Mistaken Identity Ch. 03

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Earlier – Debbie was a college sophomore. Dark red hair, more attractive than she thought, with a lovely figure that was usually hidden in the shapeless sweats of a college student who doesn’t think of herself as sexy. She did have a sex history, though. In high school, she and her boy friend finally got around to sexual intercourse, straight fucking, and discovered they loved it and did it as often as possible. Which was a lot. He mentioned that he should have bought condoms by the gross. Then in college Debbie met another guy and duplicated the straight sex that she loved in high school, until he flunked out after two semesters.

Her parents paid her tuition and books but she always needed to work in order to earn spending money. Through the college she baby sat for a couple and ended up having an affair with the husband. He introduced her to oral sex. She couldn’t get enough. She still loved to fuck but really went wild when eaten and developed almost an addiction to sucking his cock. He kept wanting to end the affair, didn’t like cheating on his wife and kids. After some months, she went to meet him at their normal hotel on their normal Thursday night. He hadn’t actually agreed to be there but she needed him. She even borrowed some dress-up clothes to impress him and truly looked lovely. He didn’t show. But another, older, man mentioned her name and led her into the dining room. One thing led to another and she had the greatest night of sex in her entire life. He was even better at eating her than the cheating husband. And had a delicious cock. And they fucked in several different positions after showering together.

She spent the entire night; the first time she’d done that. The next morning as she was about to leave he paid her a $1250 fee plus $300 more as a tip because she was so good. A huge amount to her. Warren had thought she was the prostitute of the same name that he had arranged for. Struck by the amount of money, Debbie contacted the agency that Warren had ordered a prostitute through and offered to work for them herself. She ended up tested for diseases (passed), went on the pill, got a cell phone and received basic instructions. She went on her first job and it was the same man, Warren. They again had wonderful sex. Obviously wonderful to Warren as well as Debbie. He offered to pay her a retainer, actually put her on his company payroll, so that she could sleep with him whenever he was in town. She agreed and quit the agency. She gets $4,000 a month, minus taxes, for the half-dozen or so nights a month that he’s in town. Otherwise, she’s free to be herself. He has a bargain and she has more money that she ever dreamed of. And great sex for both of them.

. . . . . . . . .

Debbie was awakened by some movement. Warren had nestled behind her in spoon fashion and she could feel his erection pressing into her. He started to reach around her and she rolled onto her back and spread her legs slightly to give his hand room. She reached for his cock and wrapped her fingers around it.

“I’d like a taste of that beautiful pussy of yours,” he says, “All pink and white and delicious.”

She turns to look at him and smiles as she feels his fingers moving into her vagina. She moves her hand up and down lightly on his cock. “I’d love you to,” she says, “while I feel that sexy cock of yours in my mouth.”

With no more conversation, she rotates around and straddles him, sitting her pussy on his face, while she leans down to get her lips around his cock. She can feel him using his fingers and tongue and lips on her. She holds his cock with one hand while she licks and sucks on it, with about half of it in her mouth. She’s in no hurry. She loves the feel of everything. If he wants to keep going this way, she’ll love it. If, as she expects, he decides to eventually move to fucking her, she’ll love that, too. It’s been a great night and this is a perfect way to wake up. She moves her hips to help aim his actions where she wants them.

After a few minutes, he pushes her hips up some. She smiles, knows what he wants, and almost jumps to move around and sit herself on his cock, taking it up in her. She leans forward slightly, on her outstretched arms. As she moves her hips and enjoys feeling him fill her and move within her, he props himself up slightly and sucks on one nipple as he kneads the other. He then moves his hand from her breast down to diddle her clit as she continues to ride him. She gets more and more aroused, starts moving faster and faster. She sits up and begins to almost pound herself on him, fast and hard, and finally lets out a scream. Her insides clench him tight as she emits a flow in orgasm. She sits on him and leans forward to kiss him.

“You’re still hard,” she says after the kiss. She lifts off, moves to the side and stays on her hands and knees, lowering her head onto her arms. He moves behind her, between her legs, aims back into her vagina and, holding her hips, begins pumping into her. Once he finally cums, shooting his warm load into her, she drops flat, canlı bahis rolls over under him, puts her arms up around him and holds him tight and kisses him. “Warren, you’re terrific,” she tells him. “You’re the best ever.”

They shower together. He has a meeting in a little over an hour. She has a class in two hours. She cleans up, as he does, then dresses in what she wore there the night before. Not her college-kid sweats but a nice blouse and skirt and medium heels, sort of professional appearing. Sexy professional. She takes a bus back to her apartment. She thinks to herself on the trip that she’s very lucky. She’s been sleeping with Warren for over a year now. She’s about to finish her Junior year of college. She has her own apartment — just a bachelor, basically a single room with a bathroom and a kitchenette built into one wall – and is out of the dorms. She has a bank account. She has nice clothes she wears to be with him and even some for school that are a step up from what she used to wear. She’s happy. She’s satisfied sexually and financially. She’s also late. She grabs her books and notes and hurries off to class without changing.

After class, she and a mixed group of others stop into the campus coffee shop as they often do. This is after her nine a.m. class. She has almost an hour until her eleven o’clock. Since she’s been sleeping with Warren she hasn’t dated. Not because she couldn’t. He made it plain he wasn’t buying her, just renting her for several nights. No one had made any moves and she really had no unmet needs. Warren was better at sex than anyone else she’d ever been with. All three of them. After coffee and conversation, as she was starting towards her next class, one of the guys she vaguely knew, Brian, caught up to her.

“You’re heading to Dorrel’s aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, smiling at him.

“I’m in that class, too,” he said. They walked next to one another. Debbie had noticed him before. He’s smart. And he’s quiet. He’s not handsome in a pretty way but he seems to be in good physical shape, must work out at a gym, and has always seemed pleasant. “You look great today,” he said, then hurriedly added “I mean, you always do but you’re dressed up more today and it looks great.”

She smiled. He’s trying to be nice and make conversation. “I have an appointment later this afternoon so I’m dressier than normal,” she said, as some form of explanation even though it wasn’t true.

“You always seem so happy,” he said. “I mean, you smile a lot and don’t complain and bitch like a lot of girls.”

“Well, I guess I am happy,” she answers. “I don’t think most girls complain and bitch all the time, though.”

“I probably said the wrong thing,” he sort of stammered. “It’s just that you’re so good looking and nice to be around.”

They were at the classroom. She headed down a row of seats towards the center of the room. Brian followed and sat in the seat next to her. They both paid attention during the lecture, taking notes. Debbie had used some of her money to get a laptop computer and actually took her notes on it. When the class was over, Brian said “I should have said you were smart as well as pretty. I bet that computer is a big help in keeping things organized.”

Debbie admitted that it was and started to stand, to leave. “Uh, it’s about noon,” Brian said, “Want to have lunch with me?”

Debbie smiled. He had been trying to get up his nerve to say something like that, obviously. “Sure,” she said, smiling at him, “I would eat lunch now normally. Where do you want to go?”

Lunch went well. Brian obviously wanted this to be a date, wanted to pay. Debbie made polite protests but allowed him to. She paid more attention to him and decided of the guys she knew now, he was probably one of the best. He’s smart. He’s nice looking, built well. Inexperienced around women. But she liked him and was willing to see where he wanted to take this. He finally managed to ask her to go out that evening, to a movie, to dinner. She couldn’t. She was going to spend the night with Warren. Probably the last night for ten days or more, he would be flying back East the next day. Of course, she can’t tell that to Brian. “I can’t tonight,” she said. “I really can’t. I’m not saying no, I just have something else planned for tonight. Maybe another time.” He suggested the next night and Debbie agreed.

Debbie, as usual, showed up at Warren’s hotel at 5:30. As usual, they had truly great sex. They started off oral, full 69 to climax for each , showered, ate a room service dinner naked. Fucked. Fucked again. Slept, woke up and fucked. Off to the East for Warren, back to school for Debbie. That evening, she met Brian as pre-arranged at school and they headed off for a slightly early dinner in an inexpensive Italian place. They both have spaghetti. Sitting across from one another, Debbie realizes that Brian is staring at her.

“You just keep staring at me, Brian. What’s up?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to. I guess I can hardly believe I’m actually here bahis siteleri with you. You’re just so beautiful and perfect and I think about you all the time.”

“Think about me?”

“Well, yeah. It’s sort of embarrassing. I’ve probably been almost obsessing about you for months.”

“Why didn’t you say something earlier?”

“I don’t know how I ever got the nerve to now.”

“So you thought about me. You don’t know me that well, you must have had to imagine things, invent things. Did you think I was sexy?”

“Oh, yeah. Very much so.”

Debbie grinned. “Did you masturbate, thinking of me?”

Brian almost squirmed. “Oh. Gee, I don’t. Uh. Well, yeah, I guess so.”

“What did you imagine me doing?”

“Oh, Debbie, I can’t really say. I mean, this is all so embarrassing.”

“Well, did I do things to you or did you do things to me?”

“Oh, gee. Well, it was all me doing things to you. I mean you have this beautiful body and I imagined everything I could do with you. Everything I’ve seen guys doing on the ‘net.”

“Did you get your mouth to my sex. Did you lick me?”

“Well, gee, uh, well yes.”

“But you’ve never seen my sex. How do you imagine it?”

“Oh my, this is so embarrassing. Well, I’ve seen other girls on the ‘net and just really sort of replaced them with you, I guess.”

“So you’ve never seen a live woman naked?”

“Uh, no, not really.”

“So you’re a virgin. Never had sex with a woman.”

“Uh, yes.”

“I should probably tell you that I’m not. I haven’t been with a whole lot of guys but I’m no virgin. So I hope you’re not imaging me as some sort of unattainable perfect woman.”

“Oh. I guess I never even thought about that. I just thought about how great it would be to be with you.”

Debbie grinned. All this had turned her on a little. And she was intrigued with how it might be to introduce a guy to sex. She and her boy friend in high school had been each others’ firsts but this would be a lot different. “Brian, I think we should scrap plans for a movie. Let’s go back to my place.”

He looked almost frightened. “Uh, sure.” is all he managed to get out. The concept of what might happen was almost beyond his ability to comprehend.

He paid for their dinners. They left. She hooked her arm in his and walked so their sides touched a lot. It was only a few blocks. “Oh, you live in the rabbit hutch,” he said as they started into her building.

She grinned. She had heard that before. The building was largely full of students in relatively low cost, small apartments. Hers being one of the smallest. “Yeah, this is home, sweet home.”

Once inside, with the door closed and locked, she looked at him. “We might as well just get undressed and eliminate a lot of time wasting, don’t you think?” Without waiting for an answer, she starts removing her clothing, hanging up what needs to be. Down to her bra and panties, she looks at Brian. He has his shirt about half unbuttoned. “Go on, Brian. Get your clothes off.”

She removes her bra and then bends as she pulls her panties down her legs. Completely naked, she turned to Brian. He has his shoes off, his shirt off, but still has on pants. She walks to him and starts unfastening his belt buckle. “Debbie, you’re the most beautiful woman possible,” he says, standing there almost in a daze. She kisses his chest. and gets his belt loose and unzips his fly.

“Let’s get these off,” she says as she starts pulling his pants down over his hips. He wakes up some and bends a little and steps out of them, tossing them to the side. She hooks her fingers in the tops of his boxers and starts pulling them down. She lowers herself as she lowers his shorts. As they pass over his penis, it pops up, quivering, fully erect. She moves her head so his cock is against the side of her head, touching her, as she makes sure his shorts are down and he steps out of them. She then moves her head slightly to lick the side of his cock, reaching up and getting the fingers of one hand around it. “You have a delicious looking cock, Brian,” she says, as her other hand moves up to his testicles and her lips encircle the head.

“You don’t have to do that,” Brian blurts out quickly.

Debbie holds on to his cock as she moves her head back and looks up. “I want to. I hope you love to do me as much as I love sucking you. Besides, you won’t last long. Maybe after this you’ll last a lot longer later.” She then gets her mouth around the head and starts licking and sucking again. Her slurps are audible. She takes more of him into her mouth, then begins rocking back and forth, licking and sucking, milking him. Her hand leaves his balls and moves to his butt, holding him to her as she continues to suck him. She makes a dozen or more passes back and forth when his cock jerks a little and she starts to get a mouthful. She continues to use her lips to milk him, finally pulling loose when his ejaculations stop. She swallows, looks up at him smiling,, then licks his cock all around, as if she’s bahis şirketleri cleaning it. She then stands up, puts her arms around him and looks up at him. “Kiss me,” she says softly. He puts his arms around her, holding her and kisses. When they finally break, she takes his hand and heads to the bed. “Now it’s your turn to do everything you ever imagined doing to me,” she says as she climbs onto the bed and lays back, looking at him with her arms open to him.

“I don’t even know where to start,” he says.

“Lean over me and kiss me. Hold my breasts as if you love them, feel them. Then kiss them, suck on the nipples. Kiss me everywhere but eventually get between my legs and get your mouth to my vagina lips. O.K?”

He hesitates but then does exactly what she had told him. She puts her arms around him as they kiss. She fondles his head and shoulders as he moves down to her breasts. “Yes,” she says as he starts licking one nipple. “A little more forceful. Don’t bite but don’t be too soft either.” “Yes,” she says again as he does as she suggested. Then he moves to the other breast. As he kisses down onto her stomach she musses his hair and spreads her legs. He gets between her legs and leans down. She moves her knees up towards her upper body, raising her vulva to him. “Use your fingers,” she tells him as she reaches down and puts her hands on either side of her labia. “Pull me open a little. Yes. Get your tongue in there. Ah, yes. Lick around. Lick around all you want. Push your tongue into me as far as you can. Ah, yes.”

After a couple minutes, she puts the fingers of one hand on her clit. “Lick up here, where my fingers are. Feel it? Oh yeah. That’s it. Lick that. Yes. Lick it a lot. Suck on it. Oh, yeah. Slide a couple fingers into me down below. Yeah. Move them around, in and out. Yeah. Perfect. Just keep doing that. Enjoy it. Make love to me with your mouth.” For two or three minutes there is no sound but the wet slurps of Brian’s mouth on Debbie’s clit. Then she begin to breathe faster, heavier. She starts to make unintelligible grunts. She puts a hand on the back of his head. Her other hand is pulling at a nipple. “Lick around, do anything you want. God, this is so good,” she almost screams. Then her whole bottom starts jumping. She moves her legs together, squeezing his head between her thighs. “Suck it all up,” she says loudly, then grunts and moans. Brian does as she says and gets mouthfuls of her juices. Finally she opens her legs and lets go of his head and lowers her legs, relaxing. Brian sits back and looks at her. His mouth and chin are glistening.

“You were terrific Brian,” she says, sounding almost tired. “Now, if that lovely thing of yours is up and ready, lean over me again and get it into me.” He does lean up over her. She reaches down and helps aim his cock into her now wet and slobbery lips. “Just push with your butt and get it in me.” He does. “Ah. Ah. Yes.” “Now fuck me Brian. Pump it into me. Get emotional and go crazy.” Her legs are up again., her knees on either side of him.

“Am I hurting you?”

“No, it’s great.”

“It’s just so tight.”

“Keep pushing in until our bodies hit and you can’t get in any further. Fill me up.”

She could see the concentration on his face but she also could feel him moving deeper into her. Then he finally was all the way in, she could feel his body pressing against hers. “Just stroke. Long and slow. Pull out. Not all the way. Then back in. Yes. Just like that. Over and over.”

She could feel him moving inside her. “I’ve never felt anything this good in my whole life,” he says.

“Just keep moving,” she tells him. “It’s the movement that gets us aroused.” He continues to slide in and out, over and over. “You can speed up any time you feel like it. You can’t go to fast or too hard. Whatever you like, I’ll like.”

No more talking. Lots of sounds. His cock moving in her squishes a little. Their bodies pounding against one another. Heavy breathing. Oofs and uhs and aahs sounding a little like tennis players making hits. He straightens up some to try and get even further into her. Her knees are almost up to her shoulders as she tries to give him room to get as far into her as possible. He moves faster and faster. She’s the first to react. She can feel it coming and starts to moan, then almost scream. She presses her legs against him, gets her feet up onto his back to try and pull him against her. He can feel her insides gripping him, tightening on him, almost like muscles rippling against his cock. Then she starts gushing, Fluids leak around his cock. Her cries are sort of strangled. All of which turns him on even more and while he keeps pumping into her, he can now feel his inside sort of boiling up. He pushes as hard as possible into her and holds it as he ejects load after load into her.

Wrapped around him, arms and legs, she sort of rolls back and forth, holding him inside her. “Brian that was just great. Perfect. You’re not a Virgin any more. “

He tries to kiss her but she’s enough shorter than him that in order to get his lips to hers, he pulls his cock out of her. He does kiss her. Her lips sort of mushy. Finally he lifts himself off her and lays to the side. “Debbie you’re perfect,” he says. “I love you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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