The Four Sluts Pt. 01

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Ava Sparxxx

Lauren was sitting in a dark room where the owner of the strip club was interviewing her. The walls were plastered with posters of naked women, and she had a suspicion that many of them worked here or used to work here. She was sitting across from the owner at his corner desk, so Lauren could see the porn website that he had been watching. The electronic music from the club was pounding, but the walls were thick enough so she didn’t have difficulty hearing the owner.

The strip club was a small one, removed from her hometown and school, but still close enough that she could drive there and back in a half-hour. That was crucial if she was too keeping her secret.

She hadn’t told anybody she was going to be working at a strip club, not even her closest friends, Sarah, Elizebeth, and Rachel. She had quickly left from soccer practice that Friday to make to the club on time for her interview and avoid her friends.

“And you promise you’re eighteen?” the owner asked for what seemed like the millionth time. He was a sleazy man with thinning hair and a creepy mustache, and pale skin.

“I showed you my ID, I promise.” Lauren had turned eighteen only two days ago. She was finally legal. Something many men would be happy about.

Lauren wasn’t very tall, only about 5’4”, but she had D tits and nice bubble but. Her hair was black and curly, with gold highlights at the end that reached her upper back. And she had big almond coloured eyes that matched her caramel coloured skin. Lauren understood why the guy was skeptical, most girls where she was from didn’t work at strip clubs, and she didn’t exactly look very old either, but she could pass for eighteen, which she was.

“Well before I make any decisions I gotta make sure you can deliver.” He said reclining on his chair with a smirk on his face.

This was the part Lauren was anxious about. Taking of her clothes. She had never done anything like this, and was still a virgin. She had never even seen a naked boy before. But she the idea of her stripping always turned her on and when she was younger she had a neighbour that showed her how to pole dance and strip really well, and ever since then she wanted to do it.

“I’m waiting.” The owner said softly.

Lauren shuddered at the look he gave her, but she couldn’t tell if it was out of disgust or excitement. She got up from her chair.

She was wearing black knee high socks with a plaid skirt so short that her round ass was hanging out shamelessly, and white buttoned up shirt tied up right beneath her very full breasts. She didn’t have a bra on, which meant that her nipples were just barely visible through the thin white cloth. She had very consciously put on his outfit, knowing that it would be the best way to impress the owner.

She rotating her hips and shifting her hair in front of the owner. She grabbed her tits and mashed them even closer together. She turned around and bended over, showing her thin G-string to the him, wiggling her ass in her face.

The owner shifted forward and grabbed her ass. Electricity shot up Lauren’s spine, and her pussy filled up with wetness.

“You’re ok, I guess I’ll hire you.” He said after rolling his chair back. Lauren turned to look at him. “But before I do you have to know that this establishment has a lot of competition with the other clubs in the city, so we need to offer a little extra, some things that aren’t exactly… legitimate.”

Lauren gulped. She knew what he was talking about, some of her older friends in college had told her about it. It was part of the reason she chose this place.

“I’ve heard of it.”

“Good. Do you know how it works?” She shook her head. “whoever you’re giving a dance to will give you extra money and you’ll have to service him in any way he wants. Understand?” she nodded. “Depending on who you are and how long you’ve been here the price will change. Since you’re new men will only have to pay you 200 dollars.”

“200? That doesn’t seem like a lot.” Lauren said dubiously.

He grinned, “Which means a lot will pay for you. So,” He pulled out a wad of cash and handed it forward. Lauren took it. There was $200. “Consider it your first payment. Now show me your tits and suck my cock.” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick, which was already hard and must have been ten inches long and thick.

Lauren gulped again, not excited for what was coming next. Even his dick looked sleazy. She untied her shirt and her full breasts sprang to freedom. She bent over at her hips and kissed the head of his dick. She started licking it up and down, lightly touching his balls with her tongue. But the owner was impatient, grabbed her head and pushed her head down on his huge cock. Lauren shuddered and coughed. His dick was way too big for Lauren, mostly because she had canlı bahis never sucked a cock before, but also because he wouldn’t quit shoving her head down, no matter how much her head resisted.

“My dick too big for you, huh slut?” he grabbed the back of her head with one hand and pinched one of her nipples with the other. She had five inches of his dick in her mouth already, but he kept on pushing her down. Lauren remembered some of the girls from her high school talking about how they always relaxed their throats if they’re boyfriends wanted a deep-throat. So she tried to do just that as the seventh inch began entering her mouth. Her eyes started to water and her jaw hurt. Spit was overflowing from the corners of her mouth.

The owner got up, pushing Lauren down to her knees and grabbed the back of her head with both hands and started punishing her throat with his cock. The punishment to her face and throat was intense and painful, but it was at this moment that Lauren’s pussy flooded, despite how disgusted she was. She sucked on his cock harder and opened up her mouth and throat. The entirety of the thick ten inches of cock entered her throat and she began choking and gagging on the spit and pre-cum.

Finally the owner’s cock twitched and he tensed up. He began pumping loads of cum into Lauren’s throat and mouth. He shot almost a dozen huge loads of thick salty cum. It was so much that it began leaking out of Lauren’s mouth. the owner kept his dick in her mouth. “Look at me, and swallow it all up.”

Lauren looked up through hazy, watery eyes at the owner’s face. She used her tongue to gather up the semen and swallowed it all, gulp by gulp.

“You work Thursdays, Fridays and Tuesdays. Clean yourself up in the changing room, your start tonight.”


Friday night meant there were a lot of men tonight. And Lauren had been touched and fondled all night long, but she couldn’t get used to it. She loved it, but it made her shudder every time. She had already given several lap dances, and danced on the pole a few times, but so far no one had paid the $200 for her body.

But there were plenty of girls she had seen that had been paid for their bodies. The rule was that the men had to have condoms for sex and you had to go into one of the private rooms, but at any given moment there could be five or six girls having sex in the main room for everyone to see.

She was still a little nervous so one of the other girls recommended that she wear a mask, because it might make her feel more secure. So she put on a mardi gras mask, that didn’t exactly go well with her school girl uniform so she instead put on red and black lingerie, and black stockings with black high heels. Except the problem was that wearing the mask in the dark didn’t let her see anything, not even the faces of the men she danced for. But she resigned not to worry about it, and the maybe it would be better that way.

Rick was sitting on one of the couches off to the side of the room. He had short greying hair and was relatively fit at a height of 6 feet. His wife had left for a business trip only yesterday and would be gone for a couple of weeks. So he decided to go to a strip club for the first time in years. He had heard of this place before but never gotten the chance to go. Now looking at this young schoolgirl vixen across the room he knew he had chosen the right place. She had blond highlights like his daughter, but he didn’t think they looked alike. His daughter didn’t have such a voluptuous ass, or such perky tits. It would be fine if he fooled around with this girl.

At one point a man hired Lauren for a lap dance. She grinded on his crotch and touched his hair and face, which she couldn’t see. It was getting pretty hot, and the guy tipped her pretty well so she took of her bra slowly, showing off her young breasts. She sat on his lap and stuffed his face into her cleavage. When he resurfaced he filled his hands with her breasts.

“How much are you?” he asked. Lauren couldn’t hear him well but there was something oddly familiar to his voice.

“200” she answered. Lauren started to feel anxious, and thought that maybe she might want to stop. But she was in too deep now, and to be honest the thought of losing her virginity to a total stranger in a room full of total strangers turned her on more than she could imagine.

He slipped the money into her stocking and whipped out his insanely hard dick. Fear and excitement filled Lauren as she looked at the monster cock. It was easily twelve inches long, and very thick. He grabbed one hip with his hand as he lined his cock up with her pink lips that were now moist.

He ripped off her G-string, and prodded her tight pussy, only to be met with fierce resistance, so he tried harder. Lauren whimpered as the cockhead slipped inside bahis siteleri her. She quickly started to pant as the man slowly impaled more of his cock inside her. Until he reached her hymen.

“A virgin huh, that’s too bad cause I don’t plan on being gentle anymore.” Out of impatience he slammed his cock all they way through and Lauren screamed out in pain, but it was masked by the pounding bass of music. If she hadn’t been so wet and horny it probably wouldn’t have been enjoyable at all. But the feeling of being totally filled up by this strange man’s cock made her crazy. She kissed him fiercely and he kissed her. They ground into each other’s hips slowly at first, but the man quickly picked up the pace.

Rick was in heaven. This girls pussy was crazy tight, and his huge cock fit perfectly inside, even if it was a little difficult to get in. Her cunt was warm and wet, and the best part. This girl was obviously a little slut.

He grabbed her ass and started to pump vigorously into her vagina. Lauren began to moan and scream in pain.

“Fuck me mister, fuck this tight virgin pussy.”

“You like that, slut?” He slapped her ass. “You like fucking older men like a whore.”

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me like a whore! I’m just a cumguzzling slut that needs cock! Fill my pussy up!” Lauren couldn’t believe she was talking like this, she had never said anything like this before. But even as she said it she knew how true it was, after today she wouldn’t ever be able to get cock out of her mind.

“I want you to fill my pussy up with your cum! Give me your semen in front of all of these people!”

He growled fiercely and grinded harder into her, hearing flesh slapping against flesh. Then, suddenly, he tore off her mask. Lauren’s heart stopped, and so did the vigorous fucking. The two of them looked at each other in disbelief and shock. The stranger that she had lost her virginity to was no stranger at all, but her dad! Rick!

They sat there for what felt like eternity, still feeling each other. Lauren couldn’t believe it! Here was her dad completely filling her pussy up, cheating on his wife, Lauren’s own mother. But the most incredible thing was how much she loved the feel of his dick. But she couldn’t continue, he was her dad. It was disgusting and wrong. Wasn’t it?

Rick couldn’t believe his eyes. This sexy piece of ass was his eighteen-year-old daughter. Where had he gone so wrong? When had she become such a slut? He had to put a stop to this right now!

But instead they both simultaneously began grinding against each other again. They went faster and faster, building in speed until Rick was pounding inside is baby girl, treating her like the whore she was. He began choking her a little as he slapped her ass roughly. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head. She was massaging her breasts and moaning like a slut.

Lauren’s vision got hazy, she started saying things she couldn’t be sure of. But she was pretty sure they were things like. ‘fill your daughter up with cum’ or ‘fuck me daddy, fuck your little girl’ and ‘I like daddy’s cock, I want to be daddy’s little slut’.

The pleasure inside her was pure ecstasy, and the pain from getting choked and slapped was more than she could handle. Finally she was reaching her limit and her dad’s monster made her orgasm deeply inside her pussy, coating his cock in her juices.

Rick wasn’t too far behind. A minute after his daughter came he pumped his seed into her pussy, thanking god that they had put her on the pill early on in high school. She screamed in pleasure and he grunted from the release, pumping a few more times, just to make sure it really got in there.

They sat there for what felt like an eternity. Rick expected his dick to soften afterwards, but it was still rock hard, and his daughter still had fuck-me-eyes. So he slipped out of her and put his dick back in his pants, hard as it was. He took another two-hundred bucks and slipped them in her pantyhose.

“Come with me slut, you need to be punished.”

Lauren’s pussy flowed again in excitement. What was he going to do to her? He led her to the hallway that led into the private rooms. He ushered her in and told her to wait for him. Inside was a lightly lit room with a simple mattress in the middle. It had cumstains on it and no covers, and the pillows that were there were small. The only other piece of furniture was a nightstand with a metal bowl.

In no time at all Lauren’s dad came back with a group of men. There had to be at least ten of them, probably closer to twenty. Once the door was closed they all stripped down.

“Lay face down on the mattress and stick your ass up in the air.” Rick ordered his daughter.

Lauren walked over to the mattress slowly, making sure her hips moved seductively. She chose a bahis şirketleri spot with a particularly white stain of cum, and put her face on it, with her ass in the air.

She looked behind her and saw her father handing out money to the strange men, all while looking into her eyes. Each man took the money and put it in the metal bowl. And it dawned on her that her own father was paying some of these total strangers to fuck his daughter. As she looked at the men she had a hint of fear. Some were black with cocks of similar size to her dads, others with smaller dicks, but still very large.

Once the all the money was in the jar they had their way with her. Her dad started it off by eating her ass out. She gasped in pleasure as his tongue explored the reaches of her asshole. The other man groped her, fingered her pussy or mouth, or kissed her. Several different guys ate her ass out, and she soon lost track, she was in a haze of pleasure.

But she was soon snapped out of it when her dad put his cockhead at the entrance of her asshole.

“Wait,” she said suddenly unsure. But he slapped her ass in response.

“Where do you want my cock?” he asked pointedly.

She hesitated in her answer, but she knew where she wanted it. “In my asshole.”

Her dad then slipped his fat cock into her sphincter and pushed. Lauren squealed in pain as the dick had difficulty entering her back entrance. But it was so naughty, so dirty; she only wanted it to continue. But there was no way it would fit inside her it was just too big.

But her dad disagreed, and shoved his dick inside her, not stopping until it was completely inside her. Then he drew it back out slowly, only to fill her back up, this time faster. He did it again and again until he was plowing his daughter anally.

Lauren was screaming in pleasure pain. “Yes daddy, take my anal virginity! Fuck your slut’s asshole however you want!” he built it up so much she couldn’t breathe, she wasn’t screaming anymore, only trying to catch her breathe. It hurt so much but it felt so good at the same time. She rocked her hips back fiercely to meet his.

The other men started to join in again. One particularly well-endowed black man treated her face like a cunt and furiously fucked her throat. Spittle and pre-cum was dripping from her face.

It went on like that for a long time. Lauren couldn’t keep track of the time because of the vigorous fucking, but it went on for a long time. Her dad shared her freely, giving her to anyone who asked. Men fucked her ass roughly and with reckless abandon. They came in her ass and mouth, and she swallowed every drop. Some men fucked her tits, spilling their load all over her chest, but mostly on her face and hair.

She didn’t know how many had their way with her, but it was definitely not only the first group of men, more had heard about the even and joined in, so it was definitely more than twenty.

When they were finally finished, and all the men had left. Her dad took all the money in the bowl and let in fall on her cum soaked body.

“Time to go home baby girl.” He led her out of the private room, taking the money with him in his pocket, and led her through the club. She was shaking with every step, hardly able to keep herself up. Through the fuck fest she had lost the rest of her clothing so now she walking through the club wearing only the cum they had spilled on her.

As they were exiting the club Lauren’s new employer approached them. “Hey hold up, her shift ain’t over. You wanna take her home you’re gonna have to wait.”

Rick pulled out some money and gave it to the owner. “I’m buying her for the night. Don’t worry she’ll be back.”

The owner took the money and nodded, content. “Have a good one, oh and by the way, her throat is pretty tight, I recommend it.”

Rick led his daughter to his car and sat in the drivers seat. He pulled his dick out one more time. “Time for road head baby girl.”

Lauren happily gobbled up his cock as he drove the both of them home. Her throat was sore from all of the throat fucking, but she wanted to make her daddy happy, she needed to.

She sucked him off as he drove down the road. Every now and again he’d grab her hair and shove her down onto his dick, making her choke and gag. Other times she’d voluntarily open her throat up and take him deeply.

By the time they got back to their home he was ready to explode. But instead he led her, still naked through the street and made her bend at the hips out in the open to suck him off. Thankfully it was the middle of the night so no one would be looking, but it turned Lauren on all the same. She deepthroated him right there in the open, totally butt naked and finally he erupted in her throat pumping load after load into her tight mouth. She let it pour out of her mouth and dribble onto her naked body, only to lick it back up.

That night Lauren slept in her dad’s bed, butt naked and cum soaked, where her mother usually slept, with her dad’s dick slipped inside her asshole.

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