Misery Loves Company Ch. 01

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James had one hell of a day.

The trains were late in the morning which meant he was late getting to work. His boss wasn’t too pleased of course. He decided James needed to be reminded through an overly long lecture about the importance of punctuality. It hadn’t been the first time James had heard the lecture but he wished it was the last time. The lecture usually clocked in at about twenty minutes and it was horrid. All he could do was sit there and nod. Finally, he managed to get to his desk and find a hundred emails waiting for him. Most of them were trash but they all needed a prompt response. That took all morning. Of course, he wouldn’t be able to just respond to all of the emails. There were phone calls and requests from his co-workers to help with their own work. He couldn’t even take a proper lunch, quickly going through a sandwich with one hand while typing with the other.

During a quick break to get some coffee, he learned the trains were going to be late going home as well. Great, absolutely great, he thought to himself. Swapping over to his phone, he pulled up his girlfriend Miranda’s number and put together a quick text.

‘Hey babe. I’m sorry but it looks like I’m going to be late coming home tonight. The trains are a mess with the construction.’ He wrote.

Miranda responded as he made his way back to his desk with his coffee. ‘Aw! I guess date night is canceled?’

James frowned. ‘Yeah. I’m sorry, babe. Believe me, I really could use a date tonight. Things are an absolute mess at work.’

‘How about I come over tonight, do a little cooking and we can just lounge about tonight?’ She wrote back after a few minutes.

He thought about that idea. It would be great to see her, especially after the long commute home. What would it hurt? ‘That sounds great. I’ll probably be home around 8, maybe 9 if you don’t mind doing dinner late.’

‘I’ll eat before you get here. There will be a nice, hearty plate waiting for you. Gotta go!’

James smiled. Miranda was just too good to him. He was lucky to have her. The weight of work and stress on his shoulders bled away. Tucking his phone back into his pocket, he got back to work. The afternoon was just as crazy as the morning but he didn’t care. That smile never left his lips for a moment. The day began to wind down, people heading out early until only a scant few remained in the office. James’ phone buzzed in his pocket five minutes before 5 PM. Only one person was set to any sort of vibration notification. He pulled out his phone and opened it up, curious to see what the message was.

He was more than surprised to see what Miranda had sent him. She was laying on the couch in his apartment, holding the phone out to take the picture. The only thing that she was wearing was a silk black bathrobe that drove James mad. It clung to the curves of her body in all of the right ways, leaving little to the imagination. The opening of the robe was drawn down between her breasts, displaying just a little bit of cleavage below the silk. He could see her pink painted lips curled into a mischevious smile. They were covered in a sheen of that pink lip gloss that James thought looked fantastic on her lips and did canlı bahis it ever in this picture. There was a single sentence attached to the message.

‘Don’t leave me waiting too long, babe.’

James quickly turned off his phone screen before anyone could see. His heart was pounding in his chest. He hoped that no one else had seen that picture. That one was definitely being saved for a lonely night. He tucked his phone back into his pocket and checked the clock. 4:45 PM. If he hurried, he could catch the 5 and be home sooner. He said goodbye to his colleagues and grabbed his things. James hurried out of the office before anyone could stop him with another boring, benign task. There were more important things at hand. He walked quickly, ducking around a few slower pedestrians. His timing was perfect and he just, just made it into the 5 train right before the doors closed. Breathing a sigh of relief, he didn’t even care that he would be standing the whole, overcrowded train ride.

James got to his apartment at 6:31 PM on the dot, putting his key into his locked door. He had completely forgotten the door would already be open in his own excitement. Stumbling into the apartment, something smelled absolutely divine. His mouth was watering and he felt the stress bleed right off of his shoulders after stepping in the door. There, sitting on the couch, was Miranda in all of her glory. She was standing up from the couch, setting her phone down onto the table. Her long, black hair was tied back into a loose ponytail. Every step was accompanied by the click of heels strapped onto her feet. She approached James with a smile.

“Welcome home,” She said, her voice dripping with desire.

“It’s good to be home,” James said before embracing her to his body.

The two of them kissed like they hadn’t seen one another in weeks. Their bodies pressed tight against one another, lips locked, eyes closed. James squeezed his arms around Miranda, holding her close, so glad to feel her pressed against him after a long day. Miranda was equally pleased, giving James a quick squeeze in return on the rear to let him know that she missed him. Her day hadn’t been as busy or taxing as his. She was going to make him feel much better in due time. Eventually, the two broke the kiss to breathe. A small bridge of saliva connected their lips for a moment before breaking and landing on James’ tie.

“Aw, you’re all messy now,” Miranda said to him softly. Her fingers were already starting to undo his tie. “And you already look so tired, babe.”

“It was a bit of a day,” He said, his fingers running up and down her back.

“I’m here to make it all better,” She whispered, leaning into his ear. “Now, James, you have a choice. We can start with dinner, I can get the shower nice and hot for you or…” She gave his ear a quick lick. “You can have me.”

James shuddered lightly against Miranda. “Fuck. Those are some good options.” He thought about it for a moment. “If I pick the shower, are you going to join me?”

“Well, who else is going to scrub your back?” She giggled.

“I’ll take the shower then before dinner, if you don’t mind,” His fingers slid down to the curve of her ass, giving it bahis siteleri a little pinch.

Miranda let out a little yelp before laughing. “Sounds good. Dinner will be in the oven for a half-hour so we can take our time.” Wrapping her hand around James’, the two of them made their way through the bedroom and into the bathroom.

“Thank you,” He said to her as they walked.

“Don’t thank me yet,” Miranda said. “Not until I blow your mind.”

She poked her head into the shower and turned the handle. Ice cold water splashed down and began to slowly heat up. Miranda, turning back to James, undid the knot that held her robe together and let it fall to the floor. Her body, waxed smooth, was on full display for James. The curve of her hip and her breast made his heart rampage in his chest. The way her long legs slipped to the floor drew his eye back up to her body to admire her. He had to admit: the spell was broken for a moment as she fumbled with her heels, taking them off and setting them next to the sink. The two shared a laugh as they kissed once more.

She began to unbuckle his belt. He threw off his suit jacket and began to work at the buttons of his shirt. Her fingers wrapped around the zipper and drew it down slowly, letting the teeth click slowly. He discarded his button-up shirt and the undershirt. Miranda’s lips found his bare chest, kissing and licking at his skin, her eyes looking up into his.

“Someone’s excited,” She said to him, pulling down his pants and freeing his cock. He was achingly hard and desired her touch more than anything else in that moment. Her hand lingered over his cock, just for a moment.

Pulling away, Miranda licked her lips before stepping into the shower. She gave her hips a little wiggle to entice him more. James tried to follow after Miranda. He, however, forgot about the pants wrapped around his ankles. The white tile floor of the bathroom greeted James when he landed hard on his left shoulder. A shock of pain shot through his shoulder, making him groan out as he rolled onto his back.

“Holy shit,” Miranda said, suppressing a laugh when she saw James didn’t hit his head. “You okay there, stud?”

“Dandy,” James grunted. “Give me a minute.”

Miranda stepped back out of the shower and helped James sit up and eventually to his feet. James kicked at his pants, Miranda escorting him safely back into the shower and away from dangerous clothing. The hot water felt good on his injured shoulder. There was definitely going to be a bruise there in the morning. What felt even better was Miranda gently rubbing the spot he landed on. Miranda got behind him and pressed her chest into his back, her chin resting on his uninjured shoulder.

“Just relax,” She whispered into his ear. “And let me take care of you.”

She took up the bar of soap and began to slowly run it over James’ body. He closed his eyes and savored the feeling of her hands. She dragged the soap against his skin with one hand, the other continually rubbing across his chest. Occasionally, her lips would kiss against his neck and his ear. He practically leaned against her as she washed over his back, shoulders and arms and swapped forward to his chest. Her bahis şirketleri fingers tweaked his nipples lightly before sliding her slippery hands down his stomach and finally, to his groin. Rubbing the soap into her right palm, she smiled against his skin.

“Don’t think I forgot about this,” She said before wrapping her soapy hand around his cock.

James moaned softly. Her hand began to work up and down his shaft slowly. Her hard nipples dug into the wet muscle of his back, her lips continuing their attack against his neck and shoulder. Setting aside the soap, her left hand slipped between his legs. Her fingers cradled his balls and began to massage them against one another.

“I’m going to make you feel like a king,” She whispered.

“Fuck,” James grunted as her hands worked him over.

“You’ll get to do that to me later too,” She teased.

Her fingers kept up that slow, relentless assault on his member. He kept moaning under her strokes, his hands clenched tight into fists and his toes gripping at the wet shower floor. His mind felt like it was short-circuiting, overwhelmed wth pleasure. She knew all of the right ways to work him over and make him squirm. Miranda smiled, starting to increase the pace of her strokes, her fingers squeezing his balls ever so gently. James felt a tension beginning to build in his groin. He was close.

“I can feel it,” She said to him. “That big, hard throbbing member just begging to be released. You want to cum?” James panted hard, only able to nod in that moment. “I want to hear you say it.”

“I want to cum,” He said, looking back at her. “I need to cum.”

“Not yet,” She said, gripping his cock at the base. “Hold on. I want this orgasm to make you forget your own name.”

James felt the tension building in his groin begin to subside. Before he could go soft, she began to stroke him again.

“Yeah, that’s it,” She said into his ear. “Let’s get that hard cock of yours nice and built up.”

Her hands kept working him over. Occasionally, she would turn his head to kiss him while stroking him or squeezing his balls. She enjoyed the way he tensed up and relaxed between the rounds of edging him. Once, her hand left his cock to tease her fingers against the inside of his ass cheek, teasing his backdoor, just for a moment, before returning her hand to his cock. After a few rounds, she didn’t stop as he closed in on his orgasm again. Her hand stroked him harder, faster than it did before.

“Go on,” She purred. “Cum for me.”

James practically yelled as he came. Her working hand forced out shot after shot of thick ejaculate into the air and against the shower glass. Again and again, ropes of semen struck the glass and began to run down it, marking it with his pleasure. His head lolled back against her shoulder, breathing hard. She didn’t stop stroking him, even as he leaned against her, losing the feeling in his legs. It was the hardest that he had cum in awhile. As the last dredges of his orgasm leaked from the tip of his cock, she finally released his groin.

“How do you feel now?” Miranda whispered. James could only respond with a vague mumble, his hands unclenched and hanging loosely at his side. She laughed. “I’ll take that as a compliment. Come on, you dirty boy. Let’s get you dry and enjoy some dinner.”

James smiled wide. He was starving and he had a feeling the festivities tonight were only just beginning.

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