Married to Work

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I sighed dejectedly, having spent yet another long day in the office – and at 11:21PM, the long day still was not finished. Yes, I made a lot of money, especially for someone with my background who had never been in any way involved with professional sports, but over the past few months of eighteen-hour days on top of a fifty-minute commute, I was really struggling with whether the money was worth the massive workload and heavy travel, especially since it meant that I had very little time with the family or with friends, even on weekends. As I stared with bleary eyes at the screen, I tried to remember when I was last able to take a full day off with no work-related activities whatsoever… and realized that Christmas Day 2007 was the last true day off I had enjoyed.

I needed at least one more coffee to be able to finish what I needed to do for the massive contract which was almost within our grasp, then I could send the final proposal to the CEO for her final review when she arrived in the morning, and once she approved, it could be sent to the prospective client. The commission on this deal alone would pay for my entire staff for three months, so I just had to dig down deep inside myself and find that final surge of effort.

…but first I needed the coffee.

Standing, my knees protested – as did my spine and my arms. I had definitely been sitting for far too long. Stretching out the pains, I yawned loudly, unable to help myself but infinitely thankful that none of my colleagues were able to hear such a sound. Kiri had mentioned earlier that day that I had seemed quite exhausted and that I should take some time off, so she would not have been surprised to hear my yawn.

Time off was coming, in the form of Thanksgiving. I had already announced to the executives that for those four days, the Blackberry would be off, and that I was leaving the laptop in the office so that for once I could truly spend time with the family.

Before Thanksgiving, “time off” would be in the form of sleeping on airplanes en route to and from three trade shows in Europe and two others in Asia.

Turning to look out the window, my eyes drank in the view of the city at night, the foreground and midground filled with homes. That was exactly where I should have been: home. The twin girls had been without their father for too long – I was essentially nonexistent to them during the week, and really just a mysterious presence behind a closed door on the weekend. At that time of night, they should be asleep, but I did not have the luxury of even cracking their bedroom doors open to peek in on them and assure myself that all was indeed well with them.

With a sigh, I trudged to the break room, thankful that the Keurig could make a single cup of much-needed coffee in roughly twenty seconds. canlı bahis The choice of coffee was a no-brainer given my immediate need: Dark Magic.

As I slowly made my way back to my office while sipping the hot brew, I heard the chime of the elevator in the corridor. That was not unusual, as Security would typically do a sweep about this time each night. When I heard the door to the suite open, I glanced in that direction, and was surprised to see someone other than a member of the Security team entering the suite.

“Angel!” I exclaimed wearily. My wife was absolutely the last person I had expected to see here so late at night.

“That coffee looks and smells good,” she noted. She seemed a little tired herself, which was not surprising since the girls could easily wear out anyone above the age of thirty. “Mind if I get one?”

“Sure.” She approached and reached for my hand, giving my cheek a quick kiss before I guided her to the break room. She had been in the office a few times before, so she knew where to find the break room, but she still seemed more like a visitor here than a wife.

We were silent as she set down her purse and selected her coffee: Hazelnut, her favorite for many years. The silence lingered as she waited for the coffee to be ready. The quiet continued as she drank nearly half of the brew at once. Throughout, I had a sense that there was a reason for her presence – after all, she had never come to the office so late at night of her own volition.

Slowly, very slowly, Angel set her half-empty Styrofoam cup on the counter. As if in slow motion, her eyes raked up my body with hunger, and when her eyes finally met mine, I could see a ravenous tigress within, just waiting to pounce, waiting for the right moment.

How long had it been since we had last been intimate beyond just a hug or a cuddle in bed? Having two young girls certainly got in the way of intimacy, but that was typical of any family. What was atypical was the insane amount of time I spent away from home, either in the office or traveling heavily for conferences or trade shows or to visit current or prospective clients – that time away from home absolutely prevented intimacy.

…and apparently had caused my Angel to take matters into her own hands.

That was when I realized that she was showing quite a bit of cleavage – something she had not done in a long time so that she could set a good example for the girls since they would soon start developing breasts of their own. The sweater’s plunging v-neck exposed a lot of flesh, flesh highlighted by the sparkling diamond chain with the ivory crescent moon pendant which seemed to want to burrow between her breasts.

To my amazement, I suddenly found myself being jealous of the pendant. When was the last time she had held bahis siteleri my head to her chest? Sadly, I could not remember…

Her long hair had been tied into a ponytail. When was the last time I had pulled her ponytail while making love to her from behind? Sadly, I could not remember…

Angel’s pleated skirt reminded me of the Japanese sailor-style schoolgirl uniform she wore when I had first met her at an anime convention near where I was attending college. That day had ended with us returning to campus and my hand sliding up underneath her skirt and masturbating her through her panty she was still dressed as Sailor Moon and I was still dressed as Tuxedo Kamen. When was the last time I had slipped a hand up underneath my wife’s skirt or dress? Sadly, I could not remember…

Her lips were painted red – and the lipstick was definitely fresh, not muted from having been worn all day. When was the last time those painted lips had left a noticeable ring on me? Sadly, I could not remember…

And suddenly, I could not remember why I was in the office so late at night, for the woman standing before me was definitely quite appealing. For just an instant, I saw the college student in a sailor fuku, but in a flash that vision was gone, replaced with the sight of a woman about to kiss the person who had essentially neglected her and their children for far too long…

Her hand on my shoulder, her breasts pressed against my chest, she kissed me. There was no romance in the kiss – there was only a primal need. The tigress within her was beginning to emerge after having entrapped her willing prey. I knew how my wife could be when the tigress emerged – Angel would definitely not live up to her name.

Her presence and her changing persona enticed me. There was a definite stirring in my loins, a lengthening in my slacks, and a quickening within my chest.

Thoughts of the Security personnel and the proposal on my laptop faded as the kiss deepened. For the first time in what seemed like generations, I lost myself in my own wife as my coffee fell to the tile floor.

And then the tigress leapt from the cage.

Seemingly in seconds, my zipper was lowered and a hand was diving inside while my mouth was viciously attacked. This was the Angel I had not seen in a long, long time, the Angel I had practically forgotten, and seeing this Angel once again solidified my growing lust as it pulsed in her small hand.

I was not just the prey. One hand on the back of her head and one hand seizing a breast, I fondled my wife as I eagerly counterattacked her mouth. But she definitely asserted herself as the tigress, turning me and backing me against the counter before pulling my erection through the opening in my slacks, stroking me quickly as I lubricated her palm.

Angel bahis şirketleri was no angel. Angel was definitely in her tigress persona, which was exemplified by how quickly she dropped to her knees before me and took as much of my length as she could handle into her small mouth, gagging briefly as my tip hit the top of her throat but then finding the perfect depth and rapidly establishing a perfect rhythm.

My hands cradled my wife’s head, but I allowed her to set the rapid pace. When she needed to breathe again, her hands took over as she gulped air, then she resumed the oral worship, alternating between hand and mouth, continually kneading my testicles, not stopping until I was breathing fast and hard and was nearly ready to explode…

Suddenly sliding aside, Angel pumped me with both tiny hands, making me shoot my lust across the narrow break room. It had been so long since my last release that I apparently had a lot of semen stored within me. I groaned continually, fiercely biting my lower lip in an attempt to remain as quiet as possible so I would not alert Security that activities utterly inappropriate for a business environment were taking place in our suite. Yet it seemed that my orgasm lasted forever, my heart pounding in my ears and my breathing labored as the pleasure radiated through my loins, my seed anointing the floor and the table and one of the chairs.

As I recovered, my manhood still quite exposed, my wife stood and smiled, the tigress still quite visible in her eyes. I closed my eyes, listening as she opened her purse and rummaged inside. I wondered if she had brought a vibrator or a dildo, or if perhaps she had a pair of shiny metal handcuffs she wanted me to use on her as we would occasionally do before the expansion of the family.


I opened my eyes slowly, finding a standard business-size security-lined envelope, being held in front of my face. Perplexed and still breathing a bit quickly, still reveling in the first orgasm in a long, long time, I reached for the envelope, and as soon as I had it in my hand, Angel closed her purse and picked up what remained of her Hazelnut coffee. With that, she turned to leave. “I’ll see myself out,” she called over her shoulder.

It was not until long after I had heard the door to the suite close that I finally realized what a mess we had made – specifically, a mess I had made. I set the envelope down on the counter and reached for a paper towel to clean up the spilled fluids, but then something nagged at my mind, that this was all too strange, all too bizarre.

I opened the envelope and nearly collapsed to the floor.

You seem to enjoy a life alone either in the office or in the den, so now you have a life alone.

I did not need to rush home to discover the true meaning of that note. Surrounded by my coffee and my own lust, I knelt on the floor and cried, and I have cried every day and night since then, for I have yet to see my precious little girls again and possibly never will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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