Santa’s Present

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South Plaza shopping! Is there anything better? The night before Christmas and it is 9:30pm. The panicked shoppers scurry around but you are just there to enjoy the atmosphere. Ahhhhhh the line of kids waiting to see Santa is finally down to a trickle and they are about to close up Santa’s North Pole House (which a passer by can barely see into. Flash bulbs go off and you walk to the end of the line to get a better look.

Hmmm this Santa’s eyes seem quite young and the pillow makes his belly look right but the shoulders and pecs give him away as a hunk. You smile as you watch. He is a bit tired but eventually catches you in the back of the line. His immediately perks up under your gaze. His eyes slowly scan you from your beautiful hair carefully pulled up on your head as if you spent hours at the Salon getting ready for an important party. Your face has just the right amount of makeup to make your eyes piercingly beautiful, and your lips glisten in bright red lipstick. Your dress is fabulous. South Coast Plaza woman always seem to dress as if shopping were a competitive event. Each woman stakes out her dominance with awe inspiring bodies carefully wrapped in clothing designed to turn heads.

Your dress glitters slightly, the low cut neckline plunges farther than you have let anyone see with your lacy jacket covering the lower half. But ample cleavage is visible to tell any onlookers that there is plenty more. The slight sensual curvature of your breasts can bursa escort be seen from the cutout below the bust that shows your belly as well which is adorned with a diamond piercing. You open your coat slightly to give Santa’s staring eyes a better view. You see his mouth drop open as he becomes completely tongue tied with the child on his lap. You flash a million dollar smile to tease him. This is fun you think, you never expected this.

You see a bulge begin in Santa’s pants and a deep exhale exits your lungs as you catch yourself almost lick your lips. That familiar creamy feeling makes your pussy lips slide against each other and you fidget slightly on your 6″ heels. The elf helpers have left except for 2 that put away the camera and accessories and the Santa says he will lock up. You have moved to a safe distance, your heart racing and then realize he is pretending to be tired and resting because he can’t get up. You smile and walk into the closed up little Santa house. You close the door behind you and lock it. You turn to find a huge tent bulging in Santa’s pants and it is bouncing as it throbs.

“What does Santa want for Christmas” you say in a nervous but very sensual voice? Is it my turn to sit on Santa’s lap you say dropping your coat. Now the full danger of your body is exquisitely display by your dress. Straps of material come over your shoulders and arch over the top of your breasts and down to your waist. A full profile of your breasts come into bursa escort bayan view as well as your entire belly. Just a little slip off the shoulders will give your Santa complete access to paradise. Your nipples are rock hard and poke through the fabric as if begging to be set free.

You walk over and straddle the shocked Santa, his mouth gapping as you take his head in both hands and give him a long slow deep kiss. His beard is slipped off and as he stands to embrace you his pants slid down. Within seconds your skillful hungry hands have him naked, standing in his boots. His hard on is massive and rock hard. You are positive he is at least 18 and has sensual tanned muscles. Juices drip down your legs, you have to have him but there is a crowd passing by outside and the music is so loud. You can’t help it and neither can he as your straps slide off your shoulders and he begins to suckle and tease your magnificent breasts. Each one almost the size of a large melon. His tongue and mouth send hard shivers racing up and down your spine. You whisper that your name is Tina and you want a very specific present from him.

You push him to his knees effortlessly. Your hands racks through his long blond boyish hair. He is so young but his body is built like a GOD and that cock has forced your juices to drip to your ankles. You grip a handful of hair and pull his head right up between your legs, as you move to straddle his head. His big hands cover your hips escort bursa as his mouth disappears into you. A shockwave of an orgasm rips through your body as your pussy unleashes a torrent of sweet sex into his mouth. His tongue digs for more. You grab a beam over head to keep from falling. Your hand pulling his hair harder than you intended. It takes all you have not to scream as people pass by only feet away. Your vision begins to blur as you shake and your knees begin to buckle.

You huff and puff hard, your breasts pumping for air. Your face is completely flushed as you attempt to regain a little control. Your legs begin to give way and he lowers you down to him. You feel his big knob spread your wet slit as your weight is dropped and you plunge down onto his massive young cock. You can’t help but let go a little scream as your body vibrates and explodes with a pounding orgasm. You instinctively ride him, gyrating your hips back and forth, holding his face to your chest. His moans are almost whimpers as you carefully ride him; he is the biggest boy you’ve ever had. Soon he convulses sending a stream of cream deep into your body, over and over. It takes a good 10 minutes of clutching each other before either one of you can regain any coherency.

You carefully inch your way off him, he is still swollen hard and out of breath. In a couple minutes you have redressed and kneel down to him slipping your address in his pocket you whisper, “I hope Santa can make another delivery tonight.”

Merry Christmas you exclaim as you walk out into the crowd with a smirk on your face very pleased at how Christmas Eve is turning out. I think I’ll head for home and see if Santa cums more than once a year.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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