Tennis Siblings

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My name is Steve and I am sitting alone on the outdoor bleachers next to an empty tennis court at college. I lost my first important match with a rival college. I was upset over losing and after the tournament, came back to think and reflect on my tennis skills. The sun was lowering in the afternoon sky on what was a beautiful fall afternoon and my thoughts drifted back to when I first picked up a racket.

I was raised in an upper middle class home with a mom and dad and a sister who was a year younger than I. In seventh grade I fell out of a tree house breaking bones in my legs and my arms and spent most of that school year at home mending. When the casts finally came off, my doctor suggested to my parents that I take an interest in tennis as a way of building my body back to normal. They arranged for one on one lessons with an instructor who was very good with kids. I enjoyed the lessons and over the summer I returned to normal after months of being immobile. By the end of summer I was getting very good at the game.

I had to be in seventh grade again and was in the same class with my younger sister. The school had an intramural tennis team which I joined and it was one of the few pleasures of being in school again. My parents saw that I had more than a passing interest in tennis and come spring, they arranged to have a tennis court, actually more of a painted concrete pad, built in our back yard. After school, my sister Patti would hang around; watching me with my friends practice and eventually asked if she could play. I liked my sister and we got along very well, so I endured her lack of skill and patiently taught her how to play. Over the summer, she began to play well and would join for pairs or couples. In the evenings, she and I would spend hours hitting the ball across the net to each other.

In eighth grade is when I really began to notice girls. Especially the women’s’ tennis team in their short skirts and tight sport tops. I even looked at my skinny sister in a different light when we would practice in the evenings. I spent many evening stroking my cock thinking about the girls on the tennis team or their well developed coach. What made matters worse during my high school years was that my parents would not let me or my sister date. They were very religious and believed that you could only date after you were 21 and only with someone in the same church. Any socializing with the opposite sex was at chaperoned church functions with everyone parents around and only approved sex was after marriage. Patti and I would have long discussions about how unfair they were when we were alone bouncing the tennis ball across the net.

Patti turned 18 during our senior year and we spent most of our time figuring out how to slide through that last school year and what we would do after school was over. Since eight grade we had become close as we were in classes together, played tennis almost everyday, and were the only opposite sex that our parents would allow us to be with. We were best friends, more than just brother and sister. Patti had really developed over the years and had a nice set of tits and a nice ass.

One Saturday in the spring, our parents had left for most of the day to attend a church function. I got out of going because I said that I had a big tournament to practice for and Patti got out of going to help me practice. The tournament was not that big of a deal and I really needed some private time. My parents had been home most of the week and in everyone’s business. All I wanted to do was a practice in the morning and then spend the afternoon in my room, stroking my cock. It had been almost two weeks since I jacked off and I was aching to pleasure myself.

It was unseasonable hot that morning and we were really working up a sweat on our backyard court. My mind was not on the game and Patti was winning most of the volleys. I was thinking about getting naked in my room, not tennis and my sister’s bouncing tits was not helping either. I wanted to end the practice and figured I could get Patti in a water fight with the garden hose. She would get mad and quit the practice.

Patti was about ready to serve when I said, “Hey Patti, stop for a minute. I need to get a drink of water. It’s almost too hot to play today.”

Patti put down her racket and said, “I could use a drink too. Man, it is too hot for this time of year. I think you need a break, I’m kicking your ass!”

I walked to the side of the house, and turned open the handle on the water spigot. Then I unrolled a section of hose and held the spray nozzle close to my lips. I barely squeezed the trigger and let a small stream of cool water into my mouth. I let the water stream into my mouth for a minute as I cooled down.

Patti came over and said, “Don’t hog all the water. I need a drink.”

I moved the nozzle away from my mouth and held it out for her. The small stream of water emitted from the hose as Patti leaned over to get a drink. She was starting to get a drink when I laughed and open the nozzle full force. A torrent of water covered the side of her face and blouse.

“You tuzla escort asshole” laughed Patti as she slapped my shoulders and grabbed the hose from my hand. She turned the hose on me and drenched me within seconds. I pulled on the hose which slipped out of her wet hands and gave her a dousing. Patti jumped on me and pulled me to the ground. We were rolling on the ground with the hose between us, still shooting a full blast of water. I maneuvered the hose into the edge of her blouse which filled her blouse with water that shot through the opening at the neck. I began laughing so hard seeing the water shoot out of Patti’s blouse that she had no problem getting the hose from my grip. Patti removed the nozzle from her blouse and shoved it into my tennis shorts. The water was so cold but I was still laughing as the water shot out of the leg opening in my shorts. Patti was cracking up with laughter as well and the hose slipped from her hands.

Patti let go of me and we lay on our backs in the lawn, laughing as the hose

pivoted and dipped over the lawn. I regained my composure and got up to turn off the hose. I closed the spigot handle and the hose fell to the ground. I went over to Patti and extended my hand to help her off the ground. I looked down at my sister and saw that the water had made her blouse and bra almost transparent. The cold water had made her nipples hard. I had not realized until then how nice my sister’s tits looked. I helped Patti up and muttered “Nice nips”.

Patti turned red faced and looked down her chest. Then Patti looked at me and laughed, “Nice bulge”. I looked down and could see that my shorts had become see-through and my cock was hard. We laughed again at each other as our bodies relaxed back to normal.

“Well, I think practice is over” I said, “We had better get changed. These wet clothes are starting to get uncomfortable.” Patti nodded as we headed for the sliding door of the walkout basement. Once inside, we both shivered as goose bumps formed on our arms and legs. The air conditioning was on and it felt freezing in the basement.

Patti looked at the trail of water on the floor behind us. Our soaked clothes were leaving puddles of waters around our feet. “We better not go upstairs or Mom will kill us if we get her carpet wet” said Patti. “We had better change down here.”

“Well what are we supposed to change into?” I said as my teeth started to chatter.

“Hmm, I think mom stored the beach towels in that cabinet by the dryer” said Patti as she walked into the backroom of the basement. I heard several cabinets doors open then close until Patti yelled out, “I found some”! Patti strolled in with 2 large beach towels and threw one at me.

I caught the towel before it hit my head. “Thanks” I smiled and then I looked at my sister and said, “Well”?

“Well what?” Patti then slyly smiled. “You first”!

I pulled the waist of my t shirt over my head as it made a wet sliding sound over my body. The shirt had almost adhered to my chest and it was hard to pull it off me. Patti was watching and smiling as I slid my shorts down to my ankles and kicked them aside. I wasn’t sure if I was going to take my briefs off and put the towel around me but the water soaked briefs were revealing everything and I thought “what the hell.” For my sister’s amusement, I bent over and slowly pushed my briefs to my ankles then rose with my hard cock sticking out before slinging the large beach towel over my shoulders and around my body.

I could see that she was enjoying this little game as much as I was. Patti crossed her arms in front of her, grabbed the edge of her tennis blouse, and

pulled her arms up. Instead of her blouse sliding over her head, the damp material locked up around shoulders. I started to laugh as her head was trapped in the folds of her wet blouse but I could see that she was struggling and went behind her to help. I gently untangled the blouse from her arms and lifted the wet blouse from around her head. I could hear her mumble “thanks” and she caught her breath. I unhooked her bra and heard it make a snapping sound as she peeled it off her breasts. The folds of the beach towel fell around my hips without holding the towel together. Patti turned to face me and watched my cock sticking out while she pulled her shorts and panties around her ankles in one motion. I put the other towel around her shoulders as we stared at each others’ naked body.

“You look like you have never seen a guy naked before” I chuckled.

“I’ve seen pictures. I know what guys look like” smirked my sister. “But you are the first that I’ve seen in person, for real. You know how mom and dad control everything in our lives. They never let us date or do anything. I bet it is your first time too!”

I nodded as I admired Patti’s nude body. “You are right” I sighed, “I’ve seen pictures and stuff but never have been with a naked girl until now.” It seemed like hours passed and we looked at each other, not knowing quite what to say or do. Then Patti started to rub the towel around her body and dry herself. I took one fold of my towel and began tuzla escort bayan to dry her long brown hair.

She smiled and I could tell that she appreciated the kindness. After rubbing ourselves dry with the beach towels, I asked Patti “Do you want to hang out

here for a while?”

Patti looked at me funny and asked, “Won’t mom and dad be home soon? I mean we would be in such big trouble if they found us down here naked and all.”

“Mom and dad won’t be home for a couple of more hours. We have time before we have to get dressed,” I smiled, “I’m dry and not cold anymore besides I’m enjoying being naked around you.”

Patti looked at me and smiled back, “I can see that your cock is happy camper. Oh OK, this may be the only time I’m with a naked guy until I’m married.” Patti took my hand and we walked over to an old couch stored in the corner of our basement. We placed the towels on top of the couch cushions and sat down next to each other. Again we just looked at each other not knowing what to do or say next.

Patti smiled at me and said, “This is kind of weird, you being my brother and all but I’ve never seen or touched a guy for real.”

I smiled back and said, “Me too. Mom and dad are so strict about dating and stuff. I don’t even want to get started about what they think about sex. Our friends have more experience and fun that we have. I don’t know about you but I have to lie about sex so my friends don’t think I’m stupid or something.”

Patti nodded in agreement, “I lie too. My friends think I’m experienced and date guys from other schools. You and I are kind of sad cases because of mom and dad.” Then Patti smiled and said “I’m happy now. Can……can I touch your cock? I really want to know what a guy feels like.”

“Sure” I smiled, “all yours”

Patti stretched her hands over my hard cock. She lightly touched up and down the length of my shaft, exploring the length and head. “Oh wow” she said, “Your cock feels so cool; I love that hard rubbery feel of it. We should have done this a long time ago”

“We should have” I smiled and enjoyed her smooth hands explore my body.

“Let me feel your tits, I mean if it’s OK with you.” My sister nodded as she let go of my cock and lay back on the couch. I slowly ran my hands across both breasts and watched as her nipples harden to the size of a dime. I couldn’t believe how firm and pleasant they felt. I could have felt her for hours but I leaned over and placed one nipple between my lips and sucked on my sister breast. Patti had her eyes closed but I could see from the look on her face that she enjoyed it. Not wanting to be too fast or upset her and stop anything we were doing, I slowly pulled away.

“Hmmm that felt so good!” sighed Patti., she looked at me rather dream like and asked, “Do you ever get yourself off? Like jack off and stuff.”

I smiled and said, “Every chance I get but you know it is hard to get any privacy with mom and dad around all the time. You?”

“Me too” Patti giggled, “There are times that I just want to scream when I get off but you have to be so quiet and careful here.”

“Well it is just me and you, Patti” I smiled, “I have never seen a girl jill off and I know you have never seen I guy jack off and come.” If you want to, we can jack and jill off together and watch each other. You want to?”

She just nodded as she watched my hand stroke my cock. She readjusted herself where she sat cross legged facing me and I did the same. I was stroking my cock and my sister was fingering her pussy. We did not say a word but at times we were looking at each other, at times we were staring in each other’s eyes, and at times we had our eyes closed. Then we both began to mumble some ohhs and ahhs as we began to touch our bodies faster. We were both sexily excited from just being naked around each other and it wouldn’t be long before we got ourselves off. I slowed my stroking to pause and watch my lovely sister finger herself. I could see that she was really getting into pleasing herself as her shoulders moved slowly from side to side and fingering moved faster between her pussy lips. Suddenly she arched her back, pushed hard on her clit, and yelled out “Oh god!” She shook slightly and then opened her eyes and looked me with this hot and nasty look that I will never forget. She looked at my cock as I began stroking it with both hands as fast as I could. For awhile, I wasn’t sure if I was stroking my cock with my hands or fucking my hands with my cock. I could feel the pressure and pleasure in the head of my cock as I could not hold back any longer. I shot out a stream of white hot cum that seemed so long and then I shot again before my stomach muscles started to spasm and the cum dribbled over my moving hands. Patti looked dumbfounded as she watched the cum shoot out in her direction and land on her legs then smiled. I opened my eyes to see Patti wiping my cum with the beach towels.

“I’m glad we put these towels down.” She smiled, “I wouldn’t know where to begin explaining your jizz on this old couch. That was so great. I really loved it! I don’t think that escort tuzla I ever get off so hard and felt so good.”

“That was so hot” I smiled, “We need to do this more often! I mean if you want to.”

“I do” said Patti “but we need to be careful. If mom and dad find out, we are in so much trouble. Look they will be home soon so let’s get dressed. Go upstairs and I will be up as soon as I put these towels in for a quick wash.”

I went up the stairs and rushed into my room. I thought how cool that was and how I enjoyed jacking off with my sister. It felt so good and so exciting.

I could barely hear the washer starting to run and Patti’s footsteps coming up the stairs and down the hallway. I had the biggest smile as I dressed in a fresh shirts and clean shorts. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a soda while waiting for Patti to get dressed. I couldn’t believe that I really felt a girl’s body and it felt extra nasty since it was my sister.

Patti came into the kitchen wearing blue jeans and a white T shirt with a smiley face on it. I don’t know which had the bigger smile, my sister or the shirt. Patti grabbed a soda from the refrigerator and said, “If mom asks, we had to use the towels to clean up some spilled soda after practice.” I nodded and Patti sighed as she faced me and put her hands around the back of my neck. “That felt so good. I’d do it again, right now if mom and dad weren’t coming home in a few minutes.” We hugged and broke into a kiss. It wasn’t the usual brother sister kiss but a passionate kiss. To be perfectly honest, neither of us had much experience kissing but soon our tongues were playing in each other’s mouth. We stayed in the kitchen kissing until we heard our parent’s car pull into the garage.

Life went back to normal, at least when mom and dad were around. My mind was preoccupied about that afternoon with my sister and I was sure that was on her mind as well. One night I jacked off in my room thinking about Patti and it felt good but wasn’t the same as being with my sister. We exchanged those special smiles were mom and dad weren’t looking and it was almost a week before we had any time alone. Finally, mom and dad went grocery shopping together and we knew that we would have at least an hour alone. Once their car backed out of the driveway, Patti and I hurried to the basement, stripping our clothes as we descended the stairs, and were nude by the time we reached the old couch. It was another intense session of watching and rubbing. We were so horny that we both came rather quickly and were able to masturbate to another orgasm before mom & dad came home.

It seemed that as each week went by, the more intense our feelings became for each other. The following Saturday I had a tennis match in the morning and later that afternoon, our family attended a church picnic at a local park. We had fun playing baseball with the other church members but that was about the only fun. The next morning mom and dad church prepared for church and I pretended to be sick. I complained that my stomach hurt and it was probably some potato salad I ate from the picnic that had sat out too long. Patti heard me and complained that her stomach was hurting her as well. Mom gave us some chalky liquid to settle our stomachs and told us to rest. We went back to our bedrooms and about an hour later, mom checked in to see how we were feeling. I said I was a little better but still did not feel

well and Patti’s story was the same. Mom told us that we should rest while

she and dad went to church and to call them on the cell phone if we started to feel worse. I heard mom and dad yell good by from the living room and as soon as I heard the living room door close, I popped out of bed.

I walked into the hallway to see Patti waiting for me with a big smile on her face. We pulled one off on mom and dad and we had the house to ourselves for a few hours. Instead of retreating to the basement, my sister clasped my hand and led me into her bedroom. We sat on the edge on her bed kissing and slowly removed each others clothing (the few we had on) until we were nude. Our tongues were sliding in and out of each others mouth as my hands massaged and caressed Patti’s breasts, tweaking her hard nipples. Patti broke off the kiss.

“Steve” sighed my sister, “I have to get some old towels for us. I can’t have cum all over my bed. Mom would be sure to find out.” I released Patti and watched my lithe sister leave her room and come back a few seconds later with a handful of towels. She threw the towels on the bed and smiled. I stood up from the bed and pressed my body against her back. I began to kiss the back of her neck as my hands reached around and played with her nipples.

My cock was pressed up along the crack of her butt and against the small of her back. It felt so good to just have my cock touching my sister especially close to her butt. Patti let out a pleasant sigh as I continued kissing her neck and the back of her ears. My hand left one breast and slide down the side of her waist. I rested it along her naked hip for a few moments then glided my fingers across her stomach, then between her legs. Patti offered no resistance as my fingers slid between her wet pussy lips. While it was fun to watch Patti touch herself, it was nothing compared to exploring her pussy myself.

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