Meeting Up with an Ex-Girlfriend

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After years since we last saw each other, you had a night alone at home and invited me over. We relaxed and talked for a bit before you wanted something from the kitchen. I followed you in and was caressing your back at the sink when you turned around to face me. I pushed up against you and kissed you deeply. You were kissing me back as hard as I was kissing you while I held you close. My hands moving around your body when they suddenly were against your breasts. I pinched your nipples and felt you melt against me as you moaned softly.

You broke our kiss and told me to wait a minute – you had a surprise for me and to stay where I was. You disappeared into your bedroom and came back a few minutes later in a shiny black zentai suit that left only your mouth open. “Zip me up.” I was shocked that you’d held onto any from when we were together years ago, and zipped you in. You turned around and kissed me again, and then had me lead you into your bedroom.

I laid you down on the bed, and continued kissing you while touching you all over. “How kinky do you want to get?” I asked.

“As much as you want” was your reply.

“Tell me where your toys are and touch yourself while I get ready.” I grabbed a special bag that I’d brought, and grabbed some toys from your bin of fun. I then kissed you again and then started tying your hands up above your head. Next I went down to your feet and tied your legs wide apart. “Time to have some real fun.”

I took the Hitachi wand I got you, and turned it on low. It rumbled in my hand as I started moving it all over. Your chest. Down your body. Slowly up and down your thighs. Coming so close to your pussy but teasing you over and over until finally glancing ever so lightly over your clit. I worked it over and over around canlı bahis again, over chest, down your legs, up your thighs until coming up to your clit and resting it there. I turned it up, hearing you moan, while you felt the vibrations getting you closer and closer.

“I think I have a better way to get you off,” I said. I unzipped the crotch zipper on your suit, and started licking around your clit. I licked over and over while I started fingering your wet pussy. I pulled my fingers, wet with your juices, out of your pussy, and put them in your mouth, letting you taste them while I continued sucking, and nibbling on your pussy. I pulled my fingers from your lips, and reached down to where I had some toys waiting. You were getting very wet, and I’d loved seeing the pics of you playing with your big pink toy. I grabbed it, and as I licked, and sucked and nibbled on your clit, I slowly worked it around your pussy teasing you with it. I used your juices and those from my tongue to get the head of the toy slick. I pushed the toy into you and heard your continued moans. I started fucking you with the toy with long strokes. Harder and harder. I could hear you so close and kept licking you and fucking you with the toy until you came hard squirting over me and the bed. I slowly eased the toy out, and then untied you and rolled you over. Your head was off to one side of the bed, and I had your ass hanging over the other side of the bed. I tied your arms to your legs, and had you spread again.

Once I had you positioned, I got under and kissed you, letting you taste your cum off of me. I broke away, and then took the wand and placed it so that it was directly on your clit. I then set it to a good rumbling setting, and watched you enjoying the feeling. While you were occupied with bahis siteleri this, I grabbed something I’d gotten just for this occasion. I plugged it in, and stuck the tip of the dildo on the end against your wet pussy and then turned it on. Slowly it started pistoning into your pussy. Maybe I went a little crazy buying this, but I so wanted to see you at my mercy while a fucking machine pounded you. In and out it went. I turned the dial making it go a little faster. The dildo fucking you harder and harder while the wand buzzed on your clit. I moved around and stuck the heard of my dick against your lips, feeling your mouth open and pushing in. Your moaning and sucking feeling so good from getting a dick pounding your pussy and another one fucking your mouth. You came again, and I slowed the fucking machine down slightly as I pinched your nipples.

I moved around behind you and slowly pulled the machine out. Your pussy ready from the toy and the machine. You were wet and used, and all mine. I stuck my dick in your pussy, grabbed your hips, and pushed into you. I kept going with long, slow strokes. Feeling how wet you were, the wand still buzzing away on your clit. You were so wet from cumming multiple times. I took some of your juices and rubbed them on your ass. Slowly working them into you. I took another toy, stuck it in my mouth to add some more lube to it, and then started working it into your ass while I continued fucking your pussy. You started getting more and more into having both inside you when I pulled my dick out of your pussy. You wouldn’t be empty for long, as I repositioned the fucking machine and started having it fuck you hard again. In and out, the fucking machine and the toy in your ass taking turns sliding in and out. I moved around and stuck my hard cock bahis şirketleri in your mouth. There you were – your ass, pussy, and mouth full of cock. You came again hard at how dirty it was to be fucked so hard by three cocks at once.

I slowly pulled the toy from your ass, and moved around behind you. I took my dick, wet with your saliva, and pushed into your ass. Feeling the dick from the fucking machine rubbing against my cock through you. Both of us deep inside you. I turned up the pace on the fucking machine while also hammering your ass while hearing you moan, and feeling you cum over and over making the bed sopping wet.

I pulled out of your ass, turned up the fucking machine a little more, and quickly washed my dick. I came back, and saw how much you were enjoying being pounded so hard by the machine.

I was excited thinking about seeing you stretch your pussy using your big pink toy, and another time seeing you fuck a Redbull can. I rubbed some of your cum on my dick, and turned the pace down low on the fucking machine. I positioned myself and pushed in to your pussy. You were stretched around the dildo from the fucking machine and my hard cock – both of us inside you, stretching you out. I turned the pace up on the machine, and upped the vibrations on the wand. In and out both the fucking machine went and I. Harder and harder. Stretching you. Making you cum over and over. I increased my pace, and I increased the pace on the machine. Harder. More. Harder. You were cumming again, and I couldn’t hold it any longer.

I pulled out, and quickly shoved my dick in your mouth, filling your mouth with my cum while the fucking machine continued to pound you. When I was fully drained, I turned off the machine, untied you, unzipped the hood, pulled it down, and rolled you over. You were spent. Totally exhausted. I kissed you deeply, tasting my cum off of you. “I’ve had that fantasy for a while.” You held me tight as we fell asleep in each others arms from exhaustion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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