The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 48

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Chapter 48

Ursula’s Tales — Part 3

The dog days of summer had come to Regal Bay in the form of a heatwave. Temperatures had gone up to the mid-nineties during the day, and dropped only into the mid-seventies during the evening. Even along the coast, where a cool breeze coming off the Pacific usually helped, the winds had been blowing out, and they were only light wisps. Air conditioners were running hard keeping the population cool in their homes and businesses, and providing a little extra work for those in the business of repairing and maintaining the units.

Ursula’s house had a central air unit, and had for years run without issue. As it so happened, no sooner had the heat settled in for the week did the unit in her home begin to act up. It was still blowing cool air, just not quite as cool as it should. Her father had checked out the system and told her, “Your compressor’s running fine, but I think it’s in need of a re-charge. I’ll call a repairman.”

Ursula had not yet talked with her father about her one-time affair with her son. She had never held secrets from her father. She had asked him over that afternoon to have a talk with him on this very subject, but when he took notice of her A/C issues, the subject never came up. After he had left, Ursula went to her room to lie down. She had nothing left to do that afternoon, and with Freddy working over the summer at the Golf Club full time, Ursula had the house to herself until he came home for dinner. Unless he decided to hang out with friends. Or pay Pamela Walker a visit.

Ursula knew about her son’s affair with Pamela, a woman Ursula once thought of as a friend. Since Pamela had told her about her affair with Freddy, Ursula had seen the older woman in a different light. She refused to answer or return calls from the woman. Her hostility didn’t come from those facts, however. Ursula knew that her issues with her former friend stemmed from the fact that she had then seduced her own son into her bed. Ursula had never considered an affair with her son until Pamela had suggested it, even hinting that she herself was bedding her own son Johnny, and enjoying it. Had it not been for that seed planted in her mind, and the drinking she had then done, Ursula would never have made love to her own son. Nor would she have enjoyed it so much.

Ursula couldn’t understand her feelings for her son. They were nothing like those she directed towards her father, and yet both acts were identical in the eyes of the moral world. She was having an incestuous affair with her father, and had been for twenty years. And now she had had incestuous relations with her son. They were equal in sin, and yet so very different in her mind. She loved her father, deeply and dearly, as any daughter should. She had always seen her sexual relations with him more as a duty, to ease his pain at losing her mother so many years ago. Ursula had never seen their love-making as anything else.

By contrast, when she had made love to Freddy, there was something completely different in her heart. She loved her son as any good mother should. However, in the heat of passion, she didn’t love him in that way anymore. She lusted for him. She craved him, even now, so many weeks later. And she often went to bed hoping that Freddy would come to her and take her. She wasn’t about to bring it up with him anymore, and she wished that they could go back to the way they used to be. Except when she felt the cravings deep in her belly. It was pure lust, she recognized. Nothing she had ever felt with her father. It was Freddy that made her want to sin, and as a result, she did everything she could to prevent it from happening.

Even as these thoughts again flowed through her mind, Ursula settled into her bed atop the sheets. The ceiling fan spun and pushed cool air across her body, relaxing her. She had stripped out of her shorts and t-shirt, and wore only a red one-piece under garment. It was cool on her skin, and made out of light linen. With the house so warm of late she often wore only underwear to bed. Not to tempt her son. She made sure she never let him see her in such a state of undress. She didn’t want to tempt him in any way, for she didn’t like the thought that she’d be unable to restrain herself. She rolled onto her side and slipped off into a welcome nap.

Ursula awoke, not knowing how long she’d been asleep or what had awakened her. She looked at the clock on the nightstand and saw that it was nearly 7 pm. She rolled over and found Freddy standing beside her bed.

“Oh! Freddy! You startled me,” she said. And then she noticed that her son was standing a few feet away, and that he had dropped his work trousers and underwear down around his knees. In his right hand he held his cock, and it was stiff. “What the hell?” she gasped when she realized that her son had been standing over her, jacking off as he watched her sleep.

“Freddy! What are you doing?” she asked as she sat up. “How long have you been there, doing that?”

Freddy canlı bahis held his ground, and continued to slowly stroke his cock. “I’m sorry I woke you. I had to, you know. It’s been so long since we did it,” he explained. “I want to make love to you again, Mom.”

“Oh, Freddy,” Ursula sighed. “We can’t. We shouldn’t even be thinking about it. It’s wrong and we both know it.” Unfortunately, even as she said the words she knew she was melting. Her eyes locked to her son’s hard cock gave that away.

“I think about it all the time,” Freddy admitted. “Do you? Do you think about what we did?”

“Yes, Freddy. I do. And I’m ashamed that we did what we did.” She tried to keep her eyes on his face, but his moving hand kept distracting her, drawing her eyes back to his manhood. She wished he’d stop it and pull up his pants. She wanted to tell him to get out of her room, but the works wouldn’t come.

Freddy took a deep breath before asking, “Do you masturbate thinking about me? I do, thinking about you, Mom.”

Ursula looked up at him then. The innocent look on his face made her heart beat heavily in her chest. He was so handsome, so desirable, she admitted. She realized that she wasn’t so much as made at Pamela for what she had done, but jealous that she hadn’t been the first to do it. In that moment, Ursula felt the needs within her begin to boil. She wanted her son as a lover, and there was nothing she could do to change that.

Ursula reached out and touched Freddy on the hip. She looked up and said, “We can’t be doing this all of the time. We can’t let your grand-father know.”

Freddy said, “We’ll be careful, Mom,” as he took a step closer to her. He let go of his dick and a moment later his mother’s hand replaced it. He sighed as she stroked him slowly. “I won’t tell anyone, either,” he added.

“As long as your grand-father doesn’t find out,” she repeated, and then leaned forward to take her son’s cock-head between her lips.

“Ooohh, Mom!” Freddy moaned as she began to lick across the tip of his knob. She began to stroke him, holding his head in her mouth. His cock grew harder in her grip.

Ursula began to bob along the length of her son’s dick, taking a few inches into her mouth before sliding back, her lips tight around his shaft. When she felt the ring of his crown at her lips, she dropped her jaw and took him in once again. His cock grew hard and thick, and in just a few minutes Freddy was rocking his hips, and panting for breath. His hands were on top of her head, gently guiding her along his shaft. She wanted to finish him off, to taste his semen on her tongue on feel it warm her belly after swallowing, but she also felt her vagina throbbing, eager for attention.

With a final lick, Ursula pulled off Freddy’s manhood and looked up at his face. “Take your clothes off,” she whispered. Freddy stepped back and began to strip quickly. Ursula watched her son’s saliva-damp cock wag and wave as he moved. As he finished, she stood up beside the bed and looked at him. She didn’t say anything. Freddy knew what to do. He stepped up and took hold of the straps on her one-piece. He pulled them down her arms and as the garment fell away, she stepped out of it. Now she was as naked as her son was, with her heavy breasts hanging from her chest, her thick nipples erect and eager for attention, and her dark-furred triangle that hid her sex dripping, dripping with desire.

Ursula looked up at her much-taller son and asked in a trembling voice, “Do you love me, Freddy?”

Freddy smiled. “Yes, Mom. I love you.”

“I don’t mean, do you love me as your mother.” She stepped up closer and placed her hands on his chest, atop his pectorals. She looked into his eyes. “I mean, do you love me as a woman, as a lover?”

Freddy paused, as if considering her question, and then leaned in and kissed her full on the mouth. It was a lengthy kiss, and she began to melt even more, before he pulled back and answered, “Yes, Ursi. I love you as a woman, a sinfully desirable woman.” And then he pulled her mouth to his once again and kissed her deep, his tongue pushing between her lips to find hers. They were no longer mother and son as they stood, naked in her bedroom, kissing so very deeply, but man and woman, lovers.

When their lips parted finally, Ursula sat on the bed and then as she watched her son slowly stroke his hard cock, she rolled onto her back and settled into the pillows. She parted her legs slowly, still watching her son, whose eyes went to the valley between her thighs. He crawled onto the bed and between his mother’s spread legs. Freddy looked at the dark triangle, neatly trimmed but very thick, and thought about talking her into cutting it down. He could see a slither of her pink slit buried in the hair, but he wanted to see more. That could wait until later, he told himself.

His mother’s breasts were huge for her size, and fell to each side of her chest as she lay looking up at him with expectant, lust-filled bahis siteleri eyes. Her dark nipples were hard and pointed, and Freddy wanted to suck each into his mouth and chew on them for hours. That would come later. He had a need, a hunger that needed taken care of, and he thought that she did, too. The look on her face told him as much as he knelt between her legs stroking his cock.

Ursula wanted to tell her son to jump on, to stick his dick in her, to fuck her, but she couldn’t bring the works out. She couldn’t say anything. She could only watch his hand move along his shaft and wait, open and inviting, for him to come to her. She knew that this time it was different. There was no alcohol involved, for either of them. She was willingly inviting her son to make love to her, to fuck her in her own bed. She was giving herself to her son and becoming his lover, and even as she wanted to say the words, she still couldn’t. Not yet.

Freddy didn’t need his mother to say anything. He was a young man, horny, and overwhelmed with lust. He had been watching his mother and her father have sex for years, and had finally taken that sinful next step just weeks earlier. He knew his mother wouldn’t reject him, not anymore, not given what he saw in her face in that moment. He could feel the lust she had for him, and it matched what he felt for her. His cock throbbed in his fist then, and he knew it was time.

Freddy moved closer to his mother, until he was able to feel her pubic hair tickle the tip of his cock. He leaned forward more, pushing deeper, until her felt the damp heat of her slot. He stroked his cock up and down her length, and she moaned under his touch. With his free hand, he rubbed her pubic mound before pulling her dark hair up. Her hips rolled slightly, causing his knob to press against her opening. Her mouth fell open and she moaned again. Her eyes met his, and he pushed.

“Ooooohhhhhh!” Ursula groaned as her son penetrated her. She felt her walls open and accept him in, and as his cock slid into her, she began to tremble with fear and excitement. She pulled her knees up and back, giving herself fully to her son. She was far from being a virgin, and yet she felt as if her son was ripping her open. He was thick, as thick as her father was, and yet she was very tight around him. He had to stop and retreat twice before he was able to slide completely into her. In that moment, she felt her son’s heavy scrotum pat her anus, and her orgasm washed thought her.

“Aaaahhhh, Freeeeeddddyyyyyy!” she cried out loud. “I’m cuuuummmminngggg!” Her body vibrated on the bed beneath her son as he fell into a steady, fast thrusting rhythm, working her spasming, gushing pussy over with his hot rod of flesh. She had forgotten how wonderful her son felt inside her. She would not forget again.

Freddy looked down into his mother’s face as he pressed his hands into the mattress to either side of her shoulders. Her eyes were closed now, though her mouth still hung open. She was huffing with every thrust of his into her, and he was going to town, fucking her with quick, shallow thrusts. He had found that Pamela enjoyed this style and now he was treating his mother to the same. Her cunt walls gripped him tight, much tighter than he had remembered her being. She felt good beneath him, and he would not be giving her up any time soon. He had waited so long for this day, for the day his mother become his lover.

For several minutes Freddy drilled her with his wonderful cock. Ursula had cum upon his entry, and now she fought to regain enough of her faculties to enjoy what her son was doing to her better. She looked up into his eyes, seeing them full of lust for her, and that in of itself made her very nearly climax again. She’d never seen that look in her father’s eyes. He had always been seeing her mother when he took her. Not so with Freddy. Freddy was seeing her. As his hips ran back and forth, driving his cock like a car piston, she began to lovingly caress his flanks.

Freddy reached up and took hold of her left breast. He squeezed the heavy, fleshy orb, never slowing his hips as he did. He pulled and squeezed her nipple before letting that tit fall free and turning his attentions to her right globe. Again, he worked her nipple with his fingers. This time, when he released it, he lowered his mouth to the tit and sucked the nipple into his mouth.

“Oooohhh, yeessss!” Ursula moaned. Freddy’s hips slowed slightly as he suckled upon her tit. Her nipple was pulled deep into his mouth and she felt his rough tongue flicking across it, making it all the more sensitive. “I like that. That feels good,” she sighed.

A moment later, Freddy let her tit fall free and he sat back, kneeling between her knees. He continued to drive in and out of her, but turned his attention to her legs. He caressed up and down them, even lifting her feet high above his shoulders. He kissed each of her calves as well as the bottoms of her feet. She liked it very much, and again told her son.

Freddy bahis şirketleri released her legs and she curled them around his hips to lock him in place as he continued to fuck her. She could feel her next orgasm rapidly building and told her son, “I’m going to cum, again! Keep fucking me, Freddy! Oh, god yes! Keep fucking me!” Her body again started to tremble and her pussy started vibrating. Her cream flowed around her son’s penis, and a moment later, she cried out, “Aaaaaahhhhh! Freeeeeddddyyyyyy!”

Ursula’s latest climax was just as overwhelming as her first had been. Her head spun from the wave of pleasure that flowed through her. She began huffing for breath, again in time with the thrusts of her son’s cock. A long, deep moan rolled from her chest as she rode out her orgasm.

With his mother’s body convulsing around his manhood, Freddy felt his own control lessening. His cock was throbbing hard within her trembling vaginal grip and he could feel his semen boiling in his balls almost painfully. “Aaahhh, Mom! I’m going to cum!” he croaked.

Ursula had heard her son’s words but didn’t realize what he was saying until she felt his hot seed flowing into her body. She felt his cock pulse again, and another jolt hit her as he pushed more of his potent semen high into her belly.

“No! Freddy, no! Not inside me!” she cried out, but it was too late. She tried to push her son away, to release his spewing cock from her body, but couldn’t. Her belly warmed and she could feel his seed being planted deep within her. The fear of getting pregnant racked her mind even as she enjoyed the after-glow of her orgasm. She knew the odds were very slim, and yet she was still a fertile woman. Her menstrual cycle continued, and she knew that her father could never get her pregnant. He’d had a vasectomy many years ago, just in case. Ursula, however, wasn’t protected. She’d never had the need to be.

“Oh, god, Freddy,” she moaned as his cock pulsed one last time before slipping out of her. “Ohhh, please, no,” she sobbed. She could feel his warm seed leaking from her and she pushed, trying to force even more out of her body. Freddy had dropped to lay beside her, panting heavily is his own after-orgasm state. Ursula rolled away from him and off the bed. “I have to take a shower,” she told him, but also herself. She felt his semen dribbling from her as she rushed to the bathroom. He had dumped quite a bit inside her, she realized, to have so much leaking out. Once in the shower, she used the hose-end head to wash out her vagina as best as she could, forcing warm water up inside to douche herself out, to clean her son’s seed from her body.

Afterward, while toweling herself dry, she made plans to visit her doctor. She hadn’t lost her desire to have Freddy as a lover, but she needed to be protected. She would have to get on the pill for the first time in her life, if this was going to be a regular event.

“Get a shower,” Ursula told her son as she returned to her bedroom. She let the towel fall away and as she selected fresh clothing, she said, “Let’s go out to dinner.”

“What are we celebrating?” Freddy playfully asked as he stood.

Ursula turned to face her naked, handsome son. His cock hung limp, yet she felt a craving for it once again. “What do you think we’re celebrating?” She stepped up to him, took his limp cock in hand, and while giving it a playful stroke, she pulled his mouth down to hers. After the kiss, she released his cock and answered, “We’re celebrating the start of a new chapter in our relationship.” With that said, she started dressing. Freddy, with a wide grin on his face, headed for the bathroom and his own shower.


The next morning, Freddy found his mother lying in her bed gently sobbing. He had already gotten ready for work, and had wanted to tell her good morning after the night they’d shared. He had slipped quietly into her bedroom and closed the door behind. As the latch clicked, she rolled over to see him. Her eyes were puffy and red, and her cheeks damp from tears. She was dressed in a pale off-yellow half night gown and panties. He could easily make out her nipples beneath the material, and his crotch tightened ever so slightly.

“What’s wrong, Mom?” he asked and eased to her side upon the bed. “Why are you crying this morning?”

Ursula sat up in the bed and replied to her son, “I don’t know. It’s nothing, and it’s everything.” She sobbed some more, and Freddy wrapped an arm around her, pulling her into a hug. He waited for her sobbing to ease.

“What can I do?” Freddy asked softly. He gave the top of her head a kiss.

Ursula shook her head. “There’s really nothing you can do, Freddy. It’s all on me. I’m the cause of all of my own problems.”

“What problems? You’ve got a good job, a nice house, and people who love you.”

Ursula looked at her son then. “That’s just it, Freddy. The people who love me, who truly love me and make love to me, are my own father and son. And that’s just wrong somehow. We shouldn’t be doing what we’re doing, Freddy. You’re my son. And my father, well, I shouldn’t be doing what I do with him, either. What will people think of me? That I’m sick, that’s what!”

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