The Accident Ch. 03

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Another month had passed and it was now mid July. The blazing heat of the summer was baking Chris as he laid outside by the pool next to Tina, his sister and his incestuous slut. She had her yellow bikini top off and was laying on her belly so as not to have tan lines across her back. She also had her g-string on to make sure she had some tan lines across her ass and her mound, at Chris’s command. He had found that he loved tan lines on a girl’s hips, just not on her breasts. Their mother was at the yoga studio but was due home any minute. Chris didn’t care, he was just enjoying the glorious day and soaking up the sunshine. Tina had become completely his. There had been one or two minor adjustments that he had needed to make mostly to ensure that she would not be disgusted by what they were doing together and now they were simply two consenting adults.. He had not yet pushed her into some of the darker fantasies he had about tying her up and playing with her helpless body. That would come in time. He knew that she was not quite ready yet but that was fine. Chris was nothing if not patient.

As July had rolled in Chris had realized he could see much, much clearer. Fine details had started to show themselves to him. It was usually better first thing in the morning and as the day wore on his eyes would grow tired and things would become blurry but he loved the clear mornings and savored every moment of them. He looked over at the clock on the outside wall and was thrilled to discover that he could read it. Eleven-thirty. Their mom would be home any second now…

There she was in fact, opening the double doors onto the patio. He looked over at his sister, at her nearly naked form and tried not to smile too much. Their mother hadn’t seen them yet and she strolled out to the pool and kicked her flip flops off. Chris admired her lithe physique and was both proud of his mother and aroused by her. Already his cock was growing in his board shorts which were suddenly much too tight and confining.

He called out to his mother,” Hey mom!”

She looked up and turned, smiled as she did so, waved back then he saw her frown a bit as she saw Tina. His barefoot mother walked over slowly and he could hear her thinking what she wanted to say about the state of Tina’s undress.

“Tina and I just wanted to lay out and catch some sun. Isn’t it a beautiful day for it?” he smiled at his beautiful blond mother and looked up into her green eyes, catching her momentarily off guard. Before she could say anything he continued, “I think Tina is probably wearing less than she should be but I can’t really tell, all I see are blurs.” He laughed at himself as he lied, taking away his mother’s thoughts that he shouldn’t see his sister that way.

Laura was immediately relieved that Chris couldn’t see his brazen sister’s nearly naked ass. As she looked closer she realized she could see the pink flower of her daughter’s anus and the puffy pink lips of her young pussy peaking around the thin fabric of g-string. For a moment she could only stare, mesmerized as Chris locked onto what she saw and kept his mother’s eyes where he wanted them for a moment more before he released the hold.

“Yes,” his mother agreed, “It’s a beautiful day indeed honey.” Why am I staring at Tina like that? Snap out of it! She suddenly looked over at Chris, saw him smiling at her and was again relieved that he could not see where she had been looking. Then his mother’s eyes traveled down and she noticed that he had a tent in his board shorts. Laura quickly flushed and looked back towards the house, away from her handsome blond son and back at the clock on the outside stone wall.

“Your sister should cover up more. What if a neighbor sees her?” Laura complained.

“Mom,” Chris said, “We have twelve foot privacy walls and there isn’t a neighbor within two hundred yards. I think she’s safe. In fact why don’t you join us?” Chris asked as he planted the suggestion that she strip down and lay out with them. His mother had a surprisingly strong mind but he added a reinforcing thought to the idea, a reminder that he could not see clearly anyway.

“Alright, I guess,” she could not believe she was agreeing to it but after all why not. Like her son had said no one could see them and Chris wasn’t going to see anything he shouldn’t with his vision the way it was. “Its actually a really great idea. I don’t have to be back to the studio until four anyway,” she said as she pulled her t-shirt up and off, revealing her black sports bra then that too came off and Chris caught his first glimpse of his mother’s perfect tits. Her breasts were still high and firm with rose hued nipples that crinkled as the air hit them. She did peak over at Chris to see where he was looking but his eyes seemed unfocused so she felt fine with undressing even more. She tucked her thumbs into her yoga pants and slid them off, shimmying out of them. Chris nearly gasped when he saw that she was naked beneath the pants but managed to make it sound like a sigh. His mother looked over izmir escort bayan and asked, “Chris?”

“Its nothing mom, just wish my eyes were working,” he smiled and she blushed.

“No you don’t honey, there’s nothing to see here,” she chided but as she stood and kicked the yoga pants away she felt proud and desirable all in one. The suggestions Chris was feeding to her were making her feel sexy and horny.

“I wouldn’t say that mom. I think you’re totally beautiful and I’m sure all the guys think you’re hot.”

“He’s right mom,” Tina said as she looked over at their nude mother, her eyes sleepy as she rubbed at them and sat up, “You’re a total hottie. Even my guy friends from school say so.”

Laura just laughed and smiled at them. She didn’t mind being naked in front of Tina,after all they were both women. If she believed Chris could actually see her she would never have stripped down. Laura moved towards her son and daughter, pulled a chair over next to them and placed it in front of the pair so that she could lay out and tan totally unobstructed.

“Don’t let me lay out too long ok? I don’t want to burn. Tina will you watch the clock?”

“Sure mom,” Tina happily agreed. Chris noticed that Tina was still staring at their naked mother and as their mom adjusted the chair Chris saw what she saw. Tina was watching her mother’s smooth shaven pussy and tight ass and Tina was growing wet with desire. Well, well little sister. Looks like the incest taboo is totally gone and it seems you have a surprise for me. I didn’t know you were bisexual. Chris grinned and began formulating a new plan. Their mother got the chair adjusted and laid down on it face down. Her legs parted some revealing her naked sex and Chris felt his cock suddenly throb with need.

He looked over at his sister and caught her attention, ‘Take off your bottoms,” he mouthed to her, his eyes serious enough to let her know it was a command . She nodded and wiggled out of them then turned and spread her legs before her brother, showing him how wet she was. Her juices were running from the mouth of her cunt and down her ass crack. Her mind was on fire with lust and need for both her Master and her mother. Chris mouthed the words to her, ‘Stroke that cunt slut’ her eyes grew wide even as she moved her hand down to part her slick pussy lips, the pink folds opening around her finger as she began to move it back and forth over her aroused clit and swollen cuntlips. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she obeyed her Master and quietly stroked her own pussy. Tina let her head fall back, her long red hair flowing down all the way to the chair, her toes pointed towards Chris, the red painted toenails catching the sunlight. For a moment he admired the sapphic elegance of his sister.

Chris looked from his slut sister to his mother, gazing at the pussy he came from as he pushed his thoughts into his mother’s mind to see what she was thinking. He was pleasantly surprised to find that his mother was thinking about the bulge in his pants and how long it had been since she’d had a nice hard cock inside her, especially in her ass. For a brief moment she thought of how Tina was dressed and wondered if her son and daughter were fucking then pushed that thought far from her mind with almost a laugh. That’s ridiculous. But what if they are doing it? Would they do that? No they couldn’t. They wouldn’t. I would know. Chris listened to her thoughts all the while he kept repeating the suggestion that she needed a cock in her ass then he put the imagine of his groin in her mind again and he could feel her arousal slowly growing. The fires that had lain long dormant were being awakened and he saw his mother wriggle her hips and open her legs more, he was not so far away that he could not see the arousal forming as wetness on her pussy lips. They were darker than his sister’s lips, a deeper shade of pinkish red. Chris loved the color of them and he was thrilled that his mother had a hairless pussy, smooth was his favorite after all.

Tina was slowly working her fingers in and out of her cunt and trying not to make a sound. Her eyes were also locked in on their mother’s spread legs and the treasure between and she could also see that their mother was wet. Chris pushed a thought into his mother’s mind that she really needed a cock in her ass right now and if not a cock at least a finger. He threw a quick image into her mind of her kids just laying out behind her, eyes closed and half dozing, making it into her reality, making her feel safe enough to touch herself. Immediately both of Laura’s hands flew back to her ass cheeks, spreading them wide, her asshole winking at Chris and Tina. Tina gasped but her mother didn’t hear it, without even thinking it his sister moved over and opened her brother’s board shorts then climbed on his cock with her ass facing her Master and started to ride him fast and hard, not even caring that their mother could possibly hear them. Chris was making sure that Tina was focused on fucking his cock and that their escort izmir mother could not hear them nor would she turn around and see them. She was lost in her own fantasy and she licked two fingers then moved them back to her asshole, sliding in first one then the other and slowly pumped her ass with steady strokes. Their mother was moaning softly as she fingered her own bottom and it was driving Tina wild with lust. The young slut leaned forward and grabbed the bottom of the chair, opening herself to her brother and Master even more and mimicking her mother as she licked her own finger and slid it into her own ass while riding faster and harder. The moment her finger spread her asshole, she came. Tina shrieked like a banshee as she exploded in orgasm. The rush of pleasure was so great that she momentarily passed out and flopped forward as Chris pumped her now sodden cunt. As he watched their mother finger her asshole he started to cum and he shot a huge load of his sticky seed into his sister, white washing her womb with thick jets of cum. A moment later his mother came hard, her pussy gushing over the deck chair as she soaked it through from finger fucking her asshole.

Chris gently disengaged from his sister and laid her back on her own deckchair, positioning her so it looked like she was laying as she was before their mother joined them. Then he laid back himself while leaving his boardshorts off. His cock was wet and shiny, slick and throbbing from fucking his slut sister. Chris closed his eyes and felt for his mother’s mind, releasing the hold he had on it so that when she turned she would see that he and his sister were both naked and laying out in the sun.

Laura turned shakily and sat up. She hadn’t cum that hard in many, many years and she had done it while thinking of her son’s cock fucking her ass. As she focused on her son she saw that his cock was free of the shorts. The sight made her freeze for a moment and she studied her son’s long thick cock. It’s magnificent, she thought, not too big and not too small, nice and thick. It looks so delicious…and so wet. I haven’t seen it in years and my boy has grown up.Then she looked over at her daughter and saw how puffy Tina’s pussy lips were, how wet and shiny. Maybe its just the heat…yes. It must be the heat. But if I didn’t know better I’d swear they were fucking. Wait, why am I even looking at them!?! Her eyes however were drawn back to Chris’s cock. All the while he was pushing suggestion after suggestion to his mother and image after image. Wearing her mind down until she finally stood up and walked over to her son. Her brain shrieked at her even as she leaned down to take a hold of Chris’s cock and slowly begin stroking it. Cum, shiny liquid cream, leaked from the tip of his cock and before she could stop herself she was sucking the head ravenously into her mouth. Hungry for her son’s seed.

Chris just nodded, pleased with the control he was exerting on both his sister and mother now. He kept their minds under his power. It was easy with his sister, she was his body and soul but his mother was fighting his control even while doing his bidding. He delved into her psyche and saw that she had once been abused by a friend of her deceased father. Chris had never met this friend of the family but it seemed he too was deceased. As he read his mother’s thoughts he saw that the man who had abused her had abused his own children and she had sworn to herself she would never do such a thing. Even as she was hungrily sucking her son’s cock Laura was crying so Chris took that thought and replaced it a warm loving feeling between son, daughter and mother. He mentally made it ok for her to be sexual with her children, now that they were all adults, and them with her in turn. He took away the pain of the abuse and instead replaced it with fantasies of himself dominating his sister and his mother. The tears stopped and his mother started sucking with gusto now. Her soft lips were wrapped tightly to his shaft and he read from her thoughts that she knew his cock tasted like pussy and cum. His mother’s mind leaped to the idea that it was Tina’s pussy she was tasting and this thought made her orgasm. Chris did not even have to prompt it, it just occurred naturally. Laura moaned in the back of her throat, making his cock vibrate, the pleasure shooting up his spine. He could hardly believe what was happening even though he had wrought it. His beautiful mother was lovingly sucking his cock, it was once again rampant and ragingly hard. The head was purple and swollen as it popped in and out of his mother’s mouth. His sister Tina was stirring and she looked up then gasped in surprise to see what her mother was doing.

“Master,” Tina whispered as she watched their mother, “Are you going to make mom your slut too?”

The words sent a surge through him and also through Laura. As much as Chris liked the idea, their mother seemed to like it even more. Her mind exploded with images of her being submissive to her son and also at times to her daughter. Once again izmir escort her pussy spasmed and Laura came hard, she shook as she dove down onto Chris’s cock and took it into her throat. With a will, she fellated her son wildly while her daughter watched. Tina could only stare at how hungrily their mother sucked on Chris.

“Yes I am,” he groaned. “She’s going to be my slut just like you Tina. My slut mother and my slut sister,” he gripped his mom’s long red hair and held her head to his cock while pumping the swollen shaft in and out of her mouth. “You’re my slut too mom. My slut mother. You will obey my every command and you will desire me always above all others. You will be the second woman in my harem and you will not be jealous of any others but will always seek to please me in every way.”

Laura could only nod. Lost in submissive bliss and heated lust, her mind afire with the idea of being a slut for her son and Master. Though she could say nothing as Chris took her mouth and throat in her mind she was saying Yes! Yes! Yes!

“Get on your back Tina,” Chris said as he had a wicked idea, “and spread your legs. Mom get on top of Tina so that your wet cunt is resting on your daughter’s slutty mouth. I want you to to 69 each other,” he gave the command firmly and they both moved to obey. Their bodies suffused with hedonistic thoughts and wildly erotic images. His slut sister eagerly spread her legs wide while his slut mother moved with equal desire over her daughter’s mouth. With no more prompting the two began feasting on one another, they sucked and licked each other’s wet soft cunts while Chris looked on with an aching member.

“Spread mom’s ass open Tina. I want to fuck her slutty asshole,” Chris hissed and heard his mother moan against his sister’s cunt. There were no thoughts from either of them about how wrong the situation was, they were both firmly under his control. Tina gripped their mother’s firm ass in her small hands and spread it open lewdly. There was his mother’s dusky pink star, waiting for his cock to come and claim it. Chris wet the head of his cock with his mother’s dripping slut heat, soaking it fully before pressing the tip to her anal ring and moving forward gently. He heard his slut mother moan again but she pressed eagerly back for me so he leaned forward and pushed firmly until the head popped past the firm muscle and in then he pressed further into her making her take more and more of his cock until he was almost fully inside his mother’s ass.

“You love having your ass fucked don’t you my slut mother? You love having it spread open on a nice thick cock like mine?” Chris was surprised at himself. At the words he was saying even as he knew them to be true.

“Yes I do. I love it. Fuck my ass Chris. Fuck your mother’s slutty asshole,” she was nearly begging, her eyes wild with lust as she turned to look at him and hump her ass back onto his dick. His balls were slapping against her smooth ass cheeks, his cock was suddenly pistoning in and out. He watched and exulted as his mother leaned forward and began licking Tina’s soaking wet cunt. He heard his sister moaning whorishly and felt her tongue on his balls as they slapped against his mother’s pussy.

“You will call me Master from now on my slut. While we are alone or with other women in the harem I am your Master understand,” he hissed at her as he started to drive into her with deep and powerful thrusts. His slut mother moaned and bucked beneath him, she accepted his words as true just as she accepted her new place as her son and Master’s slut.

“Yesssss,” she hissed as her daughter held her ass spread wide for their master, “You are my Master now and I am your slut. Tina and I are both your sluts,” the words triggered another orgasm from her and she gushed all over Tina’s lips and face, she soaked her daughter’s pretty face with pussy juices while her Son, her Master pumped her asshole full of his incestuous dick. “Fuck your mother’s ass Master! Fuck it and fill it with your cum!”

Chris shuddered with pleasure and came hard, he sprayed his second hot thick load of the day into his mother. He filled her slut ass full of his seed and marked it as his. Both of these beautiful sluts were his now and forever more. As he held very still, he leaned down and whispered in his mother’s ear, “Mine.” She moaned in reply, her face resting against Tina’s cunt as she tried to calm her breathing down. As Chris slowly pulled out he felt Tina’s tongue licking his balls and his shaft, getting the cum that was leaking there. His sister then pulled the tip of his cock down into her mouth and sucked it clean of cum before releasing it and smiling up at her brother and Master, her face covered with their mother’s juices.

“Get up my sluts. Get in the pool and rinse off,” he commanded them and led the way into the warm water. He jumped in and the felt immeasurably better both mentally and physically. He was amazed at how well things were going and he was very grateful. As he came back to the surface he saw his mother and sister both coming back up and swimming over towards him. He leaned back against the wall of the pool and put his arms out on the concrete deck, holding himself there as each of his girls snuggled up to him, one on either side.

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