The Haristocrats Ch. 4

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Lord Gower was in his favorite position. Eyes closed in a leather chair Babette and Susanne were between his legs coaxing his massive dick with their mouths. Babette of course has unusually hairy underarms whereas Susanne is a lot younger and has very soft and silky growth in her bushy armpits. She is holding his dick and squeezing his balls as Babette the great cocksucker is devouring Lord Gower’s shaft. Lord Gower opens his eyes and looks up at us. Harpreet is in a sleeveless dress and her bushy armpits were visible to him and out of the corner of my eye I saw Lord Gower staring at her unshaven splendor. Harpreet is staring at Lord Gower to. His chest is extremely hairy and leads down to a flat stomach.

Her eyes wander further down and eyes his swollen dick as it juts out erect from a massive jungle of black hair. He is already erect and he asks her to lift her arms so that he can see her bushy underarms. “Hhhmmmmm you are even more hairy than your mother,” he says not noticing the equally hirsute Bhagwanti behind her his eyes glued to Harpreet’s hirsute wonders. “Come here sweetheart,” he says, “I want to lick your unshaven underarms. As his tongue laps the thick tufty hair in her bushy underarms he cups one of her breasts gently. Babette is still sucking his enormous dong as he continues to lap away at the long silky strands of her bushy armpit hair. She pushes away Babette and places her hand in his lap and wraps her fingers around his hot shaft and then lowers her head and puts her tongue on his cockhead.

Slowly she swallows his big cock taking him all the way down and then pulling slowly back and rolling her tongue around the large, canlı bahis purple head. He starts saying that he loves her armpit hair. He shouts in ecstasy “I love your hairy armpits. I have never seen mother and daughter with so much hair under their arms. Lift your arms so that I can see the immense black hair as I cum” Harpreet opens her mouth to swallow as much cock as possible.

He hadn’t seen Bhagwanti yet. Compared to Harpreet she might have looked a lot less hairy but she was immensely hairy. Hairier than I first thought. Her wet moist armpit hair clung to her in a wild untrimmed tangle of bushy hair. I longed to bury my face into her hairy underarms but she was just obsessed with the massive dong of Lord Gower. I was just a commoner and there was an obvious attraction for a royal dick which was now being swallowed by the facile and hungry Harpreet. Bhagwanti put her hand on my dick but the sexy Babette needed a cock in her mouth. Since she was being denied Lord Gower’s cock who was being happily blown by hairy Harpreet she grabbed my cock and licked the wet cockhead. Susanne had crawled and put her face into Bhagwanti’s hairy fleece. There was an orgy but everyone had their eyes on Harpreet and her obvious delight at sucking off Lord Gower.

Harpreet sucked his shaft into her mouth, working her tongue along it and sucking at it in bursts. Lord Gower groaned out loud as she took more of the head of his extraordinary fat cock into her mouth while her fingers jerked the flesh up and down. His hips started to move up and down pushed her head further onto his enormous cock. I then went towards Babette and licked at the extremely hairy growth in bahis siteleri her unshaven armpits. It was a wonderful feeling as I licked at the long hair. I looked up just in time to catch the jet of sperm that flooded into Harpreets mouth as Lord Gower came as waves of pleasure overtook him as he shuddered and violently put all his jism in Harpreet’s hot willing and eager mouth.

But he hadn’t had enough. I watched him do something he rarely does maybe what he had last done with Lady Constance whose untrimmed armpit locks may have matched the crowning glory in Harpreet’s gleaming buttery armpits. He asked her to place her arms behind her head and her unshaven armpits spread out before him. She got down on her knees and pressed her hairy underarms against his limp dick. Within seconds his cock grew hidden in the black forest of her untrimmed luxuriant armpits. “Aaaahhhhhhh” he roared “My cock is bursting again I love the feel of your busy armpits against my cock” as he pushed his cock into her armpit locks. We all stopped to watch and even Babette my cock still in her mouth looked in amazement as Lord Gower moved his prick in and out of Harpreet’s armpit forest. He screamed, “I am ccuummmmmmmiiinnnnggggg as he took out his cock and sprayed his uncontrollable jism into her bushy underarms.

I took my cock out of Babette’s mouth and shoved it into the heavy pelt of hair in Babette’s luxuriant armpits rubbing in amongst the profuse growth of hair in her bushy armpits. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh” I yelled as the soft silky hair scraped against my exposed glans and I plunged deep into her armpit forest wet and moist with her earlier exertions. What Lord Gower bahis şirketleri could do I could do better. Nothing could stop me as even Harpreet and Bhagwanti moved towards me. I was pushing my dick into her armpit forest and I had Bhagwanti raise her arms before me and I pulled at the hairy growth there. I needed more and I tongued the armpit forests of Susanne not for a moment relenting as I drove my shaft in and out of the slick matted armpit jungle of Babette. Lord Gower had a smile as he aw me go berserk before all these women and I found that he too was getting hard again.

He motioned to the sisters again and they both came to him. To my amazement I saw Harpreet getting on top of him as she sat on his erect dick as it filled her wet pussy. He thrust upwards his hands locked in the long mane of hair in harpreet’s unshaven pits. Bhagwanti loved getting her pussy sucked and once again to my surprise Lord Gower was slurping and licking at Bhagwanti’s gaping clit. Harpreet rode him like a bucking horse as she moved up and down on Lord Gower’s massive dick.

Babette was now trying to put her mouth near my cock as I drove my cock in and out of her bushy armpits. The tip pf my prong slid in and out of her sweaty matted armpits and touched her outstretched tongue. I was ready to deposit my seed into her bushy armpits as I thrust into her wet hairy armpits and soon my cock swelled and I came in torrents and turned her jet-black bushy armpits into a lake of white sperm.

Lord Gower was straddled and thrusting in unbridled passion most unlike him. Luckily only Susanne and Babette who had temporarily joined were seeing him in this manner. The haristocrat was letting his hair down or maybe letting himself into Harpreet’s hair as he soon came in a thundering climax as both Harpreet and Bhagwanti found themselves engulfed in spasms as they had multiple orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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