The Breeding of Emily

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Emily sat on her bed trying to come to grips with what was happening to her body. Not since she’d had her first period had she been this traumatized by what was happening to her. The wet spots on her blouse slowly got bigger as she stared at her chest in the mirror. Even though she knew physiologically what was happening, it was still embarrassing. “How do I explain this to daddy?” She thought to herself almost in tears.

She had gone online and began researching why her breasts would be lactating when she wasn’t pregnant. Everything began to make sense the more she read about the subject of Spontaneous Lactation. Two of the causes of her condition were anti-depressants and birth-control. It was during her freshman year in college that her mom had suddenly passed away. The loss of her mom threw her into an emotional downward spiral. As a result their family doctor had prescribed a mild anti-depressant to help Emily cope with the loss of her mom. Emily refused to go back to college until she’d come to grips with losing her mom.

Emily and her mom had been as close as a daughter and mom can be. Not only were they close emotionally, but Emily had also been blessed with her mom’s looks. There were times people in public mistook them for sisters. Their hair color, facial features and mannerisms. Emily also inherited her mom’s huge breasts. By the time she graduated from High School she was already stretching her blouses with a size 36DD.

Because of the shapeliness of her body, her mom had insisted she start taking birth control when she started in high school. But that really wasn’t necessary because of Emily’s dad. John was a big man who was very protective of his family. Most of the boys who tried to come around were quickly scared away. By the time Emily graduated from High School she had had only one boyfriend. And he had only gotten as far as playing with her huge tits. When Emily tried to take it further, he had this mental image flash across his brain of her father coming after him with a knife. Their date ended abruptly that evening.

Emily discovered her condition was called Galactorrhea. While it wasn’t uncommon. It could be caused by both of the prescriptions she was taking on a daily basis. At first it wasn’t that bad and she just ignored it, the way we all do when we don’t either understand something or just hope that it goes away. But then her breasts began to get bigger as they began to produce more and more milk. She did her best to keep them drained. But then she read where the more she kept them drained the more they would keep producing. When she was fully engorged now her breasts swelled to an E in size. She hated her huge tits.

Emily’s thoughts were disrupted by the knocking on her bedroom door. “Em! You ok?” John asked through the door.

“I’m fine daddy!” She said almost crying.

“Can I come in baby?”

“No daddy! Not right now!”

John was never one to take “No” for an answer. He opened the door out of concern for his baby girl. “What’s going on baby? Is there a boy I need to know about?” He asked almost laughing, trying to lighten the mood in the room.

Emily threw her arms across her chest as her dad opened her bedroom door and stepped inside. It had been a couple months since her condition had started, and she had done a good job of hiding it from her dad. Now there was no hiding it. She began to cry. “Daddy! I have a problem!” She dropped her hands from her chest and let her dad see the wet marks on her blouse, marking the nipples on her breasts.

As most dad’s would have done, John jumped to a wrong conclusion. “Emily! Are you pregnant?” His question was not one of anger, but hurt.

Emily jumped up. “No daddy! I would never let that happen!” She paused as John stared at her chest. “Sit down daddy!” For the next 20 minutes Emily recounted all she had learned about her condition. John listened quietly. He knew the death of his wife and her mother had been hard on her. In his mind this was just one more consequence of that loss. As she finished her story her last comment was, “Not only is this embarrassing daddy, but they really hurt when they’re full. Like right now!”

John sat there for several seconds not knowing what to say. Finally he stood up and took her by the hand. “Come with me!” He led her down the hallway to the master bedroom and into his bathroom. “Take off your blouse and bra!” He told her without hesitation.

Emily’s eyes shot open in shock. “What?! No daddy! I can’t!”

John looked at her with all the tenderness he had towards her as his baby girl. “It’s going to be alright baby! Now take off your blouse and bra.” He said softly.

Emily hesitantly began to unbutton her blouse as her hands shook. She slipped it off her shoulders. She then reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. Her huge breasts fell from their harness. Her nipples dripping milk. Emily stared down at the floor, unable to look her dad canlı bahis in the eye.

“Look at me Em!” He said with an authority tempered by gentleness. “You have nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. You’re beautiful!” He turned her around and had her stand in front of the sink in his bathroom, facing the mirror. He stood behind her with his hands gently gripping her upper arms. “What do you see?” He asked her, looking over her head in the mirror with her.

“They’re hideous! That’s what I see!” She grumbled as she nipples dripped their milk onto the vanity top.

John slid his massive hands down her arms and under her breasts until her was lifting each of them. “No they’re not! They’re beautiful. You’re so much like your mother it’s uncanny.” He began to massage each of her mammaries, expressing her milk. Her milk began squirting all over the mirror and countertop. It also began running down John’s hands and eventually Emily’s stomach. “I did this for your mom when she was pregnant with you.” Then he chuckled. “As a matter of fact. I kept her producing milk for a couple years after you were born.”

The initial pain of her breasts being squeezed was slowly replaced with relief as the pressure in her breasts was slowly eased. The relief was then replaced with a sensation Emily had never felt before as John worked her breasts and then her nipples with the proficiency of a man who had done this before. Emily’s eyes closed as the pleasure swept over her. “Oh daddy! That feels so good!” She moaned as she dropped her head, giving herself over to the pleasure and relief her daddy was giving her.

John smiled as he worked her tits and watched her face and body responding in the mirror. She was the spitting image of her mother, and he knew exactly what she had liked. Thirty minutes ago she had been his daughter. Now she was a woman he was going to take possession of in every way.

The countertop was covered in her milk as streaks of it ran down the mirror. John’s hands and forearms were dripping with her milky white juices. Her milk covered tits glistened as John’s fingers dug into her flesh, expressing her milk as though there were an endless supply of it.

Then John decided he wanted to see just how much like her mother she was. He pinched her two dripping nipples between his thumbs and index fingers and began to roll them gently, alternating between squeezing them and flicking them with the tips of his fingers. The response he got from her was immediate.

Emily’s head rolled back as an intense wave of pleasure washed over her. She had masturbated many times before. But the sensations building inside her were much more intense than anything she had ever experienced by her own hand. Her stomach began to cramp up. “OH DADDY!” She cried out. “OH DADDY! OH DADDY!” She kept repeating over and over. She couldn’t bring herself to say she was about to cum. “OH DADDY! OH PLEASE DADDY!”

John continued to work her nipples as he felt her body responding to his manipulations. He leaned into her ear. “Cum for daddy baby! Cum for daddy like a good girl!” He pinched her nipples hard pushing her over the edge of ecstasy.

“AAAAEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!” She screamed. “OH DADDY! CUMMMIINNNGG!! AAAAHHHHH!” She began panting and grunting as wave after wave of euphoria swept over her until she felt as though she was going to drown in it. Her body convulsing and shaking as John kept up his assault on her nipples. Just as her body seemed to be descending from one of the most earth shattering orgasms she had ever experienced, John pinched her nipples again sending a new wave sensations coursing through her body, and a new wave of orgasmic ecstasy. Her body shook so uncontrollably she hadn’t realized she had been driving her ass into his body and his now rock hard cock.

After several minutes of holding her tightly as her body worked its way through her orgasm John released her tits and spun her around. Looking down at her, the two locked their gaze on the other. He began to caress her face with his milk soaked hands. “Are you my baby girl?” He asked her tenderly.

“Oh daddy!” Emily gasped as she tried to recover. The emotions running through her were so jumbled she didn’t know what she felt. What she knew was that she belonged to her daddy. “I’m yours daddy. All yours!” The two kissed tenderly as John wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his body.

John broke the kiss and took her by the hand. He led her into the bedroom. Emily wasn’t sure what to expect next. John tossed a number of the pillows against the headboard of the bed and climbed up on it, sitting with his back against the cushion of pillows he’d just created. He then patted his lap. “Climb up here and straddle my lap.” Emily did as she was told, straddling her daddy’s lap, her tits only inches from his face. “From now on we’re not going to waste that precious milk of yours on the vanity or anywhere else. You’re going to feed it bahis siteleri to me.” Emily giggled. “Do you understand?”

“Yes daddy! I understand!”

“Good girl!” John then wrapped his arms around her and pulled her chest into his face. He locked his mouth on her left tit and began to suckle on it, using his tongue to play with the nub of her nipple.

Emily wrapped her hands around his head pulling it into her chest. Her voice no longer sounded like a little girl as she voiced her approval of what was being done to her. “Oh daddy! That feels so good! You’re going to make me cum again daddy! You’re going to make me cum again!” Emily began to grind her pussy into John’s lap as another orgasm built inside her. “Oh daddy you’re going to make me cum again. Make me your whore daddy! Make me your dirty little slut daddy! OH DADDY! MAKE ME CUM! MAKE ME CUM!” She screamed as another orgasm slammed into her.

John held on tight as her body convulsed and shook. His mouth worked her tit with an unrelenting hunger. He wasn’t going to release her until she collapsed in exhaustion. The more she screamed and moaned, the more intensely John sucked on her tit. Emily’s grinding of her pussy into his lap became an uncontrollable dry humping as her orgasm took complete control of her body and mind. Every muscle in her body was spasming. Just as it seemed like she was regaining control of her body and reactions, John redirected his attention to her right tit.


John kept up his assault despite her cries. He knew what her mother had been like. And so far, Emily had been true to form. Her body bucked and shook as he pushed her in ways she had never imagined possible. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her and how he wanted her to keep cumming over and over, but he had no intention of releasing her tit from his mouth. For the next twenty minutes John drained her breasts of what he thought was every drop of milk they contained as Emily shook and moaned through every minute of his feeding. By the end her moans had been reduced to crying sobs as she begged him to stop. “Oh daddy please!” She whimpered, her body exhausted from she had just been put through. “I can’t take anymore daddy! Please no more!”

Emily collapsed on the bed as John released her from his firm grip. She lay next to him for several minutes sobbing as the intensity of the emotions she had just felt subsided. John sat next to her caressing her face, watching her chest rise and fall as she breathed. She finally opened her eyes and looked up, only to see him smiling down at her.

“Do you feel better now?” John asked.

“Daddy!” She hesitated. “I don’t know what to say. I’ve never felt anything like that before. I had no idea . . . I mean I didn’t know . . .”

John laughed. “Did you mean what you said about being my whore and slut?”

Emily slid her hand up his pant leg and let it rest on his swollen cock. His pants were soaked from her juices that had gushed from her pussy for the last 30 minutes. “Yes daddy! I did!” Without being told she rolled over onto her knees and started to unbuckle his pants. She knew her cock sucking skills were very limited to the one boyfriend she’d had in high school and they needed to be worked on. But she was determined to show her daddy how much she wanted to be his slut and whore. John lifted himself off the bed just enough to allow her to pull his pants and shorts down and off. After Emily had thrown his pants aside she got a good look at his 8″ of manhood. “Daddy you keep it shaved smooth!” She said in surprise.

“Your mama like it that way! She enjoyed sucking on it a lot more when I kept it shaved smooth. I was glad to oblige her.” He chuckled. “Anything to help the cause.”

Emily stroked his balls and cock lightly with the tips of her fingers, causing John to moan with satisfaction. It had been over a year since he’d been touched like this. John knew this first round wasn’t going to take long at all. Emily looked up at him. “Does that feel good daddy?”

John just kept his head laid back and eyes closed as her caresses took him to a place he hadn’t been to for a long time. “You know it does baby! Now why don’t you make daddy feel real good?” He gasped with delight and his eyes shot open as he felt her soft warm mouth slide down the length of his shaft. He had thought she was going to give him a hand job. The sensations she was giving him were so intense he knew he was going to shoot his first load within minutes. He instinctively grabbed a handful of her hair and took control. Emily moaned with delight as she felt her daddy taking control of her and began fucking her mouth like he owned it. And as far as she was concerned now, he did.

“Oh suck that cock baby! Suck daddy’s cock!” He began panting as his orgasm built. “OH FUCK THAT FEELS SO GOOD! OOOHHH YOU DIRTY bahis şirketleri FUCKING LITTLE SLUT! SUCK THAT COCK!” He screamed.

Emily cupped his balls in her hand as he began to pile drive his cock in and out of her eager mouth. This was no longer just her daddy. This was now her lover.

“OOOHHH FUCK!” John moaned as he shot his load into her mouth and down her throat.

Emily coughed and choked slightly as the first shot of his semen hit the back of her throat. She had never swallowed before, so she was a little uncertain what was expected of her. John held her head in a vise-like grip as he pumped his seed into her eagerly sucking mouth, grunting with each spasm of his cock. It had been so long since he’d felt a woman’s mouth wrapped around his cock, he’d almost forgotten how good it felt. He held her head in place for several minutes after he had finished emptying himself in her, savoring the sensations she was giving him with her lips and tongue. When he finally released her head, Emily continued to lovingly suck on his cock as she caressed his sack with her fingers.

John groaned his approval. “My baby girl knows how to please her daddy!” John sat there for several minutes as he recovered. He finally grabbed her by the hair and gently pulled her off his deflated cock. He knew there was going to be another round before the day was over. “Go shower!” He then reached down and felt the bush between her legs. “And shave this bush off! From now on my baby girl is going to keep herself shaved smooth down there. After you’re done showering we’ll go out for dinner and talk about some things.”

“OK daddy!” Emily almost giggled as she slid off the bed and headed towards her bathroom.

John sat on the bed thinking through the ramifications of what had just happened. He knew the consequences could be disastrous for both of them. They were both adults. But the stigma that they would both have to deal with would stick with them for the rest of their lives. He rolled out of bed determined to come up with a plan. All he knew was, he wasn’t about to give his baby girl over to some asshole.

John took her out to a nice Italian restaurant. He knew how much his daughter loved Italian cuisine. He finally brought up the elephant that was in the room. “You realize that what we just did is, how shall I put this? Frowned upon by 99.9% of the population.”

Emily looked up from her alfredo and smirked. “Daddy! I wasn’t born yesterday! I am well aware of how illegal what we just did is. Now ask me if I give a shit?” She smiled.

John laughed softly. “My baby girl has a dirty mouth!”

Emily gave him a mischievous grin. “Does that mean your going to give me a spanking daddy?”

John almost spit out his wine in laughter at her reply. “Possibly!” He laughed. “Maybe I should wash your mouth out with soap.”

“Mmmm!” Emily purred. “I’d much rather you stick something else in my mouth daddy if you’re going to punish me!”

John laughed again as he felt his cock stirring to life. There was a seductiveness to Emily that drove him crazy. “Let’s finish eating and get the hell out of here. By the way, how are your breasts?” As soon as he asked it he realized how stupid the question sounded being directed towards his daughter.

“Their starting to hurt again. They fill up quickly, unfortunately.”

“Why don’t you stop taking those anti-depressants?”

“I’d rather not daddy! I tried that once before and I didn’t do well afterwards.”

“Well we’ll have to talk to the doctor about that. I don’t like the idea of you being on those things much longer. How about you stop taking your birth control pill then. That might help with your problem.”

Emily looked at him with a confused look. “Don’t you want to keep my boobs full of milk now daddy?”

John just smiled. “You won’t need pills for that now anymore baby. Daddy will keep you full. I’ve done it before. I’ll do it with you.”

She sat not knowing how to ask her next question. “What about me getting pregnant?”

“I’ll make sure you don’t get pregnant. Don’t worry.”

Emily sat in silence finishing her meal thinking about what she wanted to say next. “Daddy, what if I want you to breed me?”

John sat there stunned at his baby girl’s question. “Are you serious?” Was all he could reply.

“Yes daddy, I am. I’ve fantasized about that since I was in High School.”

“Why do you want me to breed you? What is it about that. . . .?” He didn’t know how to finish the question.

Emily sat back and thought. “How do I describe the feelings it evokes in me.” She didn’t sound like a little girl now. “There’s something about the act of being bred that is primal. Almost animalistic. But it’s also erotic and passionate. It’s the ultimate act of submission. Me giving you my body to be bred with your seed. I’ve fantasized about feeling your cock inside me, filling me with your seed.” She reached across the table for her dad’s hand. “Will you breed me daddy?”

John just smiled. “Finish your meal baby. Did you want any dessert?”

“Yes daddy!” Emily smiled back. “But nothing that their serving here!”

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