Marla’s Old Honda

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Double Penetration

It was a late Sunday night, that warm July sort of Sunday. There was a light mist spraying from the neighbors sprinklers – made the air a little more humid, a little more comfortable. A beautiful night. I remember it all to well, for that was the night I meet Marla.

I was sitting on my porch, watching the deserted street, listening to the sounds of the neighborhood – quiet suburban, you would think, but if you really listen, there is so much to hear. Dogs barking being most common, but little things. The child across the street cooing in pleasure, or the teenager down the way in a fight with his parents. So many little things that ‘quiet’ suburbia isn’t all that quiet. My porch was a good place for such listening.

I do that a lot, listening. There is so much one can learn by observance. I smoothed back by black hair, shorter now that I had finally gotten it cut. It used to be down to my shoulders, but the pressures of my job – sometimes I missed it, but on nights like tonight, were it was just a little too humid, it was nice to have less weight and pressure on my head. Somewhere down the street I saw the headlights of a car. Not to unusual a sight, to be honest, but always something enjoyable to think about on a summer night.

“Mmm… Blue… Jeep.” I said, playing my favorite game with myself for these summer nights. Guess the next car. Not that I had ever seen many blue Jeeps but, hey, it was a wild guess. Could I ever be more wrong. The car that pulled up slowly down the street was a white Honda – ah well. Honda’s were nice cars – my first car had been a Honda. Worked wonders till it was 11 years old, where it fell apart – literally – on the side of I 70, Ah well. I still remembered it with fondness.

This one didn’t look much better than that one did, and I could hear it clunking along. And, with one final sigh, I heard the engine die right in front of my house. For a moment the car sat there – it was too dark to see in the windows – then I heard the engine try and turn over. No luck, though who ever was inside tried two more times. No such luck.

Pulling myself out of my chair I strode slowly down my finely cut lawn to the dead Honda, which now wouldn’t even turn over, though I could vaguely see inside someone trying to get it to start. After a moment a fist hit the steering wheel quite hard, and the horn blurted briefly, breaking the ‘silence’ of suburbia. Well at least something worked, I thought as a chuckle escaped my lips. Rapping the passenger side window I peered inside to see someone with a baseball cap and a long ponytail inside. Whomever it was waved slightly and got out of the door. It was a woman, long brown hair, blue eyes, just a little shorter than my height, smiling “Hello there. Seems I’ve broken down on your front lawn. Do you mind if I use your phone?”

I smiled, shaking my head, “Not at all. Names Tony, yours?” I said, reaching across the top of the car to offer my hand

“Marla,” she said, taking my hand and shaking it firmly, “Sorry about bothering you so late at night.”

“Ah its no trouble,” I said back, smiling as she walked around the car, “I’m usually on my porch at this time relaxing. My first car was a Honda – when they go, they really go,” I said, as I lead her back towards my house, “It sounds like yours has finally had its last gasp.

She smiled a brilliant, bright tooth smile, “Yeah it seems so. Ive been waiting for it to die for the last few weeks. Had kinda hoped it would take me home…” she trailed off and shrugged as I held the door open for her. My house was pretty tidy, though most of the lights were off at this hour of night. The phone in my foyer had a little desk lamp next to it, and she stepped forward to use it.

“Where’s home?” I asked, as she picked up the receiver and flipped open the phone book from the shelf below – you’d be surprised at the number of people I get asking to use my phone. Must be the late nights on the porch.

“Chillicothe,” she said, as her fingers scanned through the phone book to find a number. That was the next town over, about a forty-five minute drive from here. I nodded as her slender fingers dialed on my old style rotary phone – I had felt it fit the picture of a phone in the foyer sort of deal.

She spoke for a few minutes then sighed, placing the phone down, “They cant send anyone out till tomorrow morning,” looking a little glum she gave a half hearted smile. “Mind if I call my parents real quick?”

“Not at all,” I said, and she spoke for a little bit on the phone with I assumed her mother.

“They’ll be here to pick me up tomorrow morning,” She said, and then gave another half hearted smile. “Well it was nice meeting you Tony…”

“Hold on a sec there Marla. Where are you planning to go? I’ve got an extra bed here, why don’t you spend the night? I can put some quick food on, we can eat and then you can sleep and be here when they arrive in the morning.” Her face lit up a little bit

“Really? You don’t mind? I didn’t want to ask since I only meet you a few minutes canlı bahis ago…”

“Ahh its no trouble, not at all. Sides, Im always on the look out for some femine company,” I said, winking with a mischevious grin. Marla laughed slightly and I led her to the kitchen. “I hope simple fare is allright.” I said, diving into the cupboards. “It is a little late.” She smiled and nodded.

“More than adequate. Thank you so much again”

“Again, no problem,” I said, as I started to pull down ingredients. Of course, simple fare for me was by no means simple. Twenty minutes later I had started the rice cooking and the vegetables and meats were cooking away – I cook for a living you see, and so simple fare to me is anything that takes less than forty five minutes to prepare. Marla and I talked as I worked, chatting away, getting to know each other. She was quite the woman, just about my age (26) and seemed to have a lot of the same interests as me.

It was about that time that my dog, Max, bounded into the kitchen – a Black lab, he was incredibly friendly with people, and he nuzzled right up to Marla. She gave a small exclamation of pleasure, and reached down to pet the poor boy. Introducing the two, I started the rice frying with the meat and veggies.

Marla was on her knees talking to Max, and I smiled. “Labs are great, aren’t they?” I asked, and she agreed, still paying attention to max. After a moment he bounded off to go do something – whatever it is he does at night – and I served up the fried rice. She smiled and dug right in as I sat down at the small, two person table across from her, digging into mine. For a moment we ate in silence.

“This is really good Tony.” She said her mouth full. I laughed good naturedly and agreed – this was better fried rice than I had cooked in a long while. We finished up quickly and I put the plates in the sink with the rest of the dishes.

“Well it’s your choice. You can head to bed if you’d like, or you can join my on the porch for some more relaxation.” I said, smiling charmingly at her. She laughed softly and gave a warm smile back.

“The Porch sounds really nice,” she said, and followed me out to the comfortable hanging chairs I had on my porch. Settling back in my favorite one, I reached over to the cunningly disguised fridge on my porch and pulled out a Pepsi, offering one to her. She took it with another smile and poped it open, settling back in the other chair, “Its such a beautiful night,” she said.

I nodded in agreement and we sat in silence for a while. She broke it a bit later, asking me a few questions – it wasn’t long until we were talking thoroughly, discussing everything from our pasts to our plans for the future. It was amazing – I am a friendly sort of guy, but usually someone you just meet you don’t open this much too. She must have thought the same for she fell silent after a moment.

“Tony?” She asked, tentively, “Do you believe in love at first sight?” She looked down at her almost empty pepsi, hands folded around it protectively. I swallowed unsure of what to say. Definatly I was attracted to this woman, but love? I wasn’t quite sure… Then I threw caution to the wind – after all, I had already told her things I hadn’t told anyone else.

“I don’t know,” and could almost see her face falling, and quickly hurried on, “But I defiantly believe in chemistry. And Marla… There is some incredible chemistry between us.” She smiled and raised her head to look at me, her blue eyes sparkling in the dim porch-light. She rose from her chair and offered a hand to me. I took it, feeling a sharp tingle across the touch. Surprised, I let my mouth hang open softly and she smiled even broader

“I don’t know about that guest room,” she said softly, and for a moment I felt my stomach drop out of me – this was it, I had scared her off. But one look on her face said she meant something completely different and my eyes widended in shock. “Im not usually this forward,” she continued, and pulled me close to her, her head tilting upward, her other hand pulling my head down for a long, deep kiss. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth, not a hard task, and played around mine. For a moment we stood lost in each others lips until we broke to breath. Gasping she smiled at me.

“But I had to be sure of something,” She winked and pulled on my hand to the door. I was speechless, and followed softly behind. That had been one of the more amazing kisses I had ever experienced, and, swallowing hard, I turned the porch light off and shut the door as we entered.

It seemed she didn’t want to wait any more, for she turned and I gathered her into my arms without a protest, leaning down to kiss her again, long and passionately. Our tongues played across each other, and she pushed her body up against mine, her breasts firm against my chest. I could feel my erection budging against my pants, and I knew she could as well, especially after her hand reached down to caress it softly.

I broke our kiss, breathing heavly “Marla… do you think this is too fast?” She bahis siteleri shook her head and stopped her gentle caress

“No Tony, I don’t. I don’t know why, but there is just something about you… something I don’t want to miss if I disappear tomorrow never to find you again. Something I want to experience. And besides,” she said, an impish grin forming across her face, “I haven’t been laid in months.” I couldn’t help myself, grinning as well, reaching down to pick her up in my arms and kiss her again as I walked through my house. Max raised his head from the couch and seemed to give one of those, “Bout damn time,” looks and sighs, and went back to sleep. I couldn’t help but chuckle lightly, and Marla, seeing the same look, laughed softly

“Guess he knows what is good,” she said as we entered my bedroom. I laid her gently down on the bed, my hands drifting down her sides, fingers tingling lightly across her bare skin where her pale blue shirt had been bunched up lightly. Pushing the hem upwards, I kissed her now bare stomach, as she leaned back and moaned lightly, hand entangling in my hair. It didn’t take long for her shirt to be above my head, and soon above hers.

My hands drifted up to her breasts, covered by a plain white bra. I squeezed them gently, and tapped my fingers down her sides around her back. She arched slightly and I slid under to deftly unclip the annoying piece of fabric and wires, letting her breasts free. Sliding that off her shoulders, I leaned forward, kissing the nipples softly, sucking gently on each, continuing to soft moans escaping her lips. Her hands drifted down my back and pulled my shirt upwards, until I paused to let her take it from my head. I slid in between her legs to reach her chest better, and, as she her knees were on the edge of the bed, looked down at her bare chest for a moment. Her full breasts were just a little bit bigger than my hands, which massaged them gently for a moment, to more light moans. Her hands drifted up my chest, running up and over my pecks and shoulders.

I leaned down again, to take her right nipple within my mouth, sucking gently before kissing in a light circle down and around her breast, and back up the other to suck on its nipple. More light moans escaped her lips, as one hand drifted downward to unclip the button on her jeans.

“Please Tony,” she moaned lightly, hands following mine.

I slid my fingers in slightly, to push around her waist, as her legs came up to wrap around mine, pulling me a little closer. I kissed up above her breasts, to her neck, sucking gently as she turned her head to the side, breathing more heavily now. My lips kissed up along the nape of her neck until I reached her earlobe, sucking gently.

I pulled back for a moment to unzip her jeans, hands pulling them down beyond her hips slowly, before guiding them off her legs, smiling up at her as she lay down at the edge of the bed.

I drew a hand up her inner thigh, eliciting a light gasp from her, and slid my fingers under her plain white underwear, sliding my fingers along her pussy lightly. Her breathing increased as I kissed my way up the other tight, my lips reaching to her crotch. Pulling her panties down slowly, I kissed just above their hem, being rewareded with even heavier and faster breathing.

“Oh Tony…” she moaned lightly, as I tossed her underwear to the side. My tongue flicked out to slip across her clit, still hidden under the folds of flesh. My right hand slipped two fingers inside her, moving back and forth within her, fingering her gently. She moaned lightly again, a little louder this time, as my other hand pulled the flesh away from her clit, so my tongue could play across it. For a few moments my tongue played gently with it, before I slipped it back down to reach inside her pussy, along with my two fingers moving inside her.

As her moans increased, so did the speed of my fingers, moving steadily faster, my tongue darting across her clit, varying its direction and speed. She began to thrash along the edge of the bed as I slid to my knees, my face buried within her legs, her hands upon my head. “Oh god Tony!” she called out, moaning loader, “God oh god oh god oh god!” my fingers continued to move within her, my tongue darting over and about, around and across her clit, “God I’m going to cum, oh god oh god I’m cuming!” she screamed as I could feel her contract around my fingers. I continued my movements, pushing her into further ecstasy.

After a time I slowed, and her hands pulled my head forward for a deep, long kiss, before drifting down to unbutton my khaki’s, her legs deftly pushing them down along with my boxers. My cock sprang forward, just slightly above average in its length and size, and she grasped it firmly in her hands, quickly rolling us over to place me on my back

She was now above me, smiling mischeviously. Kicking her socks off and pulled mine off as well, before leaning forward, bare breasts against my skin, as she grasped my hard member within her hands, stroking gently. One of my hands reached bahis şirketleri forward to caress her hair lightly, as she gently kissed her way down my chest. Her hands continued to stroke my dick, gently as her lips reached it, taking its head in her mouth and sucking gently.

I moaned lightly, eyes rolling into the back of my head. My hands dropped to her head, tangling themselves in her hair but letting her do what she wanted, “oh Marla…” I said lightly, holding her head between my hands, “Suck it Marla… oh please suck it”

Her head began to bob in time with her hand, taking more of my cock into her mouth as she sucked along its length, every couple of bobs taking her hand away and taking my full length within her mouth, as I felt my head bump against the back of her throat. It was almost to much, as her tongue began to slip along my head, her hands moving rapidly along my length. The swirling tongue and her moving hands was too much, and I could feel a climax rising within me

“I’m going to cum” I warned, breathing heavily, moaning and thrashing as she speed up, sucking on my dick as if she was trying to draw out my cum. And soon she did, as I climaxed spurting my load into her waiting lips, as she sucked on my head drawing more out of me.

My arched back fell backwards in exhaustion as I lay there and she smiled, crawling up my length to straddle my chest. Her hands played with my shoulders and she stay like that for a little while, just watching me softly as I watched back, breathing heavily. With a smile she reached back and touched my cock, massaging it gently. Surprisingly I responded, growing larger within her hands. Her smile widened, and I grinned, maneuvering her around to lay her on the bed, pulling her legs up and placing a pillow beneath her ass.

My cock was now hard and I could see her breathing heavy as I checked her pussy with my fingers – nice and wet. I slid my waiting cock in slowly, watching her eyes. They rolled back into her head as she moaned lightly, and I placed my hands on either side of her shoulders.

Leaning down to kiss her as I slowly pumped my length in and out of her. Her breathing quickened and so did mine, as I thrust against her, soft grunts escaping my mouth.

“Fuck me Tony,” She began to moan load and long, thrashing lightly as I pumped against her raised hips, kissing her hard and grunting beside her head. I could feel another climax rising within me as I did, and her moaning grew more intense, loader. “Oh god, you feel so good!”

I began to feel her clenching along the length of my dick, and that was more than enough to put me over the edge, as I cummed for a second time that night, filling her with my juice. A few last pumps pushed me into her and finished me off as she breathed heavily, her hands wrapping around my back as I lay against her chest. My breath came in ragged spurts as we lay there together. She kissed the side of my head softly and her legs unwrapped from around me.

I breathed heavily as we lay there, then, with a little smile, flexed my semi hard cock within her. “oh!” she said, giggling lightly. “Oh that felt nice.” And I did it again, feeling my cock hardening for a third time, much to my surprise, and to hers.

She laughed lightly and smiled, turning us over, straddling my waiting cock. “Wow, you sure are active tonight,” She said, with a little grin

“Its been three years for me,” I said softly, with a smile, reaching up to caress her breasts. She gasped and then smiled, lowering herself onto me, “Well than we should take advantage of that, yes?” And she began to move herself above me, one hand on my chest, one hand behind her rubbing my aching balls.

She set her own tempo, moving to please herself, and I merely along for the ride. I played gently with her breasts and for a time even sucked upon them until she pushed me back down, her tempo moving faster and faster, her back arching. She began to moan loudly, and call out my name, as she moved faster and faster above me.

Suddenly I felt the violently strong contractions within her, and she began to shudder as her hand reached down to move across her clit faster and faster. “oooh god yes, yes yes!” She yelled into the night.

The contractions were enough to bring me up for a third climax of the night, gasping and sputtering I squeezed out another load, smaller and harder to come this time, as she continued to let her rippling climax poor through her. She cried out loudly then collapsed on top of me, breathing heavly.

We lay there like that for some time, until I rolled us over for a more comfortable position, my cock still buried with her sweet pussy. She smiled softly, sleepily, as we both drifted off.

We awoke the next morning, having switched sometime in the night to a more comfortable spooning postion. She smiled at me and kissed me lightly, getting out of bed to head to the shower. I stood and threw on some pants to head to the kitchen to start some breakfast. By the time she returned from the shower I had eggs and bacon cooking, and some good toast just about ready. She smiled and caressed my chest light, standing on her tip toes to kiss me. I returned the kiss, one hand reaching down to cup her now clothed ass, squeezing. She giggled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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