The Lab Rats Ch. 03 – Caged Rats

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My apologies for the delay but I’ve been having trouble getting this past the Literotica Thought Police and this lockdown malarkey seems to have taken up more of my time than it should!

There will be one more chapter … I promise!

As always your (constructive) comments are always welcome.



Chapter 17

Alex sat in his car at the exact spot that they had woken up that morning and looked over at the hillside where he thought that the light had appeared the previous night.

He had no idea why he was there and what he expected to see or find. It had seemed like a good idea when he drove away from the hotel and the SatNav behaved impeccably as it navigated back to the spot.

But there was nothing to see even when he had got out of the car to look at the surrounding countryside as best as he could in the dark.


This point on the earth’s surface had changed his relationship with his mother forever and there was nothing to show for it … no marker stone … no arcane symbol scratched into the road surface … no visitor centre … nothing!

Sighing he turned on the car engine as his phone beeped with a message. Well it had to happen soon, Rowan would have worked out he had done a bunk but he hoped she would understand … how could he look her in the eyes after … that!

He looked at his phone.


– where are u?

– here

– fck u. where?

– still here

There was no immediate response but he could tell she would be pissed off as she was too much like their mother and needed everything sorted. Eventually the next message arrived.

– why r u there and not here?

Being in a puckish mood he decided to wind it up some more.

– everyone has to be somewhere

There was no message but the phone rang and he decided to answer it even though he had hoped for a few hours of peace.

“Hi Brat.”

“What the absolute fuck, Bro? Where are you … you were seen driving away and Mum is doing a mega-meltdown to end all meltdowns.”

Saskia’s voice was hushed as though there were people within earshot.

“I’m sorry but that is classified information. I would have to kill you if I tell you.”

“Don’t be an arse. What happened? One minute she’s looking for her darling son like she wants to cover you in chocolate and lick it all off and now she knows you have done a flit she acting like you told her you were gay and want to fuck the pope.”

“That’s very interesting!”

There was an exasperated pause.

“That’s all you have to say on the matter?”

Alex paused as he did need to know whatever story that Rowan was telling.

“OK, I’ll bite. What’s she saying?”

Saskia didn’t know how to answer that as, to be truthful, Rowan wasn’t saying very much but certainly acting like the world was just about to end.

“Err … actually it is the way she’s acting rather than what she’s saying … which isn’t very much, mainly because she’s drinking so much that she doesn’t have time to slur anything intelligible. That’s so unlike her … so what did you do?”

Alex paused before deciding that a little bit of truth might be needed so the bigger truth could be hidden.

“She caught me having a titty fuck from Emma and went off on one.”

“Yeah … yeah … old news … Emma said as much.”

“OK, well, that’s about it, then.”

“No, Bro, it isn’t. It doesn’t explain how your … umm … jizz … ended up on the dress that Mum has borrowed from me and by the way, you owe me for the dry-cleaning …. also … before you give me the same bullshit that Mum did, Emma has already said that you defo didn’t come anytime she was there.”


Chapter 18

There was an awkward pause as Alex struggled to come up with an answer that would protect the innocent … not that there were any really innocent parties in this.

“Well, I’m waiting?”

‘Christ, she sounds just like Mum … but then she looks so much like her too … tall … lithe … sexy … FUCKKKK! Stop it! Answer … now … before … ‘

“Umm … I am so shocked and confused by the question that I’m struggling to formulate a response. Firstly … how do you know it is … umm … err … jizz … to use your indelicate expression and secondly … how do you know it’s mine?”

Alex felt more confident as he expanded on his answer but that was short-lived.

“Well, I think I’ve seen, tasted and smelt enough come in my time to make an educated guess as to what the substance was and you were the only one waving their cock around anywhere near her … unless you are suggesting that she found some other guy to jizz all over her …?”


“Umm … what has Mum said?”

“Nothing … I … err .. haven’t asked her.”

“Oh … so you feel happy to accuse me of something pretty gross and not her. Bit one-sided approach isn’t it?”

“Don’t be an arse, Alex. It is not something canlı bahis one can ask Mother is it … not without getting a complete tongue lashing …how dare you … what are you implying … how would I know how that disgusting stuff got there … ask your brother he was waving his cock about in my presence … dirty boy … See what I mean?”

Alex chuckled at the excellent parody of Rowan.

“I’m not sure that she would talk about me waving my ‘cock’ about. She doesn’t use language like that.”

The tension in Saskia’s voice dropped as she too chuckled.

“I don’t know, though. She’s certainly been using a much richer vocabulary today … in fact she’s been very strange since you two pitched up this morning … almost like she’s a different person … come to that, you’ve been a bit weird too … what was that with the reaction to the way she looked … I know she looked hot but you started to get a chubby over her … “

Alex didn’t want the conversation to get into the … what actually happened between you two? … territory so decided that another partial truth may be the only way out.

“Yeah, well, we’ll leave that to one side but she’s not that different as she didn’t take kindly when I splooged all over her dress …”

Saskia’s indrawn breath was audible over the phone.

“So it was you … I was starting to get worried that she had hooked up with someone else … nah … what was I thinking … Mrs. Prim and Proper doing the naughties with someone else … never gonna happen … “

Alex had two emotions at that point … a sudden surge of jealousy at the thought of Rowan with another guy but stamped that down with a sense of triumph that she had done the naughties … with her own son … twice! He coughed embarrassedly and put on a contrite voice.

“Yeah … well … Emma’s titty fuck was very good (LIAR!) and Mum arrived just at the … err … wrong moment … and got caught in the cross fire as Emma left hurriedly … big row ensued … umm … she bitch-slapped me … I left … couldn’t stand being near her any longer (BIG FUCKING LIAR!) … sorry … I will pay for the dry cleaning.”

Emma exasperation was manifest in her voice.

“Why the fuck didn’t you just say that in the first place. So, have you gone home because you were supposed to be giving me a lift to the station tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I’m going home … I’m sorry. I’m sure Dad can drop you at Leeds or York station on their way back south. Just don’t suggest they pop into see me … I’ll definitely be out.”

Saskia laughed wryly.

“No, I won’t suggest that … although … you know Bro … you and she have got to reach an accommodation with each other. At least try and be friendly together ….

‘I think this falls very definitely into the ‘When Harry Met Sally’ conundrum about sex getting in the way of men and women being friends.’

“…. she does care about you … she’s really worried that you’re in a ditch somewhere as she thinks you are too tired to drive as you had very little sleep in the car last night.”

Alex considered this snippet as Rowan obviously wasn’t being a complete bitch.

“OK, tell her … I’m all right … but that the way she and I have been going in the last 24 hours will destroy our relationship and I don’t want that … I’m just giving us distance to … err … sort things out.”

Chapter 19

Rowan sighed as she looked at the wine glass in her hand and wondered why it was empty when it had been full just a few seconds ago. She realised that she was drinking too much but didn’t really want to stop if the alternative was to spend a sober night in bed with her husband and not the man who’s body she craved. Worse than that, if the message Saskia had relayed from Alex… the way she and I have been going in the last 24 hours will destroy our relationship and I don’t want that … meant that there would never be another opportunity to experience the delirious feeling of Alex’s wonderful cock thrusting deep into her dripping cunt and his hard body physically overwhelming her.

She understood the message and deep-down accepted his reasoning, as she also had been very worried about the repercussions of their incestuous fucking after the night in the chamber. However, the reprise in the summerhouse had blown away any doubts especially the way that Alex had taken control of her body and dominated her physically. Her orgasm still reverberated and she could feel herself getting wet again at the thought. She giggled inwardly at the memory of Saskia’s attempt to clean the residue of her and Alex’s fluids from the dress and knew that she was still leaking some of his sperm as she had discarded her thong. She was tempted to go up to her room, not to replace the useless item but to bring herself to another climax with her fingers and the memory of being taken from behind by her son … before the memory faded, never to be replaced.

Instead she looked over at her husband who was deep in a drunken conversation bahis siteleri with his brother-in-law about some stupid sports event. He was oblivious to most things and especially that his wife had fucked their son twice in 24 hours? Would he care if she told him? He certainly didn’t exert any demands on her body and her experiences with Alex told her exactly how poor her husband was as a lover … and that was before Alex got to show how he made love with his mouth and hands as he had so desperately wanted. She smiled whimsically … if you hadn’t been such an impatient slut to get his cock inside you … The smile dropped from her face as she again came to the realisation that it would never be repeated.

“Penny for them, Mum. What are you thinking about?”

Saskia’s voice broke her out of her reverie.

“What … oh nothing really darling … I’m worried about Alex … about having driven him away. Was I … was I too harsh on him? All I want is for him to find a … nice girl … (LIAR! … he’s mine … no other girl will have him ) … and settle down … but no babies just yet … I’m not ready to be a grandmother.”

Her daughter looked at her strangely and Rowan panicked that she had spoken her thought out loud.

“Umm … Mum … you have a funny way of showing it. No girl has ever been good enough for him since he started dating. Maybe, Dad is right, you would only be happy if he was dating a clone of you. Mind you, would a clone of you find him attractive?”

Rowan flushed at Saskia’s sarky question and hoped that the dim lighting hid her discomfort from her daughter. She decided to confront the question head-on.

“Don’t be ridiculous …of course my clone would, He’s a very good looking boy, funny, intelligent, kind, hard-working, emotionally mature … what more would a girl want? Anyway, you’re a lot like me so I’ll do what you young people do … ‘Would You?’ … if he wasn’t your brother of course.”

Saskia’s eyes widened in amusement at her mother’s response and question before chuckling.

“Who are you and what have you done with Mrs. Prim and Proper? I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with you. However, in answer to your question … Yes I would … if he were not my brother. He is pretty much the real deal … in terms of what I look for in a guy … I mean.”

Saskia blushed as well and Rowan arched her eyebrows as she had not expected such honesty from her daughter. She also felt a faint tremor of jealousy … would Alex prefer his sister to his mother … given the chance? She pursed her lips as she pondered her next question.

“Have you … did you … when you were younger … do stuff … with each other …?”

“Mum! Gross!”

Rowan relaxed.

“Sorry sweetie … unfair question … but did you … umm … fantasise about him …?”

Saskia blushed even more than she had at the first question but decided to be aggressively sarcastic back.

“What-the-absolute-fuck Mum? What’s this about? Trying to find out if you’re the only one in the family who diddled herself over a fantasy concerning Alex?”

“Whaatt? No … I meant no such thing … I’m sorry … it’s the wine … I think it’s time I went to bed. I had better see if I can get your father up to the room without him falling over.”

Later, as she sat in the room looking over at the sorry excuse of a husband who was still dressed but comatose on the bed, she started to sob as sadness overwhelmed her. It wasn’t sadness for the state of her marriage as she had long ago reconciled herself to the fact that it was treading water. No, it was a sadness because she thought she knew where she could find true happiness … with her son. She was convinced that it wasn’t just a sexual fantasy and that their relationship would exist on multiple levels … intellectual and emotional as well as physical.

But it was not to be! Alex had voted with his feet.

Why was that? Why had he run away. Was it because he was really ashamed of what he had done or was it because he was afraid of her reaction? Was he worried that she would blame him for what happened and give him grief? Rowan had to admit that she was the one who had been curt and upset after the first time and on neither occasion had there been time for post-coital cuddling to enhance the emotional bond of the physical act. In retrospect that was something she regretted the most as she loved that part of sex almost as much as the act itself. The gentle touching and stroking, the tender kisses and the loving whispers as both parties’ breathing returned to normal as they cuddled in each other’s arms. with the final act of the drift into satiated sleep before reawakening to make love all over again.

She needed to let Alex know that he was not to blame, that she wanted more, she wanted it all.

Chapter 20

Alex had easily made it back to his flat in the centre of York overlooking the river as the traffic was light and he was preparing for bed when his phone beeped bahis şirketleri with a message.


He was tempted to delete it without reading but just ignored it and put the phone down. He would leave sending a response until the morning as he needed a shower if for no other reason than to remove the arousing smell of his mother’s body from his. He had wondered why he had a perpetual erection on the drive back and had realised that her smell was all over his clothes and body. His clothes would need washing and cleaning if he was going to get past his strong attraction to her sexy scent.

After talking to Saskia he had sat for some time as he continued to try to produce a response in the environment by force of his will. However, nothing happened other than the time spent staring out of the car window allowed delightful but unwelcome memories of the amazing sex with his mother to crowd his brain. He decided to drive on to give him something to occupy his mind.

He thought he could still smell her even after the shower but decided that was his mind playing tricks on him and picked up the phone as he slid into bed. He noticed there was another message from his mother, a photo, so decided to read the original message.

– hope this helps you sleep. LOL Xxx

He opened the photo and almost fell out of bed as it came into focus … the very wet cunt was framed by matted hair that Alex could tell was blonde. Two fingers of one hand were buried deeply into the pink flesh as fingers on the other hand kept the labia splayed while the thumb was mashed against the clitoris, a bead of liquid shining in the light of the flash.

As he continued to stare at the blatantly erotic vision his erection returned with a vengeance. It was the thing he had wanted to see … to feel … to taste but Rowan had demanded fucking on both occasions. Was she taunting him? His phone chimed again and he assumed that Rowan had waited until she had received the indication that he had opened the photo.

– hope you are as hard as I am wet Xxx

Alex stroked his rigid length. There was no doubt that he was!

He pondered how to respondand decided to be honest but forceful

– yes, but this is not good. U shld not do this

The reply was swift.

– Why? will u give me a spanking 4 being a bad girl?

Alex sighed exasperatedly. He was trying to be the adult and it appeared that his mother was not on the same wavelength.

– Pls stop this. I love u 2 much to screw us up. X

– I wld love u to screw me up. 🙂

– Stop it. Pls dont do this. I’m going 2 bed. Love u. X

Alex turned his phone off and surveyed his rampant shaft in front of him.

‘Fucking traitor!’

With the memory of the photo of his mother’s wet pussy in the forefront of his mind he gave the traitor free reign to spray it’s tribute across his stomach and chest.

Chapter 21

About a week later, Mike had finally had enough as he surveyed his morose wife across the breakfast table. Rowan had been like a bear with a sore head and a sore … everything since the wedding. He surmised that this was directly related to what had happened between Alex and her, both while they were stuck together overnight in the car and during the rest of the weekend but surely no row could have been that bad? Mike knew he was not the most perceptive of guys but even he could see that Rowan was in a bad place as any attempt to talk to her was met with increasing levels of resistance, morphing into anger if he pushed it too far.

The drive back home after the wedding had been carried out in near-total silence apart from the period when they had given Saskia a lift to Leeds station. Most surprisingly to both Mike and his daughter, Rowan had not bad-mouthed Alex for bailing out on the wedding or his responsibility to get his sister back to Manchester. Mike had put it down to a hangover as it was obvious that Rowan was suffering just as much as he was, which was unusual in itself, but then she had similarly remained withdrawn since arriving home.

Looking at the hunched figure of his wife he realised that he did care enough about her to try and do something to help her. This was a revelation in itself as the way their marriage had gone in recent years he had come to the conclusion that they were marking time, waiting for the moment that one or both of them said ‘enough’! The kids had both left home and they found themselves as two rafts drifting in the same patch of ocean but with nothing holding them together. Conversations were functional and business-like about day-to-day stuff and in the words of the song

Though they shared a common bed, there was precious little said,
In the moments that were set aside for sleeping.He could not remember when last he had been interested in making love to his wife or when she had made it clear that she was up for a bit of loving. The wedding weekend was a case in point as previously a couple of glasses of wine would have definitely put Rowan in the mood and he would have made sure that he was up to the challenge, by restricting his own intake. Not this time … or the birthday before it … or New Year… the evidence of the drifting apart was inescapable.

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