Miniature Golf Pick-Up

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I live with a room mate. Jim and I knew each other in high school. After I got my AA degree and found a job — a good one with a future although I’m not making a lot right now – I needed to move closer to my work and finally get on my own. I met Jim by accident in a bar and since we knew each other we talked a little and it turned out he was ready to move so we ended up moving in together. Sharing a two bedroom apartment is a lot cheaper than paying for a one bedroom on my own.

I’m 22 years old, male, 6’2″, 205 pounds. Not gorgeous but at least acceptable looking. I have a problem getting laid. I think that I’m probably too nice. I don’t like to force a girl. So, I end up having sex with sluts, easy girls that I don’t really want to spend any time with once we’ve fucked. It isn’t what I want but that’s where I am right now.

Jim and I were relaxing, having a beer. The work day was over, the weekend was ready to start. Maybe I need to add that Jim and I don’t have a lot in common. We get along o.k., he’s honest and we pay the rent on time. But the longer we live together the more I realize that we’ll never be great buddies. He’s an auto mechanic, makes more money that me at the moment. I’m in an office. I should end up making more than him eventually because he’ll probably never make more than he does now, except for cost of living increases. I think about the future more, he is just interested in today.

We both wonder what we should do this evening and he suggests that he planned to go to the miniature golf course not all that far away. He claims there are always girls there. That doesn’t seem logical to me, I figure it would be families with kids. But he claims that girls are always there, maybe a little young sometimes, but it’s a good place to pick them up. I had nothing better to do so I go along with him. We drive there in his car.

It’s a busy place. Two separate courses with people lined up waiting to get started. There are families with kids. There also are a lot of high school kids, boys and girls. But at least this evening, there were two fairly good looking girls that seemed to be old enough, maybe twenty or so. So we got in line behind them at one of the courses and tried to get a little talk going. One of them is friendlier than the other.

The friendly one is tall, maybe 5’9″ or so and slim. Not bad looking, dark hair, wearing jeans and a blouse. The other one interested me. She was even better looking. A couple inches shorter and not as thin. Seemed to have great breasts. Blonde. Well, sort of dark blonde but natural looking, not dyed. Wearing a blouse and skirt, a fairly full skirt, not some tight little mini. We did manage to get them to agree that we’d play as a foursome.

The taller one is named Marie and the blonde is Joanne. Jim immediately starts pairing up with Marie, which is fine with me. I notice right away that Joanne doesn’t have any idea how to play golf. She would tap the ball over and over. It must have taken her eight strokes to finish the first hole. So I started trying to help her. At first I just wanted her to hit it harder but that didn’t accomplish much because she wouldn’t hit it the right direction. So I got behind her, reached around her and tried to help her aim the ball and hit it by having her hold the club and me hold over her hands.

This works but each time, my cock is against her ass and as she swings and moves

she rubs canlı bahis her butt against me and I start getting hard. I begin to realize she has a great ass. Great body overall. And in the course of time we actually seem to get along better and she seems a little more friendly. I also catch her eyeing my erection as Marie and Jim and I take our turns and I’m fairly sure she purposely rubs herself against me as she starts expecting me to help her on every single shot. Marie even mentions it and asks Jim to help her the same way.

Well, if you’ve ever played miniature golf on a crowded course, you know it takes time and there’s always some one up ahead that’s slow. So we had lots of time to talk and get acquainted. Jim was first to bring up the idea that maybe the four of us could go somewhere after golf. That seemed agreeable all the way around. The result is, we never finish eighteen holes. I think it’s hole ten, which was near the refreshment stand, when we all decide to turn in our clubs and do something else. Apparently, Jim had already suggested to Marie that the four of us go back to our place and have a beer and she agreed. So it ends up that Jim will drive Marie and since Joanne drove, I’d ride with her.

We head to the parking lot. Joanne has a six year old Mustang. Nice little car. We get in. Then before she even starts the car she turns to me.

“I better explain something. I’ve been with the same guy since high school, three years. We broke up. Mostly it’s because I realized he’s a jerk. I think I jut stayed with him because of the sex. He’s the only person I’ve ever been with. I don’t know Marie very well, we work together. She kept telling me I needed to get out and start over, quit sitting at home, broke up about breaking up. She said what I really needed was to get laid and realize that my previous guy was not the only one that could give me pleasure. The old argument about if you fall off a horse the best thing to do is get back on again, and all that stuff. So I came with her. I know her well enough to know that she plans to have sex with your room mate. I’m not that sure. Now that I’m faced with it, I don’t know that I can do this.”

Then she looks at me. I’m supposed to answer that. All I can do is be truthful. Unfortunately, that’s me. “Joanne,” I tell her, “you’re beautiful. You’re pretty, you have a great body. I’d love to have sex with you.” What the heck, I’m in sales. Plan to make my living that way. Try some salesmanship here. “I want to be naked with you, caress those gorgeous breasts, suck your nipples, taste what I know will be a delicious pussy and give you more orgasms that you’ve ever had. I want us to have the best sex of our lives. But I can’t do that unless that’s what you want, too. Because I’ll never force you into anything, it all has to be with your cooperation, your wanting it too.”

I think it worked because she turns the key and starts the car. “Tell me how to get to your place,” she says.

We walk in the door of our apartment and Jim is pulling back from Marie. Obviously, they had been kissing. Joanne walks past them toward the hall and asks,” Which is your bedroom?” I tell her and she goes in. I follow, closing the door after me. She’s standing there unbuttoning and starting to get her clothes off. So I do the same.

She’s naked. Gorgeous. Largest tits I’ve ever been with, small waist, almost flat tummy, great legs and a perfect ass, full and bahis siteleri round and up high. Pretty face, blue eyes, small nose, good chin. I tell her, “You could be a centerfold. You’re gorgeous.”

She’s looking at me. Well, looking at my cock. “You’re gorgeous,” she says as she steps to me and reaches out and wraps her hand around my very erect cock. She looks up at me and we kiss for the first time. I put my arms around her. She puts one around me but keeps hold of my cock, moving her hand slightly, feeling it. A really good kiss. A sexy kiss, lots of tongue. As we break the kiss she grins, a dirty looking grin, then slides down me, onto her knees and without any more kissing or licking or anything, she opens her mouth and darn near swallows my cock.

Back in high school, a girl next door and I were both horny and used each other to discover sex. We never went beyond oral. I wanted to and while I think she did too, she wouldn’t. But we ended up her sucking me and me eating her literally hundreds of times, with each of us giving suggestions to the other so we became really good at it. Well Joanne wanted to be doing what she was doing, I knew enough to recognize that. She loved sucking cock. Plus, she’d done it often and knew what she was doing, this is no amateur attempt. She’s moving back and forth with her lips, playing with my balls with one hand while she uses the other to jerk me off a little in the space between her lips and where my cock meets my body. I reach down and caress her head, letting her know I like what she’s doing. Her eyes flick up at me occasionally but she’s intent on working her mouth on my cock. My cock is fairly fat and slightly longer than average so her mouth is pretty full, her lips spread wide but she’s obviously handling it all well.

It doesn’t take long and I start shooting off into her mouth. She pulls back a little but keeps her lips around my cock as it jerks and unloads. She apparently swallows it all because when she finally pulls back and looks up at me with a big grin on her face, there’s no sign of any cum. “I love your cock,” she says. “I think I miss a nice cock more than anything since I broke up with the jerk.” She stands and we hold one another and kiss.

“Your turn,” I tell her and we move to the bed. I take my time, kissing her everywhere until I get to those great breasts. I feel them and kiss them and lick them and suck the nipples. She moans and moves some, enjoying it. I then kiss down across that firm tummy and she spreads her legs wide. I can sewe, h er pussy is shaved clean, no hair at all. I purposely skip her pussy and kiss down one leg. She has her hand at her pussy, her fingers moving, as I kiss back up the other leg. I sit up some and tell her, “We need to get you in a better position because I want to be comfortable so I can eat you for a long time.” I grab her hips and turn her some and pull her over so that I can kneel on the floor at the side of the bed. She has one leg over my shoulder. The other leg is bent at the knee and fallen off to the side, opening her wide for me. Her pussy is beautiful. All smooth and clean and pink, even pinker inside as I use my fingers to pull her open. I lean in and get my tongue to her.

I lick her and suck her, doing everything I’ve ever learned. I enjoy this as much as she seemed to enjoy sucking me. I slide a couple fingers into her as I gum her clit and suck on it, getting her into her first bahis şirketleri orgasm. I suck up her juices and then get back to work, licking her, soothing her, getting ready to bring her to another orgasm in a few minutes. “You’re delicious,” I tell her, “I could taste you for hours.”

“I’m not stopping you,” she says, putting her hands on the back of my head, urging me back to licking her swollen pussy. I don’t last hours but I think I’m probably at her for fifteen or twenty minutes when she orgasms again. By then I’m erect again and slide up over her and aim into her and push my way in. She’s tight. Tighter than I expected. But she’s lubricated enough that I have no problem pushing in until our abdomens touch.

I pull back and push in, over and over. Her hips start jumping a little, her arms are around me and she’s moaning and almost yelling. I can feel her insides clamping on me, almost rippling, milking me, more of her juices coming out around my cock. I stop pumping and kiss her, then pull out and suggest we reposition ourselves and soon she’s on her hands and knees and I’m back into her from behind. This time when she starts orgasming again, it triggers me and I shoot into her as we both almost collapse.

Soon we’re laying facing one another, our hands moving over each others bodies, sated fore the moment and enjoying the post coital bliss that’s always there after a truly good fuck. “You’re really good at licking me,” she says.

“Well, you’re really good at sucking me. It’s obvious that you like that.”

“I do. The other guy and I started fooling around and did a lot of oral before we got to fucking. I discovered that I loved it. I might like all of that the best of all.” I told her of the neighbor girl and I and said that we’d never moved on to fucking, she just wouldn’t allow it. “If I was smarter, I would never allowed us to move on either. But I’m just too horny. I could spend the rest of my life right here having sex.” All the time we’re talking, she has hold of my cock and is pulling on it a little, urging it up again.

I tell her how gorgeous she is, how sexy she is. “I think I could spend the rest of my life naked with you like this, eating you and fucking you for hours and hours, too.”

“It took a little nerve to just walk in here and get us naked and then start sucking you right away. But I really wanted to. You have a great cock. Besides, if you cum first then you’ll last longer when we fuck. And you did. And if I suck you then maybe you’ll do me, too. I was very happy when you did. Your neighbor taught you well.” With that she sits up a little and leans down to where her hand has been playing with my cock and starts licking me, kissing the head of my cock, urging it up. And she succeeds. In no time I’m full up all red and hard again. She grins up at me and repositions herself straddling me and sits above my cock, holding it with her hand as she starts lowering her vagina down onto me, taking me into her.

She rides me for a long time, until she orgasms again, then we switch around to missionary again and fuck until she cums again. I’m still hard and in her as we kiss. I kiss down to her breasts, pulling out of her as I move. Soon I’m sucking on her nipples, then kissing her body and she takes the initiative to move over me into a 69 so that I can lick her while she sucks me and eventiually we both orgasm once more.

We’re laying there h olding one another and there’s a light tap on the door. “Joanne” Marie’s voice calls out, “Are you ready to go?”

“No,” Joanne answers, “Get Jim to drive you home. I’m just getting started.”

As it turns out, she was right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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