Mixed Sauna

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In the last period we made new friends, a married couple of 39/36yo and a younger couple of 21/23yo. By the way we are 44/32yo. We met them at our gym club during a mixed afternoon in the steam room being naked all.

These were the facts.

My girlfriend Sylvia and I have a little pleasure showing her off. She usually goes topless on the beach and sometimes she dares the nude.

Having her naked on a beach it’s something unbelievable because she is rather shy by nature and always reluctant to get undressed in beginning. But I am able enough at cajoling her kinky side and she does it being also hot and submissive. A few times she had been topless in the car during a road trip ad last summer, on holidays, she surprised me crossing and uncrossing her legs in a miniskirt drinking a beer at bar without any panties.

We have a great fun planning her exhibition and discussing the events after she had been nude. I would like to see her doing a strip-tease in front of an audience but this is a fantasy for the instant.

Sylvia is rather fit and frequents assiduously a gym club. I am not so fixated with gym but once a week I follow her especially for sauna. Since last spring our gym club has twice a month a mixed afternoon on Friday and Saturday, sauna and steam room enclosed.

In June she went alone in the steam room and remained thirty minutes topless covering her hips only with a towel but showering in the nude and walking the aisle to the locker room also in the nude. Walking the aisle she met a guy we knew and talked briefly with him no clothes. In the narrow space they had an involuntary body contact and his arm pressed her elastic breasts.

He apologized but he also smiled coyly at her and she went wet between her legs with an evident nipples arousal.

Coming canlı bahis back home she resumed her day at the gym and we were both very excited at her confession. I loved her being naked in front of this guy and the incident caused nights of great fuck and role playing so we decided to repeat the experience.

In September the two of us went there together. We reached the steaming room and seated. Due her natural shyness my girlfriend abstained from being totally nude and in a first moment wrapped a towel around her hips again showing only her breasts but I was naked. Two other men, also nude, and a couple were in the room.

We had small talks and a younger guy made his entrance in the room with his girlfriend. We talked with them also and they told us to be 21yo and 23yo respectively. They were well built and effectively young. She had small breasts and was totally smooth between her legs with a delicious fanny and prominent vaginal lips. He had swimming trunks but his girlfriend convinced him to leave them off as all the men were naked so he gained confidence and bared himself sporting a reactive penis. We all burst in laughter when the young girl mentioned his boyfriend’s perennial status of semi arousal as the effective reason of covering genitalia from him.

At a certain moment the other two men – a gay couple – left and we remained in the room with the two straight couples.

The man and the woman forming the first couple were married and 39/36yo respectively. She was sexy and rather chubby from a recent birth. Her breasts sag and hang lower but she didn’t make a move to hide the hanging. Her nipples were outstanding and her yummy pussy was waxed. She also had a hint of cellulite on buttocks but her face was absolutely beautiful. He was very fit and well endowed. They were bahis siteleri married 12 years and had a three children family.

Five minutes before we left, my girlfriend shed her towel remaining totally naked like the two other women. The married man and the young boy seemed to be attracted by her dark hairy spot and I felt electric creeps crossing my brain at thinking them both penetrating my Sylvia. We exchanged numbers with the other couples and saying them goodbye we planned a triple date in the sauna the next mixed afternoon.

Later my girlfriend told me that she went excited seeing the young guy in the nude with his very tonic tool getting hard or better to say going unceasingly up and down on the verge of a total erection. I noticed her opening legs to him and she admitted to have done the spread with the intention of teasing him.

It was a great afternoon.

Being naked in a sauna is no doubt a singular method to make new friends, but the mutual company in the steam room was agreeable and the three couples of us fixed another date the next mixed afternoon. Never the less Jill, the 36yo lady, speeded the way up and last week called my girlfriend to invite us at a pizza with the younger couple. My girlfriend accepted and we went. Friendship is odd alchemy. Sylvia usually asks me before to accept an invitation but this time she didn’t.

The time before the date at pizza restaurant was funny. Sylvia is an hilarious type and for a tease she told me that for the first time she was going to restaurant with two men who have had seen her pussy without having sex and added that probably I was happy to go because I had an interest in Heather, the 23yo girl. “I noticed your behaviour in the steam room,” she commented, “Heather is a little jewel of a girl and you gazed only at bahis şirketleri her reserving the poor Jill and me not even a single sight,” she winked at me, “but I can’t blame you, honey, because I also lost my eyes in his boyfriend’s groin. He has a very nice willy,” she giggled ending her comment.

The evening at Pizza restaurant was good.

Jill assumed the leader role and she was perfect with great speech and fondness. In other terms we had a great time with that hint of flirt to spice the supper. Jill and my girlfriend pampered Michael, the 21yo young boy, having him seat between them, while Heather seated between me and Josh, Jill’s the 39yo husband. We talked a lot about many things and jested. When the frame on minds reached a warm level and everyone was comfortable, furthermore, Jill broached the steam room matter asking the other women who had the idea inside the three pairs of us to join the mixed afternoon and getting naked. On her part she admitted to feel a bit over the hill after the third delivery and wanted to try something different like the adrenaline of being nude in public.

Josh, her husband, was supporting and encouraging. My girlfriend confessed her inclination to exhibitionism at grounds of her visits at mixed afternoon and her fight against a natural shyness. She also mentioned the time she went alone months ago and my tendency for watching. Heather said they joined because Michael had a minor experience and his handsome body deserved an audience. “You reached your goal, Baby,” addressed Jill to her, “with my eyes I devoured his body especially in the lower departments and I am sure Sylvia also did (“I am guilty” my girlfriend chimed in giggling) but also YOUR body stirred these two older lecherous voyeurs,” she added receiving an enthusiastic consent from Josh and me. Jill seemed also very curious about our sexual life asking Sylvia if I had shared her with other men. We ate dessert and the evening ended in great empathy.

Next week end is mixed afternoon at gym club again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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