The Changeling Ch. 04

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I had come a long way in my fantasy of changing from being a man into becoming a “total” woman. The procedure that GenderBenders had used to create this female from my male self had seemingly been a total success, so much so that I was now fucking my oldest son and my oldest daughter on a regular basis. It was difficult to make sure the younger two didn’t find out about our relationships, but somehow we managed to keep them unaware of our on-going affair.

The pills that the GenderBenders doctor had prescribed for me when I left their clinic had just run out. I also stopped taking the birth control pills that I had been taking since I went into the clinic for my “procedure.”

I had never required Jacob to wear a condom when he was fucking me. In fact, I didn’t want to be just prodded with a hard dick, I wanted to feel all that glorious hot cum flooding my cunt with its lifegiving sperm whenever my son shot his sticky load into me. I did ask Jacob and Josie to use a condom whenever they fucked each other, but I knew that they didn’t more often than they did. So, when Josie came to me one day and announced that she had missed her period, I knew deep down that Jacob was going to be a father and I was a little jealous that he had gotten his sister pregnant before me. But, at the same time, I was very happy for Josie since I knew that deep down she wanted a baby more than anything in the world.

I had never knitted before, but Josie took me in hand and taught me to knit. This let me make a receiving blanket for the new baby. When I was finished with that project, I started on a crib blanket. It was during that time that I missed my regular-as-clock-work period. I thought I had just miscounted the days, but after I checked, I realized that the count was correct and that I was a week late.

By this time, little Josie was beginning to thicken a bit around the waist and the youngest two began to tell her she was getting fat. To her credit, she didn’t take their teasing to heart and continued smiling. She and I both knew who the father was and Jacob couldn’t help but beam whenever he looked at Josie. It got so bad canlı bahis that I took Jacob aside and warned him that his looks were going to give himself away to Frank and Eloise. He tried not to look so happy about Josie getting “fat” but he still did.

One day, after Josie was about four months along, Eloise came up to me and asked “Josie’s going to have a baby isn’t she?”

“Now, what gave you that idea?”

“Jerry, we have had sex education class in school. I think she’s pregnant and I think I know who the father is!”

“You do?”

“Yes! It’s Jacob. Isn’t it, Jerry?”

“And if it was?”

“I don’t care, I just wish he could have gotten me pregnant too.”

“Eloise, you’re far too young to be thinking about having a baby. You’re only eleven, for God’s sake.”

“I’m twelve next month.”

“I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with you. You still have at least a little over six years before you can even think about having a baby!”

“But I want one now!”

“Young lady, you can’t have one now. End of subject.”


“But nothing, I said it was the end of the subject.”

“Well, I’ll ask Frank…”

“You’ll do nothing of the kind and if I even hear a peep about this again, you’ll be grounded until you’re twenty-one, do you understand me?” I could just see my underaged daughter getting herself pregnant. I was furious that she would even think that way. What was this world coming to, I wondered and then realized that I was part of the problem. I had actually taken steps to change my gender, and then started fucking Jacob as soon as he approached me and without any sign of remorse on either of our parts.

I began to wonder how Sandra, my dead wife, would have handled Eloise and her impossible desire. It was so complicated being a woman and a mother. At least when I was their father I left home to go to work and didn’t have to face up to these everyday affairs except when Sandra asked me to step in which wasn’t very often. For the first time I wondered if I had made a serious mistake in changing genders. Of course, being pregnant with my bahis siteleri son’s baby at the same time my older daughter, Josie, was pregnant with my son’s baby was putting a bit of a strain on me and my emotions. And, now eleven year old Eloise also wanted to have a baby by her brother. Impossible. Im-fucking-possible.

After my chat with Eloise, all pretense of Josie merely getting fat was dropped. I figured, and rightly so, that if Eloise knew Josie was pregnant then Frank knew it as well. The crisis really hit, however, when I began to show my own pregnancy.

When I did, Frank started looking at me in a strange way, as if he could see me totally naked instead of being fully clothed. I faced the challenge straight on and confronted Frank with my take of the situation. To his credit, he did not deny the way he felt, but he was a bit more reasonable about the sex than Eloise had been and told me that he knew he still had a couple of more years before he could be legally sexually active. He also said he would wait and then asked if Jacob was the father. Not wanting to lie to my youngest son, I confirmed his suspicions. He smiled and told me to save some for him three years down the road. I smiled back and agreed. We made a date for the night of his eighteenth birthday.

After that, life seemed to change into a routine with both Josie and me getting bigger by the day. We both went to our check-ups on time. We both went to the child birthing classes, though neither of us took Jacob along. We both had uncomplicated pregnancies.

Josie had a little girl at the end of September and in late October I had a little boy. Josie called her girl Geraldine Sandra and my boy was named Richard Jacob.

It was about this time that things really got out of hand. My voice started to get deeper and I was growing facial hairs. Despite my recent baby, my breasts were shrinking and had totally dried up. In a panic I called GenderBenders and asked what was happening. To my horror, I found out that they hadn’t told me everything, that having a child would sometimes start the reversion to the original body. This only happened bahis şirketleri with the male to female conversions and only in less than five percent of the cases. They were working on a solution to the problem, but could only offer me continuing treatment. I was told that if I wanted to remain a woman, to get myself back to the clinic for some emergency hormone treatment that would counteract the effects of the changes and start reversing it so that once again I would be a complete woman.

By the time I had my affairs in order, a matter of a little over a week, and had Josie ready to take care of my baby, my voice was much deeper and the hair required me to shave three times a day. I then got to GenderBenders posthaste only to learn the bad news: I had waited too long to come in for the emergency therapy and the change from female to male was irreversible without putting my life in extreme danger. Not only was I going through an emotional trauma, I was in intense physical pain from the changes I was undergoing. A couple of the special drinks from GenderBenders soon had the pain under control, but I watched in horror as my breasts continued to shrink and my penis and testicles started to re-emerge from my body. I was losing any chance of being a woman and I was losing it fast, much faster than the original change had taken. Within two weeks, the reversal was complete and I was a fully functional man once again. How I hated that state of things.

GenderBenders refunded half of my original fee and treated the reversal for free, but they couldn’t take the hurt that my mind was going through away with their largesse. If I had only known that a pregnancy could have had such far reaching effects, I would have never become pregnant. What was I saying? I had a baby boy back home, who while he may not know his mother, would surely want to know his father, well his father’s real father, the one that wasn’t his grandfather and yet was his grandfather.

What ever would become of my dream of womanhood now? GenderBenders fully refused to attempt a second conversion promising me that it would, indeed, kill me if I tried. Now instead of having a nice hard cock at home to satisfy my carnal needs, I would have to go out and find some brazen hussy to screw in some dingy motel room.

Or would I? After all, there was still Josie, wasn’t there?

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