The Awakening Ch. 01-05

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A mature couple, early fifties and mid-forties respectively, with whom my wife and play had the most fortuitous opportunity which expanded all of our canal appetites.

Steve is about six-foot tall, stocky built with silver hair, and looks like a true “GQ” gentleman. One would never guess from his debonair appearance the naughty ideas racing around in his head. His wife, Steph, is about five-foot five with blonde hair, blue eyes and a curvaceous body sporting 36-D breasts. They have a mutual love of lingerie, which Steph wears constantly under whatever she is attired in, and according to Steve, never covers her nakedness with anything but satin and silk. Stockings are “de rigor” with her, self-admitting “I haven’t worn pantyhose in over twenty years, and don’t ever plan to again.”

Being the second marriage for Steve and having fathered children early, he has grown children who have families of their own, which now include grandchildren. One such, recently graduated from high school, is now looking at universities and came to their home in Boston for the weekend to interview at the college of her choice. Steph was not exactly happy about the invitation for her to stay and since they didn’t have children together, she’s not exactly the motherly type. Steph made it very clear to Steve that the granddaughter would be his responsibility and to make sure she behaved herself.

Patti, the granddaughter, just turned 18 and is the stepchild of Steve’s daughter Jessi, whom he has a cordial but cool relationship with, as she still harbors some resentment from the divorce which she never really understood. Jessi only knows that her parents separated when she was about ten and moved on to different lives. Anyway, this seemed like a good time for them all to connect again, since the somewhat free-spirited step-daughter was looking to go away to school and, perhaps if Steve were near, he could sort of look out for her. Patti is Jessi’s husband’s daughter, which might account for some of her individualism and the awkward relationship between them. Patti consequently doesn’t know much about Steve and his wife Steph, and this is the first weekend they’ve ever spent together.

The reader is forewarned. The events described herein are adult in nature, consensual and do not involve any underage individuals or coerce beyond the will of the participants. The story relates the variety of lingerie, voyeuristic, and exhibitionist fetishes of a very erotic couple and the “awakening” of their granddaughter to the pleasures of the flesh, which some may find offensive due to the nature of the relationship. From the writer’s perspective, however, this story simply demonstrates a New Age way to promote a healthy and open sex education for the young woman.

The Awakening

The education of a young woman to fine lingerie, sensual attire, and sex.


Chapter 1 – The Airport

Chapter 2 – Home Sweet Home

Chapter 3 – Meeting Steph

Chapter 4 – A Relaxing Bath

Chapter 5 – Off to School

Chapter 6 – College Orientation

Chapter 7 – Lunchtime

Chapter 8 – Afternoon Interviews

Chapter 9 – Returning Home

Chapter 10 – Her Next Assignment

Chapter 11 – The Real Awakening

Chapter 12 – Steve’s Secret

Chapter 13 – The Following Day

Chapter 14 – The Dinner Party

Chapter 15 – The Interim

Chapter 16 – College Life

Chapter 1 – The Airport

When Steve arrives at the airport to pick Patti up, he’s a little surprised to see the girl is all grown up, about five foot seven with long dark auburn hair and piercing brown eyes. He remembered her as a gangly pre-teen with a mouth full of braces and though he’d been sent a recent photo to recognize her, this was not exactly what he expected. She looked even taller in her clogs and was quite attractively built, Steve guessed about 125 pounds and with a very shapely 34C-24-34 figure. He immediately thinks Steph will be irritated by her “cuteness” and wondered why he agreed to do this, just hoping the weekend went by as fast as possible so he can put her back on the plane for home.

“Hi Grandpa,” Patti called out when she recognizes him, causing a brief embarrassment, since this is certainly not what Steve’s used to be called. “It’s great to be here,” she said as she gave him a polite hug. “Thanks for letting me come stay with you, I’m so excited about going to college!” Continuing, she says, “I don’t have any baggage other than what I carried-on, so we can go.”

Steve, grateful that they don’t have schlep down to baggage claim, thinks to himself, “Whoa, this is more woman than girl, so innocent looking but definitely beginning to blossom. I’d better watch my step around her, or I’ll find myself with a hardon right here and now.”

They then left the terminal and walked to the garage where Steve parked the Lexus sedan he drives. Trying not to stare at her as they go, he can’t get out of his mind how absolutely delightful her butt looks in the jeans she’s wearing as she sauntered canlı bahis alongside him. This young woman filled the low hip slung blue jeans in a subtly sultry way and the purple velvet top is cropped slightly exposing her taunt midriff. Backing away as he opens the trunk for her to put her overnight bag in, Patti bent over in her snug-bottomed jeans exposing the top of the thong she wore.

And, there it goes, a tingle and stiffening appeared in Steve’s trousers. Realizing his potentially embarrassing predicament, he quickly steps around to open his door, then unlocks her side by using the power button. Shutting the lid, Patti opens her door and slides into the leather bucket seat next to him.

“Wow, Grandpa, this is really nice, and the leather feels and smells so good. No one I know has a car as nice as this!” she says as she pulls the seat belt on across her bosom and snaps it in place securing herself and further pronouncing her breasts.

“Please Patti, stop calling me that,” barks Steve. “My name is Steve, and I insist you use that,” he says glancing quickly down at his crotch to see if his erection has diminished since he still feels a swelling and this beautiful girl sitting so close to him emits a sensuous smell making him wonder if she’ll notice.

“Well ok, Gran”…the words almost come out then she catches herself, “Steve if that is what you wish.”

Quickly exiting the garage into the evening, Steve concentrates on the drive to their house hoping the darkness hides his bulging excitement. Surmising now is a good time to set the ground rules for the weekend he explained how Steph works at home and doesn’t like to be bothered, so perhaps the only time the three of them will see each other is for a farewell dinner on Sunday evening before she flies back home.

Patti replies saying, “Oh, she probably won’t even notice me. I’ll be especially quiet, and she won’t even know I’m there unless she wants. Tonight, I plan on an early bedtime as I’m tired from the flight and need to catch an early train to the campus tomorrow. I’ll be there all day, then back late, probably 7 or so. Sunday is a bit of a free day, but I promise not to be any trouble to either of you. “I really appreciate you both letting me stay with you.” Dinner together would be fun,” she concludes glancing over at Steve.

What she’s really thinking is that she wants to spend some time with her “grandfather” and his wife, as she’s had heard rumors growing up about him and what a worldly person his new wife Steph was. Patti wanted a chance to get to know them both a little better as her home life, especially with her stepmother left something to be desired. She felt like she was treated like a little girl all the time, not the maturing woman she was looking forward to becoming, after all she would be going to college soon! As she sat there in the luxurious sedan, she also thought that no one would believe her that someone as handsome as this is really her “grandfather.”

Chapter 2 – Home Sweet Home

As expected, Steph was in her study working when they came home, and although Steve and Patti called out, “Hello, we’re home,” the only reply they got was,” Glad she’s here, hon. I’m buried right now. Show her the guest room and I’ll be sure to be done in time for a nice dinner together on Sunday.”

Shuffling Patti quietly away, as far as Steve was concerned that was an optimistic response since he’d gotten little feedback one way or another from Steph when the arrangements were being discussed. Steph was blatantly cool to the idea of an 18 year- old girl spending the entire weekend with them. Knowing Steve, and even though she was his granddaughter, she was sure he’d faun over her and she just hoped he’d behave himself in her presence.

About all Steph said was, “Well, if she has to, she’s your grandchild. You know I have to work, so be sure she doesn’t bother me. Or you, for that matter,” she added emphatically.

Leaving the entrance hall, Steve proceeded to show Patti around the house; the kitchen, half-bath, formal living room, his study and an entertainment room on the ground floor, then took her upstairs to show her the guest room. The long legged brunette followed dutifully behind him now, restricting any further visual stimulation Steve might have gotten if he had let her climb the staircase to the second floor in front of him which is what he really wanted her to do. The Oriental runner covered hardwood stairs opened to a loft where down one hall was clearly the master suite, which Steve pointed out. In the other direction were two more bedrooms separated by what Patti was to learn, was a common bath for the entire floor.

The guest room was well appointed, with a queen-size four-poster bed, small entertainment armoire and a walk-in closet. There was a full-length antique mirror in one corner and small writing desk in another complimenting the tastefully decorated boudoir.

Through a door in the room was the bath. When Steve opened the door, Patti saw an oversized Jacuzzi tub, a glass encased shower, and the usual fixtures. bahis siteleri Off to one side hidden by a partial wall were the commode and to her surprise a bidet, which she had never actually seen before. There was marble everywhere, everywhere except where there were oversized mirrors, which allowed the occupant to view themselves showering, bathing, or just primping at the cantilevered sink. Each area was separate, but open and larger bathroom in any home she’d ever been in.

She thought to herself, “This is crazy beautiful,” I guess this is how one lives after the kids are grown and gone

“I that’s about it, if you need anything, I’ll be downstairs in my study,” said Steve.

“If you’re hungry or want something to drink, there are snacks and wine in the kitchen and get whatever you want from the fridge, but be quiet so you don’t disturb Steph, ok?” “I’m fine,” replied Patti, as she just wanted to unpack and get a good night’s sleep in preparation for her big day tomorrow. “I won’t need anything else, thanks Gran,…she caught herself again, Steve.” I’ll just unpack and hit the sack.

On second thought, a soak in that Jacuzzi tub after her journey was inviting idea and she concluded that’s what she’d do.

Chapter 3 – Meeting Steph

As soon as Steve left, Patti slipped out of the snug fitting jeans and velvet crop top she was wearing and whirled around the room in just a matching satin pink, underwire bra and thong panty outfit to begin unpacking. Her step-mother would be aghast in what Patti choose as her underware today, as Jessi only bought her boring cotton high waist panties and soft total coverage bra sets which made her feel like a little girl and, well, so nerdy. She admired what the other girls in her class were allowed to wear when she’d seen them in gym class changing and had bought some special private things on her own which she took care to launder herself and keep away from her step-mom’s prying eyes.

The lingerie she had on now made her feel especially grown-up and she had purchased it specifically for this trip. She had brought another similar set along in black, which also gave her confidence when she wore them, and hoped that would be transmitted tomorrow during her interview and ultimately help her thru the poise she gained by wearing them, be accepted at college. Oh, how she longed to get out from under her goody-two-shoes step-mom watching over her all the time and especially over what she was allowed to wear.

Losing herself in thought, and with the in-room stereo purring, which Steve had set on a soft rock station for her, she didn’t give it a thought when there was a knock at the door so she threw it open. Standing in the open doorway was Steph and suddenly realizing her attire or lack there of, Patti became immediately embarrassed. Knowing it could have been Steve, she blushed at being so utterly foolish and exposed.

“My, my girl close that door a little or you’ll have Steve all excited looking at you like that,” Steph said. “You are cute,” she exclaimed, “more than I imagined!

“Anyway, I thought I’d pop up, say hi and give you a little warning. You see, my husband, your grandfather, is a bit of a lecherous voyeur. A harmless one mind you, but still he likes to look, if you know what I mean, so try not to excite him too much. He’s really not dangerous, just loves to look at pretty girls, so don’t be embarrassed if you catch him staring. Oh, and by the way, I really don’t have to work all that much this weekend. I just didn’t want him to know so I could keep an eye on him. If he gets a little too amorous, be sure to tell me,” she winked.

Steph then hugged her, pressing herself firmly against Patti’s satin undies and left, but not without also leaving a chilled bottle of white wine and a few snacks.

Dumbfounded at what just happened, her own behavior of opening the door with next to nothing on and Steph’s description of her grandfather with her obvious acceptance if not approval of it, she closed the door and locked it. Quickly finishing her unpacking, she had just brought one other top, a pair of jeans and a change of underwear since she really wasn’t going anywhere special, so it didn’t take long. She then uncorked the wine and ran the tub. How thoughtful of Steph to bring it up, she’s certainly not treating me like my mother, she thinks I’m all grown up.

Yes, a nice warm Jacuzzi bath and a glass of wine was just what she needed to relax.

Chapter 4 – A Relaxing Bath

She undressed completely now, wrapping her long dark auburn hair up in a knot behind her head to avoid the water and slipped into the friendly warm tub. With the recent events racing in her head, the pulsating water and crisp wine were doing more than just relaxing her, and Patti felt a tingle between her thighs. Before she knew it, Patti found herself lovingly touching her nether lips, which were pouting mildly and she gently began fingering herself. Though she had dark hair, the bush about her sex was quiet fair so her labia and clit were quite evident, especially now bahis şirketleri that she was becoming aroused. She also took pains to keep herself trimmed there, as she thought it more attractive and it definitely felt more sensual that way.

Building slowly with rhythm of the whirlpool, she felt her nipples harden with the teasing of her clit and spread her legs apart to gain easier access. Although technically still a virgin, she certainly knew how to please herself, and had even once allowed a boy to kiss her there while she played with his cock thru his jeans. He was quite incompetent she thought as his tongue darted about her flowering button and stopped kissing her there immediately after Patti had made him cum on himself from the quick hand-job she gave him. Frustrated, she vowed to never let that happen again if she could. Why was it that boys came so quickly, and girls didn’t, she wondered? Pinching her hardened left nipple gently now between one set of fingers, she cupped and massaged her clit and vulva with the other, “ahhhh, this feels sooooooooo good,” she moaned.

She lay there, stretching her long legs, petitely turned ankles with delicate feet and painted toenails in the deep water, masturbating and thinking of them both; Steph treating her like a grown-up by bringing her the wine, hugging her like she really liked her and especially the cavalier way she described Steve, “a harmless voyeur.” God this feels so good, to be indulged this way, in such comfortable surrounding and by such sophisticated people. I think, yes, “Mmmmmmmmm, she moaned again. There it was, a quick min-orgasm after which she dozed off in bliss in the bubbling Jacuzzi.

Startled when it stopped, she realized she hadn’t slept long as the water was still warm, but definitely cooler, composed herself and stood to get out. A little woozy from the wine and warm water, not to mention the orgasm, she was careful not to slip and slowly lifted one leg then another out of the tub. Reaching for the towel bar to steady herself and grab something to dry off with, her hand was intercepted by a warmed towel.

Shrieking, she realized it was Steve who has given her a towel.

“God, you scared me, how long have you been here?” she exclaimed.

“Just long enough to watch you enjoy yourself, that’s all. You are such a beautiful girl, especially when you cum,” said Steve. “You didn’t notice, but I saw how undressed you were when you opened the door for Steph, so I figured it was a come-on and you’d appreciate me seeing all of you. And you really showed me everything, now didn’t you?”

Patti didn’t know whether to slap him or cry out, but instead mounted more courage than she imagined while wrapping herself in the warmth of the towel and said,

“Well, if that’s the way you get your kicks, by watching innocent girls, so be it. Just don’t let your wife catch you. She’s already warned me about you, but I didn’t think you’d be so bold as to sneak into my bath. It certainly wasn’t a come-on, I just lost myself in my unpacking and absentmindedly opened the door. Now I know why you don’t want to be called Grandpa, you’re just a dirty old man, aren’t you? Now, why don’t leave since you’ve gotten your thrill,” which was so very apparent from the stiffening showing in his slacks, “and before I call Steph? Neither one of us wants that, now do we? I’ve got to go to bed and get some sleep for my big day tomorrow.”

Steve grinned and said, “I suppose you’re right; I am a bit of a voyeur. I love to look at girls, especially pretty ones like you. I promise that’s all I do, so it’s quite innocent really. Steph knows my proclivity for watching, and that I wouldn’t actually touch you while you’re here, so this little episode really wouldn’t surprise her. But,” he continued, “she would expect me to behave myself a little,” smiling satisfyingly but meekly.

“Well, let’s make sure that’s all it is, good nite” Patti replied curtly.

With that, Patti wrapped the towel completely around herself and exited the bath for her room. As she did, Steve turned with a grin and his diminishing erection and left through the adjacent bathroom door. Now Patti was really intrigued. Even though she was exhausted, her head spun with the events and, as she entered the bedroom she encountered another surprise. There was something on the bed she didn’t bring, a white silk pajama set lay there arranged in such a way as to invite her to try them on. It was just a thong and peignoir top and the fabric and cut was so very beautiful and wonderful to her touch. Tempted, she stepped into the silk panties and pulled the top over her and thought, what a harmless old man her grandfather was. If all he wanted to do look, that was ok, especially if he gave her gifts like this.

Feeling the silk over her warm relaxed body, she knew they would be so very comfortable to sleep in. The outfit was in just her size and she briefly admired her nubile young body in the full-length mirror before slipping into bed. Yes, she was positively becoming a woman, and lingerie like this made her feel even more so, with her long legs, ample breasts and firm bottom, she was undeniably all woman. Cuddling under the covers in the large bed and basking in the afterglow of orgasm and the strange evening, she quickly fell asleep.

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