The Kids At Play Ch. 6

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Ch. 6: Mom, Dad, Joey and Me

After our soul cleansing confessions in the jacuzzi, I was surprised that nothing had happened. It was Tuesday already and with the exception of masturbating myself, I was getting no action. I knew Tommy and Meagen were fucking and I heard Joe and Nancy on several occasions. I wondered if mom and dad were getting busy too?

Then Tuesday night rolled around. The adults once again enjoyed a jacuzzi while Tommy and Meagen had gone out to a movie together. I hate to admit it, but I was so damn horny by now I was sitting in the jacuzzi just imagining what dads wonderful cock looked like. He must’ve read my mind because after 20 minutes of small talk dad commented that no one ever wore suits in his jacuzzi before we got here, and we shouldn’t now. Without standing, he held his now removed trunks above water. “C’mon kids, don’t be modest” and slowly we all removed our suits without getting out of the water.

It was so erotic, all being naked but all hidden under the water. We continued to talk as if nothing was odd. Then I felt a hand on my thigh, I was sitting next to Nancy and across from mom and dad so I figured the hand was hers. My pussy immediately began to tingle and I hoped the hand would travel further up my thigh, but it didn’t. The hand was gone in a few minutes.

Once again it was dad who pushed the envelope a bit further. “Honey, why don’t you open another bottle of wine for everyone?” and just like that mom stood, grabbed a towel and went into the house. I stared, I hadn’t seen mom naked in so many years. She still looked fantastic. I mean, she had a bit of a protruding belly, and her but had widened but she had no fat and no cellulite at all. Her boobs were wonderful, at least as big as Nancy’s and well shaped. She had very large, dark areola’s and her nipples were erect and obscenely long. All in all, mom was a “hottie”.

She came back in a few minutes later with another bottle of wine, the towel was gone. This time I noticed moms thick brown triangle, I assumed being a nudist she was also a naturalist. As she poured us all a glass of wine dad commented on what a sexy lady mom was. We all agreed and I could tell Joe was attracted to mom. “You’re horny already sweetie?” dad asked mom and she blushed red. “The bigger your moms nipples get, the more excited she is” well, those nipples were about an inch long so mom must have been on fire. She knelt beside dad, actually she squatted like a baseball catcher would and dad looked lovingly at her pussy. It was shielded from the rest of us unfortunately but dad saw us all trying to see. “Honey, I think the kids want a look at your pretty puss” and after a moments hesitation she turned towards us. Mom was quite hairy but her lips were wet and swollen and protruded through the soft hair. Her clit was exposed as well, swollen and twice the size of my own.

Moms legs must have tired. She sat on the edge of the jacuzzi but kept her legs open. I wanted to taste her lovely sex, but Joe was faster then me. He moved across the jacuzzi and was staring at moms open sex, only a foot away. “Go ahead son, lick mommy” my mother said and let out a loud moan when Joe’s tongue touched her. That was it, I needed something and fast.

I slid across the small jacuzzi and next to dad on the other side of mom and Joe. I reached under the water and my eyes opened wide as my hand found dads penis. It was soft but it was a big one. I rubbed him, feeling the girth then sliding to an oversized set of balls. I patted the jacuzzi motioning dad to sit canlı bahis up on the ledge next to mom. He leaned forward and kissed me and said “I love you, sweetie” and I said “I love you dad”.

Dad sat up and my immediate reaction when I saw his flaccid penis was that huge cocks must skip a generation. My Tommy had a lovely 8″ and my brother had a satisfying 6 1/2″. Dad was soft, I guessed it was closed to 7 or 8 inches just hanging there. His balls hung down almost obscenely that’s how big they were. Joe lifted his face from moms crotch long enough to look over and say “Holy shit!” when he saw his fathers equipment.

I took my time and licked daddy’s balls until every inch of skin was covered with my saliva. His cock was stirring and grew another couple of inches before I even took it in my mouth. I worked on dads cock until it as fully erect and about a foot long. I looked over at mom who now had her eyes closed, pushing Joe’s face into her pussy and having an orgasm. That was so hot to watch.

Then I realized that Nancy was sitting alone. I motioned her over to help me with the slab of meat that belonged to dad. She moved over quickly and in no time flat we were giving daddy a double blow job. He was thick enough that we were both sucking on part of the shaft. When we met at the purple crown I purposely slid my tongue into Nancy’s mouth and she didn’t object. We kissed around daddy’s huge cock.

My brother climbed out of the water and lay on his back. I watched mom lower her head and take Joey’s cock in her mouth. Moms blowjob only lasted a few minutes then she climbed on Joey’s hard on. I had to do the same to daddy, I needed that cock in me. “Fuck me daddy, please fuck me” he smiled and I climbed out of the water.

Mom was squatting on Joey’s erection and they were fucking slowly and deeply. Dad was kneeling, waiting for me. I lay back and spread my legs. My father leaned forward to taste me but I told him he could do that later, right now I needed his foot long hose in me. It was the most intense feeling in my life as I felt the large spongey head press against my wet lips. Dad was gentle and it took some time to work about 3/4 of his cock in me, that’s when I had my first orgasm. The extra juice helped daddy work me faster and harder until I felt his balls press against my ass.

Nancy had gone over and sat on Joe’s face. He was eating her to orgasm while mom rode him slowly and deeply. I think that’s the only way he could’ve lasted so long without cumming. Dad started fucking me harder and we kissed for the first time as lovers. I’d now completed the circle. I fucked my son, my brother and now my father. Dads cock was so wide that he put steady pressure on my clit and I came for the third time and had to push daddy off. I gave him a big hug and offered to make him cum with my mouth, but Nancy was crawling over to us, “Me next?” Of course dad couldn’t refuse his sexy, big breasted daughter-in-law.

Nancy wanted it doggie and I could tell dad liked it that way too. He entered her pretty easily, I guess my brother licking her had gotten her ready. I heard mom moaning with her second orgasm and I could tell by my brothers frantic pumping that he was cumming too, shooting his white seed deep in mommy’s hairy pussy. They kissed for a long time, then mom rolled off of Joe. I looked at his limp cock, cum had run all over his balls and it looked sexy as hell. I climbed over and put his soft dick in my mouth and tasted the mixture of my mother and brothers love making.

Dad was still fucking Nancy and bahis siteleri she was just going crazy. Her language was worse then a truck drivers as she told daddy to fuck her and slap her ass and grab her big, swinging tits. Joe was getting hard again and I was ready to get fucked again, but we were all interrupted. “What the hell are you guys doing?” It was my son and daughter, standing by the door and looking at us all in our little orgy.

There shock lasted about twenty seconds and they started to undress. Mom suggested we move it inside into the living room. Dad still hadn’t cum yet, his 12 inches thick and angry but pointing downward. The guys moved the furniture around a bit so we had a nice area to enjoy. Mom grabbed some throw pillows and we all sat on the floor. We were all naked, the five of us were sweaty, the two kids were fresh and ready.

Meagen was fascinated by her grandfathers penis and asked if she could suck it. Dad sat back and smiled, and held his package for his grand daughter

who was quick to get down between grandpa’s legs. Tommy’s erection was ready to cut diamonds. I would’ve loved to have fucked him right then but there were two women there that he never enjoyed. Nancy made the decision for him, grabbing him by the hand and pulling him to the center of the room. They were fucking in no time.

Meagen was busy working on dad and she seemed like she’d found the missing link between his legs. Mom whispered that she would love for us to 69 if I wanted. I lay on my back and mom lowered herself over me. I stared up at her swollen red lips, the thick, natural brown hair and Joe’s cum all around her. She tasted wonderful. We 69ed without interruption for several minutes but then Joe was waving his neglected hard on around and mom called him over and whispered something to him. They kissed deeply and Joe went into their bedroom for a minute or two. Mom asked me to lick her asshole which I gladly did. Moms pussy tasted nice, a little saltier then Meagen whose pussy was actually more sweet then salty. Either way I was enjoying it.

I looked up from moms crotch and saw Joe with a tube of lube in his hand. He knelt behind mom, which was near my face and greased up his hard-on. I wondered why he was lubing himself because moms pussy was literally dripping into my chin she was so wet. I looked up at my brother and told him he didn’t need to lube up. He leaned down and rubbed the lube between moms cheeks and over her brown puckered hole and I realized he wasn’t going to fuck her pussy.

Just then mom put my clit in her mouth and started sucking on it and I started to cum hard. Mom managed to keep her mouth over my clit as I bucked my hips and came, my whole body rocking. I felt drained as I lay back after my orgasm. I opened my eyes in time to see Joe moving in. I reached up and spread moms ass cheeks for him. I watched in awe as he slipped inside her tight hole. Mom moaned and I stuck my tongue out and touched her clit.

I couldn’t see Tommy and Nancy or dad and Meagen but I suddenly heard Nancy moan that she was cumming just as I saw Joe go balls deep into mom. A few seconds later I heard Nancy’s voice telling Tommy to cum in her pussy. I only had to hear him grunt, a sound I was familiar with as he filled his aunts pussy.

I kept at moms clit until she came about five minutes into her ass fucking. I smiled and gave my brothers tight ball sac a few licks before I climbed out from under mom. I saw Nancy relaxing on the couch, her legs spread wide and Tommy’s face buried in her fresh fucked bahis şirketleri pussy. I stopped and kissed my son then gave Nancy’s pussy a taste. Mmm, the combination of their fucking was delightful.

I wondered where dad and Meagen had disappeared to as they were nowhere in the living room. I gave Nancys clit a little flutter with my tongue and stood up. I then heard dads voice coming from his bedroom. I was at dads bedroom door when I heard Joe’s voice from the living room, I looked at him fucking moms ass, “I’m gonna cum mom” he said and mom answered for him to “cum all over my ass sweetie” and I stayed their long enough to see him cover the globes of her ass with his cum.

I took a deep breath, all this was so amazing that I hardly believed the family was doing what we were. I wasn’t ready for the sight that greeted me in dads room. Dad was sitting back, his legs spread and his glorious cock harder then I’d seen it all night. Meagen was between his legs and she was fucking dads ass with a white vibrator. Not fast mind you, just sliding it in and out slowly with one hand and playing with dads balls with the other.

“You still haven’t cum yet, dad?” I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t sure of the time but we had to be going at it over two hours. “Soon” he smiled at me.

“How about you honey?” I asked Meagen as if I were the orgasm police.

“Grandpa made me cum three times already mom” she said happily.

Dad explained that he took a pill to keep himself hard because at his age it was hard to keep his huge appendage stiff. He also told me that when he did finally cum it could choke an elephant. Somehow, looking at his big balls in Meagen’s hand I didn’t doubt him.

“Don’t you owe me something sweetie?” dad asked me, I didn’t know what he meant but he reminded me of earlier when he wanted to eat me before he fucked me but I insisted on being fucked first.

I stood on the bed and lowered my pussy onto dads face. His tongue felt wonderful and I couldn’t believe I felt like I could cum again. As dads tongue danced on my clit, Meagen was working the vibrator into dads well lubes back door. “Meagen honey, turn it up a notch” dad said somewhat muffled by my crotch being in his face. Meagen turned the base of the vibrator and I could hear it hum now. I leaned forward and took dads apple-sized cock head into my mouth. “Don’t you dare swallow grandpas cum, mom. We made a deal. He’s gonna cum all over and I’m gonna lick it up” she smiled at me, “you can help too” she said. When dad slipped his finger in my ass while he licked me I came again for I what felt like the tenth time of the night.

I rolled off of daddy’s face and joined Meagen. Now I was licking dads balls and Meagen was pumping his shaft with one hand while she worked all 7″ of the vibrator into dads ass. His cock exploded like nothing I had ever seen in my life, nor since. His first shot of cum went past his head, the second in his face and then a dozen or so more all over his chest and belly until finally Meagen had squeezed out the last drop. The vibrator slipped from dads ass and Meagen and I went about the act of cleaning up all that delicious cum.

The three of us finally rejoined the rest of the gang who had gotten back in the jacuzzi to relax. Tommy told me excitedly that he got to fuck his grandmas ass and she smiled and told me my son was quite the lover and I smiled because I already knew that.

Needless to say, we hardly put clothes on for the rest of our stay and things haven’t been the same since. Our family is closer then ever and Joe and I are trying to figure out a way to make Nancy’s fantasy of fucking and sucking her three brothers come true. If it happens, I’ll let you know. Bye for now… and thanks for listening.


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