The Cabin Ch. 03

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After getting something to eat and taking a shower, Nia has helped me put up the white sex swing at the back of the cabin. The white leather looks so good when her mother’s chocolate flesh presses against the white and it’s going to look even better once she gets in with her darker skin. She is dutifully waiting for me on her knees and there is a camouflage appearance from the shadows of the trees that appears to dance across her body.

Our bladders are in need of emptying and she will have to wait a little longer. Her mouth is open as she waits for me to release my piss and a sense of excitement can be seen in her dark eyes. The head of my dick is pointed at her face as I start to harden in anticipation of what’s to come.

My stream of gold hits her chin and she holds still as I move it into her mouth. It does not take long for her mouth to fill and much of my gold is escaping down her lips towards her dark flesh beneath. There is no sign that any of this bothers her and can’t wait to watch her swallow. As tempting as it is to pinch off my stream and have her do exactly that, there is another part that wants to have her in the swing as soon as possible.

I start to drip as I watch more escape her lips and say, “Swallow my piss, Nia.”

She closes her mouth and attempts to swallow it all in one gulp, but there is too much for that and she is forced to take several smaller gulps. Her neck looks lovely each time she swallows and I love the way my gold is dripping off of her hard nipples. The aroma is pleasant and I have yet to find a moment that I believe it is too strong of scent.

She opens her mouth and it draws my eyes back up her body as I ask. “Do you like drinking my piss, Nia?”

She licks her lips to emphasize her answer as she says, “Yes, daddy. It tastes like salty tea and it felt good going down my throat. I really have to pee.”

I smile warmly at her willingness as I say, “I know, but you have to wait a little longer. Let’s get you into the swing.”

She gets up and some of my piss drips off of her black nipples. “Whatever you want, daddy.”

I help her onto the white base of the swing and her narrow hands are gripping the straps that will soon be holding her wrists. My dark hands secure the white straps to her ankles and she presses her body up to enable me to flatten the white leather beneath. There is no pressure on her sore asshole and I think she’s a little relieved. Nia’s hands release the straps as I secure her wrists with the white leather.

I step back to ensure I missed nothing and admire her ebony flesh against the white. Her ass is hanging over the side and her legs are spread to reveal canlı bahis the pink beneath her tightly trimmed bush. In this light, the bush appears to resemble a carpet and I am content to let her keep it for now. It isn’t like I brought anything with me to shave her and will have to wait until we get home. Unless her mother decides to take a road trip, which would make a pleasant afternoon.

I get down on my knees in front of my daughter’s dripping pussy and say, “Piss for me, Nia.”

I hear her sigh as she says, “Yes, daddy.”

My dark eyes watch as the golden stream starts to escape her pink hole and press my lips against her. I can taste the saltiness and get a few different notes on my tongue. She tastes a little different than her mother and has far less control as I swallow her golden wonder. The sensation of her piss flowing down my flesh is enjoyable and the scent has a wonder odor that is pleasurable to inhale.

Nia releases it all far too quickly and will have to learn how to have a far more controlled piss. Her mother was just like this when we first started and now she can release any amount she wishes, or at least what I wish for her to release. Both of the women in my life, mother and daughter, are very willing to make me happy and I love that they are so much alike.

I am tempted to press my tongue to her dripping hole, but instead press it against her hard clit. She lets out a moan of pleasure as I start to work with the intention of giving her an orgasm. She’s going to get fucked very soon and I don’t want her to force out one drop of my cum.

She starts to moan louder as she says, “That feels do good, daddy. Don’t stop.”

My tongue starts to work her clit a little harder and I have years of experience with her mother to know exactly what I need to do. Nia’s pink hole is feeling my chin as I add to the wonderful things she is feeling right now and her moans are getting much louder. I can feel her getting closer to that state of release as her body starts to tighten and her moans are getting louder.

She moans out and her voice is filled with desire for me to continue. “Eat my pussy, daddy. Oh fuck. Eat me. Don’t stop. Eat my pussy, daddy.”

She screams out as I feel her explode around my chin and enjoy the way it feels on my flesh. My daughter’s body tightens more in the swing and I continue to work her hard clit to maximize the pleasure she is receiving. Even if my dick had not been hard before, it would definitely be now and I am aching to fuck her pussy.

I wait for the orgasm to pass and stand up to look at her face. There is the look of contentment that only ecstacy can bring to a woman bahis siteleri and there is no doubt she was just taken to heights she has never felt before. My daughter’s face is glowing as she basks in the aftermath of the orgasm that I have brought to her body.

She is breathing deeply a she recovers and her dark eyes are looking deep into mine. I press the head of my dick into her pussy and she feels wonderful. Nia moans out softly as I slowly press every inch inside and the pleasure increases as her tight pussy accommodates me. My daughter’s pussy feels wonderful pressed against my shaft and she sighs from the sensation that I am bringing to her body.

I start to move my hips in a gently manner as I ask, “How many guys have you fucked.”

She has a nervous look on her face as she asks, “Why?”

I smile from the sensation as I say, “Because I want to know. How many guys has my daughter fucked?”

She lets out a soft moan as she says, “Just one, daddy. I’m sorry. I wanted you to be the only one, but you never came into my bedroom.”

I start to increase my pace as I say, “It’s alright, Nia. I don’t mind. Did he wear a condom every time he fucked you?”

She nods through her moans. “Yes, daddy.”

I let out a moan of my own as I say, “Good. That means my cum will be the only one getting inside of you.”

She lets out a sigh as she says, “Yes, daddy. I don’t want to get pregnant by anyone else. Only you, daddy.”

I let out a slightly louder moan as I say, “I think your mother would like that very much.”

I start to pick up my pace and our dark eyes hold each other as the passion grows between us. Her pussy feels amazing as I continue to move myself back and forth. My daughter’s face is glistening from the sweat and her soft moans add to the pleasure I am feeling. The taste is still strong on my tongue as I get closer to the edge and will soon be filling her with my cum. With each movement back, some of her pink becomes a little more visible and it creates an amazing view against my ebony dick.

Everything is starting to tighten as I press myself deep inside of her. My head is forced back as I grunt out my pleasure. I feel the first shot and give myself to the ecstacy of the moment. The pleasure heightens with each shot of white and my daughter is moaning out for me to give her all that I have. Everything about this is perfect and my grunts get a little louder to show my daughter the pleasure we are giving to each other.

My dark eyes open as my head moves forward and I can see the look on her face is one of satisfaction. I hold my dick deep inside of her as my hands start to undo the straps and smile bahis şirketleri at her dark flesh against the white of the swing. There are a few minor twitches with each movement and I know none of my cum has been lost.

My wife and I always wanted to have more children, but she could only have Nia. Nia is our way of having more and I want my daughter to get pregnant every bit as much as she does. This has already been discussed many times with my wife and she is very excited about the idea of seeing our daughter with my child growing in her belly. It isn’t just one child that we want, but as many as Nia can give us.

I feel myself starting to soften and slowly pull out as I help Nia off of the swing. There is a little cum that has escaped her pink hole, but most is right where we both want it to be. Without having to be told, she lowers herself to her knees and her eyes are on my slick dick before her face. She licks her lips in anticipation for the new flavor she is about to experience.

Her eyes stare up into mine as she parts her lips and takes the head of my dick inside of her mouth. I can feel her tongue start to explore as she takes another inch and there is no more room for any more. My daughter starts to move her head back and forth to mimic giving me a blowjob and she is smiling around my flaccid state.

She pulls her mouth back to release my dick completely as she says, “My pussy tastes good, daddy.”

I smile as she licks her lips to bring more of the flavor as I say, “I’m glad you like it, Nia. You make me very happy.”

She smiles broadly as she says, “Thank you, daddy. I want to make you happy and never go home.”

I smile warmly as she continues to look up at me and say, “We can’t stay here forever, Nia.”

She scowls as she says, “I know, daddy. Being out here with you is perfect. I love you, daddy.”

I’m not at all surprised about the words, since she has said them before. There is a hint of something different in her voice and I know it’s more than just a daughter’s love for her father. I do love her in my own way and certainly have no problem telling her.

I hold her dark eyes with mine and say, “I love you, Nia.”

Tears start to stream out of her eyes as she says, “Thank you, daddy. That’s all I’ve ever wanted to hear. I’m going to keep doing things that make you happy, because I love you.”

I smile a little wider as I say, “I know you will, Nia. It’s getting late. Why don’t we go inside and get some sleep?”

She grins broadly and starts to stand as she says, “Anything for you, daddy.”

She gets up off of her knees and turns her back on me. My dark eyes move to her ebony cheeks and I love the way the jiggle just a little with each step. Nia is the perfect daughter and I can find no hint of guilt as I follow behind and wish I had it in me to go one more round before calling it a night.

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