The Long Weekend Ch. 38

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So here we are, Monday lunch of the long weekend. Danny and Jr. are anticipating a picnic lunch with Kathy at Jake’s parent’s house. Jake has gone to retrieve his mobile phone from Beth’s house while Annie has left to have lunch with Nancy, her sister and their father.

The way things have gone so far, it would seem that each will get its own chapter and then be reconciled in the chapter after that. The ratings are in and the following order has been established.

Annie had walked down to the truck and retrieved the ring of keys from under the driver’s side floor mat. As usual it was a big step up into the tall truck and since it had left sitting in the sun instead of the tree covered driveway it was hot inside. Annie undid a couple of buttons on the square bodice of the empire waist sundress. She liked the way it hung loosely on her body while it still accentuated her physical attributes. She adjusted the rear view mirror and saw the open buttons on the bodice exposed more of her cleavage which was being created by the push-up bra. She took out her charged cell phone and before dialing up the route on the GPS, took a quick peek at the images she had taken of her and Claire. The 5mp camera had done a good job and the natural light captured the two of them having a great time on the deck. As she scrolled through the images, she stopped for a moment at the close up of Claire’s sex. “She’s going to be so surprised when I send her this.” Annie thought as switched to direction mode and entering the address.

“Twelve miles and twenty minutes” the audible response directed her down the gravel road to the make the first left. Annie was in no particular rush and put her favorite Springsteen CD and turned it up loud. She had bad boy thoughts as she drove but felt uneasy about the wantonness that had over taken her. She was looking forward to a nice lunch, a break, time apart to try and snap out of the endless lewdness she had found herself so much a part of, if not an instigator of.

She slipped her hand over the large white smooth Hurst shifter and remembered how Jr. had her ride it for part of the trip. Ever since then her sex drive had been high and her morals low. She tried to turn her mind away from such thoughts and found it was a delightful drive. The warm sun caused the buds to burst and blue sky brightened her mood, both making the trip memorable. She soon had the a/c off and was enjoying the warm breeze on her legs from the floor vents.

She arrived at the modest but ill maintained house. Ringing the door bell she was soon greeted by Nancy who was dressed in pair of pressed Bermuda shorts and sleeveless blouse. Nancy apologized for the mess, but said that since her pilot husband was away so much, that taking care of the outside of the recently purchased house had gotten away from her. Inside however, was a different story, neat as a pin with little things here and there, including a collection of miniature ships in bottles.

‘So glad you could come. That’s a nice dress, perfect for today. You look so great in clothes, but with your body you also look gorgeous out of clothes. I just got back from picking up my dad and my sister. They were over your way and had I known I could have picked you up as well. They are wandering in the mess out back we call a garden and I was just going to take out some drinks. Could you help me? Would you like red or white wine or something else?” Nancy offered leading the way through the house to the kitchen where she had food laid out along with glasses for the drinks.

“Nice house you have Nancy and I can understand how you would not have time for the outside. Couldn’t you get a service to do that? There might also be some young boys or girls around who would mow and rake it for you.” Annie offered thinking that it might be some summer work for Danny.

“I had a young girl do it for us last year, but she went away to college and I haven’t had a chance to put an ad on craigslist yet this year.”

When they stepped outside Annie found a nice wooden deck surrounded by a large overgrown private yard. One small house off to the right would be mostly screened by deciduous trees when the leaves were fully out. They set the trays down between two of the four place settings that were arranged, one on each side of the square table.

“Yoohooo, Dad, Susanna come on I’ve got the drinks and our guest is here.” Nancy called out to the couple standing by the hedge at the back of the yard.

When Susanna and her father arrived, they looked at Annie in disbelief.

“Dad this is Annie Sullivan. Annie this is my dad Charles Kent and this is my older sister Susanna.” Nancy introduced with a chirpy voice and a sweep of her hand.

‘Pleased to meet you Mr. Kent.” Annie said while she offered her hand all the time feeling the intense gaze from Susanna’s eyes.

“I know you. We’ve met before. I’d know you anywhere. You were the lady at the Chapter Six picnic area the other day. You were there with illegal bahis your son. I remember you to put on quite a show and I talked to your briefly just before you left. Wow, this is like a coincidence that only happens in fictional erotic stories.” Susanna said as she came close and gave Annie a light kiss on the cheek.

‘Nancy, this is one of the people I told you about on phone. Dad, do you remember Annie from lunch on Friday.” Susanna continued as she stayed very close to Annie.

“No, can’t say as I do. All I can recall is you helping me relieve the pressure that had been caused by the blue pill that I took earlier that day.” Charles offered with a bit of embarrassment.

“Dad, she was the one that made you that way. She was having lunch and exposing herself to practically everyone. I certainly noticed.”

“I’m sorry Susanna, all I remember was there was a woman there showing off her shaved cunt and big tits.”

“Dad, you’re so crude, you shouldn’t say that!” chastised Nancy.

“Well she did and she gave the man she was with a hand job under the table.” Charles continued honestly but bluntly. He had learned a few years ago that at his age he could speak his mind and people would just write it off to old age. There were no real repercussions and certainly not from his two daughters.

“Was that really you Annie?” Nancy inquired quickly to try and cut her father off from further blunders.

‘Yes, it was. I am embarrassed but my son likes to show me off. He gets that from his dad, and sometimes, well actually most times, he gets excited and when he does if often he wants me to help him.” Annie explained quietly hoping to have the incident closed.

“I remember when Nancy and Susanna were girls they used to have no hair down there. That was years ago, right before my wife died. But since they have grown up they have big furry bushes. They help me out a lot as well.” Charles continued to interrupt.

‘You know, I was a dentist until I retired, then I took up making boats in a bottle. I sell some and give Nancy and Susanna some when I come to visit them. Over the years they have been good at taking care of me. When you have had two daughters, and your wife dies, you don’t want another wife. They take care of all my needs.” he explained with a big smile as he reached out with both arms to give them a collective hug. To Annie it was more than a paternal hug and she remembered what Susanna had shared with at the picnic ground — we keep our pubic hair bushy because that’s how dad likes it.

“You know I don’t see my two girls very often anymore, but when I do, I make sure I bring my blue pills along.” he boasted. A toast he said, raising his glass, “To daughters and sons.”

They all clinked glasses and sat around the table, all that is except Susanna, who stood behind Annie and placed her hand firmly on her bare shoulder. Standing close to Annie, the slim Susanna, began to lightly caress her shoulder and let her fingers wander up the nape of her neck. Annie luxuriated in the soft touch and relaxed into a posture signaling it was okay to continue. The conversation between the four of them dealt mainly with the trip. Annie found out that it was great tour and that Susanna and her father were assigned double occupancy rooms with two double beds. This was good because each of them was used to sleeping alone but the beds were large enough for a cuddle.

Nancy filled up their glasses again and when she returned from putting the food in the oven, announced that lunch would be in about twenty minutes. Nancy moved her chair closer to the father so they catch up on small talk, share the hors d’oeuvres and plus it had the benefit that they had a front row seat to Annie and Susanna.

“Perfect timing Nancy.” said Susanna as she looked down at Annie before looking at her dad “Did you take your blue pill this morning dad?”

“Sure did honey, just like every morning on this trip.” he replied with an eager reassurance. “Why do you ask, what did you have in mind?”

“Well, I remember your fondness for big tits and since neither of us girls has them, I was thinking that we might convince Annie to show us hers again. After all we have all seen them before, haven’t we?” said Susanna cheerily as she moved her hand to the front of Annie’ shoulder and slowly drew it across the top of her chest. She let her index finger fall into the crevasse of Annie’s cleavage and ran it leisurely up and down feeling the depth of the smooth groove.

“You wouldn’t mind would you Annie?” Susanna said confidently and somewhat rhetorically as she moved directly behind Annie’s chair and placed both hands on her uncovered shoulders. She waited for Annie to acquiesce before letting her hands glide down the exposed chest and sweep her fingers over the full breast under the bodice. She withdrew her hands and carefully undid the remaining buttons until the bodice fell away to reveal a massive chest balancing on top of a white shelf bra.

“Will illegal bahis siteleri you undo a few more buttons for us Annie?’ Susanna said as she leant down to kiss Annie behind the ear. “Open it so we can see all of your breasts.”

Annie silently undid two more buttons until Susanna was able to peel away the top of the sundress exposing the two mounds of trembling tanned flesh. As she brought her hands back from opening the dress, Susanna traced her thumbs over Annie’s nipples that were trying to push through the lace of the bra. She slid her fingers under the edge of the small bra and tweaked the rubbery nubs. As she with drew her fingers she grabbed the hem and peeled the bra away from the areola. Although they were in the shade, Susanna was feeling the heat and saw that Annie was beginning to get a red flush.

“There dad, what do you think of these?” Susanna asked as Annie’s breasts were totally exposed and on display while precariously balancing on the supporting bra.

“They are great. I love the big round shape and the large nipples. I kinda wish you girls had that but as I’ve always said — if it doesn’t fit in the mouth it’s a waste and each of yours are a mouthful.” Charles offered.

“Susanna, can you pull on them a bit, the way you do your sister’s? I’d like to see that.” he asked in a fatherly tone that suggested compliance all around.

Annie, who had thought that she was in for a quiet family lunch and who on the drive over tried to deal with the angst of being a slut, sat in subdued silence while letting them do what they wanted with her. She should have stopped it earlier, but like earlier in the day with the boys, she had let it get too far. Her blood had started to flow, her pulse rate was up and her hormones were kicking into high gear. She felt Susanna take her enlarging nipples in her fingers and pull on them, stretching and tugging until they were taut teats.

“Okay baby girl, you remember how your daddy likes it.” Charles said to Nancy as he leaned back in his chair and opened his legs.

Nancy reached over and began to stroke her father’s closest leg, searching for his cock. She found the bulge in his chinos and began to run her hand over its not too impressive length. She leaned forward in her chair and moved to kneel between his legs.

“That’s it. Undo my pants and take my cock out.” her father directed as Nancy saw him watching her sister abuse Annie’s breasts. She felt him lift his butt on the chair and knew she was to pull his pants off. She worked his pants down his slim atrophied thighs and over his knees and pressed them to the ground. It was a struggle but she got one foot out of a pant leg and he was able to slide forward in the chair and expose himself fully to his daughter. Nancy moved closer in and pressed her head to his crotch. She felt the effect of the blue pill hardening his small erection. She took him in her mouth and enjoyed a taste that she had almost forgotten.

“Pull her tits harder.” Charles directed Susanna as he held Nancy’s head hard to his sex.

Annie felt Susanna squeeze harder and watched her breasts be pulled up and out. Annie grimaced with the assault and saw that Nancy was bobbing her head vigorously. She couldn’t see her lips on his penis, but by the action but knew that a blow job was being given. Susanna watched her father hold her sister’s head, he had been holding hers every night of the trip, and pulled Annie’s nipples harder to stimulate him.

All three women watched his face as he tried to pump his cock into Nancy’s mouth. They could hear her gag, as he held her tight. Then they heard him issue a long groan as he pushed his daughter’s head even harder onto his cock. His cum was thin and weak, but at this age, the orgasms his daughter’s gave him were still strong.

“Nancy, you are as good a cock sucker as you ever were. I think I need to come and visit more often” her father said as he slumped in the chair. “Be nice and share it with your sister.”

Susanna walked over and waited for her sister to stand up before putting her face next to hers. She opened her mouth and felt her sister’s lips mesh with hers and accepted the puddle of her father’s cum.

“That’s good girls. Nancy, can you help me on with my pants.”

Susanna swallowed and with a smile to her dad and squeeze of her sister’s arm, returned to Annie who had been left sitting topless watching the family. “Thank you for allowing that. You are so very sexy. I still want to go down on you. I love your shaved pussy and I want to taste you.’ Susanna said sotto voce to Annie.

“Susanna, would you please help your sister with the lunch, while Annie and get to know each other.” Mr. Kent directed.

“Annie, would you mind leaving your top undone. I have not seen a glorious set of tits like yours for years.” Charles asked as he looked to Susanna for support.

“It will be alright. He only likes to do it with us. He’s harmless.” Susanna reassured Annie along canlı bahis siteleri with a small hug, before going inside with her sister.

“Did you like her squeezing your tits? It looked like you did. I know I did. When she pulled on them the last time I fell my balls release and really shoot my load into Nancy. She used to take it all the time, but since she got married and moved away, I’ve had to rely on Susanna.” he said as if it just an everyday matter of fact.

Annie tried slumping in her chair as she considered a response. She was hoping to press her sore nipples against the cool edge of the metal table to try and soothe them. Mr. Kent saw what she was struggling to do and offered “Did Susanna hurt you? Come over here. As a dentist I was told I have magic fingers. I can help.”

Annie felt at a bit of loss at what to do, but the ache in breasts and her sex, she lied to herself that it was okay. She stood up and holding the top of her dress up, walked over to Mr. Kent. “That’s it. Come a bit closer.” he instructed like a dentist who had been in practice for 35 years. It was authoritarian but gentle. It was a directive not an option.

Annie stepped closer and presented her red ripe nipples and bruised areola for his inspection. He leant in and pulled his glasses down his nose to get a closer look. “Oh yes. Oh my yes, yes, yes. I can see she did.” he muttered to himself as he gazed as the swollen orbs in front of him.

With a surprising gentle touch, so different from his gruff crude comments, he cupped her breasts with his warm soft hands. “This should help. It always worked for the girls.” he advised as he gently squeezed and massaged her full breasts with his skilled hands. His palms were in direct contract with her nipples and his soft skin and gently manipulations soothed the ache as if by magic.

“Sometimes when it is too painful, I have told the girls that you need to refocus your attention. May I do that?” he said with a practiced professional confidence.

“Yes sir.” Annie responded not sure what was going to happen.

She was soon aware what was going to happen as she felt his soft hand touching her leg under the bottom hem of her dress. She waited nervously and as the smooth hand grazed her silky skin,

“Dad, what are you doing?” Nancy called out.

Annie and Nancy’s father both immediately flinched. He dropped his hand looked embarrassed. They had been caught.

“I was just taking her mind off her sore nipples. The way I used to do with you girls. I would distract you and focus your thoughts elsewhere. Remember if you had sore nipples I would gently finger your cunt and you would soon forget about your nipples. That’s all.” her father said matter as if explaining a dental procedure.

“It’s okay Nancy, it seemed to work. But maybe it just moved the ache somewhere else.” Annie said as she retreated back to her chair while holding up the top of her dress. Nancy put two plates down and immediately Susanna stepped up with two more.

‘Let me help you with that.” Susanna said as she stepped behind Annie. “Let’s just take this off for lunch shall we?” Susanna offered as she reached behind Annie’s back to undo her bra. She put it the bench that ran along the railing before returning and pulling the bodice up, but leaving many of the supporting buttons undone. This displayed most of her alluring cleavage and the material when it was peeled back, clung to her nipples but appeared not to be in too much danger of falling off.

“Very sexy.” Susanna whispered in Annie’s ear before taking her seat. Susanna slid her chair closer to the table and shifted along so that her knee could touch Annie’s.

The crab salad on the side of a wonderful salmon almandine got the group discussing the TV series the Deadliest Catch. The girls all agreed that Sig Hansen was sexy, that it was too bad they lost Captain Phil Harris and Mike Rowe had a great voice and a great body that they had seen on Dirty Jobs, but that the gorgeous young deck hand on the Northwestern could set their bait and pull their pot anytime.

Amidst a great of light banter there was still a strong undercurrent of unrequited sex. The old man had cum but the daughters were still in service mode. Even though they were older and no longer considered girls, when their father was around they had never grown our of their childhood roles.

They waited and anticipated his every need. They were a second ahead with topping up the wine, ready with the lemon wedge. They very much wanted to please.

“I’ve got a surprise for desert.” Nancy said. “Close your eyes dad.”

‘You stay seated Annie. Can you help me Suse?”

While they cleared the table, Annie wondered what the surprise was. She watched the two daughters return with a tray of two individual crème brulee dishes. They placed one in front of Annie and then stood on either side of their father as they placed his portion in front of him.

“Okay daddy, open your eyes.”

Charles opened his eyes and when he saw the soft creamy desert in front of him he inhaled sharply and held his breath. “You remembered.”

“How could we not daddy, it’s our favorite too.” they both replied almost simultaneously.

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