Team Mom (Extended Remake Edition)

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Writer’s Note: I published the story Team Mom years ago. This story is edited and vastly expanded to where it warranted a new submission rather than an update.

This is inspired by a story I read long ago on another site. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Published: July 2017, Republished: April 2020, Last Edited: April 2020



Alice listened closely with her ear pressed against the hotel door. It was nighttime, and she had left the small suite she shared with her husband in order to go down to the second floor and check on all of the boys for him. The nightly room inspection was a simple check, and Alice meandered the hallway in her slippers, a wrinkled red shirt, and a pair of black yoga pants, which she had lazily thrown on when leaving her room.

In each room down the hallway, she had only heard the sound of silence. Beneath each threshold, there was only darkness, which contrasted with the beige carpeting in the bright hallway. When she had made her way down to Room 221, however, she heard faint noises. And unlike the other rooms, there was light spilling out into the hallway from under the door. Busted.

Being the coach’s wife, Alice often found herself performing caring roles. Her husband had humorously deemed her the “Team Mother” during an event two years ago. And since then, players and parents alike had been referring to her as such. All the job really entailed was having annoying responsibilities thrust upon her. She had to help organize the varsity lacrosse team’s events at the high school, she had to be in charge of fundraising, and she also had to be responsible for her current job — being the mother figure for the team when they traveled for weekend tournaments.

Alice enjoyed going to tournaments to support her son, Eli. What she hated was her involuntary duty of mothering the other twenty-three high-school seniors on the team as well. The players never caused trouble, though. They actually were boringly well-behaved.

That was why, as Alice stood outside of Room 221 (because her husband had politely reminded her it was time for her to “go downstairs and make sure those young idiots are actually in bed”), she was surprised to find the only room disobeying orders was her son’s. With his dad being the coach, he usually set a good example.

But what was even more surprising was that Alice finally had something remotely interesting to do. It was actually exciting. For years, she had traveled to tournaments and done nothing she enjoyed. Even with her son on the varsity squad for the season, she would watch him play for an hour, and then she would go back to the same monotonous shit.

In fact, through the years, there had only ever been one reliable form of entertainment. It was the one release the resentful wife had from her boredom. At night, while her husband slept, Alice would reach into her pajama bottoms and finger herself to the fantasy of one or two boys from the team — with their strong muscles, horny minds, and youthful cocks — summoning enough courage to seduce her. And, every time, they would ultimately succeed in taking her.

Obviously, Alice knew those thoughts were wrong. In her defense, the naughtiness made the fantasy hotter, and nothing else seemed to make the weekends go by faster. Outside of Room 221, she was not bored, though. For the first time since she was crowned Team Mother, players were showing the audacity to break her husband’s iron-clad rules.

The easy solution was to knock on the door and tell the players to turn the lights off. Alice, though, wanted to make the bust far more eventful and prolonged than it needed to be. Spying seemed like a fun option. With her ear against the door, she carefully eavesdropped on the conversation on the other side. She slowed her breathing to hear the muddled words.


Alice didn’t know what to make of the shout. Her first speculation was that the boys were playing a racing game. Sounds of low grunting and heavy breathing reverberated through the flimsy door of the old hotel. The mom took note of every small sound, trying to guess at what exactly the three boys were up to.

“Oh god, this hurts a little,” one of the young athletes painfully sighed.

Alice then heard her son’s voice. “It’s not meant to be done this quickly — it’s unnatural.”

All of the boys laughed. A dirty thought hit Alice. It sounds like they’re jerking off in there.

She was suddenly reminded of her most common fantasy. Alice predicted her fantasy grew from spending so much time with the players and from knowing how much her husband would hate it. But the reasons were irrelevant. The idea of being taken by horny, young studs still had a hold on her. So, despite the odds being against three boys jerking off together in a well-lit room, and even with fully acknowledging the fact one of the boys was her son, Alice felt a burst of adrenaline coursing through her veins. I could probably get bursa escort away with peeking in.

Alice wanted to see what was happening on the other side of the door. Sneaking into a room was a risk, but just the thought of being in the same room as the boys while they were jerking off made her feel closer to her titillating fantasy.

Alice stepped out of her noisy slippers. She then slowly unclenched her hand to prevent the jingling of the metal keys on the ring. She quietly sorted through the eight spare room keys which her husband had collected at check-in. Finding the key to the old door was the easy part. Unlocking it without being heard was a taller task.

The instant she heard another round of laughter, Alice inserted the key and turned the lock. In a swift motion, she twisted the door handle and slipped inside the narrow gap, closing the door behind her. Her pulse was pounding as she stood in the entryway.

The lights were actually off, but the muted tube TV, which was casting a sports talk show, was bright enough to fill the room. Around the corner of the wall, the boys did not stop their activity. As Alice had hoped, they were so absorbed in whatever game they were playing, she had walked in unnoticed.

No longer muffled by the door, the sounds in the room were clear. Alice was able to pick up on nuanced noises. The groans were louder, and there was labored breathing. There was the sound of friction from skin rubbing against other skin. For an experienced woman, it was a familiar melody.

Holy shit! Alice’s hand was over her open mouth. They’re actually fucking doing it! They’re all fucking jerking off!

“Who’s going to be last?!” one of the boys asked with tantalizing urgency.

She tiptoed farther along the entry wall until she was able to peep around the corner and see the entire room. At the last moment, she muffled her gasp. Her eyes shot open at the sight of her son and his two friends standing naked in a triangle, stroking their cocks.

The forty-year-old mom’s shocked eyes pinged from one detail to the next. The visual stimuli were overwhelming. The three powerfully built, young men were standing in the middle of the hotel room, frantically masturbating their thick shafts while their testicles swayed beneath. Alice’s mouth went dry from how the TV projected light upon their bodies, highlighting the cuts in their abdomens and the veins running up their muscular forearms and biceps. Fuck…

The feeling of walking in on a naughty dream, the sense of the many taboos, and the simple attraction to the nude males all combined to form the hottest sight Alice had ever seen.

Alice was overcome with confidence. She watched her hand move up the wall toward the light switch. She knew there was no turning back.

“WOAH!” The three young men jumped out of their skin. The sudden burst of light made their blood run cold.

“What the hell is going on in here?!” Alice demanded, using the sternest mothering voice she could muster. Each boy snapped his neck in her direction before stumbling back in horror. They all frantically stretched their hands over their erections, trying to cover themselves, but none was completely successful. “Michael!” Alice barked. “Don’t you dare move a muscle.”

The panic-stricken young man halted his attempt to pull his boxers up from his ankles. He froze in place, his enticingly long cock angled into the air.

Alice noticed how it had an adorable, slight curve to the left. She then made her way into the open room, smelling the distinct odor of masculine perspiration and active hormones. “Corey,” Alice demanded, “just what exactly is going on in here?” She ran her eyes up and down his tanned body.

Corey was the only one with a crop of hair on his sculpted chest and down his abs. To Alice’s disappointment, Corey had found a way to completely hide himself with his hands. The scared boy turned to his friends.

“Don’t look at them, Corey, look at me! Explain what you are doing.”

“Um…nothing, Mrs. Chase, just screwing around.”

Alice stomped her foot down in front of his. She reached out and pulled his arms to the side. He seemed too terrified to resist. When his hard-on was freed, it pointed up at Alice, much to her subtle satisfaction. “You were screwing around, indeed,” Alice scorned. “I could hear you from outside. Does your mother know this is how you behave when you’re away with the team?”

“Please, just stop!”

Alice craned her neck to find the source of the futile plea. For the first time since she had entered the room, Alice made eye contact with her son, Eli.

He was red with embarrassment. He seemed ashamed and frustrated by his mom’s behavior.

Alice recognized his facial expression. She had seen it before when she had read notes from his teacher without his permission and when she had found porn on his computer. Alice lowered the severity in her voice, slightly. “Stop? Why? What’s wrong with me getting to the bottom of things?”

Eli, bursa escort bayan whose large testicles hung visibly below his covered shaft, explained, “Mom, we were just playing a stupid game. That’s all — just a stupid, stupid game. There’s no need to freak out on us.”

Her interest was piqued. “A game?”

Michael didn’t hesitate in throwing his friend under the bus. “It was Eli’s idea.”

“Dude, seriously?” Eli rolled his eyes.

Alice turned her attention to Michael. “Well, since you seem to know what’s what around here, why don’t you explain this game to me?”

Michael breathed. “It was just a dumb game we came up with over the summer when we were bored at that camp we had to go to.”

Alice knew exactly what lacrosse camp in Maryland he was referring to because she organized the fundraiser to send them there. The boys had to live in cabins for a month with no girls in sight. So, what Michael said made sense. Alice, though, was having too much fun interrogating them. “At camp? You mean the camp trip I helped organize? You spent your time at that camp playing ‘jerking off’ games?” The mother acted as if she had unearthed a horrifying scandal, but the thought of a bunch of naked, young men all alone in a cabin stroking their cocks was actually a turn-on.

“Everybody played it!” Eli spoke up, trying to defend himself. “I didn’t just make it up alone.”

“Oh, really??” Alice faced Corey, standing inches from his nude, breathing body. “Is this true? You played this nasty, filthy game at camp, too?”

Corey shamefully nodded his head.

As Alice pressured Corey, she peeked at the other boys from the corners of her eyes, wondering if they were checking her out. She was in tight, black yoga pants which wrapped around her toned legs and stretched over the cheeks of her yoga butt. Her soft, slim-fit, red scoop-neck shirt clung to her body. Her 34C breasts, which due to her expectation of a quiet room inspection, were not covered by a bra.

Yep. As she had hoped, two sets of eyes were flickering between her firm ass and supple tits. “So, Corey, how is this filthy game played exactly?”

Corey continued to stare at his feet. He awkwardly stammered through the description. “Um…we…well, we stand in a circle and kind of rub ourselves in front of a saltine cracker. And whoever is the last one to, um, finish on the cracker…has to eat it.”

What the fuck?! It was a shocking turn, even for Alice.

She scanned around her bare feet and found a square cracker on the hotel carpet. Alice suddenly was withholding a smirk. She realized she had all the leverage. Her investigation had discovered a more enjoyable lead.

“Corey,” she began to lecture the blond defenseman in a patronizingly slow voice, “I’m an adult, and you are, too. So, how about you show some respect for me and explain yourself like a mature adult? I can’t even be sure of what you just said, but from what I gather, the game is: You boys get naked, tease your cocks hard, and then you jerk them off together at a cracker. And whoever shoots his cum on the cracker last has to eat it. Am I getting this right?”

All of the boys were taken aback. Alice could see how surprised and aroused they were by how a married woman was speaking. Michael quickly answered, “Yes, Mrs. Chase, that’s right.”

Alice brushed her brunette hair behind her ear with her fingers before directing her laser-like gaze on the tall redhead. “So, Michael, if you lost, you were really going to eat that cracker? Even when topped in your friends’ sperm?”

“It’s not gay or anything…it’s just a dare, a penalty,” he blushed.

Alice responded with a nod to leave Michael unsure of whether she actually believed him or not.

“Please don’t tell Dad,” Eli piped up. The pink mushroom head of his cock was visible. It rested on his lower abdomen, beyond the shield of his hovering hands.

“Yeah, please, don’t tell Coach,” his friends echoed.

“I’m obligated to report — and I absolutely should report — each and every one of you,” Alice fired. She marched behind Corey. He was short and stocky, with a strong build. His exposed butt cheeks were pale globes in comparison to his darkly tanned body. Alice couldn’t resist “accidentally” grazing her hand against them as she walked around him. She watched his body shudder from her touch. Alice continued, “But, I won’t report you. I cannot let Eli get into trouble with the rest of you perverts and miss the playoffs.”

The teammates all exhaled in sweet relief, still breathing deeply from arousal. “Thanks, Mrs. Chase,” they blurted. “Yeah, thanks, Mom.”

Alice knew she was at the defining moment of the night. She had reached the critical point where she no longer had any logical reason to remain in the room. Either she had to be satisfied with her experience thus far and leave, or she had to come up with a reason to stay.

She let her sexual adrenaline make her decision for her. “However,” she powerfully escort bursa added, “I am the Team Mother, and I can’t allow an after-hours activity like this to continue while unchaperoned.”

The high-schoolers shared puzzled looks, unsure if they understood. “Mom, what are you talking about?”

Alice scoffed. “You boys are behaving like idiots, and you obviously need to be supervised. For one thing, do you have any idea how dirty a hotel carpet is? And one of you was actually about to eat off of that floor?! And do you have any idea how it would reflect on our program if we got billed for hotel damages because there were cum stains on the carpet? The school sees our bills. You don’t think they’d call the hotel to ask what happened?! The team can’t afford to have any of its star players getting sick from eating off of this disgusting carpet, and we certainly can’t afford to be pissing off the school administration.”

Her reasoning had clearly struck a surprising chord because each of the boys showed a new sense of shame. They recognized how thoughtless they had been.

Alice bent down, plucked the saltine cracker from the carpet, and casually tossed it at the wastebasket. She then walked over to the white cardboard box on the dresser and selected a fresh cracker before returning to the center of the room. She shook her head in exasperation. “Plus, what were you guys thinking? With the cracker on the ground, I doubt any of you has the aim to accurately hit it from a standing position.”

Corey and Michael looked confused. Eli was in disbelief.

Alice adjusted her stance to form a circle with the boys, and she lowered herself to her knees. With a let’s-just-get-this-over-with look on her face, the mother raised her hand to chin level, displaying the saltine in her flattened palm. “Now, everyone squeeze in,” she instructed.

She could see the hesitancy in Corey and Michael’s faces. She was asking them to stand naked over their friend’s mom. As she suspected, they weren’t able to resist approaching her open hand anyway.

Eli, though, had moved back against the wall. He struggled to process his mom’s outlandish behavior.

“Come on, Eli, let’s go. Let’s get this over with so I can get back to bed. I’m not going to let them start unless you’re here.”

Reality was warped, and Eli was unsure how to react. His mom was on her knees. Her inviting cleavage exposed most of her braless tits. The curvature of her ass and thighs was more prominent from her sitting on her ankles. Ultimately, those factors, along with the begging eyes of his desperately horny friends, drew Eli into the tight circle.

Fuck. Wow. What did you just do? Alice could scarcely believe three youthful, lively, fully erect cocks, including her son’s, were mere inches above her hand and only about a foot from her face.

She involuntarily bit her lower lip before speaking. “It’s nice to see that everyone has joined us.”

A tense silence filled the room. Alice patiently waited.

Michael cautiously asked, “Mrs. Chase…so, uh, do you want us to finish the game…?”

Alice laughed and gasped as if she were offended. “Of course, honey. Do you think I’m some prude who stormed in here because I wanted to ruin your fun? I’m forty. I’ve seen enough men stroke themselves in front of me, so this isn’t a big deal. And I know how much you horny teenagers like playing with your dicks — I have one of you at home.” She winked at Eli. “I’m just here to do my job, which is to make sure that you boys are being responsible.”

All of the boys, including Eli, somehow managed to become even more aroused. They breathed louder, to Alice’s delight.

“But what if…,” Corey spoke reluctantly, “…what if some of our…stuff…gets on you?”

Alice rolled her eyes. “We’ve talked about this. I’m not going to answer you until you ask me like an adult.”

Corey gulped. He tried to reword his question. “But what if we miss the cracker a little and shoot some of our jizz on you?” His face grew redder.

Alice grinned. “Boys, seriously? I’m a grown woman. It’s nothing I haven’t handled before. It wipes off. Let’s play already. I need to get back to bed.”

But, once again, there was all silence and no action. Michael and Corey were awkwardly looking at Eli. They obviously wanted his blessing.

Alice’s hazel eyes met her son’s, and she politely asked, “Eli, sweetie, do you mind starting the game? It was your idea to begin with, so I want you to start it again.” The mother then analyzed her son’s fit, firm body and masculine, healthy cock. She wondered how a man that sexy had lived with her in her house without her realizing it before.

With her son’s pulsating erection inches away from her touch and feeling the weight of her knees on the carpet in an ideal position to watch him cum in her direction, Alice’s pussy began to flood. She had discovered a deeper desire, one which gave her fantasy its meaning.

As nervous as he had been, Eli could see his mom had no issues with him masturbating in her presence. She seemed perfectly fine and had even encouraged it. The son wiped his hand under the sweaty tuft of brown hair on his forehead. He acknowledged his friends, “Ready? Go!”

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