Morning Exercise

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Gerri was up early and had a nice long hot shower while the coffee perked. Sipping her coffee, she answered a few e-mails and checked her Facebook page sitting at her desk in the living room dressed in just a towel around her hips. Her nipples were hard from the cool air and tingled as she ran a hand over one and then the other. She shivered as she pinched the left one.

She was horny. Her boyfriend had worked late the night before and was still sleeping. That made four nights in a row. This morning she was supposed to go to the gym but…. She pinched her nipple again and shivered as she stood up suddenly. The towel came loose and fell to the floor. Naked, she turned and headed for her bedroom.

Pausing at the door, she smiled. Gary was lying on his back, the sheet covering only the middle part of his body. The smile was for the ridge his hard dick made in the sheet. He always had a hard-on in the morning. Her hands were caressing her breasts as she walked slowly over to the side of the bed closest to him.

A moment later, she leaned over and pulled the sheet slowly to the side. Gary wasn’t muscular in a bulky way. He had more of a swimmers body, long and lean with good definition. But then you got to his washboard stomach and very muscular thighs. He rode a bike everywhere and it showed.

Gerri shivered as her eyes ran over his hard dick. It wasn’t much longer than most she had seen but it was nice and thick. She shivered again and pressed her thighs together as memories of the last time they had made love floated across her mind. It had been a week ago to the day.

She had gone to bed around ten. Sometime later, she had come awake with Gary lying on her back, his hot dick rubbing in the cleft of her ass. His knees were between her legs and had them spread wide. His warm wet tongue was licking the back of her neck. She groaned softly at the memory of his tongue, lips, and teeth on her neck. She canlı bahis had lifted her hips, pressing her ass tighter to him.

The next thing she knew, his fat dick drove deep into her pussy. That surprised her. Not the fact that he was fucking her but how easily he had entered. She was so wet and slippery. That usually took some time and work to achieve, but not that night, Gary had fucked her hard, deep, and fast.

Gerri groaned softly as her hips flexed back and forth slowly. Her eyes remained on his dick as she slowly climbed onto the bed and straddled his thighs. Her neck was very sensitive so that probably accounted for some of the wetness. The unexpected attack in the middle of the night accounted for more. They usually planned their sex around their busy schedules.

With a grin, Gerri reached down and lifted Gary’s dick upright. Unexpected sex was what she had gotten, so turnabout seemed like fair play. Holding his dick up with one hand, she reached down and rolled her clit around with the other. Her hips quivered at the thought of impaling herself on his dick with him still asleep.

Her fingers still rolled her clit around as she lowered her hips and rubbed the head of his dick against her opening. It felt slippery as she did so. Without letting herself think about it, she lined up the head and sat down on it. The head and half the shaft went in before she felt the lips and opening tighten up. She lifted her hips a few inches and sat down again.

This time her ass landed on his thighs and she groaned loudly. She felt so full and her clit was trapped against his shaft. She shifted her hips and felt it rub deliciously against his skin at the even thicker base of his shaft. She lifted her hips an inch or so and sat back down slowly. Her clit rubbed again but this time it felt smoother, slicker.

She bent forward to look at their connection. She was surprised to see a creamy white looking bahis siteleri ring around the base of his cock as her hips rose up a little. When she rocked back slowly, Gary groaned softly. She grinned and rocked forward again. She rocked back and Gary groaned but this time his eyes fluttered open. It took him a few seconds to focus and then he smiled at her as she moved faster.

“Good morning,” he said as she leaned forward to kiss him.

Without replying, she kissed him lightly on the lips as her ass slapped his hips firmly. He groaned softly and caressed her back. His hands ended up cupping her ass cheeks. Gerri continued to move her hips up and down, his shaft moving in and out of her tight sex.

Gary tried to roll them over but she sat up quickly and ground her sex on his dick. “Nope, we aren’t going there,” she whispered as she rocked her hips back and forth rapidly. Her clit was rubbing against his shaft so deliciously.

With a soft chuckle, Gary relaxed and put his hands behind his head. “Is this payback for the other night?” He asked with a grin.

“Something like that,” Gerri whispered as she raised her hips and sat back down hard. His dick moved out and then rammed back in to the max. She groaned softly and wiggled from side to side. “Today is gym day but I decided to get my exercise at home.”

“More like sexercise,” Gary whispered and then groaned as Gerri lifted up almost all the way off his dick and sat back down slowly. Her groan of pleasure was mixed with his.

Slow and steady, Gerri fucked herself. She wasn’t in any hurry as her orgasm built higher and higher. Gary would lift his hips to meet her at the bottom of each stroke. She leaned forward and looked at his dick. The creamy looking white ring was even thicker. She groaned and moved up and down a little faster.

After a dozen strokes or so, she was on the ragged edge of coming. She stopped moving and sat very still. bahis şirketleri She was whimpering softly she realized. Gary grinned up at her and whispered, “Right on the edge are we?”

Gerri nodded. “Not enough exercise yet,” she whispered and grinned at him. “You can wait, can’t you?”

“For you, anything.” He replied.

Geri smiled and rocked her hips slowly. Her clit rubbed against his shaft with a slick slippery feeling and his thick dick moved just enough inside her tight pussy to make her clench up even tighter.

As her orgasm started to rise again, she whimpered softly and lifted her hips until just the head of his dick was still inside her. She grinned down at Gary and whispered, “Hang onto your hat, here I go to get mine.”

A moment later, she dropped her hips to slap her ass against his thighs. Then she was fucking him with wild abandon as her orgasm arced up higher and higher. She could feel the burn in her thighs starting as her orgasm crashed down on her. Pleasure radiated out along her nerves as she yelled softly and bounced even harder for several more strokes.

Her stomach muscles were jerking so hard that she stopped moving and leaned forward to lay her head on Gary’s shoulder. A second later, she felt them flipping over. She was on her back and Gary was returning the fuck with even wilder abandon.

Gerri tried to protest that she had had enough but her mouth wouldn’t work as her orgasm jumped up several notches and took her breath away. She was in another world as Gary pounded her fast, hard, and deep. It was a world she had never visited before. A world of surging pleasure and endorphin haze.

Time had no meaning but sometime later, Gary grunted loudly and came deep inside her. Gerri felt the warm surge deep in her pussy and yelled loudly.


Gerri woke up on her side, wrapped in Gary’s arms, his semi soft dick still in her pussy. She smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips. He murmured softly but didn’t wake up. She sighed and snuggled closer. “Now that is the way to get exercise,” she whispered and then chuckled. “I might have to cancel that gym membership.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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