The Hotel Ch. 06

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Time started to fly; every day, things were happening. Jack bought a van; everyone was happy as the stock was coming in daily from the house clearances. Charles had spread the word and another eight firms of solicitors were giving them work. Aunt Jo had been impressed; she and mum were now working every day between the wine and antique business. Work had started on the Centre and the Auction house. Jack had been flirting with aunt Jo, she was responding, he knew that it was just a matter of time.

The pool had opened; Jack had asked the Mayor to cut the ribbon. There was a small party; Jack had invited fifty regular customers to the ceremony. The local newspapers had given it full coverage. Jack had not spent a penny advertising the Spa.

In one week over three hundred locals had taken membership of the Leisure Club Jack had created at the Spa. The Mayor’s wife had joined and was swimming every day. Edi Reid had also joined, she was swimming regularly with aunt Jo, the membership was a perk of the job for aunt Jo.

Jean had been working away; she was concentrating on getting the first floor of the Centre opened. The Auction House had been separated, the toilets and Bistro were nearly complete, these were shared with the Antique Centre, it was a smart design, the Bistro and toilets could remain open when the Antique Centre and Auction House were closed. Jean felt sure that the first floor of the Centre could open within a week, she had thirty dealers already for the first floor.

Everything was going well. Liz’s birthday was on Tuesday, Jack had already got the iPad and a lot of attachments that Liz wanted, it had cost quite a bit of money, but Molly was happy. Liz knew nothing of the iPad but was excited about having dinner in the Hotel and staying in the Suite overnight. Mum was going out for a meal with Jean that evening; Jack was happy. Mum was starting to socialise.

Jack met Molly and Liz in the Cocktail Bar; they both looked stunning. Liz looked so sophisticated. Jack ordered a bottle of champagne; he also had left one in the Suite, which Molly and Liz had drunk. Jack toasted Liz with the champagne, wished her a Happy Birthday then gave her the presents that he had hot for her. Liz opened the gifts and couldn’t believe her eyes, Liz said, “Mr Jack, thank you so much, you have given me so much, it’s incredible, that’s a fantastic birthday present, it is so kind of you, I appreciate it so much.”

Jack replied, “Liz, your mum has helped me so much, when I needed your mum, she was there for me, I know that this will help you with your University work, there’s as much pleasure in giving as there’s in receiving, I’m so happy you are happy with it.”

They had their order was taken canlı bahis then were taken to their table. Liz wanted to put her presents in the Suite for safety. As Molly and Jack sat at the table, Molly said, “Jack, thank you, did you see the look of surprise and appreciation on Liz’s face? It was fantastic. I’m so horny, Liz and I had a session when we arrived, yes Jack, we are lovers. Jack, flirt with Liz over the meal, if she responds and I’m sure she will, then we can have a nice threesome later. Look after Liz first, she’s got a lot of sexual experience, but she’s never been penetrated by a man, I’ve lost count of how many dildos and strap ons she’s had, but it’s a lot. Tonight could be special for all three of us.”

Liz came to the table. Jack stood up and pulled her chair out for her. Liz thanked and sat down. Liz said, “Mr Jack, thank you so much, it’s so fast, I tried it on the Hotel WiFi, it is so much lighter than my old laptop. Thank you.”

Jack replied, “Liz, please call me Jack when we’re socialising, if there are people about at work, then call me Mr Jack.”

“Thanks, I’ll do that.”

Over dinner, Jack asked Liz how University was going. Liz replied, “I’ll finish my law degree in the summer, then, now that I’m working, I’ll go back for another two years and get an accountancy degree.”

As Jack was listening, he felt Molly stroking his thigh with her foot under the table, then Jack replied, “Two perfect degrees, how will you use them?”

“I’ll go into business; I believe that I have the personality and the temperament to do this. I enjoy working with people and bringing the best out of them.”

Jack replied, “Liz, I could be interested in a young person like you, I have a young business, we are growing and diversifying, we must have a long chat, you could be what I’m looking for.”

“Jack, I’d be very interested in what you’re doing at the moment is amazing. You have a vision, you think it through then you make it happen, in my opinion, that’s the way to succeed.”

Jack replied, “Thanks for the compliment; let’s now enjoy your birthday; we will talk soon.”

“Just let me know, I’ll be available.”

Molly was now rubbing her foot up and down Jack’s cock; she was teasing it beautifully, Jack opened his legs to give her better access, his calf touched Liz’s calf, he left his leg there and so did Liz. He smiled at Liz; she smiled back, then she started to push against Jack’s calf with her calf gently. They had finished their main course, Molly said, “I’m full, I couldn’t eat another mouthful, the Chef has been amazing, that meal was delicious. Liz, would you care for a dessert?”

“Mum, I’m like you, I’m full, but I’d love some more champagne.”

Jack bahis siteleri said, “I’m so happy you have both enjoyed the meal, no problem with the champagne but could we have it in the Suite as I don’t like to be seen drinking in the bar?”

They both agreed, Jack got the Sommelier to bring two bottles of champagne to the Suite. They took the lift to the Suite on the second floor. The Sommelier was leaving the Suite as they arrived. Jack was impressed but remembered that they had spoken with the receptionist on the way to the lift. The room was immaculate; Jack opened the champagne, Molly and Liz sat on the sofa, the Molly said, “Jack, come and sit between us.”

Jack did as he was told but felt a little awkward as he didn’t know how to proceed with a mother and her daughter. Liz took control, she put her glass on the coffee table then cuddled Jack, their mouth’s met, they tongue kissed for a couple of minutes then said, “Jack, you just relax and enjoy, mum and I will do all the work.”

Two minutes later, they were all naked; Liz’s body was a younger duplicate of Molly’s, Liz was sucking Jack’s nipples as Molly was sucking Jack’s cock. Liz saw Jack’s cock then said, “That looks enormous, mum, let me go down on him. I don’t know if I can get all of that monster in my mouth.”

Liz went down on Jack as Molly sucked and massaged his heavy balls. Jack was amazed how well Molly and Liz worked together; they were both giving so much coordinated pleasure, they worked as a team, Jack wondered if they had ever shared any women, he knew, for sure, that he was their first man.

Jack was playing with both their pussies; they were both very wet; their sex slits were identical. Both had huge clits; he was teasing both their clits simultaneously. Both were responding to his fingering; he had felt the warmth of both their cum on his fingers several times. Jack knew that Molly wanted Jack to do Liz first, then laid Liz on the floor.

Liz spread her legs as Jack teased her clit with the bulbous head of his cock, Jack said, “Liz, I’m going to slip this inside you, slowly and gently until you get used to it, if you have any pain or discomfort then tell me.”

As Jack was saying this, Molly had put a cushion under Liz’s head then she had squatted over Liz’s face. Liz then started eating her mum’s dripping cunt as Jack slid his enormous cock up Liz’s tight cunt, Liz took the full length quickly, Jack slowly started to ride her, Liz said, “That feels amazing, I feel as though I’m totally full.”

Molly, who was also stroking Liz’s clit said, “Baby, grip Jack’s cock at the base and head of each thrust, and you’ll give him a great ride, it’s making me so horny watching him fuck you.”

Jack had bahis şirketleri now increased his tempo; this aroused Molly as she watched Jack fuck her daughter then Molly came in Liz’s mouth, Molly was riding Liz’s mouth as Liz was lapping up and swallowing her mum’s cum. Molly said, “That was so good, I needed to cum, why am I so horny? I think it’s because I’m sharing this magnificent cock with my daughter, does that make me a naughty mummy?”

Liz replied, “Mum, I’m so hot too, it’s a magnificent cock, I’m pretty close to cuming, I thought that I was going to cum when you shot your load in my mouth, if I had that would have been special, I’m sure that one day we will do this. Jack, go harder and deeper then I’ll cum for you.”

Jack was in his stride now; he was going faster and deeper, Molly was now stroking Liz’s clit with one hand as her other hand was massaging Jack’s heavy balls. A couple of minutes later, Liz had a body-shaking orgasm; she was very noisy with it. She was purring with pleasure as she said, “That was amazing, Jack you’ve taken my virginity, that’s the first cock I’ve ever had, I want and need more of it. Mum, I’m so happy that we’re sharing Jack, I’ll have to get on the pill now, I’ve calculated that I’m ok this now, but I’ll have to be careful.”

Molly said, “I’ve got a morning-after pill that I can give you, get on the pill, you shouldn’t take any chances.”

Jack then slid inside Molly’s very wet pussy; she was hot as she started to grip Jack’s cock as he began to ride her. Liz was stroking her mum’s clit as Jack started to pound her mother’s hungry cunt, Liz said, “Mum, I now know what you meant, it’s amazing to watch Jack’s enormous cock slide in and out of you, it’s so arousing to watch it, I’m getting hot again, do you want me to do anything for you mum? Your clit is so big and hard now, will I keep stroking it for you?”

Molly replied, “Yes baby, keep stroking mummy’s clit, the head of Jack’s cock is hitting my cervix, it feels so good, if you want, use my cunt juice to lube a couple of your fingers then finger fuck mummy’s ass while Jack fucks me with his magnificent cock.”

Liz did as she was told, she was soon finger fucking her mum’s ass with the same tempo as Jack was riding her, Molly said, “That feels so good, both of you are looking after me so well, I’m going to cum soon, Jack, fuck me harder baby, make me cum.”

Jack was nearly flat out as he hammered into Molly’s hungry cunt. Molly was giving Jack a great ride as she gripped his cock tightly at the base and head of each thrust. Liz was now finger fucking her mum’s ass with three fingers; all three were working together to give the others pleasure.

Five minutes later, Jack and Molly climaxed simultaneously; Molly had a powerful orgasm as Jack squirted his spunk inside her very wet cunt. Liz said, “To watch you both cum together was amazing. I am so glad that we are doing this, it feels so good and satisfying.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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