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Big Dick

There’s nothing like unexpected sex. Last night, for example, while I was at your house ‘helping’ you pack for your trip today, the last thing I thought would happen would be sex of any kind. You were pressed for time, and even though I wanted nothing more than to have you inside of me, I told myself not to expect anything. To just do what I came to do, wish you a good trip, and go home to my own bed. So while I watched a movie with bad acting and good special effects, you went off to the shower. You left the door open just a crack, and I could see enough of the bathroom mirror to watch you take your clothes off. I’m convinced you did that on purpose, maybe you wanted me to join you, maybe not. You know how I love your body, how it turns me on to see you and feel you. There’s not much I like more than having your bare skin against mine. I wish I could have seen you in the shower, but even if the angle was better, I’m sure the mirror was fogged. I contented myself instead with imagining you glistening wet and running soap over your body. It didn’t take long for me to regret that decision…I wanted you more than ever.

I got up to look out the window and try to take my mind off you. As I watched cars go by nine stories below us, I felt you come up behind me wearing your towel. You brushed my hair off my neck and gently pressed your lips behind my ear. Your touch sent shivers down my spine as you kissed your way down my neck towards my throat. Your arms slid around my waist as you turned me around to face you, capturing my mouth in yours. You teased me into a passionate kiss that left me gasping for breath and tangling my fingers into your short hair. I was torn between the desire to join in your seduction or to tell you to stop, not to tease me. Lust won as you slid your hands under my small pink tee-shirt and whipped it over my head, tossing it somewhere towards the balcony. The tips of your fingers dug into my skin as you ran your hands up and down my back. You pulled me close to you as my hips ground against your growing erection and you reached up to graze your hand against my nipple. I moaned and tilted my head back as you teased my earlobe with your tongue. I crushed my mouth against you while you quickly untied my bikini top and let it drop to the floor. You leaned down and slid my left nipple into your mouth, flicking it with your tongue as I arched my back towards you, running my hands over your back and shoulders feeling your muscles tense when I touched sensitive skin. You sucked hard on the delicate flesh and bit down making me gasp.

I frantically clawed at your shoulders and scalp as you tormented me, finally rising to kiss me so passionately that I lost all sense of time and place and propriety. You fumbled with my belt buckle and the button on my jeans, finally succeeding in sliding the tight pants down my hips and to the floor where I kicked them out of the way. Strong hands squeezed my ass as I leaned to kiss your neck, hoping you liked it when I sucked gently on the skin just under your jaw. Smiling mischievously because I know it’s your Achilles’ heel, I breathed against your earlobe, then dragged my moist lips against it. I unrolled the towel from your waist as my tongue traced patterns on your ear. I reached down and grabbed your long, hard cock in my right hand, finally eliciting a groan from your lips. You pendik escort instinctively squeezed my breast as I tightened my grip on you and moved my hand. Kissing you one last time, I let go and dropped to my knees. I love the slightly submissive feeling I get from kneeling in front of you. You look so big and powerful above me. You started breathing faster as though you knew what I was going to do. You were right. Holding the base of your cock, I slid the head past my lips, teasing with the tip of my tongue as I sucked you deeper into my mouth. I used my other hand to press your hips towards my mouth.

Looking innocently into your eyes, I took a good six inches of cock into my throat, pulsing my hand around the remainder that wouldn’t fit. Your eyes rolled as your head tilted back. I felt your hand slide down the back of my head, tightening into a fist in my hair. It pulled and I got a thrill from the slight pain. You subconsciously pulled me deeper onto your erection. If I hadn’t practiced on you so much, I wouldn’t have been able to take it. I sucked harder, bobbing my head against you, trying to catch your eye. You looked down at me as I made my best innocent face, knowing that if you could speak, you would make a sarcastic comment. You know I’m not innocent. Smiling slightly, I slipped your cock from my lips and slid my tongue down to drag your balls into my mouth. Somewhere above me I heard you moan and curse as your knees started to shake. I sucked gently on them, first one then the other. I love how they feel in my mouth almost as much as I love the reaction I get from you. I didn’t want to hurt you, so I quickly slid your entire length back into my mouth and then back out. I didn’t want to spend too much time teasing you. After all, you still had a flight to catch. I think you had the same idea because you held my shoulders and pulled me to my feet. You kissed me in that way I love, gently holding my face and neck and softly gliding your lips against mine. After all this time, I still get weak in the knees when you do that.

Your hands dropped to my hips, feeling the ample curves before running your fingers inside the waist band of my lace panties. Breaking the kiss, you crouched down and pulled them from my body. You left a trail of soft kisses down my chest and stomach as you propped my foot on the bed. Mimicking my earlier performance, you smiled up at me with a dangerous twinkle in your eye. Spreading me open with your fingers, you ran your tongue down my dripping slit. Your lips wrapped around my clit and pulled, making me moan as I flexed my fingers in your hair. In all honesty, I don’t know what you were doing to me. Every little thing you did made me moan. My whole body was tingling as you moved your mouth against me, teasing me with your tongue and fingers. I could barely stand upright as you did everything you could to drive me crazy. I wanted to cum with you, and I knew you wouldn’t let me down, so I pulled you to your feet, pressing my lips against yours even as you pulled me towards the bed. You let me go only long enough to grab a condom from the dresser, then pulled me back into your arms. Lowering me gently onto the bed, your hands explored as much of my body as you could reach before tearing open the condom with your teeth. Sitting on the bed beside you, I noticed a drop of precum glistening on the head escort pendik of your cock, so I bent down to taste it. You seemed to forget about the task at hand as your head dropped back onto the pillow and you moaned encouragement. Never one to deprive you, I once more took the entire length deep into my throat before moving my head up and down along the shaft. I watched you out of the corner of my eye as you rubbed your hand against your forehead, eyes closed, biting your bottom lip. Your back arched and your head rolled back as you whispered encouragement to me.

“Oh yeah, mmm, oh God…fuck, oh yeah baby.”

Simple words that never fail to make me get wet. Not wanting to lose you to the moment, I stopped to kiss you, then sat back to let you don the condom.

As soon as you were ready, I straddled you and took your entire length into my body. Smiling, I leaned down to ask “You like that?”

You gripped my hips and ground into me as you nodded. Your cock pressed against my cervix making me moan at the intense pleasure. I wondered briefly what this would be like with a smaller man, then dismissed the thought because I don’t want to know. It’s perfect like this. I love how big you are, how you fill every inch of me, stretching me and showing me how far my body will go. Biting your lip, I ask you “How do you want this?”

I love how the words sound coming from your mouth, so I took the chance that you’d like it too. You answered between gasps “However you want it baby. I’m not picky.”

“Clearly” I said as I began to move my hips back and forth. I like to take it slow once in a while, but you had me too fired up to do anything but fuck you as hard and as fast as I could. Digging my nails into your chest, I threw my head back as the first cries left my mouth.

It felt like fireworks were exploding inside my body as I rode you, and your words were causing a fountain-like effect between my legs. Over my own gasps and moans, I listened to you moaning words you probably couldn’t even hear yourself… “Oh yeah, baby, that’s right, fuck yeah, ohh, oh yeah…”

My cries filled the room as I pressed down on you and moved faster, feeling so close to an orgasm but wanting to prolong the anticipation. I slowed my movements and rested my body against yours, burying my face in the crook of your neck and kissing you there.

You took control then, and began to thrust your hips, driving your cock into me hard and deep, just how I like it. You rub against my clit as your cock curves to fill me again, touching every sensitive spot and making me scream into the pillow. Your name caught in my throat as I joined in your commentary…”Oh fuck! Oh God baby, you feel so good. Oh yeah, fuck me hard. Oh god, oh god….Oh! Fuck, yes, yes, oh god yeah…harder baby, oh yeah”.

Just as you felt me getting close, you stopped moving and gripped the base of the condom, indicating to me to get off. I slid off you, missing the fullness as you bent me over the bed and stood to enter me from behind. I’ll never get bored of the intensity of having you fuck me like this. It’s the only way you fit completely inside of me, and I feel like a virgin again every time because it’s so tight. You know better than to be gentle, and pound into me with an intensity you rarely use. I couldn’t see your face, but if I had to guess, I’d say you were waiting pendik escort bayan for me to start tearing holes in the sheets.

I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of your balls hitting my clit and the head of your cock pressing deeper inside of me. With one hard thrust, I screamed into the bed before propping myself up on my elbows knowing you like hearing me when you fuck me like that. I’d never been so loud as I begged you not to stop…”Oh god baby! Fuck me harder, don’t stop! Shit…oh, god…ooh yeah just like that. Oh god that’s so good…”

I lost track of time as you pounded relentlessly into me. I gripped the blanket, twisting it my hands as my fingernails dug into my palms. Suddenly, you stopped thrusting and began moving slowly in circles instead. Unable to hold myself up, I dropped my face to the pillow, almost whimpering as you touched every hidden place inside of me. I’d never experienced this feeling before and I could barely handle it. Suddenly, just as you had my muscles tightening in anticipation, you switched back to the intense pounding. The shock is what I needed to send me over the edge and I wondered if you could feel me cum as I squeezed around your cock, screaming into the pillow. You didn’t stop, prolonging the orgasm as you thrust right through it. Suddenly, you stopped and pulled out. I looked to see if you’d already finished when you flipped me onto my back and spread my legs wide.

Sliding on top of me into my favourite position, you began moving more slowly, letting me come down from the intense orgasm, rubbing the base of your cock against my clit as the head stimulated my g-spot. My knees bent around your hips as I began moving to meet your strong body as it entered mine over and over again. My nails dug into your shoulders as I moaned in time with your movements, unable to get out any real words. Like always, you knew what I wanted and moved faster and faster until you were fucking me with a surreal intensity. I could feel your balls slapping against my ass, your hot breath on my neck and your nipple piercing teasing my own sensitive tips as you drove me to the edge again. I began screaming and moaning as you groaned in my ear. Finally, I surrendered to it “Oh God baby, I’m going to cum again!”

I’d never spoken like that to you, but you didn’t seem to mind as you increased the pace, seeming to grow harder inside of me. Finally, I sensed your orgasm approaching and let myself go along with you. The sound of you moaning “Oh yeah…ugh…fuck yeah…” in my ear set me off again and I squeezed my muscles around you, wondering how it felt to you as you pounded into my tight, contracting pussy. I cried out once more before you collapsed on top of me, gasping for breath. I wrapped my arms around your neck and kissed your sweaty cheek.

Aftershocks rippled through my body…maybe you felt them, maybe not. You moaned against my skin before you kissed me gently and rolled onto the bed. We laid there, not speaking as our breathing slowed to normal. Finally, you said “wow” and I giggled as I moved to kiss you again.

“That was fucking amazing” you tell me. I felt the same way, but I liked hearing you say it.

I nuzzled my cheek against your shoulder and murmured my agreement “You’re incredible”.

I wished that we could lie together like that all night, but you still had that plane to catch, so I let you head back to the shower. I knew there wouldn’t be time later to tell you in any detail how great you were, but I didn’t mind. This way everyone knows…some lovers are worth immortalizing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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