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I’d been working in Puebla for about six or seven months having been transferred by my company from Michigan. Working in the pharmaceutical industry isn’t exactly the most exciting job one can have, but I’d been excited by the prospect of living and working in another country and experiencing another culture. The move was tough at the beginning. I struggled to adapt to everything; the climate, the food, the culture . . . everything. My job took up most of my time and I couldn’t find the time to learn Spanish, which only compounded my misery.

I’d had to leave my wife and kids at home and I missed them greatly, especially at the start of my time in México. I was contracted to be in Puebla for a year, and despite my desire to return home to the States, I was determined to see my time out, not least because I would be well rewarded, financially. I returned to visit my family occasionally, when time permitted and they visited me a couple of times, which helped my morale somewhat, but it didn’t cure my loneliness and my sadness completely.

As time went by my mood improved slightly. I was successful at work and had taken a mistress, a young woman from Paraguay who was extremely sexy, had an amazing body and was a liberated and enthralling young girl. The fact that she was ten years my junior was also a plus of course. Strangely, I didn’t feel guilty about cheating on my wife. Maybe it was because I was in a foreign country and, in a way, I felt separated from my wife. Maybe it was because I needed that sexual release and she fulfilled that need. I don’t know, but the relationship was purely sexual and helped me through some difficult times.

The rainy season had passed and the Mexican winter was very pleasant. It was still warm, warm enough to qualify for summer back in Detroit actually, but it wasn’t so horrendously hot that sweat trickled from every part of your body the second you stepped outside. I’d got through the hardest part and I knew I only had a few months left, I was getting laid a lot with a stunning Latina, my job was going well and I was in line to receive a hefty bonus pretty soon. Life in Puebla was going well after all.

My car had broken down and I would have to get the bus to work for a few days. Travelling on the bus in México is not exactly a pleasant experience, and at rush hour it’s a million times worse. If you’re lucky, you might get the chance to hang out the back door while everybody barges for position, elbows and bags flying carelessly in the crush while window seats are left vacant by proud passengers fearlessly guarding the space they had won by arriving early. Should you have the canlı bahis nerve to ask one of those passengers to move along so you could actually sit down on an empty seat on public transport, they might, if you’re lucky, grumble and shuffle their knees and their hips slightly to leave a tiny gap for you to squeeze through and take your spot. If you happen to be larger, say, than a small child, it might just be a very tight squeeze. Usually the better option is to stand up.

One morning, I left home early to catch the bus before the usual build-up of rush hour traffic. I was standing at the bus stop smoking my first cigarette of the day. A woman passed by and stood in front of me, glancing behind at me with a slight smile as she did so. I looked her up and down, my eyes drawn to her tight ass. She was wearing black, suede, peep-toed high heels and grey trousers. Her legs were thin and shapely, then . . . her ass . . . well, her ass! I couldn’t take my eyes off it . . . I puffed heavily on my cigarette whilst staring at it. I realised she’d spotted me checking her out but still I struggled to lift my gaze from that ass. I glanced at her face as she looked back at me. She laughed and turned away. Her eyes were brown and pretty and she had a large, playful smile. She wasn’t especially pretty but she looked sexy and playful and she obviously had a great body. Her hair was sleeked back by hairspray and pulled back tightly over her head, descending into a small pony tail. As is the look of so many Méxican women. She was wearing a brown suede jacket, which didn’t quite match her trousers and was hiding her figure, though it made her ass even more prominent. That . . . ass!

I just wanted to approach her and slide my hand over it, and then in between in her legs. I wanted to rub myself against it, to thrust my head in between her legs from behind and rip off her trousers and lick and bite every inch it.

She caught me staring at it again. A huge smile looked back at me. I smiled back.

“Ven” she said, suggestively, beckoning me with her finger. I walked up to her.

“Mirando mi culo?”

She smirked before laughing. Unable to speak much Spanish, I didn’t know what she was talking about of course. I laughed, she laughed. We looked at each other.

“Quieres tocar?”

She laughed again. I paused, not knowing what to say or what she said. I sensed by her tone that she was flirting and it was frustrating not being able to respond.

“Sí o no?”

“Err . . . yo no hablo español, lo siento”.

I answered somewhat apologetically. She ummed and paused for a moment.

“Como . . . You want? bahis siteleri To touch? You like?”

I laughed and then she laughed.

“Sí, claro!”

She laughed again before looking around to scout the area and see if anyone was watching. Then she inched towards me and took my hand and placed it on her ass, rubbing my outstretched palm over her pert nalgas. I couldn’t quite believe my luck. She continued to look around, checking to make sure no one was watching as I stroked and pinched and squeezed her cheeks. She shrieked slightly as I gently moved my fingers in between her legs, hovering over her pussy lips. She put her hand on my ass and squeezed tightly as my fingers pressed against her pussy, she laughed delightfully and moved her head into my chest, before suddenly remembering where we were and once more checking to see that no one was looking.

After what seemed like the shortest few minutes of my life, the bus arrived. She took her hand away and moved away from me to flag down the bus.


I didn’t know what that meant, but I followed her on to the bus and we took our place standing by the doorway at the back. She deliberately pressed her ass right into my crotch. By now, my cock was throbbing. I was desperate to unload and her teasing didn’t help. Méxican roads aren’t exactly smooth and the buses aren’t exactly steady either. With every bump my cock would thrust against her ass, though she occasionally repositioned herself so that she could feel the tip of it rub on her mound.

As the journey wore on, the bus became emptier. Eventually, we found a place to sit at the back of the bus, where there was just about enough room to not numb your legs. I sat down and she squeezed right against me, noticing the rather large growth from my trousers. She laughed and looked around to see if anybody could see, then stared straight ahead with a straight look on her face. She moved her hand over my erection before finding the zip, placing it between her smarty manicured fingers and sliding it down slowly before reaching inside my trousers.

She ran the back of her fingernail gently down my shaft and then on to my balls, before stroking them and moving her fingers back up. She spent time stroking my glans before gripping her hand around my cock, slowly moving her hand up and down my penis.

I leant over and kissed her on the neck, discreetly licking and nibbling her ear while moving my hand further in between her legs. I slid it under her trousers and felt for her pussy as she thrusted her hand faster and faster over my cock. I quickly gripped her hand to stop her thrusting for a moment bahis şirketleri as I feared I was about to cum too quickly. She, in turn, undid the button on her trousers and took my other hand and placed it inside her knickers, guiding one of my fingers on to her clit.

She began moving her hand up and down again on my cock. Slowly. Slow. She stared straight ahead as I fingered her, gliding my hand over her wet pussy and pressing her clit hard my palm. Her chest was heaving. She moved her head and nestled it into my shoulders. She was wearing a white vest top and I slid my other hand underneath it and reached for her large, but pert breasts, squeezing and stroking them. Her nipples were hard. I began stroking one of them with my fingertips, which clasped and pressed them as she gave out a discreet moan.

The bus went hard over a speed bump as it sped on, causing my fingers to suddenly thrust deep inside her pussy. She gave out a loud moan, shocking her momentarily. She laughed loudly as she moved head away from my body. A couple of the half a dozen or so people left on the bus turned around to see what the fuss was about. She muttered something in Spanish to me and flicked her hair back as they looked away again, before moving her head back down on to my chest. She took my cock out of my trousers and held it, staring at it, smiling at my throbbing cock before giving me a quick kiss on the lips.

My fingers were now deep inside her drenched pussy. As the next speed bump came along she buried her head in my chest, biting hard on my chest to try to hide her moans as she climaxed from the vibration. I felt her whole body gyrate as she tightened her legs, squashing my hand inside her. She came so, so hard and by now she was so, so wet. She pulled my hand away put my fingers in my mouth so I could taste her juices.

She kissed me again before glancing around the bus to see if the coast was clear. She moved her head down, tickling the tip of my cock with her tongue to taste the precum that was bubbling over my glans. She looked up and smiled as she licked my glans clean, then taking it whole in her mouth, she thrusted her head up and down, up and down. Another speed bump caused me to cum, she gulped as I came in her mouth. She looked up and smiled at me once more before licking me clean. A shout came from the driver. It was the end of our journey. We both quickly fixed ourselves and jumped off the bus, hoping no one would notice our dishevelled state.

She took my hand as we ran on to the street and giggled deliriously before grabbing hold of me tightly, embracing me. We kissed. My hand explored her ass once more. Then, before I knew it, she was leaving in the other direction. I stood, as though I was shell-shocked.

“Hasta pronto!”

She looked back at me, smiling. I stared intently at her ass as she walked away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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