Terri and Anthony Ch. 04

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Certain that the younger children were asleep in their beds, Terri tossed her head back and moaned softly. She gently rode Anthony, straddled on his lap where he sat on the sofa. He had pulled off her shirt and was working her breasts with his mouth and hands. Lately, he had been more affectionate and touchy during sex and she liked it.

Anthony pulled his mouth off a nipple and kissed his way around the breast. Slowly moving toward the other side of her chest, he asked between light pecks, “Did you ever think I’d be sucking your tits again?”

“No,” Terri said followed by a sound that was a mix of moan and laugh. She had breastfed all of her children and after weaning her youngest, though she longed to have more children, she had been thankful to be finished. Now, with an older Anthony latched to her breast, some of those early maternal feelings had returned but this time they were accompanied by arousal.

As if he could sense her thoughts, Anthony locked eyes with his mother. He took her other nipple into his mouth and began to suck while his free hand moved between them to work her clit. He felt her tense momentarily at the contact before relaxing into it. Their eyes remained connected to each other while he sucked her tit and fucked her. He could feel her arousal build around him. “Let it go, Mom. Come on my cock.”

With a deep moan, Terri’s body convulsed around him. He released her nipple and sat upright. Grabbing the back of her neck he pulled her head to meet his lips and swallowed her moans with a deep kiss. With gentle caresses, his tongue swiped over her tongue, fucked in and out of her lips. He felt her pussy milk his cock but resisted its draw.

His father was due back home the following afternoon and two days later he’d be graduating. Four days after that, he and a few of his friends were going to be taking a two week trip around Europe. A week after returning home, there would then be what would probably be his final week-long family trip. After that, he’d have two, maybe three weeks at home before leaving for college. Knowing this would probably be the last time they would be able to fuck for a while, Anthony wanted to take his time. As his mother breathed through her post-orgasmic high, he lowered them so she was on her back on the floor. He rested his weight on top of her and gently moved his hips against her. “I’m going to miss you.”

“I’m going to miss you, too,” she replied. “I know I shouldn’t feel like this. Your father is a great man, a good husband, and I love him completely, but I am going to miss you being more than my son.”

While Anthony understood what she meant, he hated hearing the praise she had for his father. He knew that it wasn’t right, that he was actually the one in the wrong, but he didn’t care. Whether because she enjoyed cheating on him, the thrill of their incestuous fucking, or something as simple as being able to fuck a marginally larger dick, he was able to satisfy his mother in a way his father couldn’t and they both knew it. Maybe, he reasoned, that was why she had wanted to be fucked every night for the past week that his father had been out of town.

Without realizing it, he had begun to thrust harder into her. As he continued, he found himself fucking her as if he could drive the thought of his father out of both of their minds. Previously, thoughts of the man had caused him guilt. He knew he was betraying the trust of his father not only by hiding the truth from him, but by continuing the affair. Now, thoughts of Domenic only made him jealous. He knew he didn’t have anything to prove—his mother had more than acknowledged that he was every bit as capable of a lover as his father—but he still felt like he was living in the man’s shadow.

Though he knew he should be more cautious, his hips began to clap against his mother’s and soft grunts left his mouth. He was no longer in control of his fuck and he didn’t care. It was soon apparent to him that she didn’t care either as she hooked her legs around his thighs and began to issue her own soft moans. Unable to stop himself, he felt his cock and balls tense and begin to shoot his load into her even as his hips continued to move.

Feeling the warmth of her son’s seed entering her, Terri found herself having another, smaller orgasm. With her arms and legs wrapped around him, she tightened her grip causing him to slow his motion to a stop, and held on to him for as long as she could and wishing to stop time. As a mother, she didn’t want him to leave the nest, but knew that he had to. She also didn’t want to lose someone who had become a great lover and a friend. While she wanted to think that his visits home would allow them more private moments together, it was not guaranteed. Three months away was more than enough time for him to grow weary of her and find someone younger and more in touch with his needs.

After sharing a kiss, they separated and Terri watched with watery eyes as her oldest son ascended the stairs for his bed.

The next day, for the tuzla escort third morning in a row, Terri woke feeling off. She wasn’t unwell and didn’t feel like she was coming down with anything, but there was definitely something going on with her body. Making her way to the shower, she again cursed the early stages of menopause and the havoc being wreaked on her system. As she washed herself, touching her sensitive breasts, she suddenly understood what was happening.

After a quick breakfast during which she did some quick calculations, she ran to the nearest drug store then returned to her bathroom. She was shocked but not surprised when the stick showed a positive result.

The moment she had feared was now here. Almost three months without a period had given her a false sense of security and she cursed herself for being so careless. Three weeks ago for a period of ten days, Domenic had been out of town and she and Anthony had fucked every day while he had been gone. Granted, she’d had a good amount of sex with her husband before and after his trip, but if her timeline was right, this child would not be his. Yet her self-hatred was short lived as she quickly accepted with happiness that she would have one last chance at motherhood.

With a half formulated plan in mind, she hid both the used and unused tests she had purchased and went downstairs to spend time with her other children. She found it difficult to meet Anthony’s eyes and she was aware he noticed. However there was nothing she could say to him at this point. She felt bad for keeping it from him, but if everything was going to go the way she needed it to, she hoped he would understand.

That night, after Domenic returned, she happily had sex with her husband when they went to bed. The following day, his morning erection also found satisfaction inside her. Though they had always been affectionate, she found it difficult to not have sex with him every day, as if she could magically make the child growing inside her his simply by being filled with more of his seed.

She waited two days after Anthony left on his trip to take the second pregnancy test. With the fresh results, she let Domenic know. After his initial shock, he was as happy as she was about the new child on the way. Though he offered to go to her first doctor’s visit, she told him not to worry, as they had been through it three times before. With Domenic and the younger kids informed and taken care of, she waited nervously for Anthony to return.

The evening they met him at the airport, she was surprised by his appearance. Though he had only been gone two weeks, it seemed as if much had changed about him. She found that instead of having to look down at him, their eyes met at an even level. The downy hair that had been sprouting on his face was now darker, well on its way to forming a serious beard and moustache. She could even see the angular bone structure on his face where baby fat had been previously. Two weeks ago she had seen off her teenaged son and now she was retrieving a young man.

Once home, Anthony was slightly worried when his parents sat him down for a talk. When he learned that his mother was pregnant again, he was happy for them. However, when he gave a quick glance at his mother, he saw something else in her eyes. In that moment he knew the truth. His smile grew larger but he tried to otherwise contain his excitement. He knew he would have to wait for that conversation.

Thankfully, that opportunity came the following day. Domenic was called into the office for a quick meeting and the younger children had gone to friends’ houses.

Anthony was up in his room preparing to wash the clothes from his trip when Terri walked in. She took a moment to watch his lean body move as he was only wearing a pair of boxers. She wondered if she had simply not noticed it before he left, but he had definitely had a growth spurt and his body was on the verge of looking lanky as it stretched taller without any adding much weight.

“We need to talk,” she said softly.

“It’s mine, isn’t it?” Anthony asked as he turned and closed the distance between them.

Terri nodded in response. A trip to the doctor had confirmed her timeline and she could only hope that Domenic never had to visit the doctor with her to have that information given to him. There were unshed tears in her eyes as she spoke. “I knew before you left but couldn’t tell you. I had to tell your father first so he’d think it was his. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Anthony pulled her into a hug. There was no anger in him at hearing that his father knew before he did. He found himself feeling slightly smug at the fact that he had impregnated his mother and, hopefully, his father would never know. Despite his mother’s quiet sobs, he found himself becoming aroused. Some of it was due to their bodies being pressed together, touching a woman for the first time in weeks. But the idea of becoming a father, having impregnated someone—his own mother, no less—was the driving force. tuzla escort bayan It also didn’t help that except for one furtive masturbation session in the shower near the beginning of his trip, he hadn’t come since the last time they had sex.

Terri felt Anthony’s dick becoming firmer where it pressed against her hip. Despite herself, she felt her body respond in kind. There was so much more she wanted to say to him. She needed to let him know about the challenges they faced. There were sure to be complications during pregnancy due to her age or because of genetic anomalies from the incestuous conception. Even if all went well there, it was going to be difficult for them to forever disavow the paternity of this child. Anthony needed to know how hard it was going to be to be a parent with none of the recognition. Instead she moved her lips to meet his and moaned wantonly when he matched her kiss. She moved a hand into the waistband of his boxers and began to stroke his hardness. Knowing they probably wouldn’t have much time, she didn’t fight him when he began to push her toward his desk.

With one motion, Anthony pulled down his mother’s house pants and underwear, leaving them to dangle around one of her ankles, then helped her sit on the edge of his desk. After lowering his waistband and hooking it under his balls, he entered her with one swift thrust. With his tongue and lips engaged in battle with hers, he set up a quick pace fucking her, unconcerned about his open door or the noise they made. Their moans and grunts were loud and would definitely be heard by anyone who entered the house. Beneath them the desk creaked, strained by their motion and weight. He could even hear it rhythmically thumping against the wall behind it in time with his rapid thrusts.

As Anthony fucked her, Terri knew she should feel bad, knew that it was wrong. But since pregnancy was the worst thing that could happen short of being caught, they had little left to worry about. She thoroughly enjoyed having Anthony inside her, feeling firsthand his development into a man. From their first awkward encounter to now, his technique was much improved and he would only get better with time. She wanted to believe that this fuck was little more than because he was horny and needed relief after his trip, but something about the set of his jaw and the intense look in his eyes made her feel like he was taking possession and marking her as his.

And she liked it.

While her heart would always belong to Domenic, she knew her body was now Anthony’s. His child was growing inside her and would bind them in a way a mother and son should never be joined. She knew she should have felt guilty about it, but she was pleased that with her last gasp of fertility, she was providing her firstborn with his first child.

With a cry of ecstasy, an orgasm wracked her body. It was more intense than any she had felt in a while and she nearly passed out from the sensation.

With his mother’s pussy milking him, Anthony quickly followed her over the edge. He gave a few sharp thrusts closely timed to each shot exiting his cock before holding himself still deep inside her. Even though he had already inseminated her, he felt the need to make sure his load stayed put. After catching his breath, he said, “I can’t believe I actually got you pregnant.”

“With fucks like that, it was bound to happen,” Terri said with a smile. “You do understand that no one can ever know?”

“I do,” Anthony said somberly. “It really sucks. But I know that’s how it has to be. At least we’ll all be together.”

“We will.” For a moment, Terri allowed herself to feel a touch of happiness at that thought before addressing the reality. “But you’re still going to college.”

“I know. But I figure nine months will be just around the end of the school year. I should be back before you give birth, right?”

Terri was surprised that he had already thought that far ahead. “That’s right. It’s probably going to be close, but yeah.”

Anthony was going to comment further but they heard the front door open downstairs.

“Terri?” Domenic’s voice echoed through the house.

Before her name was finished, Anthony was pulling out of his mother and pulling up his shorts.

“Up here,” Terri called as she struggled to pull on her pants.

By the time they heard him arrive at the top of the stairs, Anthony was on the floor sorting through his clothes again, hiding his slimy, deflating cock while Terri sat on the edge of the desk asking him for more details about his trip.

“Stop pestering the kid,” Domenic said as he entered the room and heard the questioning. “I’m sure there are things that happened that he doesn’t want his parents to find out about. And as much as I don’t like it, that’s okay. He’s growing up. He’s entitled to his privacy.”

“Yeah, Mom,” Anthony said with a smirk.

Terri rolled her eyes but felt a renewed surge of arousal in her groin. There was no denying the truth of the statement and in nine months’ escort tuzla time, they’d have proof of it.

Her son was a man now.

When Anthony entered the house, everyone stopped what they were doing upon seeing him before wrapping him in hugs. He had been away for nearly four months completing his first semester at college and in that time his body had changed significantly. The clothes he was wearing were tight on his body, evidence of his muscles filling out slightly and the few inches in height he had grown. His face now had a spotty outline of beard and moustache, thicker than it had been but still appearing to be a work in progress. The hair that had just reached his shoulders before he left was now also a few inches longer.

“You’ve gotten so big,” Terri said with maternal fondness as she now had to look up to meet his eyes. Out of habit, she tucked his hair behind his ears after their hug.

“So have you,” Anthony said with a chuckle. He reached a hand out and lightly rubbed his mother’s slightly swollen belly.

“And we’re both happy and healthy,” Terri said meeting his eyes seriously as she placed a hand over his.

Anthony’s smile got slightly larger upon hearing that. While she had kept him updated after each of her prenatal appointments, it was good to hear again.

Terri pulled his hand away and linked her arm through his to lead him to the kitchen. “We’re going to have to go shopping. You need new clothes.”

“I do. I really do.”

Anthony sat on a stool at the island in the kitchen with his family surrounding him. As Terri plied him with food, he shared with them a few stories about his drive home, his roommate, and college in general. His younger siblings asked all manner of questions and updated him on their lives. As he listened to and talked with them, for as much as he was enjoying college, he realized how much he had missed his family.

“I missed you,” Anthony said to his mother once they were alone. Everyone had gone to bed leaving them alone for the first time that evening.

“I missed you, too.” Terri didn’t stop him as he moved closer to her on the sofa and slid his hand under her shirt to rub her bare baby bump.

“I know you’ve said it,” Anthony began with a little worry in his voice, “but everything’s okay with the baby?”

Terri put her hand over Anthony’s. “Yep. According to the doctor, the baby’s healthy. No worries there.”

“Good.” Anthony leaned in and touched his lips to his mother’s. Though their kiss started gently, it didn’t take long for their tongues to begin battling each other. While their kiss deepened, he felt one of her hands move to his crotch and begin to massage his growing erection. Even though he hadn’t intended to do anything, he couldn’t help humping his growing erection against her hand. Because of exams and essays, he hadn’t been able to hook up with any of his usual girls for nearly two weeks and he didn’t stop her when she began to open his pants. He sighed pleasurably against her lips upon feeling her soft hand wrap around his length. As she began to stroke it, he adjusted the rhythm of his hips to match.

Even as her hand continued to stroke her son’s dick, Terri chastised herself for doing it. She had told herself that she was not going to do anything with Anthony while she was pregnant and hopefully by the time the baby arrived, he would be out of her system. However upon seeing the sexy young man that entered the house that evening, she couldn’t deny her attraction to him. It hadn’t helped that she had noticed him trying to conceal an erection for most of the night. An erection that was feeling larger than it had before he left. She wanted to lower her head to take it in her mouth or straddle him and feel it inside her pussy but with Dom home, she couldn’t take that chance. Even giving Anthony a hand job was risky but she couldn’t stop now.

Anthony broke the kiss and sat back on the sofa. As he shifted position, the top of his cock surrounded by his mother’s hand escaped the waistband of his boxers. He watched her hand move up and down pulling some of his foreskin over his crown. His mother was not a small woman but he was surprised by how large his dick looked in her fist. The sight increased his arousal and he began to gently thrust up against her strokes. He struggled to keep his sounds of pleasure quiet but occasionally a soft moan escaped.

Terri worked Anthony’s cock faster, feeling it throb in her fist. A steady stream of precum flowed from the tip lubricating her motion. It began to crackle wetly in between their skin and she worried the sound, along with Anthony’s increasingly frequent moans, would carry if anyone left their rooms upstairs. She saw Anthony’s body shudder just before a thick white stream flew into the air before landing on his chest. More shots followed rapidly, streaking her son’s shirt with his seed before the force subsided. The rest of his load seeped out of his dick over her fist and down his shaft to puddle in his pubic hair. Upon seeing the large amount of ejaculate, her pussy twitched from the memory of how it had felt inside her. She also absently thought it was amazing that he hadn’t knocked her up sooner with loads like that.

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