The Guidance of Nephews Ch. 04

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Sundar studied late into the night. He had slept in deep slumber right after the wild fucking session with his aunt. The eighteen year old had found it physically and emotionally draining. Saroja, his aunt, held him close and allowed him to sleep resting on her own satiated body.

At times his mouth was on her breast. At other times his leg was thrown across her, with the unrelenting penis, which seemed to lose no hardness at all, remaining engorged even as Sundar slept. And at still other times, his leg was pressed between her legs, rubbing against her pussy, feeling the dry, coarse hair — matted from the fluids having dried and caked her pubic hair into a tangle.

He was knocked out for a long time. They ate late. She never did cook. Saroja just hurriedly made some sandwiches all the while wondering about the maid Suguna. Suguna seemed to have left discreetly. When Saroja awoke, Sundar was still asleep, stretched out across her. Her eyes stole a glance downward and there was his ever present hardon. If she had known at that point that Suguna had already made her quiet exit, she would have might have chosen to mouth Sundar’s cock.

She wanted to return his gift of an intense orgasm from oral sex with one gift of her own. She had always fantasized about waking up Arvind, her husband, by mouthing him from a passive, docile cock to an aroused wild state. But an opportunity had never really presented itself. Today it had, but it was with her young nephew with whom she wanted to draw a line and an end to the sexual trysts. Also, but she had to worry about Suguna outside. And so she let this opportunity slip by.

When she did step out she found the house completely quiet and discovered that she and her illicit young lover had been left to their own devices. Saroja had no way of knowing what Suguna might have seen or guessed. She did not have to contend with that just now. She didn’t want to go and wake up the young lad. Waking up had its own lazy connotation which had more than once ended in sex with Arvind. She avoided that situation. Later, when Sundar came downstairs he had changed and was fully clothed. He gave his aunt an affectionate hug.

They had a very matter of fact conversation which veered around to the choices before them for lunch. And so it came to be that sandwiches were had. When Saroja asked her nephew to study, he promptly left for the study room and found that he was really able to get down to the work which had previously eluded him. He wanted Saroja manni to think well of him. He needed to remain in her good books if he was going to have her as he pleased.

And yet, his mind and body would not forget that he was alone in the house with that luscious woman, that goddess. He was distracted by his arousal drifting in and out of a state of erection from time to time. He found it difficult to manage the tightness and finally decided to wear a lungi (a sarong-like garment worn around the waist). This allowed him to rub or stroke himself into a subdued state and get on with his studies. When Arvind uncle returned home from work, Sundar kept to his books with even greater fervor, not daring to look his uncle in the eye. Nor did he want to be seen in Saroja manni’s presence lest his restless cock gave him away. He studied well and late into the night.

When Saroja manni brought him a flask of coffee, she too was furtive and quick. Her night gown had buttons right down the front and the youngster could not help imagining if that was something his uncle would take advantage of. His eyes were fixated on those breasts which he had feasted on earlier in the day and his ears reddened. Before he realized it, Saroja had left the room.

There were no noises from their bedroom much to Sundar’s relief. It was that very room and that very marital bed on which his aunt and he had made noisy love. And finally when he lay in bed he could not help imagining his aunt hovering above him, fucking down on him, her slippery cunt flowing down on to his cock. He moaned out her name with an aching longing as relief and sleep washed over him.

It was also to Saroja’s relief that her husband was somewhat tired from his work day and did not reach out for her. She was quite sure she could not have managed it. The young nephew had given her quite a mauling and she would not have been able to take any thing more from her husband — not that there was much of a challenge in his amorous attentions. He could barely hold himself. But she didn’t want to look into his eyes or hold him tight when all she wanted to do was reminisce about the wild, long and animal afternoon. She did not want to end up comparing the better-endowed stud with her husband. It might provoke feelings of lust in her and that was no way to put an end to the horribly illicit affair. It wasn’t incest — but he was family, dammit.

These thoughts through the night did not allow Saroja to sleep too well. She tossed and turned all night. When she did sleep memories flooded back of his hands on her breasts and how she had been held and squeezed. Her nipples swelled and she had to calm herself back to sleep. She did not venture out canlı bahis of the bedroom as she might have on other sleepless nights. She did not want to encounter Sundar out there. There was no saying what the boy might do. She remembered his luscious erection — the cum coated cock that would not be subdued. She had heard that this was how it was when a young man first lost his virginity.

But there was also no saying anything about how she might herself react if accosted. Her pussy ached with unlocked desire for more. And at the same time she had to prevent an uncontrolled unleashing of illicit passions. When done to make the boy study better it was justifiable, she told herself. Anything else……. The thought of anything else reminded her how virile and stallion like the young man’s riding of her had been. Or indeed of how satisfying it had been for her to ride him, while speared with his ever-hard cock.

She allowed herself some gentle stimulation in search of some measure of relief somewhere during the relentless night. She actually wanted to violently thrust her fingers up her cunt; but she was afraid any rocking motion might wake her husband up. She needed violent, insistent pleasure. She compensated by pinching and twisting her nipple while remaining gentle while probing her pussy. It brought a mild tremor that provided relief. And with that she drifted into another of the innumerable short naps that made her night.

Saroja was therefore glad when dawn allowed her to go open the door for the maid and the milkman. While her day began early because she had hardly slept, Sundar slept late.

Suguna, the maid, kept to herself when she reached Saroja’s house for her daily chores. She did not want to embarrass the lady of the house. The young master deserved his passions and Suguna was not one to be judgmental. Having seen young Sundar’s endowments through the gaps in the door the previous day, her sympathies lay with her lady Saroja. Saroja amma could not be blamed for wanting the lusty lad. It was every woman’s right to seek pleasure for herself wherever she could find it. If the men could, so could they!

Suguna noticed the dark circles under her mistress’s eyes. She must have been kept awake by the young man. “Surely, he must have stamina and be insatiable as guys at their age are wont to be,” she thought enviously. “But was Saroja amma indulging him all night long?” she wondered. That would take a lot of any woman, mused Suguna, thinking of how lucky Saroja amma was to have an in-house toyboy. “Poor woman. She must be bruised and aching from the handling by that young fellow’s vigor. Today Saroja amma would surely ask for a massage from me,” she thought. Her own pussy warmed at the thought of the young master wanting and sustaining himself for that long. Suguna found herself wondering if she should lend her lady a helping hand, lest the woman wear herself out completely!

Saroja assumed Suguna had heard or seen nothing the previous day. She had no other choice but to assume as such. She gave the maid the daily instructions in a routine fashion, not giving much scope for idle gossip. Saroja had no idea how the day would go. Soon, the boy would be up. Afternoons would be typically quiet and she knew she didn’t want to get into bed with Sundar. But she didn’t know anything about her own will power or what might happen if Sundar did make a move. She had of course, told the young man that this was a one-off. But being around the same house as him for several hours in the afternoon was going to be very volatile indeed. That she knew.

By mid-morning Arvind had left for work. He was pleased that his nephew had studied well into the night and allowed the youngster a late morning. Suguna wondered if the lady of the house might step out at some point in time. If she did, she and the young man would be alone at home. She would not mind that at all.

On he previous night, the maid Suguna had hoped her husband would come home and fuck her. She liked his rough style, well toned body and the hard muscles and calloused hands. She wanted that roughness. Alas, he came home more or less drunk. He wanted to fuck her, which is what he wanted when drunk. But the libido was more in his mind. His body was soaked in alcohol and was not quite able to match his intended moves. Suguna had gone to sleep disappointed when her husband finished prematurely and fell into slumber.

She had been intensely turned on by the glimpses of her mistress’s body on full display. She had been aroused to see the young masters’ well endowed cock. She had masturbated as she watched and listened to the sounds of their fucking. Saroja amma had moaned, the boy had screamed and there was plenty of panting and groaning as they two pleasured each other. Fortunately, their noises drowned out her own stifled moan as she came — it was totally unsatisfying but met the most immediate of her needs. At that time she had the night with her own husband to look forward to.

But now on this morning — the night after — her own body screamed with unsatiated lust.

The manner in which she organized her house work that morning bahis siteleri needs to be understood in this context. Otherwise, tidying up the guest room which Sundar was using was supposed to done later, after the young man was up and done with his bath. But Saroja amma was bustling about the house and showing no signs of leaving for one of her shopping expeditions. Nor had she woken up Sundar.

Saroja amma herself looked bed-raggled and well-fucked. Suguna was consumed by curiosity to ascertain what the night might have been like. Had Saroja amma found time to join young Sundar in his bed again at night? Had the older woman and younger man fucked while Arvind Sir was asleep in the next room? If she looked so used, how was he feeling? So many questions and the young man held so much promise if her mistress’s condition was anything to go by! Insatiable and lusty — she imagined and fantasized herself into a desperate state.

Finally, she figured Sundar’s state and his room would tell her all she wanted to know. A bed sheet askew. A bra or panty lying tangled in the sheets. Stains on the bed cover. And perhaps she could get a good look at the youngster’s stud-like body.

She pushed the door gently, hoping against hope that the door would not be locked. It was not locked. Sundar had left it unlatched so that his aunt could come visiting if she wanted. Saroja manni had not come visiting, but Sundar slept soundly, unlike the woman of his devotions.

Suguna peered around the room and noticed that curtains were drawn and books were open on the study table. On the bed lay Sundar, covered by the sheets. His shoulders were bare and one arm was over the sheet, the other seemed to be under the sheet. He lay flat on his back. Perhaps he was bare under those sheets? Maybe they had fucked till he was drained? Maybe she was on top and that was why he on his back? Maybe she had taken him in several other ways and then allowed him to lie back? Maybe he had become a man in one short (or should that be long?) night and his aunt had lovingly covered him on her way out?

Suguna looked down the supine body as her eyes adjusted to the lighting of the room. And there, between his legs, was a tent pole, holding aloft the soft sheet. Suguna’s heart leapt — the boy was in a state of erection. The height of the tenting suggested impressive dimensions and her throat went dry. Her breathing became heavy as she felt her blouse constricting her. Her breasts, unrestrained by any bra for she wore none, pulsated in the restraining cotton of her blouse. Her nipples became erect and she became conscious of her the tightness in her chest.

She moved to the foot of the bed and gently holding the sheet, pulled it down. It glided down his body, uncovering his chest, sparsely covered with hair. And as she pulled further, the edge of the sheet snagged on the peg formed by his cock. And when she tugged it slipped further, rewarding her with a clear view of his cock. His hand was encircled around the mast, the fingers limp as they had released the flesh after one more release.

Had he taken her? Or not? Or had he taken her and then found the need to masturbate? And even then was still in lust?

She crawled on the bed, unmindful that servants were not supposed to use furniture in Saroja amma’s house. Her saree palloo slid from her shoulder and her cream colored blouse bulged under the weight and pressure of her breasts. With that, the cream color took on the tint of the brown mass of the breasts within. The material was thin and the nipples pushed and strained against it. Her armpits were damp with sweat from the day’s exertions.

She moved up the bed, eyes on the underside of the cock and the testicles that lay before her. It seemed caked with fluids that might well have spurted from within; or from Saroja amma. His hands were encircling the base of his cock and she wondered if it was going to hinder what she was inclined to do.

When her head was over his cock, she looked down and watched as it stayed erect, only slightly sagging under its own weight. She undid her hair with one hand allowing it to cascade down. The strands tickled and played with his thighs. They came down as a curtain on the act about to be carried out. Suguna opened her mouth, moist and wet with her saliva. Willingly and with enthusiasm her head moved down to cover the object of her immediate desire. She surprised herself with her willingness to engage in something her husband had to usually force her to do.

There was no hand behind her head forcing her down as her lips, mouth and throat opened and took in young master Sundar’s unsuspecting cock.

She held her lips on the coarse mat of pubic hair, opening her throat by relaxing her muscles, giving him all the space he needed to be accommodated. She normalized her breathing, inhaling and exhaling routinely. Her salivary glands were active in this position and they poured, wetting him. She allowed the dried coat of fluids to moisten so she could smell, taste and assess what Sundar might have been through.

She headed off a whiff of nausea at the stale smell of his semen by quickly bahis şirketleri bobbing her head up and down and letting her lips form a quick pleasure-giving “O” around the boy’s now-throbbing meat. Her saliva poured down and provided much needed wetness that allowed her to use her lips and mouth like a love-channel.

“Unh!” he moaned as his hips involuntarily moved and his hand touched her cheek. He ringed the base of his penis in his drowsy state, offering himself to the woman mouthing him. There was only one woman in his body, mind and soul. He had wanted her for months now, had her at a feast yesterday and had left the door open for her. His other hand held her head and he fucked the mouth over his cock with a gusto.

Suguna let her hand join his in ringing his cock. She let her fingers tangle with his. She fisted the cock as she raised her head up. Her fist twisted and twirled the pillar of flesh thrilling him. And when her lips had reached the top of his cockhead, she pursed her lips to press down on the knot of tissue there. She ran her lips on the round head, knowing that somewhere there, the young master would feel a particular sensation.

He did. He wanted to reward her, for her to join in the pleasure. As the mists of sleep cleared from his mind, he found himself in a daze of pleasure. And he was doing nothing. The woman was doing it all and he was under the mistaken impression that it was his Saroja manni. He had to give her something in return. His Goddess could not go unattended.

Suguna felt young Sundar’s toes touch the inside of her ankle and trace the path upward to the inside of her thigh. She wiggled her legs open wider to allow him all the space he needed. Sundar pressed his big toe into her bushy triangle, rubbing and searching, looking for a gap to press his digit into.

“Mmm!” mumbled Suguna to encourage the young man in his endeavors. Sundar’s hands roamed her head and neck, feeling her hot skin and luxuriating in that contact, even as he encouraged her to mouth him. Her hands reached upwards and her fingers roamed his chest, rubbing his nipples and his young hard body. Yes! She was going to partake of this feast soon! Suguna exulted in her mind. Her strategy was paying off, and she was glad she had crept in. Saroja amma was too self-absorbed today and Suguna felt she could resurface before her absence was detected.

As his fingers played with the woman’s head, neck and back, Sundar realized he had not felt any bra straps on the back. Her breasts were then easy to fondle, surely? His hands reached under and he felt the full, heavy breasts and weighed the sagging mountains of flesh. He found the nipples atop them and thumbed them, thrilling at their long, grape-like countenance. Maybe he had not paid enough attention to them yesterday. Today……

“Aah!” he yelped when suddenly she removed her lips and her fist closed in on his much harder cock and pumped him. She did that with incessant vigor and Sundar felt he was going to explode in her face any second now. And he didn’t want to! He wanted to sink into her cunt, have her under him, crush her and pound her and fill her and own her. He wanted to be her man, on top, dominant.

But she seemed stronger than yesterday. She held him down and alternated fist with mouth with a quickness that drove him mad. And just when he felt his control was going to be lost, she pressed down on the cockhead and held still. She held still for so long that he felt a painful receding of his release. He pinched both her nipples and arched his back trying to fuck her fist or her mouth. He was not in control of his body, for what he really wanted was to beat back the cumming and avoid release. But his body had a life all its own.

She shuffled forward, her saree unraveling as she moved ahead, her hair stroking his body. When she was over him, her lips streaked with his juices, he noticed it was Suguna the maid, not Saroja his manni (technically sister-in-law; but he was actually her nephew.) She leaned forward and her coarse pubic hair prickled on his tender cock skin as she stroked his lunging monster with her triangle.

She was expert. Her lip- and hand-play on his cock had conveyed that much. As she moved down she allowed his cock to paint her breasts with its leaking semen. Her blouse was stained, so was her torso and all the way down to the vale between her legs she let his cock anoint her. Her eyes were dark and deep and sensuous. And when she came atop him, the wide lotus shaped eyes looked deep into his lust-laden eyes.

The breasts loomed in his face and he saw the dark brown circles under the thin veil of the cream colored fabric. Her nipples were large and turgid and seemed designed to feed. Her breasts were larger and wiggled and bounced under their own weight, as much as they did due to her lithe movements. He wanted them in his hand and mouth. She read his eyes and the bobbing in his throat: the boy was thirsty. She pulled at her blouse, successfully prising apart some of the hooks. Other hooks just snapped as the flesh spilled out to feed him. She was remarkably beautiful, her chocolate skin glistening with mild perspiration. She had a big round dot on her forehead and her taali, the necklace made of small black beads and a gold locket signifying her married status swung as she heaved her curvaceous body around.

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