Talia Ch. 02

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Talia’s father, Eric, and Sadie, Talia’s friend, lay in bed together discussing Talia. The pair’s primary focus of discussion was how to seduce the young girl.

“What if one of us tried to seduce her first, and then, in the midst of passion, we brought the other one in?” Sadie asked, as she imagined herself being the one to seduce Talia into depravity.

“I don’t know…what if we left the door to the bedroom open, so that she could walk by and see us having sex?” Eric countered, a little nervous to take such a direct route.

Sadie paused. “It might work…” She thought for a moment. “But, what if she doesn’t come in?”

Eric sighed. “We’ll never figure it out,” he thought aloud.


Lacey lay in a different bed, in a different house, and pondered equally interesting notions. Her orgasm had just subsided, and a general flush covered her curvaceous young body. Lacey’s hand rested on top of her mound, covered in wetness. Her breasts, impressively large on a somewhat petite body, were still swollen with desire and her nipples continued to achingly search out someone to suckle them. Sadie, the object of her desires, was still on her mind. She knew the girl was not only bisexual, but also open to try almost any new experience. Lacey couldn’t imagine a scenario in which Sadie was not willing to induct her into lesbianism. Yet, still, Lacey was nervous.

Lacey was a 19 year old virgin, and although she had participated in other sexual acts, and she knew not how to initiate something so intimate. She had always left it up to her male counterparts to express their desires. And added to that, Lacey had spent years pretending to be disgusted by lesbian sex in order to mask her own true feelings.

Despite her nervousness, Lacey was still turned on. One orgasm would rarely be satisfactory. She squirmed under her own touch as she began to picture how Sadie would greet her sexual advances. She could picture Sadie’s smile, her warm touch, her tongue, light nibbles, the caresses…suddenly, Lacey stopped. She didn’t want to just imagine Sadie’s touch any longer, she wanted the real Sadie. Today, she was going to find Sadie and seduce her.


Talia, like Lacey, had also just finished an incredible orgasm. However, unlike Lacey, Sadie, and Eric, Talia was not worried about anything. Instead, she anxiously looked forward to the next week at home. “It’s gonna be great to just relax for a while,” Talia thought, “even if we’re not at some crazy spring break party, I’m sure Lacey and Sadie and I will have fun this week.”

Talia yawned, stretched, and got out of bed. She wrapped a robe around herself to fight off the brisk morning air and walked out of her bedroom. She was wondering what her father had in the fridge for breakfast, and was feeling quite lazy and unconcerned about everything, aside from her most basic needs. Having already satisfied her sex drive, food and a shower seemed like the next most important things.

Walking by her father’s room, Talia wondered if he was awake yet. She hadn’t really spent anytime with her father since arriving home, and thought it might be fun to surprise him this morning with breakfast. A slight murmur was coming from her father’s room, and she assumed he must’ve fallen asleep last night with the television on. “Perfect,” she thought, “He’ll still be asleep and I’ll bring him breakfast in bed.” She began to hum softly to herself, and then paused. She had walked a few feet past her father’s room, when she began to suspect that the voices weren’t coming from the TV. Talia thought she had heard her dad’s soft, deep tones. She crept back to the door, and waited patiently.

“…doesn’t come in?”

“We’ll never figure it out.” There was a pause.

“Oh come on, Eric…I’m sure we can find some way…”

Talia had difficulty bursa escort recognizing the voices. One was female, the other certainly sounded like her father, and the woman had called the man Eric. “Maybe I should stop listening, maybe he has a girlfriend he forgot to tell me about…it isn’t nice of me to invade his privacy,” Talia thought. Her thoughts, however, were quickly interrupted.

“But, Sadie, you think she’s actually going to want to have sex with us? I mean, its far fetched enough without…you know…”

She gasped, and quickly covered her hand with her mouth. She had heard Sadie! That was the woman’s voice! Sadie and her father…her mind whirled. “What were they doing together? Why hadn’t Sadie told her?” Talia’s thoughts jumbled together.

“Eric, even if you are her father, I don’t think Talia could turn you down. You’re way hot for being a dad. I mean, who could say no to those blue eyes…not to mention that hard throbbing cock?” Talia could almost hear Sadie’s smile. And when the slurping sounds began…

She was stunned. Did she hear what she thought she heard? Her father and her friend, planning…plotting…she couldn’t even finish her own thought. She stumbled away from the door. Somehow, she found her way back to her bedroom and collapsed onto her bed.

It was disgusting, it was wrong…how could two people she loved so much be so…her mind was racing, her heart was beating fast. In the midst of the revolution that Talia felt, she also felt something else. Warmth leaked between her legs. It confused her even more. Did she like the idea of her friend and her father making love? Did she like the idea that they wanted to make love to her? Did she want them both as much as they wanted her? She was repelled by her own thoughts, and turned on by them as well.

She staggered into her bathroom, and turned on the shower. She drove herself into the water before it had a chance to heat up. She could only think about washing the dirty thoughts from her mind, from her body. Something must be wrong with her, to like the idea the way she did.

But, as she stood under the water, she could feel her disgust lessening and her desire growing. “If Sadie and dad like it, maybe it isn’t so wrong?” Talia mused. “Maybe…maybe if…well, it’s not wrong to want Sadie. At least, I don’t think so. But, dad? My father? Maybe it’s only wrong to have sex with him, maybe Sadie and I could make love and he could watch…or I could just taste his thick hard shaft…” She closed her eyes. Her body had won out. Although her mind tried to invent reasons why it would be okay for her to make love to her father, she knew that there was no justification. It simply was desire.

His strong, muscular body, his deep blue eyes…she had always wanted to find a man just like him. A forgotten memory was conjured up. As a young girl, she had seen him in the shower accidentally…his penis had scared her with its unfamiliarity and its size. And then, curious, she had watched as he had made love to a girlfriend. Her first time witnessing such an intimate act…hadn’t she always wanted to be that girl? Maybe what she had been looking for all along was her daddy…


“Eric, even if you are her father…” Sadie smiled at him. “I don’t think Talia could turn you down.” Sadie crept closer to Eric, the smiled still plastered on her face. “You’re way hot for being a dad.” Her fingers slowly wrapped around his penis, as she looked into his eyes. “I mean, who could say no to those blue eyes…” Her eyes darted downwards, to where her hand had slowly begun to rub, “not to mention that hard throbbing cock?” Sadie engulfed his cock in her mouth. She never was very good at teasing Eric, because it felt like she had to tease herself as well. She didn’t just want to suck on the tip of his penis, she wanted; she needed bursa escort bayan the whole thing down her throat. She knew Eric wouldn’t complain.

Eric grabbed hold of Sadie’s beautiful mane of black hair, causing Sadie to moan softly. Sadie, like Talia, loved a man who knew how to take control at the right time. She loved when she could feel his power, feel his masculinity. Too often, men would sense Sadie’s sexual prowess and allow her to be dominant. She loved when a man realized that she too needed to be dominated. And she knew Eric, especially, was at his best when he was in control of her sexually. She felt his cock slowly slip from her lips despite her attempt to hold him in her mouth, but then, much to her joy, she felt him rapidly plunge his shaft back inside eagerly awaiting orifice. She gagged slightly, but quickly recovered herself.

She began to daydream. She pictured Talia there, watching as she gave Eric a blowjob. Talia would be fingering herself, unable to control her desire for the pair. Talia would be jealous of how well Sadie could suck Talia’s father. Talia would be jealous when Eric released his cum deep into Sadie’s mouth. Talia would be jealous as she would watch Eric take Sadie. And then, Talia wouldn’t be able to take it anymore. She would join in the festivities with eagerness. Sadie sighed and moaned. She couldn’t wait for them to get Talia to join.


Lacey had gotten dressed, showered, and was sitting on the edge of her bed. After making her decision that she wanted to make love to Sadie, she had gotten stuck. “Now what?” Lacey muttered to herself “Are you just going to go over there and say ‘Hey Sadie, wanna have sex?’ No, of course not…” Lacey pouted. “Other people seem to know how to do this…Sadie certainly does. Why can’t I figure out how to seduce someone?”

“Maybe I made the wrong decision,” Lacey thought, “Maybe I’ll just try to pretend like I don’t want Sadie…I’ll just go over to Talia’s house and chill with her for the day.” With the decision to do nothing made, Lacey headed over to Talia’s house. Lacey didn’t bother to call ahead since Talia had told her earlier that anytime during the vacation she could just stop by. Lacey, however, hadn’t bothered changing from her slightly provocative clothing that she had put on when she had thought her plans for the day involved Sadie. Lacey, however, convinced of Talia’s relatively pure nature, didn’t think twice about her miniskirt and low-cut spaghetti strap tank top. Lacey simply threw on a coat in order to face the springtime weather, and headed over to Talia’s.

Talia’s front door was closed, but not locked. When Lacey knocked, however, no one answered. Slightly curious, but mostly assuming the household was still asleep, Lacey let herself in.

“Talia? Talia…you around?” Lacey called out. The house was relatively quiet, and Lacey paused a moment. She headed upstairs; familiar with her friend’s house, and quite unabashed about her search. As she reached the top of the stairs, she heard faint noises coming from Talia’s dad’s room. Normally, Lacey would have dismissed any noise coming from Eric’s room, and would have headed over to Talia’s room. However, when Lacey heard what sounded like whimpering, and then a moan coming from Eric’s bedroom, her interest was piqued.

Lacey had, like many women, found Talia’s father attractive. His slightly messy brown hair and his twinkling, boyish blue eyes, accompanied by his smile, created a warm, friendly look. His business suits, a daily requirement, gave him an aura of power. And, his bulge, always slightly noticeable underneath his clothing, wouldn’t let you forget that he was a sexual being. She knew that she would not mind catching a glimpse of him in the middle of some sexual act. She also knew it was wrong to invade his privacy, however she was escort bursa still unsatisfied by her sole orgasm this morning, and considering she believed that she would not have a chance to make love to Sadie, she wouldn’t mind some brief images to aid a later masturbation session.

Lacey carefully opened the door a crack. The couple on Eric’s bed didn’t seem to notice, and so Lacey peered in. A girl was busily sucking away at Eric’s penis. She could easily see Eric’s face contorted in pleasure. His hands were placed on the girl’s head and Lacey could see how he guided the girl on his cock. The girl was squirming and moaning in delight as Eric fucked her mouth. Suddenly, Eric withdrew his penis, and the girl stood up, and then quickly laid down on the bed. Lacey caught a glimpse of her face and gasped. It was Sadie! She should’ve recognized the dark hair, but was too caught up in the sexual energy to notice. Although she was shocked and dismayed, she could not look away.


Eric loved the first moment when he entered Sadie. Every time he made that first push inside of her, it felt like heaven. Her soft, velvety folds could almost send him over the edge the first time he pressed into her. Her wetness surrounded his cock. He groaned. He couldn’t imagine anything feeling better than Sadie…except maybe Talia. Eric waited for a moment, looking into Sadie’s eyes. He could see how much she wanted it, how much she loved it. And so, quickly, he began moving. Eric was good at reading how his lover enjoyed making love. He knew Sadie was a girl who wanted it hard, rough, fast…She was always tight, always wet, always willing. Eric knew it was incredible for him to be able to take a girl like her. Eric loved taking the girl that was over 20 years his junior and he knew that she loved being taken by him.

“Daddy…” Sadie moaned, “Daddy, take me harder. Make your little girl beg for it, daddy.” Eric smiled and increased the pressure of his drives. Eric knew that Sadie loved pretending to be his daughter, and Eric sure as hell didn’t mind pretending Sadie was his baby.

“Baby girl, your daddy wants you to lift your legs up, so I can get even deeper inside of you, okay?” Eric loved playing the role; especially because he knew Sadie would grant any request to her “daddy.” As Eric pulled out, Sadie continued to lie on her back, but lifted her legs up, and Eric grabbed on to them, pushing them downwards, towards her chest. Eric then reentered her. This time, he felt his cock push its way deeper into that delicious pussy of hers.

“Daddy, when is my sister going to join us?” Sadie questioned. Eric smiled and answered her by pounding into her harder. Sadie always referred to Talia as her sister during this game. Eric figured that it turned Sadie on to pretend to be part of an incestuous family, and he didn’t mind the notion either. Having Sadie and Talia as his daughters to fuck whenever he wanted would be quite pleasing. Sadie’s moans began to increase, and Eric could tell her orgasm was fast approaching.

“Daddy, oh daddy…oh daddy, harder, faster…daddy, make me cum, oh please daddy…Eric…god…Eric, fuck me!” Sadie let loose a triage of dirty words. She screamed and moaned and squirmed and wiggled like no other girl Eric had ever been with. Her hips bucked, her muscles tensed, and she continued to wail.

“More, daddy…oh Eric, more! Fuck me harder, Eric! I need more, goddamnit. Send me over the edge, come on, come on, daddy…please!” Eric could tell Sadie was getting close, and he doubled his efforts. Sometimes he was afraid he would hurt the poor girl with the intensity of his thrusts, but she always seemed to love it and still want more.

Suddenly, Sadie exploded. Her whole body convulsed, and the contractions around Eric’s cock sent him over the edge as well. They moaned, screamed, and panted, neither caring if anyone heard them. It was amazing, it was incredible, and they both thought, at the same time, that if it was that good then, then imagine what it would be like when they had Talia in their bed.

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