Manuevers on a Bus

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I was bored. I’d been riding this stupid bus for fourteen hours. I wasn’t even sure where we were, somewhere in Ohio, maybe. I looked out the window, but it was still pretty dark outside and I couldn’t see much, a couple of lights in the distance, that’s it. I dug my sneak-a-toke and my lighter out of my duffle bag and ducked into the tiny bathroom across the aisle. Once inside, I locked the door, opened up the little window and took a big hit. I held the smoke in my lungs while I took a piss, which is hard to do in a bus that’s swaying from side to side, but I managed to not pee all over my leg. Then I put the seat and the lid back down, sat down facing that tiny assed window and took another big hit. Now I felt better, too bad it won’t last long. I made my way back to my seat, and I must have dozed off.

I woke up when the driver flipped the lights on. My body was stiff and sore and my mouth tasted like sawdust. I stretched and looked out the window. From the number of street lights I could tell we were pulling into a mid-sized town, the driver probably even said the name, but I didn’t pay much attention. I was going to be on this bus for another ten hours or so until my change in Denver. The driver said we would be stopping for a half hour, it was time to get off and stretch my legs a little.

After going to the john and cleaning myself up as much as I could, I headed down the hallway to check out the vending machine. It was always hard to find anything that even resembled real food. I finally settled on a bag of beer nuts and a Snickers bar, along with a can of Coke to wash it down. Most of the chairs around seemed to be full, there was a surprizing number of people in this bus stop. I finally plopped my duffle bag down and sat on it with my back to the wall. I popped open my Coke and started to take a sip when I saw her. She looked like a cross between a rock star and a runaway. She had long, straight, light brown hair that she kept out of her face with a red bandana tied around her head. She was wearing a brown leather jacket with fringe, under that was a white little blousy thing that was open way down the front. Even at this distance, canlı bahis I could swear there wasn’t any bra involved. The way her firm little titties bounced made my eyes pop. I had a hard on before I even noticed her blue jeans. They were the tightest, thinnest blue jeans I had ever seen. They looked like they had been spray painted on, and the red bandana she had tied around her left thigh seemed to accentuate how long they were. As she made her way toward me, I had a perfect vantage point to watch her crotch. It was beautiful, absolutely the most perfectly shaped pussy I had ever laid my eyes on, I mean, we’re talking world class snatch here, in a fucking bus stop! From my spot in the corner, I watched every move she made. She was talking to some older guy, he looked like a real doofus, there was no way that they could be together. She pointed to the women’s restroom and headed in that direction. He waved, almost like saying goodbye, and went off the other way. I watched her as she disappeared into the bathroom, thinking I would probably never see her again.

After a few minutes, I heard the announcement to get back on the bus and I started to make my way slowly to it. I kept looking in the direction of the bathrooms, hoping to catch another glimpse of her, but I was disappointed. Soon I was out the door and back on the bus. As I made my way down the aisle, I could see that everyone was taking their seats in the usual way. Young mothers with children and old people always sit in the front seats, while young men make their way to the back. We also don’t like to share our seats unless absolutely necessary. Young women are pretty rare on a bus, they are also the wildcard. If they share a seat up front with another person, it generally means they have a boyfriend somewhere. If they venture into the back, it’s a definite sign that they’re unnattached. There is also a rumor that it means that they’re horny. I got my favorite spot in the very last row on the driver’s side, across the aisle from the bathroom. There were three seats side by side, instead of two, so you could almost stretch out to sleep. The drawback was that it was the first seat that someone bahis siteleri would ask you to share if the bus started to fill up. I took a seat by the window and plunked my duffle bag on the seat beside me, to indicate that I didn’t want to share, and settled in for a long ride.

Suddenly, there she was again, making her way down the aisle straight toward me! By then, every seat in the back had one guy sitting in it. I felt the tension rise like a wave as her eyes darted back and forth checking us all out. Then she looked straight into my eyes, without a word, I moved my dufflebag out of the way and she took a seat beside me. As she slipped her jacket off, I could clearly see her nipples through her blouse, I wanted to wrap my lips around them right then and there. She seemed to notice the effect they had on me, and kind of chuckled.

“Hi” she said, “my name’s Jessie, what’s yours?”

We talked for the next couple of hours as we watched the sun come up over the rolling hills of the midwest. After awhile she leaned back and closed her eyes.

“God, I wish I had some smoke!” she said.

I reached down into my duffle bag and pulled out my pipe and my stash. She smiled and looked around nervously as I loaded the pipe. I tucked the baggie back inside and grabbed my lighter. Then I motioned to the bathroom, we got up and slipped inside and I locked the door behind us.

Once inside, I closed the lid on the toilet and sat down, she sat on my lap. We took turns holding the little window open so we could blow the smoke out. Pretty soon we were giggling, and both getting turned on. She leaned over and kissed me, I kissed her back and soon wewwere making out like crazy. She sifted around so that she straddled me, and started rubbing her pussy against my hard cock. I wrapped my arms around her and she arched her back, pulling her blouse up so I could get to her breasts. I started nibbling and sucking on her rock hard nipples. She leaned back farther and unzipped her jeans, then peeled them down over her hips. She reached down with her right hand and started fingering her cunt, riding me harder and faster. She was getting really wet, bahis şirketleri and moaning louder and louder. I felt about ready to explode. She leaned back far enough to get her shoulders against the wall, and planted her feet on either side of me. I grabbed a couple of handfulls of great ass and pulled her twat up to my mouth, running my tongue around her clit and up inside her wet cunt. She tasted incredible! I wanted to eat her pussy and lick her asshole forever, but just then, the bus swayed back and forth violently, we lost our balance and went down in a heap. She stood up and leaned up against the wall with her back to me. I stood up behind her, wrapped my arms around her waist and started fingering her wet cunt. She leaned back and murmured in my ear.

“What?” I asked her.

“Fuck me!” she moaned

“Fuck you where?” I asked, teasing.

“Fuck me here, right now!”

I undid my jeans and pulled them and my underwear down in one motion, meanwhile she wriggled her tight jeans down as far as she could get them. I bent her over and she held onto the the handrail as I slipped my hard dick into her tight, wet pussy. The bus swayed like crazy back and forth as I humped my cock into her over and over again. We were bouncing from one wall to the other like a pinball machine and I clung to her hips. she was moaning so loudly that I knew everyone on the bus could hear and kept expecting the bus to stop and the driver come back to stop us. But I kept on sliding my dick in and out of her horny little fuck hole as she screamed out.

“Oh God, that’s feels so fucking good! I’m gonna cum! Oh God, fuck me!”

Just as we were both about to climax, the bus lurched to one side and my dick slipped out of her, my first load of cum shot all over her back and hair, then it just kept shooting out all over the walls, the back of her arms, the mirror on the wall, everywhere. Meanwhile, Jessie was rubbing her clit with her fingertips, getting herself off. We both kept coming and coming until we collapsed in a heap on the floor again.

After a few moments, we got up, cleaned ourselves off as much as possible and pulled our clothes back on. Then we made our way back to our seat. It was obvious by the looks on people’s faces that they had all heard what had happened, but we didn’t care. We cuddled up in the back seat, and settled in for a great ride.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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