Midnight Suprise

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I knew Alyssa had planned a romantic evening for us. It was in the way she seemed to just fly around the house, singing and humming her favorite love songs. We’ve been married five years and there are some things that I’ve learned to pick up on. Her romantic surprises is one of them, but I’ll never let on that I know.

I kissed her softly before I left for work. Her eyes twinkled and she smiled at me “you smell fantastic.”

I was wearing her favorite cologne “Knew you’d like it. Love you.”

“Love you.” She called back and turned back to the dusting and I left for work.

Alyssa called at noon to see how my day was, I told her that my day was swamped. She sounded disappointed. “I’ll be home as soon as I can.”

“Dinner will be ready at six.” Alyssa said, she sounded happier, we said our good byes and hung up. It was then I decided it was my turn to surprise my wife. We had discussed different role playing ideas, tonight seemed perfect time to try one.

When three o’ clock hit I slipped off to the company restroom that was by the gym. I showered and shaved off my beard, Alyssa had complained that it was scratchy and I have to admit it made me look older then my twenty-eight years. Out of the shower, I toweled off and put on a new cologne. One that Alyssa said would smell good on me, but I hadn’t worn yet. I got dressed and then headed back to my office.

The work day went by slow, the minutes seemed to drag on. At thirty minutes before six I called Alyssa and told her there was an emergency with the company and I had to fly to Denver. I would be home tomorrow night. Truth was there was no emergency but I needed a reason to be home late. To not be expected at all was perfect.

At seven I left the office and went to the adult toy shop, not far from work. To keep things exciting we had been trying different toys for variety. I found the glass vibrator Alyssa had mentioned she had wanted to try and a massage candle that I thought we would both enjoy.

I drove around Seattle for a few hours, waiting for time to pass again before I could venture home. If my wife was awake that would take the surprise away and I would surely be in the dog house. The clock on dash said 11-fifteen pm, Alyssa rarely stayed up past ten. I drove on to our street, our house was dark, I carefully coasted into the driveway and parked the car.

Quiet as a mouse I slipped into the house and headed for the kitchen. The small insulated coolers we use for lunches and packed would be perfect, I filled one with ice nestling the glass vibrator in the middle. I couldn’t wait to see her expression the first time she felt it slide into her wet pussy.

Before heading to the bedroom I stopped in the guest bedroom and removed all my clothes and set them on the counter. Then I tip toed down to the bedroom. The door was open just a crack and moonlight shown down on the bed. The covers had slipped, revealing one ample breast with large pink nipple just waiting to be sucked on.

I walked to the side of the bed and gently set the cooler on the floor, nudging it under the bed with my foot. I carefully pulled back the covers to fully reveal the naked jewel that was my wife. I traced my hand lightly across her nipples they jumped at my touch. My cock responded just as quickly. My fingers trailed lightly down her chest to her belly pausing a moment before lightly caressing her freshly shaved pussy. She did not stir. I continued down lightly touching her thighs and moving down to her calves. The wind blew in through the trees causing the wind chimes to dance excitedly, I felt the breeze blow across the back of my hand, my sweet wife began to stir.

I sank to the floor and slid myself under the bed. I held my breathe. Alyssa called out “hello?” I did not speak, but I heard the wind chimes again. “Josh, are you home?” I remained silent. Alyssa laid back down, “must have been the wind.” She said aloud and soon I heard her even breathing, she was asleep.

I slid out from under the bed and pulled open the drawer on the bed side table. “Our Toy Chest” I with drew two pairs of fuzzy cuff hand cuffs and two soft leather restraints. Thankful for Alyssa sound sleeping I slid one hand in the cuff, clicked it shut and attached it to a front corner post, repeating the same with her left hand. My wife slept on, a sleeping mask covered her eyes. I crept down to the bottom of the bed and retrained each foot at the ankle to the corner post, amazed that I had not been caught, yet. The moon light showed her body in it’s naked glory. Soft golden blond hair, ample breasts, tiny waist, shaved.

Lightly I began to caress her calves, she did not stir. Slowly moving forward to her knees, I rubbed light circles with my thumbs along in the side of her knee. She sighed, but still did not wake. I continued up further to her inner thighs. There I stayed for a moment running my thumbs in circles and figure canlı bahis eights lightly etching ever closer to her lower lips.

The wind blew hard through the trees and into the bedroom, the tiny hairs on hair arm and body stood up, she began to wake. “Hello?” she called, I did not answer. She moved her hands but they stopped short, she kicked her legs they too hardly moved. She fought against the restraints for a few moments, then stopped. “Who’s there?” Alyssa asked, her voice was tense, but there was no fear. “Josh?”

I moved quietly to the right side of the bed beside her, bent down, rubbed my hairless cheek against hers and pressed a kiss to her forehead. I could hear her startled intake of breath, I was not sure if she recognized me yet or not, but I was determined to play it out. I placed light kisses all over her forehead and checks, trailing down under her chin and to her neck, staying for a moment in the nook between neck and shoulder.

I caressed her shoulder and I made a trail of kisses back up the left side of her neck to her lips, kissing her ever so softly at first then more firmly, I slipped my tongue between her lips and it danced with hers. I drank her in, Alyssa returned each of my kisses.

Settling beside her on the bed my hands roamed in little circles, down her neck across her collar bone, applying just a slight pressure to her breasts already peaked from the cool autumn breeze. Beneath my lips I felt her in take of breath at my touch.

My hands continued on their path all the way down to her belly button, my fingers lightly rapped against the skin at the apex of her thighs. I traveled back up her body with my hands, lightly at first on her waist kneading her skin with my thumb and fingers. My lips trailed down in little kisses across her neck and collar bone. I continued the motions up her torso to her breast. My lips and hands paused in the valley between her exquisite breasts. Both continued to show hard peaks, my hands slowly crept up cupping each breast, my thumb moving in circles over each. I heard a loud sigh, “oh” slipped past her lips. Her body relaxed further.

I continued to move my thumb over the peak her left breast and I reached out to the wine bucket I had seen on the night stand, with luck there were many pieces of ice remaining. A few drops of water dripped on her stomach, I kissed them away. Holding the ice in my hand I let a drop splash across her nipple, I heard her sharp intake of breath then I covered her nipple with my mouth. Sucking hard, I slipped a piece of ice in my mouth and pressed it firmly against her nipple, letting the the contrast of ice and heat hitting her at once. I continued to tease her with my tongue until the ice was completely melted. My hands roamed her body, dancing over her curves, my assault moved on to her other breast.

Remembering the bottle of wine that was in the bucket I quickly grabbed it and very lightly splashed a drop between her breasts, licking it only moments later. She moaned softly, taking that as I approval,I repeated small splashes and licks all the way down to her navel. With out a splash of wine I laid a light kiss on her lower lips, her hips arched slightly.

Reaching up to the wine bucket again I placed the bottle back and grabbed a rather large piece of ice. I heard her gasp as the feel of cool air and ice mingled, the water trickled down between her her legs. Starting at her right ankle I moved it over her slender body, over her calves, thighs, her hips, her belly, around each nipple, over her neck, and then came straight down the center, through the mini valley between her breast, down to her navel, then firmly pressed it beneath my hand edging further down, the ice slipped right through her lower lips. I held my hand over the opening for a moment feeling both the heat and cool, she shivered slightly and moaned loudly.

“Oh, baby, yes,” barely escaped her lips.

I slipped my tongue in to retrieve the now almost sliver of ice. Once retrieved, I held it in my tongue and then darted my tongue back in made little circles around her clit as I played with the ice. I moved the ice all around until it finally melted. Taking a new piece of ice I held it in my mouth and pushed open her outer lips, rubbing my thumbs lightly over them I leaned down and breathed over the ice. Seeing her clit I pressed the now sliver of ice against, then sucked it backed. The ice disappeared completely and I continued to tease her clit, run circles around it, flicking back and forth, she bucked her hips beneath my my tongue. I lightly grazed my teeth over her clit ever so lightly she moaned, I flicked my tongue over and under her clit, back and forth. Her whole body slightly jerked and tightened. I felt her juices begin to flow. I pulled my tongue out and I heard a tiny whimper.

I cupped her pussy with my hand and ran my thumb over her shaved lips lightly pressing my thumb in briefly, bahis siteleri as I continued to tease her I reached down and grabbed the icy glass vibrator, water from the ice was sliding off, it was almost too slick to hold. I pressed the tip where my thumb had been. I heard her sharp intake of breath and then a breathy moan as I pushed it in further. When I had it in about two inches, I pulled it quickly out. Alyssa whimpered. I pushed it back in this time moving it circles as it pushed forward, when I had a good four inches in, I pulled it back out and then eased it back in. Reaching about six inches, I pulled slowly out but not all the way, just before reaching the head, I flicked the switch and felt it vibrate in my palm. I pressed it in firmly.

Her whole body reacted to the vibration, her hips bucked. “Oh my Ga…,” she screamed. “Oh, fuck me,” she moaned.

That egged me on, I loved watching her reaction. The vibrator was pulsating in my hand and I moved it in further and slowly pulled back, continuing until the full nine inches filled her. She wriggled beneath the restraints. Her hips arching to take it all in. My cock danced and got hotter as I watched her take in the full thing. I pulled it all the way out and quickly pushed all nine inches in to her, twisting as it went in, the vibrator still going. I gave it a few quick push and pulls. I saw here body tighten, I could tell she was about to orgasm, again.

“Yes, oh, oh, oh, oh, fuck, I’m coming” the words seemed to jerky out of her with each wave of the orgasm, I kept moving the vibrator back and forth each time in a little farther. Her juices flowed over my hand.

I quickly removed the now hot vibrator and flicked my tongue inside her tight snatch tasting her juices. I felt her grip my tongue as she hit an orgasm again. My cock was stiff as a rock, I needed relief. I carefully positioned myself above her leaving my tongue in her pussy, teasing at her clit. My shaft dangled a mere inch from her mouth. I gently lowered myself, pressing it firmly against her lips. Her mouth slipped open and she took me in her mouth, up to the cock head. I felt her expert tongue dance around it, greedily licking up the pre-cum. It was my turn to moan. She found the spot just below the cock head and I nearly exploded. I dove into her pussy, sucking, licking, seeking out her swollen clit. Her mouth continued to move up shaft, her tongue moved over every inch. She moved all the way up the shaft to the base, I could feel her repress the gag reflex. He tongue flicked at my balls and then slid down my engorged shaft and then moved back up again, all the way to the base. each time repeated a bit faster…I had to have her, now.

I wanted to feel her tight wet pussy grip my cock as I exploded inside her. I pulled my cock away from her mouth and in a swift motion positioned myself between her legs. I reached back to release her feet from their restraints and lifted them so her legs lay on my shoulder. I bent my head forward and kissed her lower lips, then slowly lowered her body till it rested above my cock.

I pushed the head in, she moaned softly her hips arched to meet me as her legs curled around my back pressing my forward. Her soft, wet pussy gripped tightly put gave way with each push, getting half way in, I slid all the way out, teasing the opening with my cock head, she seemed to moan and whimper all at the same time. I pushed my cock inside her again fast this time then I pulled all the way out. My cock head barely pressed into her flesh, teasing her outer lips. I reached forward and grabbed each breast, bring the nipples to a peak with my thumbs as slammed her sweet pussy. She moaned with delight. One last time I pulled all the way out and then pounded my cock deep into her pussy.

Her legs tightened harder around my back, her body began to shake, the walls of her pussy gripped hard I kept rocketing back and forth, feeling myself about to let go.

“Oh, oh, oh, god, I’m coming, fill me baby…” Hearing her was the last push I needed.

“Oh Alyssa,” I moaned. Our orgasm hit together. The juices rush out between us, soaking the bed.

My thumbs continue their circles over her nipples, I made a path of little kisses up her belly and to her neck, lightly nibbled on her ear, licked the inside of her ear. Then I reached up and removed the sleep mask from her eyes. In a few seconds her eyes adjusted to the moon lit room. I kissed her lips passionately, she returned it, with more fire.

I moved my hands up along her arms, lightly tickling her inner arm. She tried to resist but she was still restrained. I released her hands from the cuffs. She slid her arms down along mine and then her fingers lightly etched up to my hands where she laced her fingers with mine, she pulled her legs back, with her elbow and knee she pushed against the bed, reversing our rolls.

I saw the delight cross her face as she felt bahis şirketleri my still slightly erect cock pressed into her warm pussy. She was now in control, she gyrated against my hips, my cock responded immediately. A wicked smile crossed her lips. She continued to rock her hips back and forth, bouncing up and down. She reached into the bed side table and with drew a candle and pulled the sleep mask from off her head and placed on me, covering my eyes.

I heard a flick and the faint smell of sulfur, she continued to rock her hips. I heard the sound of metal on wood. Still moving her hips she bent down and placed a kiss on my belly button and moved up and back down my torso. Once reaching the cave of my neck and shoulder she stayed there for a moment, sucking lightly then harder, switching between both. She moved on up my neck to my chin, to the tip of my nose and then my forehead. I felt her breast brush across my lips, I flicked my tongue across it, her hips moved quicker up and down on my shaft. I took it in my mouth and suckled hard, she moaned and moved harder against my cock. Her hands quickly ran down my chest and lightly twisted my nipples. I felt my cock jump in her pussy. She continued teasing my nipples and I noticed a faint smell of chocolate.

Alyssa sat straight up along my hips, my cock firmly in her pussy lips. I felt something very warm trickle down across my navel, the smell of chocolate stronger. Her hand covered the warmth and she began to knead and massage my stomach, pressing upwards. I moved a hand to the sleep mask. She grabbed my hand and moved it back up over my head. She slip up and off my cock, her pussy just outside my cocks reach. I could feel its heat.

Holding herself above me she trickled a little more of the warm wax over each nipple, I moaned. She rubbed them in circles, my hips arched to find the warmth of her pussy. The cock head found it’s target, but she held her herself so no more could enter. The wax trickled down my arm and she rubbed it in lightly. The warmth, the chocolate, and having her pussy just out of reach, my cock had become fully engorged again, maybe a little larger.

She bent forward again, my cock completely slipped out of her pussy. I heard the sound of metal on wood again, she held one hand still above my head. Her breast again I could feel pressed lightly against my lips, I took her nipple in my mouth, grazed my teeth along it and then sucked hard. She gasped at the intensity. I heard the table drawer open again, she slowly eased her self back down, her shaved pussy pressed up against my hot throbbing cock. She slid a nubby rubber cock ring down to the base of my shaft, it lightly vibrated.

I felt the bed move slightly as she adjusted her self just over my cock. Her hands slid down and laid over my nipples. She eased herself down just past my cock head, I arched my hips to meet her, she pulled all the way off again, then she slipped down my cock again maybe a third of the way down, she paused for a moment there rubbing my nipples and leaning down to place a fiery kiss on my lips. She eased herself halfway down and then came up again. My hands came up and cupped her ass, easing her down to take it all in. She began to moving up and down the full length of my cock. I held my hand to her ass to slow down the pace a little. She ground harder against my cock, I slipped my hand back and slapped her ass, she moved harder against, running her hands along my torso and neck and up into my hair. She pulled lightly, my hips bucked pushing my cock into her and I gently slapped her ass again, she moaned. Her pace moved quicker,

“Cum for me, baby” I asked.

Her eyes lit with a wicked glint, she moved quicker against my cock. I reached up and felt her breasts twisting the nipples between my fingers. Her pussy lips tightened against my shaft, her legs tightened against my side. Her juices flowed down over my thighs and she screamed as her her orgasm hit.

“Yes, Oh Josh, oh…”

When her orgasm subside she slid off my still hard cock and knelt between my legs. I removed the sleep mask from my eyes and watched as she licked off all her juices from my throbbing cock. Her head bobbed as she covered my cock, running her tongue of every inch.

“Cum for me.”

She almost whispered her request as her mouth enveloped my cock, taking it all in down to the tops of my balls. Her hands replaced her mouth as she took my balls into her mouth and sucked on each of them. Flicking her tongue all around them. I could feel myself about to cum. She moved her hands to play with balls and covered the head of my cock with her mouth. Her teeth lightly grazed the tip and then her tongue zeroed in just below the head. My cum shot out cover her face and filling her mouth.

She licked her lips, wiped her face, and slid her body against mine until her head rested in the crook between my arm and shoulder. “Welcome home” she said.

I ran my hand along her side and let it rest a moment as it covered her breast, I pulled the covers up over us, she snuggled closer to me. I heard her regular breathing, she was asleep. I soon followed.

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