Mrs. Cheng Pays the Debt Ch. 02

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Jacob was the first to awake the next morning. Diffuse light slanted through the window and bathed the bed the three shared in a halo of brightness. He briefly gazed at his friend Bobby sleeping contentedly to the left of Anne. But his focus was soon entirely upon the lovely Chinese woman lying next to him. Asleep, she was practically angelic. Her features were so beautiful and her hair was practically luminous in the soft morning light. Gently, so as not to wake her, Jacob ran his hands over her fine body. Jacob was so grateful to his father for giving him the most wonderful gift he had ever received.

From beneath the red lace, Anne’s ebony pubic hair caught the light. Gently Jacob stroked the luscious pussy. Jacob was a bit torn, he knew with certainly that he wanted to shave Anne but he had to concede that her feminine cloak complimented her light copper skin in a fantastic way. Presently Anne stirred. After a moment to catch her bearings she smiled at Jacob. Jacob adored Anne’s smile, it amplified her beauty and made her look much younger.

“Good morning, Jacob.” She said softly in her sweet accented voice. Anne noticed Bobby sleeping and gently disentangled herself from his stocky form. She noticed Jacob’s erection and said.

“Let’s not wake up Bobby. I will give you a blow job and then you can make breakfast while I take care of Bobby.” Jacob scooted over to the edge of the bed as did Anne where she started to give him a wonderful session of fellatio. Jacob gasped with delight as he came. Anne took his seed into her mouth but spat it out on the sheets. Jacob did not mind in the least. He smiled at Anne and thanked her. He slid on some clothing and headed for the kitchen.

As Jacob strode contentedly away from the bed, Anne approached the sleeping Bobby. Without his glasses he was more handsome. Anne lowered her mouth over Bobby’s morning erection and gently began licking and sucking. Bobby woke with delight. His smile as he caught Anne’s eyes was practically incandescent. Anne was grateful for the alone time with Bobby. Anne really liked Bobby, he reminded her of a teddy bear. She met his delighted gaze and smiled back at him. Before long Bobby came in a torrent. Anne withdrew her mouth just as Bobby ejaculated. His sounds of pleasure were music to Anne’s ears.

Jacob’s breakfast was as outstanding as Anne had expected. While they ate Jacob laid out his plans for the day. “Bobby and I are going to take showers and then the two of us are going to give you a bath Anne. After your bath I’d like to take your asshole and experience anal sex for the first time. After Bobby and I have had that I’d like to see how many times the two of us can fuck you before we have a late lunch or maybe dinner. We will then give you a break and watch some movies for a while. There are some scenes from movies I would like to reenact later.”

Anne realized that Jacob was coming into his own, no longer in awe of the the first bloom of sex, Anne realized that he would become more demanding and expect much more of her. Anne had hoped that Jacob could have remained innocent for a few more days but she was well aware of what she had unleashed in him. Bobby was still in awe of Anne and probably konyaaltı escort would remain so, but he would follow his friend’s role in how he dealt with and treated Anne. Mrs. Cheng mentally prepared herself for anal intercourse. Her husband Charlie did not request too often but his penis was small compared to either of the boys in the cabin. Anne would try to put a happy face when the time came.

“Jacob, we have plenty of time ahead of us. I am yours to command but I would hope that two sweet boys such as you and Bobby would remember my needs as well.” Replied Anne.

Jacob looked at Anne. Her look was so pleading and sincere. The emotions heightened her beauty. Jacob found wisdom in her words.

“OK Anne, every time we make love either Bobby or I will eat you out. In fact we will see to you as we see to ourselves. How does that sound?” Replied Jacob.

Anne’s pleased smile was the only response needed.

The boys gave Anne some privacy while she brushed her teeth and relieved herself. While one boy showered she made out with the other one. By now both were now old hands at kissing. Further, now when they embraced her they were beginning to understand how to use their hands. The boys caressed Anne gently. The combination of their loving hand strokes and effective kissing really put Anne in the mood. And then it was time for her bath.

Bath time was lovely. After gently removing her red nightie and stockings, Bobby and Jacob made sure that everything about the bath pleased Anne as much as possible. She was consulted on the temperature of the bath water and which soap and shampoo to use. The boys placed a bath pillow beneath Anne’s head once she entered the tub, The, each wielding a washcloth, they gently soaped her up from head to toe. Anne could not remember a time when she had been so pampered. Anne had no problem whatsoever relaxing under the boys’ ministrations. She almost came several times as they alternated in fingering and washing her pussy. Anne was amazed ho in so short a time the boys had learned so much about her anatomy. Anne felt certain that before her arrival at this cabin ‘clitoris’ was nothing more than a word to Bobby and Jacob. But now both understood that it drove her orgasms. All three people in the cabin enjoyed it a great deal when Anne had an orgasm,

Anne was happy that the boys were learning. Not just for her own benefit; Anne realized that the skills learned would be transferrable. After her two weeks were at an end. Bobby and Jacob would be prepared to be wonderful lovers to whatever woman either took up with next. Anne was beginning to see herself as more than just an unfortunate victim of Randall Acosta’s machinations and her own husband’s weakness and failings, but as something akin to a teacher. One who would have a lifelong impact upon her pupils. It was not a bad feeling at all.

The boys took turns toweling off Anne and Jacob used a hair dryer his father kept for the use of female guests to blow dry Anne’s long, luminous hair. Anne noticed, with a bit of unease, that with each passing hour, Jacob became more assertive and sure of himself. She felt that, if she was not careful, Jacob might gain the upper hand in a few kültür escort days. Anne noticed some skin moisturizer in the bathroom and asked the boys if they would be nice enough to let her use some. In response the boys enjoyed rubbing the liquid into Anne’s skin themselves. Anne was really coming to savor the boys’ touch.

The naked trio made their way to Randall Acosta’s bed. “I will be taking your ass first Anne and then Bobby, afterwards we will take turns eating you out. Once you have come a few time Bobby and I will take turns fucking your pussy. I want to see how many times I can do it before I can’t get it up any more

I suppose brunch or dinner will be very late this evening.

Anne was more than a bit nervous as she allowed Jacob to position her on the bed. Jacob placed Anne atop a small mound of pillows to raise Anne’s buttocks but to also preserve her comfort. Earlier Jacob had placed the lubricant on the nightstand, now Jacob helped himself to a liberal supply and gently yet thoroughly coated Anne’s rear entry. Face down in her pillows Anne was grateful that Jacob was very tender. His fingers entering her anus were gentle and, after Anne’s initial trepidation passed, quite stimulating.

With no preamble, Jacob slid on a condom, lubricated it and began to slowly work his way into Anne’s rectum. Anne forced herself to relax. Her husband was often a bit rough with her when they engaged in anal sex, but Jacob was not rough in the slightest. He soon developed a very steady rhythm and Anne was delighted with the sensation. Adding to her pleasure, Bobby gently stroked Anne all over and often kissed Anne full on the lips. Anne came, but not as deeply as when she was given oral stimulation, and she felt Jacob softening deep within her. Out of breath he withdrew from Anne.

“Oh Anne, that was fantastic! Wait ’til you try this Bobby!”

Living up to their promise Bobby asked Anne to reposition herself so that he could perform cunnilingus on her. Anne had no problem honoring Bobby’s request. Before long the shier boy was expertly dining on Anne’s pussy. While Bobby worked downstairs, Jacob kissed Anne and nuzzled her breasts. Anne was both delighted and amazed at how quickly both boys had become adept at pleasing her. She thought disappointingly of her husband Charlie. She was angry that these boys in such a short time, could become such good lovers while Charlie in all their years of marriage had steadily deteriorated. These boys listened to her! These boys wanted her happy! Charlie had once been a kind and giving lover but now he cared only for his own pleasure. Anne was so frustrated, she knew that she needed Charlie to stay in this country but she wanted him out of her life. That these boys, who were essentially strangers, could be more loving to her than her husband, was both illuminating and frustrating. This time with these boys had reminded Anne of how much of her sensuality she had repressed. She wanted more of this wonderful feeling.

Bobby was even more gentle with Anne’s rear end than Jacob had been. Anne had no trouble relaxing for Bobby and came with more passion than she had shown under Jacob’s ministrations. Bobby was even more elated with his first markantalya escort experience with anal than his friend had been and thanked Anne profusely.

Everyone took a bathroom break and then Jacob and Bobby took turns fucking Anne. Between each fucking one of the boys dined on Anne’s pussy until she came. At one point both boys took Anne at the same time. It was the first time Anne had experienced double penetration. She decided that she liked it quite well and hoped that the boys would ask for it again. Many hours later, with even their young and limber equipment drained, the day’s copulative acts came to an end. Neither person in the cabin could remember a time when they were so simultaneously spent yet as fulfilled. All felt an astounding glow.

After an hour or so in the reinvigorating waters of the hot tub, the boys dressed Anne in a pair of tiny white shorts and matching vest that barely restrained her luscious breasts. Everyone helped Jacob make one of the most savory and satisfactory dinners either would ever eat.. After diner everyone unwound with a light comedy film on the television. Bobby used the time after that to take several dozen pictures of Anne is various states of undress as well as some scintillating nudes. Anne put on her makeup and ran through most of the fantasy outfits as late afternoon faded into early evening. Bobby was as skilled with a camera as Jacob was with a skillet. The boys reveled in gazing at the pictures later on their lap top and Anne realized that she had never looked lovelier.

Jacob played a series of film clips through the television. Most of them involved Asian ingenues being seduced by western boys and men. Although Anne understood the subtle racism of the scenarios Jacob showed, she also understood that it was a large part of his fantasy make up. Jacob must have no fear of rejection to be willing to show Anne these images. Jacob wanted Anne to act like these women and adopt an innocent air. Anne saw little harm in it, it was comforting that it put her in control of the scenarios.

Anne was not much of an actress but Jacob did not seem to mind. For the next two hours Anne played the innocent Asian to the worldly Occidental while Bobby filmed the two of them. Proving to Anne the role of fantasy fulfillment these “acting” sessions were, only once did a scenario lead to actual intercourse. Most did however end in blow jobs.

The trio had gone through a string of outfits for their play acting. When it was over the boys, by mutual consent, clad Anne again in the Japanese school girl outfit. It was one of just three practical outfits in the suitcase. There were clothes for exercise and a pair of practical hiking boots, shoes, shirt and hat. The boys talked about dressing Anne as a schoolgirl and driving to the nearest town to take in a movie and another day hiking some of the trails around the cabin.

Jacob distributed light snacks of his own creation. All praised the cook. The day’s embers spent, all wound down and prepared for bed. As they snuggled naked together there the days sense of contentment continued. The three had had enough sex during the daylight hours to keep them sated, Anne felt quite comfortable between the boys. She basked in their loving strokes and gentle kisses. She was so content that she was not the least perturbed when just before dousing the lights Jacob said,

“You know what tomorrow is Bobby? Its international pussy barber day!”

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