling as depressed as ever, and Melissa bumped into me, on her bicycle, one day while I was out riding. She apologized, introduced herself, and I was a goner from then on! Her eyes instantly mesmerized me: A beautiful azure blue! And they twinkled as she spoke! Oh, God! I would have died a happy man, right then and there, but God had a different plan in store for me…

(This is where I ask you to read, “Guess What! I Met A Girl,” a retelling of our early adventures, if you haven’t read it yet! Then come right back to this story. Go ahead, I’ll wait…)

(Oh, good… You’re back! Did you enjoy that story? I knew you would! Everybody does…) 😉

Anyway, Melissa and I have gotten together every year, at Christmas-time, to catch up on each other’s life and to renew our sexual attraction for each other!

Melissa’d had a pretty crappy year. 2K1 kinda’ sucked, all the way around for both of us, really.

PTSD had finally caught up with me, after 24 years, and prevented me from sleeping for most of the year! As a result, I was involved in quite a few bicycle mishaps during the year (i.e. I got hit by a lot of cars! Ouch!!)

But this was nothing compared to her year! My lover had lost her father to cancer, last August! Her whole life changed. All I could do was empathize with her. We cried together, over the phone then. I was one of the few people that she called afterwards but it was good to finally hug and hold her as she cried on my shoulder.

Of course, I tried to comfort her. I’m very sensitive when the situation calls for it. This was a major-league BIG time for it, too! She was very grateful for my understanding her need to grieve. She knew that if ANYone would understand, it would be me. So, we just held each other for the first night that we were together as we drifted off to sleep in her hotel room…


At four in the morning I was awakened by Mel. She quietly told me to go back to sleep as she went into the bathroom. I closed my eyes when she turned on the bathroom light and softly closed the door.

I had some deep dreams. I think I’d even dreamed of the cure for the common cold, but was interrupted just as “Dr. Schweitzer” was revealing the final ingredient…

It was Mel’s warm mouth that roused me from my slumber. It was Mel’s warm body that was arousing my inner passions!

So, of course, I let her suck me off. (Not that I had much choice in the decision because, once Mel gets it in her head to pleasure me, there’s nothing on Earth that could stop this young woman.

We continued to make love, in every way possible, for the rest of the weekend. Saying goodbye to her, last year, was too hard. We touched each other not just sexually but on an emotional level that we’d never reached before.


Well, it was another odd year but we finally got it together and dragged our butts out of all the crap that has become what some call “every day life” and met again, to renew our relationship! We even kidded that ours has lasted longer than many marriages… AND we’re still in love!

It’s bursa escort Saturday night, right now. Actually it’s 4:00 am, Sunday morning, but you know what I mean.

Mel is sleeping like a little Angel, bless her little heart…

We’ve been fucking for the past three hours, straight, and I think I finally wore her out!

: )

She came in from the airport really, really pissed-off on Friday night: Her plane was late. She missed her connecting flight in Atlanta. She had also come down with a nasty cold and felt like crap! (But because I also had a miserable cold, we figured we wouldn’t make each other too much sicker so, what the heck!) And, to top it all off, the damned airline had lost her luggage so all she had to wear were the clothes on her back and the Christmas present I got her — A see-thru teddy, very shear, very wispy (as in, I can see right through it!) Very sexy… I was so glad she liked it.

Here’s what she looks like: Picture your idea of the “ultimately beautiful” woman. Now literally, multiply that by a hundred and you get how H~O~T Melissa looks tonight; lying asleep on my bed. She has that, just-fucked sheen of perspiration all over her gorgeous body. That after-sex glow that beautiful women get! Her breathing is light and steady, now, where it was hard and heavy just 30 minutes ago.

AND, she did something for me that I told her I’d never ask her to do: She shaved off all her pubic hair…

Ohhhh, God… If I loved her before, I just wanna eat her up now! And I have, too. Very often, in the course of our last 30 hours together! I ate out her deliciously hairless pussy for our first two hours together! She had to beg (I love it when they beg) for me to mount her and cum in her cunt!!!

Ohhhh, friends, there is NOTHING sexier in this world, to me, than when a beautiful girl BEGS you to stop eating her pussy and stick your cock in her and cum!!!

So, of course, I did. I only lasted five minutes, however. I was sooo damned ready and turned-on (plus the fact that I hadn’t had sex in a month) that I just blew a tremendously large volume of semen into this young woman’s vaginal cavity! It spilled out of her cunt! It actually spilled out of her vagina, all over our legs, the bed, the sheets, it was just a big mess. But we licked it off of each other…

Mmmmmmm, now THAT was a treat, in and of itself, too, let me tell ya. Ahhhh! If only someone could bottle that stuff and sell it in stores, they would make a fortune. Call it, “Spunk-a-Cola” or maybe something a little less disgusting, and everyone would drink it up. It’d be great for the health-conscious, as it contains no calories, it’s all natural, and full of protein. AND it’s yummy, too!

Awright, before this degenerates any further into a commercial for the bizarre and kinky sides of life, I’m going to continue with my tale, now.

I am, finally, tired, myself and I think I’ll go snuggle-up next to my favorite Physical Therapist and get some sleep.

Ohh, if only you could join us tomorrow, on our last day…


I am already looking forward to next year’s get-together…

But, I’ve still got tomorrow (Sunday) to make this one as memorable as all the others. I am one lucky S O B, I tell ya! Thank goodness my dick is holding-out! This girl may kill me but I’ll go happy!


I awoke earlier than my love. She always sleeps soundly after we’ve had a round of good sex. I’m talking, “GOOOD SEX!!!” With a capital “GOOOD!”

But sex just energizes me… Invigorates me. The more I get, the more I need. Sex very bursa escort bayan seldom wears me out. Even when I’m sick. Last night we both took our temperatures. I took the oral thermometer and I administered the rectal thermometer into Mel. I wonder if her orgasms affected the reading? Because we both had fevers of 99.8 degrees. So we decided to just sweat-out our fevers in the shower. We were in that bathroom so long that the wallpaper started peeling off the wall from all the hot steam! But it was worth it. Our fevers broke enough to go back to bed.

Of course, we didn’t just breathe in the steam while in there. We figured, why waste good steam on our stuffed noses, only and we made love standing in the shower, there! That was the most fun either of us had had in a shower in our lives!

We laughed and played, tickled and fondled, fingered and flicked and licked and then fucked and sucked each other to more orgasms than we could count!

[Author’s note to his readers: I was just thinking, here, for a moment… This doesn’t sound like either of us were all that sick, does it? Well, don’t you believe it! We were plenty sick. And if someone tells you to stay in bed or you’ll get sicker, you’d better believe him or her, we were just too stupid to realize what we were doing. Plus, we were extremely lucky that our illnesses didn’t worsen and turn into pneumonia. Or worse.] [I am SUCH a hypochondriac, aren’t I!] [OK, I now return you to your regularly scheduled Erotica; already in progress.]

After we’d had a little nap, I awakened with an erection. I tried to nudge Mel awake to show her, but she would not budge (I said she’s a sound sleeper.) She was laying on her side with her back to me like we were spooning. I slid my dick into her sleeping cunt and found it still juicy from our shower sex. So I pulled it out, with out disturbing her sleep (her breathing never broke.) I then grabbed the tube of sex-lube from my nightstand and lubed up my throbbing manhood, already wet from her pussy juices. I rolled back onto my side and wriggled my dick between her buttocks. Then, I slowly inserted my cock into her back door. Ohhh, even though she was relaxed and sleeping, her ass hole was sooo tight it nearly caused me to ejaculate before my entry was complete! I had come so much the last day and a half, I was pretty sure I could hold-off. I continued my insertion into familiar territory and every time I would get close to blowing my load, I would stop. I also had to keep an ear on my lover’s breathing, to make sure I wouldn’t wake her up. Once I was completely buried in her anus, I leaned forward and nuzzled the nape of her neck; which finally woke her up. When she realized there was fullness in her rectum she asked what was going on. I reminded her that she had asked me to fuck her ass and she just sighed: Partly in exasperation and partly from arousal because I had begun to move in and out of her tightening bunghole.

She was now fully conscious and alert and more than ready to take my dick in her ass! In fact she was starting to slam her body back into me in-order to get more of me into her!

Ahhh, I really love fucking a fine, tight ass hole.

Melissa’s was only the second ass I’d ever fucked when we’d met in ’99 and here we, 3 years later, still loved everything the other had to give! Still giving everything the other loved! We were as one being: Lying side-by-side, in a spoon of lust. Usually we’d do it Doggy-style but this was different – very nice, I had to say.

This lasted for another twenty minutes when I felt that “stirring,” that escort bursa meant I was going to blow my load into her. She felt it, too, in her bowels and asked me to go on! I asked her to roll on her belly and frig her clitoris while I rammed into her from above and behind. Once in position I grabbed a vibrator from the nightstand and turned it in low and inserted it into her vagina. This, combined with her finger on her clit and my cock pummeling her ass hole, drove her over the edge and I heard her squeal as her juices flooded from her cunt. This caused her anus to contract around my manhood and I gave one more giant thrust and blasted her insides with my cum!!!!

We were both sweating and heaving and, consequently, coughing from our colds… But we didn’t mind. We were too much in love to worry about anything else but each other’s satisfaction.

We managed to drag our bodies into the shower again, to clean off. We soaped each other up and down and just kissed each other a lot. No fucking this time: We were just too pooped! I guess this was one of my “seldom” times to get worn-out by sex.

We toweled each other dry and I managed enough strength to carry Melissa back to bed. I laid her down then crawled in next to her and promptly fell asleep, my head on her breast. Sooo comfortable. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………

We awoke Monday morning feeling a little better, physically, but dreading the fact that she had to leave. It was 3 am and Mel needed to check her emails, so I just laid in bed and listened to her type away on my keyboard in the other room. She must have started chatting with her mother in Las Vegas because I heard those darned electronic chimes that say to me, “Hey, BB. Are you there?”

Apparently, she started chatting with some of my friends and then an online “submissive” I had been “fucking” came on. They talked for a little bit and then Mel asked me to continue their chat.

Well, that one didn’t go so well (the bitch whined, “i’m not into women,” so I promised her I would deal, severely with her later and I went back to bed.)

But then another, online lover of mine came on and she and Mel started chatting away. I’m not sure how long they talked or what the heck they said but I felt a bit uneasy, letting the two of them gossip away, like that. Lord knows how many secrets Mel told “jenny” about me. It is not a good thing when girls get to talking about a guy, I’ve found.

(I’m only half-joking about that…)

Anyway, I woke Melissa up to fuck her a few more times an hour before we had to leave for the airport. She was so groggy that I had to fuck her twice just to get her conscious!

Once awake, she got on top of me and rode me for all she was worth. I don’t think I had much more than a drop of semen left in me but she took it. She took all I had left and smiled as she licked her lips, then mine and got up off me. We got dressed then we drove to the airport together. We smiled a lot, trying to hide our true feelings. But we were bawling, like children, on the inside, though. We always hate having to say good bye to each other.

The good news, here, my friends, is that Mel is going to come back in the spring for another visit. We’ll both be healthy before then and we should be able to fuck each other a little better by then. Until then, She and I will have to enjoy each other via the Internet. Y’see, she’s recently received a Web-cam so we can do things for each other that way, if you know what I mean…

Wish us luck, kiddies.

And a Happy New Year to you all, as well!!! 😉


xoxo, -BB (Santa granted my wishes. What a neat guy, huh?)

ps- You’d better watch out……..He’ll be comin’ to town next year! :o)

************* I love Christmas ***********

(c) 2002 BBKradwell

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