Saturday Morning Ch. 01

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It was a day that they both looked forward to. After corresponding for months via e-mails across the Internet, via Yahoo Instant Messenger and the occasional cell phone call, this day had arrived. It was a day in which both could find time to be alone and a day in which they both could make the hour and half long trip to meet. The sexual energy between the two was bursting and if this meeting didn’t happen then the two would probably explode.

Steve was married; there was no way around that at all. He knew what he was about to do was morally wrong but the tension between he and her was too intense. What he was about to do, was going to be done and he wanted it more then he could speak of. He had lied about this day; according to his wife he and his best friend were going fishing somewhere north. The plan was set in motion and Steve was on his way to a motel near New York City for a sexual rendezvous neither would forget.

Stacie was single, her heart was with someone else; someone who did not realize what he had in her. For her this meeting was about exploring, expanding and satisfying her sexual needs. She wanted to live out her fantasies and at the same time help someone else live out there’s.

As the two got closer and closer to the meeting point each felt a great deal of anticipation like they never felt before. This wasn’t their first meeting as they met month’s earlier at a hockey game in Hartford. Little did they know that both had the same sexual desire as the other and now they were going to be able explore it in ways neither knew were possible?

As Steve took his exit off the highway he could all ready see the motel and then his heart started to throb along with another body part. Pulling up to the motel he looked to see if he could spot her car as he figured that she probably got to the motel before he did. While driving around the corner of the larger group of rooms he spotted the car and knew she was all ready there.

The time was now, they were both here and it would be only a matter of minutes before the, this Saturday was going to change their lives forever. A day of unadulterated sex was what both wanted and needed. For the past couple of months they had masturbated many times dreaming of this day. There was no doubt that today was not a dream but reality and as Steve parked his car near hers in front of room 122 and grabbed a small bag out of the back and headed towards the door.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As Steve walked up to the door his anticipation grew with every step. Not knowing the reaction he was going to get on the other side of the door kept him a little cautious too. Stopping in front of the door he took a deep breath raised his arm and knocked three times quickly yet firmly. Ten seconds seemed like ten minutes but the door opened and on the other side stood Stacie with a big smile as she welcomed him in.

“Hey there, come on in, I’m glad you’re here” she said looking Steve up and down like a curious cat.

The first thing Steve noticed was that Stacie was all ready into a bathrobe and he had a pretty good idea that she had nothing on underneath it. “I hope I’m not too late” he answered back with a little smile. “Oh no, I just wanted to get a little comfy before you showed up.”

Stacie then grabbed the bag that Steve brought in with him, shut the door and tossed the bag to the side, letting him know the day was just about to begin. She embraced him quickly and firmly pushed her tits into his chest and grabbing his ass with her pendik escort hands. Steves cock started to throb a little more than previous and made sure he got a feel of his own as grabbed her ass with his own two strong hands.

She then looked up into his eyes and said “It’s now time for your fantasy to become a reality right here.” Releasing from the embrace, Stacie opened her robe to expose her tits and tightly trimmed pussy while dropping to her knees in front of Steve. Still standing at the door, Steve watched as Stacie tugged at his shorts pulling them along with his boxers down to his ankles exposing his erect cock.

Stacie grabbed Steve’s cock with her right hand and directed it towards her awaiting mouth. She started to lick the tip with her tongue and gazing up into her lover’s eager eyes. Moving her tongue down along the shaft of his cock she made sure she reached and licked every inch of the erect rod eventually making her way back up to the tip. Then slowly she started to slip Steve’s cock into her mouth just letting only the tip enter before she slid it slowly back out. After repeating this for a couple of minutes in the hopes to tease her welcoming lover she then took the very erect cock all the way in her mouth.

She noticed at this point a slight moan coming from Steve, which let her know that she was hitting all the right spots. With this knowledge Stacie started to move her lips up and down his cock stroking the bottom of the shaft with her hand making sure the build up would be remarkable. Steve looked on as this beautiful busty woman was taking on his extremely hard cock and knew that his reward was coming soon. Stacie continued to suck his cock building up speed and suction while stroking it with her right hand.

“MMMM, suck it” came from Steve’s mouth, as Stacie seemed to pick up her speed. Steve noticed a slight moan coming from Stacie and as he looked down at her he watched her head Steve back and fourth sucking in his hard cock. He also noticed that she was rubbing her clit with her left hand completing his fantasy and almost putting him over the edge. At one point Stacie stopped sucking completely and stuck out her tongue and with her hand slapped Steve’s cock against her saliva-wet tongue while looking up at him with a huge grin on her face.

After a few seconds she went back to sucking his cock, taking the whole thing in, deep throat-in the whole seven inches, as Steve grabbed part of Stacie’s hair to help guide her mouth over his cock. Steve then started to feel his load about to explode and said, “I’m about to cummmm!” to alert her of that it was about to happen. Stacie then released a bit of his cock only keeping the tip in her mouth as Steve exploded and filled her mouth with all of hot steamy cum. With her lips still wrapped around the tip of his cock, Stacie used her tongue to lap up as much of the cum as she could, swallowing most in one big gulp. Steve’s ass cheeks were still clenching together as the orgasm still seemed to be happening all though Stacie had milked him dry for the moment.

As soon as Steve regained his faculties, he pulled Stacie up from her knees and gave he one of the biggest and wettest kisses she’s every received. As they kissed Steve could slightly taste his own cum, which was the first time he’s ever tasted it. This started to turn him on again, his cock started to move as quickly as when she was just starting to suck on it.

“Well that was a warm welcome” Steve said after they’re near minute kiss. “You were right, there was escort pendik nothing like, cumming in your mouth, that was awesome!”

“You haven’t even seen anything yet, and oh by the way, where’s my reward?” she said with a bit of pout in her voice and look on her face.

Steve grabbed her hand and led her over to the bed and guided her to bed and onto her back. “Just lay back and relax and let me do the work from here” Steve stated staring her eyes.

Steve then walked over to his small bag that he brought with him and brought the bag over to the bed. After setting it down by the side of the bed he took off his shirt and socks to be completely naked and ready for what was next. Steve then went over to Stacie and completely removed her from her robe exposing her body. Steve gently moved his hands up and down her body caressing her tits, thighs, calves, stomached and neck. Stacie just closed her eyes and let out a soft moan as she waited to see what was next.

After Steve got his feel in, he reached down into the bag and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. Opening the cap and squirting just a little into his hand, Steve started to rub Stacie’s stomached and tits making anything he touched shine and become very slippery. She was a little shock at first but then started to really enjoy being rubbed down and slithered up, her hands slowly made their way to her stomached and then to her clit where she slowly started to rub herself and moan a little louder. Steve then made his way to her thighs and calves giving them the same treatment, rubbing them and massaging them. Her feet were last as he massaged them for at least ten minutes when he watched her continue to rub her clit with now two fingers and start to moan even louder.

Stacie looked up at Steve and said “I’m ready for you to lick and suck my pussy, please suck my clit?”

Not having to be told twice, Steve got between her oiled up legs and removed her fingers to replace them with his own. As he slowly started to rub her clit Stacie moved both of her hands to her nipples twisting and pinching them until both were completely erect.

After pulling out a small towel from his bag, Steve wiped the little bit of baby oil that had dripped near Stacie’s Pussy then lowered his head and kissed her clit softly once. Steve then with his teeth nibbled a bit on her clit teasing her to no end. Steve placed a finger from each hand against Stacie’s pussy lips just enough to expose her clit and hole allowing his tongue to enter her hole. As his tongue enter her hole it was welcomed with a coating of her pussy juice that was present from when she was giving him his blow job.

From there Steve brought his lips up and sucked Stacie’s clit into his mouth and sucking on it for a few minutes and actually tugging on it as he did so. Letting her clit go he thrashed his tongue around at her clit and pussy lips allowing two fingers to enter her whole providing a second pleasure point. Stacie started to groan and move her hips in circles as Steve feverishly worked on her pussy. As Steve’s two fingers fucked her pussy hole and his tongue entertained her clit he looked up at her to see her pinching her nipples again and smashing her breast.

Steve knew she was about to cum so he picked up his pace with his finger fucking and added a third finger to it. His tongue continued to lash around at her clit until she started to scream, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Steve then exited her pussy with his fingers and moved his mouth down to her pussy hole as she came in his pendik escort bayan mouth and on his awaiting tongue.

After she was done cumming Steve lifted his head and moved his body up over hers; gave her a deep French kiss and said, “That was an amazing orgasm, your pussy tasted great!” Stacie still slightly moaning and squirming around underneath him answered back with, “That was amazing and I hope were not done yet!”

With that Steve then looked down at her pussy and his cock, which was back at full erection and said, “Nope, this is only the beginning.”

Steve then kissed Stacie again with a lot of passion and pushed his hard cock up to her pussy lips but not entering. Instead, keeping one hand under him for balance he took he took his other hand and grabbed his cock all ready pushed against her pussy and started to rub its soft tip against her all ready wet and sensitive clit. As soon he started this motion Stacie started to moan once again and put her hands up and around Steve’s neck. At times Steve would allow the tip of his cock to enter her pussy but would then pull it out just as quickly not letting it get too comfortable in her awaiting hole.

The teasing was working as her moaning got louder and louder and eventually she screamed out, “Fuck me now, put your cock in me and fuck me now!”

Not wanting to let his lover down, Steve pushed his cock into her wet and gasping pussy hole all the way until his pelvis met hers and his balls were up against her ass cheeks. Starting off slowly Steve moved his cock in and out with ease as her pussy juice coated and lubricated his cock with in just a few strokes. In the early moments of Steve fucking her wet hole he lowered his head down to one of her breasts and pulled its nipple into his mouth, making sure the nipple was as erect as it was going to get.

Steve then started to pick up the pace slamming his hard cock into her pussy, listening to her commands to fuck her harder and faster. She started to moan louder and moving her hands to his ass cheeks grabbing them and helping guide his cock into her hole harder and faster.

Both seemed to be building to a climax together as she continued to pull him down with her hands screaming, “I’m going to cum, fuck me harder, yes, yes!” Steve’s pelvis kept slamming into hers, his balls slapping up against her ass filling the room with sound along with Stacies moans and screams of ecstasy.

And then with a force much greater then before Steve could feel Stacie’s pussy muscles contract as she started to have her second orgasm not to soon followed by Steve’s cock letting out another load of hot semen, this time in her pussy. As Steve’s orgasm reached its pinnacle, he held his cock totally inside her pussy covering the inside with his hot wet goo and allowed her pussy muscles to milk him dry.

Steve fell on top of Stacie breathing heavy and sweating after the intense fuck session. Both took a minute to catch their breath then Steve looked into her eyes and said, “That was even better and were not even close to being done.” After hearing this, Stacie smiled and reached up and gave Steve a passionate kiss letting him know that she was ready, willing and able.

After a few moments and with both lying side-by-side Steve asked, “Are you ready for round two?” Stacie looked into his eyes, saw the devilish grin on his face and answered, “Oh yeah, I’m definitely ready for round two!”

Steve then got up off the bed walked around to the side that she was laying on extended a hand to her and said, “Well then let’s head to the bathroom for round two and for some shower sex!” Stacie extended a hand out let Steve help her up and away they went into the bathroom where round two and the day was about to heat up!

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