Running Partner

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I have always been into running and swimming for exercise, but recently found someone to get me into it even more. One day last week, one of my dogs got away from the yard, and I was just about to go out looking for her when the phone rang and someone said she had found her in their yard, and that they would bring her over.

I made my apologies and offered to go over and get her, but she said she was going out running, and knew the street I lived on, and she would be right over.

I was very happy to see my dog in a few minutes, and even happier to see her leash being carried by a beautiful woman dressed in black running tights, and a sweatshirt.

There was nothing incredibly revealing about her attire, except for the fact that she was quite attractive, several years my senior, and had gorgeously shaped legs. I apologized again at the inconvenience, and thanked her profusely for returning with my dog.

She said she was happy to help and set out for her run. I managed to ask her about her running and to feel free to call on me if she needed a running partner. She said thanks, and she had my phone number written down from my dog’s collar. Before I could get any more words out, she said bye, that she would call me, and set off on her run. I watched her for a few moments, and marveled at her stride and her lovely legs. She was one of those pretty, graceful runners with a natural, yet powerful stride.

Well, I didn’t think I would hear from her again until a few days later I got a phone call from her. I realized I didn’t know her name, but recognized her voice. She introduced herself as Ann, and asked if I would be interested in running with her the next day. I cheerily agreed, and we met as planned. We jogged several miles together and chatted easily about running, training, and just enjoyed each others company. So much so, in fact, that we began to run together quite regularly because our schedules and jogging paces matched quite well.

I learned a lot about Ann, including the fact that she was recently detached from her boyfriend, and also into stretching and yoga. I expressed an interest in both of her other exercises, and she invited me to her place one afternoon after our run. We arrived at her place quite sweaty after a great run, and she showed me to a spare bedroom she made into a studio for her stretching with mats and mirrors, and music. We pulled out the mats, and she said she would show me a few of the exercises she does after running to cool down and keep limber. I enjoyed her soft voice and the comfortable way she exercised her tired muscles. But I began to become quite distracted by her well muscled legs and occasional glimpses of her stomach and bare skin that showed through her clothes as she stretched. It was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate on stretching with a growing bulge in my running shorts that was very difficult to conceal with the routines we were doing. Every so often she would help me stretch a certain muscle by placing her hand on that muscle so that I could feel where I was supposed to feel the stretch. She would position my leg this way, or that way, or push down of pull me in ways that would help me become more flexible.

My legs were feeling great, but other parts of me were getting quite tight. ?I think she sensed my awkward feelings, but by now I think we were both beginning to enjoy this game.

She showed me a tandem stretch where se sat facing each other with our legs out to the side so that our feet were touching, and we would alternatively pull each other forward to stretch out the inner thigh muscles. When she pulled me forward, I could only stretch so far, but my head was only inches form her stomach. When I pulled her forward, her head was right at my crotch. She said this was good for the inner thighs and hip joint. I smiled and told her it felt pretty good for me too. She just laughed and said she could tell.

We were still pretty sweaty, and I was enjoying her scent. She offered me some cool water, and said I was welcome to jump in the shower if I wanted, and she would fix a quick bite to eat. She brought me a towel, and some change of clothes of things she bursa escort said would probably fit me, and left for the kitchen.

I was hoping she would come bounding in while I was showering, but no such luck. I managed to cool down and sufficiently clean off. I found her in the kitchen preparing some fruit and drinks, and she said she was going to shower too.

She then added that she wouldn’t mind if I sat with her in the bathroom while she showered so that we could talk. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this offer. She had been so casual and so comfortable with me in her bathroom, with my obvious excitement during her stretching. Ann seemed very comfortable with her body and everything seemed natural without any tensions.

So I grabbed a bowl of fruit and joined her in the bathroom. Without any further ado, she began to undress in front of me easily carrying on a conversation. I was enjoying her comfort with things, and I was truly enjoying the sight of her beautiful body. She peeled off her tights and top and stood for a few moments admiring herself in the mirror dressed only in her sports underwear and bra. She spoke easily of the parts of her body she was working on, and asked what I thought of her legs, and if I thought she needed more muscle here of there. I told her that her legs were quite wonderful and how I admired the care she took of her body.

She thanked me, and faced away from me to remove her bra and panties. I tried hard not to stare, and caught a glimpse of her swaying breast from the side as she tossed her clothes aside and stepped into the shower.

The bathroom was quite large, and I was sitting in a chair at the rear corner of the shower. Ann seemed to almost to forget I was there for a while as I was allowed to observe the ritual of her showering. I watched her taut body soaking languorously in the hot water as she relaxed into the stream.

Then she turned to face me with her eyes closed, and I drank in the sight of the rest of her beautiful body. She closed her eyes and tipped her head into the water. Her breasts were perfectly shaped with small, round, hard nipples jutting forward. The water streamed down her tight stomach to the dark hair between her legs, and onward down her muscled legs. This woman was incredible.

I didn’t feel like she was showing off, or was just teasing me with this. I felt totally at ease with her, and felt as if she trusted me to be with her. Again, I told her how lovely she looked, and thanked her for letting me see her like this. I asked her how it was that she felt so at ease as to let me come into her bathroom with her. She said she trusted me, and that this was just part of her natural habit and she thought she would like to share this part of her with me.

I sat silently in the presence of this beautiful woman as she soaped herself, seeming to pay special attention to her breasts and legs. At times she would face me fully at look at me watching her as she rubbed the lather on herself. Then she would stand sideways and rather tease me with rubbing herself between her legs. She knew I was enjoying myself because the bulge in my pants was quite prominent by now. Maybe she had planned this whole scenario because to clothes she had given me to wear were not quite enough to conceal my excitement. I guess we knew enough about each other by now to know or at least to suspect, that this was the sort of game we both enjoyed.

By now, her movements were clearly sexual, and she knew she was turning me on like crazy. She lifted one leg to rest it on the side of the tub, and started to rub her pussy and masturbate for me. For a few moments, she stared directly at me, and I was transfixed to her movements. Then her eyes closed as she continued to rub her pussy with one hand and squeeze her hardened nipple with the other. She slid a couple fingers inside herself and rubbed her clitoris with her thumb. She looked me squarely in the eyes as she withdrew her shiny fingers.

Then she said, “Why don’t you take those clothes off so I can see your body too?”

So I slowly stood up and took of my shirt and slid off my shorts. My erection sprang free and she smiled and returned bursa escort bayan the compliment about my body.

“I admire a man who takes care of himself too.”

Instead of jumping all over her as much of me wanted to, I returned to my chair and sat down to watch this fabulous beauty, and to let her do some watching too. She continued to rub herself, and I grasped my cock in my hand and rubbed up and down slowly. We both smiled at each other and continued our voyeur/exhibitionist game. Ann had a head start on me, and she picked up her pace quickly and I could tell she was going to come soon.

I wanted to wait, so I tried to keep jerking off for her slowly. Soon, she clamped her eyes shut and rubbed her clit faster until she came. I could see the extra effort to keep her knees from buckling and I could see her nipples yet firmer than before. Ann said my watching her and her watching me stroke myself made her come so quickly.

She grabbed a towel and stepped out of the tub and walked towards me, her breasts swaying seductively with each step. She stood inches form me and continued to dry herself off with her breasts so close to my face. I could smell the clean scent of her soap with the musky scent of her passion. She reached out and pulled my head to her warm chest and buried my face in the cleavage between her boobs. I ran my hands up and down her legs and enjoyed to smooth, firm feel of her well muscled legs. I let my hands continue upwards until my fingertips rested against the moist opening of her pussy lips. I tilted my head back to look up at her and slid my mouth over her waiting nipple.

She smiled down at me and said, “That feels great.”

She ran her hands through my hair, and I felt drops of warm water from her hair fall on my shoulders. I flicked my tongue at her nipple in my mouth, and slid a finger slowly up into her still wet sex. I kept looking at her and sucking on her hard nipple. She arched backwards so my finger slid further inside her pussy, and her breast pushed against my face. I held her tightly against me and twirled my finger inside her to feel the inner depths of her pussy. She moaned softly and then bent forward to kiss me fully on the lips, and probe my mouth with her tongue. She slid her tongue around my lips, and then to my teeth, then deeper into my mouth. I kept my finger deep inside her and sucked on her tongue.

She then stepped away slowly so my finger slid out of her, and she kneeled down in front of me. She slid her hands up and down my thighs with her eyes glued to my hard on. She told me my cock looked wonderful sticking straight up, and how hard it was. I told her she made it like that. She slid her hands closer to it, and the first touch of her hands on my cock were electrifying. She softly stroked the sides and tip so I could barely feel her touching me. My cock pulsed with a life of its own as I longed for her to grasp it fully with her hand.

One of her hands slid down to massage my balls, and hold them in her hand while the other softly caressed the groove on the underside. She looked up at me and asked how that felt, and I answered her that it was marvelous. She again told me that my cock was beautiful; words that every man loves to hear. She kept stroking me with a very knowing pressure in just the right spots, so I was going insane with pleasure.

Her touch was sending shivers down to my toes, and I was dying for her to put my cock in her mouth. Just looking down and seeing her intensely concentrating on giving me pleasure was helping to drive me crazy. Then Ann slowly brought her mouth to the head of my cock and wrapped her lips softly around the head and just held it there without moving so that I could enjoy the sight and feel of those first moments. Her still-wet hair hung down on my thighs as she slid her mouth ever so slowly and deliberately down so that she totally engulfed my erection. Again she just held it there without moving so I could feel the heat and wetness of her mouth on me.

She slid her mouth up as slowly as she slid down and started sucking and twirling her tongue around the head. I told her how incredible that felt for me, and she hummed escort bursa in acknowledgement. One of her hands was still massaging my balls, while the other grasped the base of my shaft and started pumping a deliberate rhythm. Her mouth began sucking harder on the head, and I could feel an orgasm mounting deep inside my pelvis.

I know Ann could feel it building too because she started bobbing her mouth up and down on me in concert with the motions of her hands. I told her I was going to come, to give her fair warning I suppose. She just kept up the exact and wonderful rhythm of what she was doing as I grasped the chair with one hand and her head with the other.

My climax hit and I shot my load into her mouth. She kept sucking and swallowing and pumping my dick dry and then picked her head up to let the last few drops run down onto her hand as she looked me straight in the eye with a devilish smile. She licked the head of my cock clean and then kissed me full on the lips so I could taste the remnants of my orgasm on her moist lips. Then she stood up, took hold of my hand and led me into the room where we had been stretching moments earlier.

We sat on the floor facing each other, and spread our legs to either side, and crossed over each other’s knees. My cock was still sticking straight up, and she caresses it and ran her soft hands all over my chest and stomach. I held her breasts in my hands, feeling their weight and rubbing her hard nipples in my fingers. I told her again how beautiful she looked, and how great she made me feel. She told me how very comfortable she felt with me, and how uninhibited she felt she could be.

Our crotches were only inches from each other, and we continued our manual and visual stimulations. I loved looking down and seeing her hands encircling my cock and seeing her eyes enjoying my hands on her body. I slid one hand slowly down and inserted one finger slowly inside her pussy. She gasped a little, and squeezed my cock firmly in her hand. She held her breast up for me, and I bent my head down to take the offering of her nipple into my mouth. I twirled my tongue around it and sucked it between my lips.

I just couldn’t get enough of her sweet skin and I pulled her closer to me so her pussy was closer yet. I stroked her clitoris while still sucking hungrily on her breast. I removed her hand from my cock and told her to just sit there and enjoy. She placed her hands behind her and arched her back so her tits jutted proudly for me to taste. Her pelvis rocked softly with the motions of my finger, unhurried yet thoroughly into the feelings. Her eyes were closed and I saw a sweet smile on her lips.

I asked her how this felt, and she just looked at me and said, “incredible.”

I could tell she was getting into this as she began pushing harder against my hand.

I continued to suck on her tits, and rub her pleasure center. Then when I could feel her breathing getting faster like she might be ready to come, I stopped and just held her there for a moment without moving. I wanted to torture her with pleasure and bring her to new heights of ecstasy. Each time I felt her nearing orgasm, I would stop for a few moments so she would return a little, the continue my actions anew. I admit I admired her control because she took as much as I could dish out.

Then I slowly drew her towards me and raised her hips up and directed my cock to the openings of her now drenched pussy. We both looked down between us, and she lowered herself onto my cock so I was buried to the hilt. We just sat there for a minute, enjoying the feelings. We kissed and started to rock back and forth. I held onto her hips and she wrapped her arms around my shoulders, and started to tilt her pelvis forward and back. The feeling of my cock deep inside her moving this way was unbelievable. Our movements became more hurried, and I could feel us both nearing orgasm. We looked into each other’s eyes, and I saw pure passion in her glazed eyes. As I felt her orgasm hit, I let myself go and exploded what felt like huge amounts of come into her.

She pulled my head close to her and we held onto each other as we climaxed together. We rocked back and forth for several minutes, coming down from our climaxes together. I turned to look at her in the mirror, and we smiled at each other. I think we’ll continue our training sessions together. I have so much to learn.

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