The Delaney’s Holiday – Day 08

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All characters in this story who engage in sexual acts are over 18.


The last day of the Delaney’s holiday in the cabin. What initially promised only the same old holiday in the same old place had become anything but.

They were sullen as they packed. A week of incest, involving all of them, had spiralled from two faithful parents and three virgin kids to everybody with a dick having fucked everybody with a pussy, and not just in the pussy, plus lots of peeing games, licking and sucking.

The car being packed, each said goodbye to the cabin and the woods that had harboured their lust. As usual Sammie sat in the middle of the rear bench seat between the twins. She spoke first.

“When can we come back? Soon, I hope. This holiday was the best ever.”

Paul answered: “It was, poppet. Really good. And you three! Well, you were kids when we got here a week back but now you’re, well, experienced and all…”

Suzanne was last into the car. She sighed, kissed her husband on the cheek, looked around and smiled at her three children. “Kids, when we get back you know our adventure has to remain a firm secret, right?”

“Of course mum,” said Mike, “But it doesn’t have to end? If we’re careful, right?”

“Well, even if I insisted you keep your hands off me and your dad you wouldn’t keep your hands off each other, am I right?”

Chorus: “RIGHT!”

The three giggled, Paul started the car and edged it gently over the rough track towards the sealed road and normality. He joined in the joke: “All well and good for you, Suze. But I intend to get my hands on those gorgeous girls of ours as much as I can, so you’ll be the only one missing out on ‘game night’!”

Suzanne patted her husband’s cock through his jeans: “Just as long as I get plenty of this too…”

“Oh you will, honey. But now Mike can give you some as well!”

For years now the tradition on the first part of the homeward journey was for the three kids to name something they’d learned and something they’d loved on the holiday. Usually it was ‘I learned about wildflowers and I loved when that flock of parrots stayed in our tree’.

This time it was more adult; Lizzie went first. “I learned that Mike can go for ages without cumming, and that I love having a cock up my bum!”

Raucous laughter; Sammie’s turn: “I learned that I’m not the only one in this family who likes naughty peeing, and I love having my pussy licked.”

It should have been Mike’s turn, but he deferred: “Dad? What about you?”

“Oh, we’re in the game this year, are we? Um, OK. Hadn’t really thought. OK, lame but I learned my whole family likes sex with the rest of my family, and I loved…what did I love…Oh I got it. Silly me. I loved double-teaming your mum with Mike.” He looked at her, she blushed and slapped his thigh but the smile that followed spoke of pride and love.

Then Suzanne spoke: “I learned a lot. I learned how joyful a little girl-on-girl can be, how hot Mike can get me by talking and teasing me, how much fun it is to have a hairless pussy…ooh, I think I’m getting it moist even now…and I re-learned how much I love your father. And his dick!”

Laughter. Mike again: “And what did you love about the trip? You missed that out.”

“Oh yeah. You’re in luck Paul. You in my bum and Mike in my pussy? Oh, there I go. I’m getting a squishy!”

More laughter. Lizzie: “A squishy mum?”

“Yeah. You girls know. Boys get a hardon when they’re turned on, we get a squishy!”

Lizzie again: “Mmm. I know. OK Mike. There must be a reason you went last. So?”

“Yeah,” said Mike, “I’ve been thinking about this. So here it is. I learned that you, Lizzie, are unselfish in lovemaking. Right from the first night when you gave me relief from an incessant frickin boner, at the river you helped me and Sammie explore each other, you gave me your virginity and helped me with Sammie’s too…”

They all listened intently. A week ago this topic would not have been acceptable. Now it went without comment, just shared love and respect. He canlı bahis went on: “You relaxed dad and helped him into our love circle…”

“Love circle. I like that!” Said his mother.

“It’s true. Lust, yes. Love? Abso-fucking-lutely. So, I learned what a caring sexual partner my twin sister is. As for my ‘little’ sister…” Sammie beamed… “Well. What a minx! Sammie your self-confidence and eagerness for new experiences is totally awesome! If hearing about sexy stuff gives you a ‘squishy’ mum, get ready. Here’s the catalogue: You took hold of my dick in the river and asked me to touch your pussy. You showed us how much fun peeing games are. You let me lick you to orgasm. You, er, encouraged Lizzie and me for our first time together. You gave me your cherry. The other day at the river, when, this is hard to say dad…”

“Go ahead son. You’re doing fine.”

“Well, Sammie knew mum and I had fucked.” Paul didn’t flinch. “But it was a shock for Lizzie. Oh I would have told her, but she found us and… anyway. Sammie, that was a weird and awkward moment. You, my little darling sister, made us all feel so good, so right about it. Well. Then a lot happened and it ended up with dad being part of it too.”

Lizzie kissed her sister and hugged her. Sammie was emotional, proud of herself, and grateful to her brother for his acknowledgement of her.

“As for you, dad. You haven’t been part of this adventure for long, but I learned you’re up for the rest of it and that’s cool. Mum? I learned what a free spirit you are. How caring. How loving, Jesus how fucking sexy!” Murmurs of agreement.

“So here’s what I love. I love incest. I love you guys.”

Warm silence greeted it. Then Sammie did it again: “Nice one big brother. Now. I have to pee.”

The laughter was free and loud. It was nearing morning tea time so Paul pulled off into a clearing in the National Forest. Sneakily he pulled the gate closed behind them to deter interruptions, hoping nobody was already down the track. They were in luck.

Three hundred meters in they were completely alone in woods so thick that even the track was covered in ferns and undergrowth. Sammie said she was bursting and wanted to tease them.

Out of the car, the family awkwardly waited for Sammie’s show. She stood before the rest, legs apart, and lifted the hem of her short denim skirt to reveal pink panties. Before she did anything, she said: “I don’t know how this will look to you, but I’m practically cumming just thinking about it.”

Her brother and sister knew what was coming. They’d watched her wet her panties before and they knew her excitement at doing it was matched by the excitement of being seen doing it.

In seconds her piss erupted through her panties and arched onto the ground. A soaked dark patch contrasted with the dry parts of her pink panties. Then she pulled her panties high into her cameltoe as more pee fell, this time rolling down her thighs. “Mike likes the sound”, she said. A loud ‘pssshhh’ accompanied the stream, which saturated her bum and thighs, and still it came. She turned around so they saw the clear pee flooding the backs of her panties and her perfect thighs, pooling between her feet. Turning back, she announced: “And now the finale…”

Stopping her stream briefly, she pulled her panties aside, spread her pussy lips and pissed hard towards them, leaning back, shooting a strong jet of pee fully three meters away, causing applause and laughter from her appreciative audience. Paul: “Oh ten out of ten poppet. That’s a ten from me.”

Sammie went to her backpack for wipes, cleaned herself off and dumped the soaked panties. Her clothes were packed away. She knew she’d have the rest of the journey with a naked pussy and she was OK with that. Might even provoke some backseat fun…

Suzanne got the snacks and thermos of hot tea, spread a blanket and handed the food around. Conversation was relatively normal, despite having seen an erotic pee show from the youngest in the family. But Mike changed that: “Still squishy mum?”

“Hell yes. Help me out?”

“Sure! bahis siteleri Lay back.”

She did. She pulled her panties aside and her son went to work with his mouth on her pussy. He’d been a fast learner. He remembered Lizzie’s preference for a tongue in the pussy and only gentle pressure on her hypersensitive clit. His other sister liked her clit hood to be sucked while his tongue pressed her button. His mother, however, liked direct contact on her clit.

The other thing he had learned his mother liked was to wet his index finger with her pussy juices and put it in her arsehole while his thumb went in her quim.

Sammie ran back to the car and returned, beaming at her father. She threw a condom to him. He smiled and held his arms out to her. Lizzie snuggled over on the picnic rug too. Paul kissed his daughters passionately. Lizzie and Sam managed to get both their tongues in his mouth at once, giggling into it, as their hands worked to release his cock. It was already hard and he was already breathing in gasps.

Lizzie pulled her t-shirt over her head, then took off her bra and offered her nipples to Paul’s hungry mouth. Sammie stripped naked, tore the condom packet open and inexpertly managed to get it on her father’s cock. He checked briefly to make sure it was OK, nodded to his youngest daughter, and she straddled his thighs, reaching for his cock to place it at her entrance.

In one move Sammie sank onto her father’s cock all the way. Her sister had been right. It was long. It pressed against her cervix and filled her little cunt completely. She began to moan instantly.

Lizzie got herself completely naked too and joined her father and sister. She lifted a knee over her father’s head, facing her sister, and positioned her moist pussy for him to lick at her. Leaning slightly forwards, the sisters kissed and tweaked each other’s nipples as their father took care of their pussies.

Paul licked Lizzie’s clit, she recoiled, and instantly he realised hers was way more sensitive than his wife’s. Lizzie soon learned that it wasn’t just his cock that was long. His tongue inside her vagina was stiff, like a little cock, and he expertly probed and licked until she was in raptures.

At the same time Sammie rode her father quickly. Her thighs slapped his and her quickening pace told him she was ready. Gripping her hips he thrust hard up into his daughter and she bucked, shuddered, shuddered again, and came.

Panting as she retreated form her orgasm, she watched as her sister’s face contorted. She too was ready. Sammie rocked gently on her father’s cock, which seemed to be growing inside her. It spasmed as he shot. She rocked some more, trying to milk him with her cunt muscles, enjoying the groan her father let out in reaction.

Lizzie froze on her father’s face. Her thighs stiffened as her pussy melted hot cum all over his lips, cheeks, nose, hair even. In the highest throes she squirted one, two, three streams which he took into his open mouth and swallowed.

All three being spent, the sisters kissed each other. Paul’s cock was still partially hard in one daughter’s pussy while he lapped at the other.

In their isolation they’d forgotten about the other two. The girls looked over. Suzanne was still on her back, but she and Mike were side by side watching the threesome before them. Suzanne had two fingers inside herself, the newly-shaved snatch accepting them eagerly. Mike was stroking fairly hard, a slight grimace in his face.

Lizzie said: “Did you guys cum?”

“Mike didn’t.”

“Oh poor Mike. Come here!”

He stood and walked to them. Sammie and Lizzie reached for their brother’s throbbing member, both still enjoying their father’s attentions on their pussies underneath them. Mike went around the other side. Suzanne understood – he wanted her to be able to see as well.

Now beside them, still jacking gently, the sisters brushed his hand away and took over. They remembered their mother’s lesson well.

Sammie cupped his balls and held the base of his shaft. Lizzie had two fingers bahis şirketleri at the top of his cock. She sucked him first, placing her hot wet mouth over the end and licking at his knob. He groaned, then Sammie pulled it away from her sister and sank her mouth down on her brother. He groaned louder. Sammie squeezed his balls and felt them tighten. She offered the cock to her sister, who sank her mouth down onto it. At the same time she reached between her own legs – where her father still lapped at her pussy – soaked her middle finger in her pussy, and brought it up to Mike’s butthole.

She poked her finger into his arse to the second knuckle. Mike’s thighs trembled, his prolonged “AAAAHHHH” told the girls he was there. Lizzie released her brother’s cock and now both sisters licked and kissed the end. In seconds they were rewarded with his hot cum splattering onto their faces, Lizzie took a jet in her mouth, Sammie did too, and they let him blast it wherever it landed.

Suzanne drank in the erotic sight. Her husband had his cock still inside their youngest daughter, their other daughter sat on his sopping wet face, and their son was ejaculating in his sister’s mouths and over their faces. Despite having just been brought to orgasm by her son’s tongue, she couldn’t have stopped the power of the approaching orgasm if she tried.

It built in her womb, was given voice by a taut throat that began a low, guttural moan passing clenched teeth.

Paul and the girls looked over at the sound. Mike was still shuddering in afterglow. Suzanne’s eyes opened and she saw her daughters’ loving eyes on her, but what set her over the edge was the sight of her son’s cum in gobs on their faces. When Sammie instinctively licked at a drop that trickled to her mouth, Suzanne lost control. She pushed four fingers hard inside her stretched cunt, bucked wildly, and screeched as the first wave of rapture hit her.

Removing her fingers she worked feverishly at her clit with a flat palm, then she surprised them all with a long squirt, then another and another, pushed out by her grunting. “Nnngghhhaa, NNgha. Ngha. Ohmygod. Fffuckk.”

The liquid stopped but her hand didn’t. She took on the visage of an animal in lust. Her daughters figured a way to intensify it. Still holding their mother’s gaze, Lizzie began rocking on her father’s face while Sammie rubbed her squishy cunt on his belly. They licked and kissed each other’s faces, making a show of cleaning up their brother’s cum. Mike was still hard and had only just regained his senses but he saw the game. Stroking his half-hard cock gently, he offered it to his sisters who included it in their erotic show for their mother.

They licked and kissed his cock, put it in their mouths and sucked, licked cum from each other, tongue-kissed, and all the while they locked their eyes with their mother’s.

Suzanne put her other hand under her thigh and probed at her arsehole while she rubbed frantically at her clit. There was no resistance. The torrent from her pussy made sure of that. Two fingers went up there to the third knuckle and that was enough.

She screamed again and pushed one hard, long squirt from her pussy before collapsing onto her back and losing herself in throes of ecstasy that went on for ten more seconds.

Her fingers came out of her arse but she stroked her slit gently while her breasts heaved against the fabric of her summer dress. Sammie and Lizzie climbed off their dad and went over to her. Mike and his father watched with love as they lay beside her, kissed her lips tenderly and replaced her hand with theirs.

Some minutes later, Mike and his father had dressed. The three women hugged chastely, then Suzanne realised something. When she’d squirted it was all over her dress.

Standing to survey the damage, she weighed up her options. Unpack the car for a fresh one; Leave it; Take it off and pretend her underwear was a bikini. Lizzie came to the rescue.

“Mum, I have a beach dress in my backpack. Lose the dress, and it’ll look like you just came from the beach.”

Sammie, always Sammie, crystallised the thinking: “Cool. Mum in her underwear, me with no panties. Lizzie, take off your bra, maybe wet your t-shirt a little? Us three will drive those two boys completely nuts for the rest of the way!

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