Massage in Town

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He browsed lazily over the local magazine, reading nothing in particular and came across on ads on about local people giving massage not the bunch of ads from Asian Massage Parlors which is basically sex for sale. But then, who cares! It’s been a long week; he needed to relax and have been wondering how it felt to have a massage. So he decided to try one. He found a lady who lived near his place, gave her a call and set up for an appointment the following day.

As he drove towards her place, he was kind of nervous. He didn’t know what to expect but then he remembered the stories he heard from his friends and acquaintances. Massage relaxes the body and others believe that somehow your balance and harmony with the earth is restored. That calmed his nerves and laughed off his nervousness.

A girl on her mid-twenties answered the door. She was wearing a summer dress that reaches up to just above her knees. “Hello, Rick!” She greeted, smiling warmly.

That really placed him at ease. He entered her home as she invited him to come in. He was greeted by her two friendly dogs, bouncing and circling him. Since he liked dogs, he played with them for a minute.

“I’m sorry. They are really playfully. They greet every visitor who comes to my house.”

“You don’t have to be sorry. I like dogs, I even had one at home.” He said.

She smiled and beckoned him to follow her. The dogs tried to follow but she ordered them to stay. She led them into her kitchen and shut the door and smiled back at him and led him down her hallway to a room at the end of her house. In the room was a massage table situated at the far side of the room. There was a table beside it where different bottles of massage oil were placed. At a corner was a chair, exactly opposite the table. She walked around the table and was facing him as he proceeded to sit in the chair.

“It’s nice of you to call me and try massage,” She started to say.

“Well, I have been hearing that it’s really nice to have a massage so I gave it a shot.”

“Oh you won’t be disappointed.” She smiled. “I have been doing it for a year, giving home service massage.”

“Is this a full time job?” He asked.

“No. Actually, I’m working as a physical therapist at the hospital. It is just a part-time for additional income and to give massages to those who can’t afford to go to a massage parlor. You know, massage doesn’t just benefit the receiver but also the giver.”

They talked for about ten minutes about nothing in particular. Their conversation was not awkward at all. They were both enjoying it.

“So shall we start?” She asked suddenly.

“Yeah,” He answered and he started to untie his shoes, just bending over since he was already seated.

He thought she would leave while he undressed but realized she didn’t when he looked up and saw her still sitting in the table. He stood up, unsure what to do next, so he just started unbuttoning his shirt. This didn’t seem to rattle her and she began the conversation where they left off. Once he had taken his shirt off, still talking, he unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper, as if he was doing it every day with her around. He lowered his pants down his legs, bent over and took them off. He stood up with pants in his right hand and just in canlı bahis his briefs. He might have look confused, so she smiled at me.

“You could hang your clothes in that hook,” she said as she pointed a protruding nail against the wall, just beyond his head.

He did as she told him and finished undressing. He grabbed his shirt off the chair with his other hand and turned around and hung them up. With his back to her and without thinking about it, he put his thumbs in the sides of his briefs and lowered his underwear slowly. He was expecting her to say to leave the underwear on but heard nothing so he continued to lower his briefs and finally take it off. He hung them as well, realizing the sight he must be displaying for her to view. Again, nothing was said. He turned around and noticed she was leaning over the table with her arms on it and her hands on her chin. She was smiling and started back their conversation where they left off. He just stood there, completely naked in front of this girl that he just met fifteen minutes ago and engaging on a casual conversation like nothing was out of the ordinary.

She motioned him to lie down in the massage table and he silently followed her. He sensed her moving around. Few minutes later he felt a towel draped around his ass which made him inwardly smile at the irony of it, and her warm hands in his back, applying massage oil. He smelled the aromatic scent of the oil which reminded him of tropical nature.

“Relax, you are tense. Don’t think of anything. Just unburden your mind. No thoughts. No worries.” she whispered. He nodded and tried to relax.

As the massage progressed, slowly, he felt his muscles relaxed to her ministrations. He felt light-headed as if something has been unburdened from his shoulders. He felt contented in some way that he could not explain and sighed on how good it felt. How he wished he should have gone to massage parlor earlier to experience this feeling. He closed his eyes to concentrate more in the sensations that were familiar yet sort of new to him.

She had been finished with the massage ten minutes ago and her client was still asleep. She hesitated to wake him up since he was sleeping so peacefully. There was a slight crease in his forehead indicating that he worried too much and too many times but nonetheless he looked peaceful as if he hadn’t slept for so long. From time to time he sighed indicating that he was enjoying the massage. Since he was asleep, she boldly ran a finger at his back, marveling how toned his body was. He must be working out. She heard him sigh or was it a moan? She looked at his face. His eyes were still closed and his breathing seems to that of a sleeping man. With that she continued to explore his body, not with the curiosity of a massage therapist but with the curiosity of a girl.

Her hands found his ass clad with a towel. She smiled at the thought; she had seen him naked while preparing for the massage and now she had the audacity to drape a towel over his bottom. Well, talk of professionalism. It seemed awkward enough if she hadn’t draped that towel. She slowly removed the towel, exposing his flesh inch by inch. She bit her lips to prevent herself from cupping his bottom and squeezing them. Besides from eyes and smile, she has a weakness for men’s bottom bahis siteleri when they are naked. However, temptation won and slowly her hands reached up to lightly trail his ass cheeks then squeezed him.

“Beautiful down there huh?”

She squealed her surprise. “I…I’m…sorry,” She stammered and blushed from head to toe. He was looking over his shoulders, eyes twinkling with amusement. “How long have you been awake?” She asked nervously.

“What do you think?” He replied as he sat and faced her.

She remained rooted and hadn’t moved an inch so his legs were touching her thighs. “I…I…was about to wake you up but…”

“But you harassed my ass instead,” he interjected.

“Of course not,” she said indignantly. “I was just…I was just…” She saw his brow raised up. She was about to say massage but think otherwise. She sighed and ended up whispering. “…admiring your ass.” She was blushing profusely.

He smiled and she could tell by that smile that he was controlling himself from laughing out loud. He was clearly enjoying the situation, putting her in hot seat. “Do you like what you saw?” He asked and leaned over so their faces were mere inches away.

“I…I…” she can’t seem to say what was in her mind as she saw his eyes traveled down to her lips and back to her eyes.

“I…I…” he mimicked.

As if with one mind, they both moved simultaneously to seal their conversation with a kiss. She found herself seated at the massage table as he positioned himself between her legs. She felt his raging arousal poking at her belly. Moaning her pleasure as he cupped her breast, she arched her back to give him better access and let her head fall back as his kisses traveled down to her neck. He unbuttoned her dress as his mouth went lower. When her breasts were bared, he suckled each one of them, giving each breast equal attention. His hands continued unbuttoning her dress. He drew an indrawn breath when his hands found out that she was not wearing any panties on.

He cupped her mound and found out that she was shaved. He explored lower and came across her soaking wet pussy and continued to caress her inner thighs, making small circular movements. He retraced his path back and his hands came to rest in her hips. This time his lips did the journey and occasionally grazing her skin with his teeth. As his lips neared to her stomach, her legs opened wider, exposing herself more to him. When he reached her mound, his tongue began his explorations.

She was moaning, and her hips began to undulate. He continued, tasting her and savoring her smell. He did his magic using his tongue, entering her wet opening as far as his tongue would go, lapping her as if she was a delicacy. Based from her breathing, she was nearing a minor orgasm. Her hands were entangled with his hair, pushing him deeper. With each thrust of his tongue, she simultaneously arched her hips to meet him. Her juice came flooding his face. She was clamping him with her thighs and he can barely breathe. But it doesn’t matter. He was enjoying immensely.

He wanted to prolong the foreplay but he can’t wait to feel her enveloping his rock hard cock. Besides she was very wet and judging from her actions, she would not mind if he would pump her now.

“Now, I want you to bahis şirketleri fuck me now,” she whispered. That’s the cue he was waiting.

He entered her ever slowly, inch by inch. She tried to squirm free from his hold to thrust upward but he held her still. “Relax, sweetie, I want to fuck you slowly until you are screaming to fuck you deep and fast.”

She bit her lips. It was a new experience to her. She was used to getting fucked fast, and before she knew it the fucking was finished, leaving her a little bit unfulfilled.

“I see, you are not used to that are you? Hmmm, poor little thing, you never knew what really fucking is, do you?” He bent to kiss her for a few moments and he let his lips roamed downward while he continued to hold her hips in place and fucked her so slowly.

She could feel every glide, could feel the length of his cock slid inside and out. The sensation was different, making her gasp and moan at each stroke he made. He would ground her circling, slid out his cock completely until the head is only inside her wet opening and would reenter her again, slow and deep. He kept doing that while he was sucking her breasts, giving each equal attention.

“Oh, please, make it fast. Fuck me harder, faster,” She moaned; her hands can’t keep still, roaming at his chest slick with sweat then trying to remove his hands from her hips so she could meet him thrust for every thrust then she would grasped the bed for leverage.

“As you wish,” He smiled and he did pump faster and deeper. He let go of her hips. They rode fast and deep. She was nearing another orgasm when suddenly he stopped and slid out of her pussy completely, leaving her bereft. And they went back to the same rhythm, slow but deep, his hands on her hips, holding her still. But this time she lay down in her stomach, and he was fucking her from behind. Thrice he went to do that, stopping her in the midst of an incoming orgasm.

“Oh, please I can’t take it anymore, make me cum, make me cum,” she was whispering, moaning.

“Oh yeah baby, we will cum together,” he said.

She was half sitting now and she could see his cock sliding in and out her wet pussy. He was holding her feet now, pumping her. This time he did not bother to slow down. He was riding her fast and deep. Every thrust she would meet him half way.

“Oh, god, ohhhh, ah, ah, ah, ah,” She moaned. The bed was moving with the intensity of there fucking. “Oh, fuck, oh! Rick!”

It was an orgasm she never knew she could feel. She was still coming down from ecstasy when she felt him moving again. And she remembered he did not cum yet. A few more thrust and she felt his cock swell even more and before he ejaculated, he slipped out of her. She felt his cum flood her navel. She opened her eyes to see his cock resting in her navel, cum oozing out of his cock.

She smiled at the sight she saw. His eyes were closed; sweat drenching his hair that has covered his forehead. He looked so vulnerable, his mouth opened and he was panting. She noticed that he was handsome in some sort of way. He relaxed, opened his eyes and looked at her. His eyes were somewhat sleepy. He lay down beside her, spent and satisfies.

“Can I have a little sleep before I go home?” He asked.

She smiled. “Of course. Don’t you want another round?” She said teasingly,

“Hmmm, good idea but…” He looked at his cock, limp and tired. He was not able to continue since he was already asleep.

She giggled. “Well, you’ll come back. I promise that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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