The Day Daddy Made Me His Ch. 03

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Thanks again Hacker813.


Chapter 3

Once Daddy has disappeared from my sight I fall back against the big bed with a deep sigh. My mind is racing and my body still trembling here and there with pleasure. It’s not the first time I’ve cum, I mean hey I’m twenty and a very sexual person. I’ve needed my release from time to time, but I’ve never experienced something like this. My pussy drips and my thighs have become soaked, there’s a small puddle between my legs and then I remember Daddy came on my back. Slowly I sit forward and reach to the small of my back. I trail my fingers through the sticky cum and whimper as my pussy throbs knowing I made Daddy pleased.

Slowly I reach back around and look at Daddy’s sticky cum on my fingers. I want to taste it, and after a moment that’s exactly what I do. At first I flick my tongue out quickly, Daddy’s cum hits my tongue and I gasp at how delicious it is. I take my fingers back into my mouth and suck them clean with a small moan. Once I’m done I sit there for a few moments lightly panting before getting up.

I grab my new beautiful corset, it somehow managed to make it through the whole ordeal without a drop of cum ever landing on it. I fold it up neatly and set it on the night stand, then begin looking for my matching thong. After twenty minutes I give up and continue to strip the bed of the sheets. I take them down stairs and throw them in the wash, then come put a fresh dark red sheet sheet on the bed and proceed to make it with a new black blanket and all fifteen pillows. Once finished I take the corset back to my room and lay it on the dresser. I pause to look in the full length mirror and gasp. My hair is slightly disheveled, my nipples hard, and my clit slightly swollen, I’m covered is sweat from cleaning and my cognac eyes are bright and wide from playing with Daddy.

I hurry up and grab my fluffy towels before I head back to Daddy’s room. Usually I prefer my shower due to the bathroom being off of my room, but today the high heat and adjustable water pressure of his shower sound amazing. I open the bathroom door and step in, I pause as I see the shower on and Daddy inside. My breath catches and after a moment I slide in quietly behind him and wrap my arms around his waist.

“You made a mess on my back Daddy… now you should clean it,” I murmur kissing his shoulder blade.

This has the opposite affect than intended and Daddy becomes rigid under me.

“Kitten, let go,” he says sternly trying to pull my hands apart.

I hold on tighter and Daddy’s ass is almost against my clit.

“Please Daddy, I need you canlı bahis so badly,” I whisper kind of hurt.

“I said let go,” Daddy replies raising his voice.

I step back shocked tears forming in my eyes. This is a tone I’ve never heard Daddy use and I know I’ve done wrong. Before I can’t say a word Daddy has stepped out of the shower and is out the door. A small pout spreads across my face and I sigh stepping under the hot water. I quickly shampoo then condition my hair with my lavender scented matching set, then clean my body. All done I turn the water off and step out. I wrap my towels around me then go to my room to get dressed. I throw on a pair of black leather pants and a flowy white pirate style shirt, with sleeves that come to my elbows. After that I slip my phone in my pocket and grab a hair tie.

I leave my room and begin braiding my hair to the side as I come down the stairs. I tie it off with the rubber band as I reach the bottom and begin looking around for Daddy. I can’t find him in the clean kitchen or large living room, I go outside and he’s not in the pool or hot tub either. Getting a little worried I check his office but he isn’t there either. I rush down to the basement and my heart feels as if it’s about to pound out of my chest.

“Daddy’s never acted like that… what if he left and got in a wreck…,” I think to myself

“..or what if he just left,” my subconscious whispers cruelly.

“No! Daddy wouldn’t do that! He loves me… even if it’s not the same way I love him… he wouldn’t leave like mom did… he wouldn’t,” I say trying to convince myself but he’s not in the basement either.

My heart drops and I run up the stairs.

“Where could he be? Where could he be,” I think frantically.

I check the garage and Daddy’s car is still there, my heart rate slows as I stare at the car numbly then realize he’s got to be here somewhere. Suddenly I get an idea and head back outside. I begin walking slowly along the crumbling step stones. I reach the fork in the path: one leads right to the garden I asked Daddy to let me make two years ago and straight for the grove of trees I convinced him to get me when I was little. To the right was the nice shed I helped him build to hold all my gardening tools, pool rafts and a spot for him to keep the mower as well. I look around for a moment then with a sigh head straight into the trees.

At the third willow I make a left veering off the path, I pass a magnolia then another wide oak. I place my hand on the rough bark and a small smile spreads across my face as I remember the hundreds of times I ran through these trees when I was little and how bahis siteleri they grew with me over the years. I turn right and look up at the canopy dark of leaves, through the gaps you can see the clear night sky and stars, making almost a kaleidoscope above. I breathe deeply inhaling the clean air and my feet walk knowing when and where to turn and the cool grass feeling nice on my feet. After a minute I see a small light it the tops of the trees and sigh with relief.

I lightly jog and stop at the base of an old hickory I’ve never been able to wrap my arms even half way around. I softly giggle to myself at the fresh hand prints and shoe prints in the dust of the ladder. I reach up pulling myself up the first branch and from there I begin climbing. I pause wondering if I should continue… but the ladder was down and Daddy knows this is “my house” and I can get in by the branches weather he leaves the ladder down or not.. I shrug then climb the last four branches and step into the cozy tree house. I see Daddy sitting in the hammock chair I made him put up for my fifteenth birthday. He has on a snug white tee-shirt and a pair of shorts that are old now from time, his black hair looks ebony from the water and night. He’s bent forward with his elbows on his knees. He holds his head in one hand and a glass of scotch in the other, staring down into it. I can’t see his face but by the way he’s sitting I know he’s torn inside. It’s the same way he would sit when he found out mom had gone and spent rent money on drugs or when he was upset after she left.

Slowly I walk over and sit on my knees in front of him. I hear him softly gasp but other than that he makes no indication of noticing me. I sit back on my heels and slowly take the glass of scotch from his hand. I take his hand in mine and look up through my lashes into his eyes.

“Daddy,” I whisper timidly.

He jerks his hand away and makes a tiny fraction of a noise I rarely hear . . . one of disgust. I quickly drop my hands and it all becomes too much. My eyes fill with tears and I look down at my lap, but this time I can’t hold them in.

“Maybe he really is going to leave,” my subconscious taunts and it suddenly becomes all I can think of.

“I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry. Please don’t leave,” I sob burying my face in my hands.

As the words leave my mouth I regret them but I can’t take them back. I feel Daddy’s arms war around me and he carries me to the hammock. He sits and softly rock me back and forth.

“Shhhh,shhhh little one. I could never leave you Kitten, you’re my baby girl. Shhhh, it’s okay, I’m here Kitten,” Daddy murmurs as he softly takes my bahis şirketleri hands and places them in my lap.

Humiliated and afraid I bury my face in his chest and sob more.

“But I disgust you,” I moan between sobs.

I feel Daddy’s lips on my head then him brushing my now dry bangs out of my face.

“Look at me,” Daddy says hooking his pointer finger under my chin so I look him in the eyes.

I sniffle and try to bury my face in his chest again but Daddy won’t budge so I resort to looking down towards my lap.

“Never princess. Never could you ever disgust me. Where are you coming up with these absurd thoughts Kitten,” Daddy says, brushing my tears away with his thumb.

“It . . . it’s just… well ever since you gave me my birthday present you’ve been acting funny….. you… you’ve never talked to me how you did in the shower…. Or pulled away from my touch with a sound of disgust…,” I whisper, my voice barely audible by the time I’m through.

“Oh… Kitten… No, no. I’m so sorry for how I talked to you. I… It’s just I wanted you so badly. I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself and we can’t do that Kitten. And you could never ever ever ever ever disgust me Kitten. I was disgusted with myself, I… I’m your father, I should’ve never watched you… or let you watch me, it’s wrong,” Daddy mutters kissing my nose lightly.

“But Daddy… I love you… I always have and I’ve only just recently been able to admit it to myself… If it’s wrong to feel this and want you, then I don’t want to be right,” I mumble looking up into Daddy’s clear bottle green eyes.

Daddy lightly sighs, and softly kisses my lips. I kiss back just as softly trying not to press Daddy too far. After a moment he breaks away and leans back in the hammock pulling me with him. He lifts his legs and I do the same. My head rests on his chest and I snuggle close enjoying the feeling of Daddy’s body pressed against mine and the heat of the summer night on my skin. I can hear a dog far off in the distance and nature all around.

“Kitten… I love you like that too… but, we can’t ever do more than what we are now,” Daddy murmurs.

I know I can’t accept it, but for now I can’t bear to move so I just stay silent and nod my head. After a moment I sit up looking into Daddy’s eyes with a little smile.

“So how long did it take you to remember where the tree house was?”

“Well, I’m sure it took me a lot longer than you. I got lost twice,” Daddy replies.

I giggle and kiss his cheek then lay back down, becoming very sleepy.

“Good night Daddy, I love you,” I mumble

“Good night Kitten, I love you too. And happy birthday princess,” Daddy says back.

I feel him take my hand in his and slip a ring on the pointer finger of my right hand. I smile, but too tired to open my eyes I drift off to sleep.

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