The Amulet Ch. 01 Pt. 02

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Part 2 picks up where Part 1 left off. Immediately after their first incestious fuck in the kitchen.

A real thought popped into Cade’s head at that moment. ‘People smoke after sex.’ Then his mother pulled a pack of cigarettes out from a counter drawer behind her. There was a lighter as well and she lit one. Miss Allen had never smoked a day in her life, but now she inhaled like a pro. She blew smoke out from her nostrils and made Os. Cade’s mother looked very sexy smoking the way she was while staring at him intently.

Cade wondered what it would be like if he fucked her ass. Miss Allen put out her cigarette, much to the displeasure of her son, so she lit another one. Then she turned around and bent over.

“Fuck my ass, Cade. I know you want to.” she continued to smoke while offering her son her rectum.

Cade stood up, walked over and put the head of his still hard cock at the entrance to his mother’s butthole. He slowly pushed it in.

“Just hurry and fucking jam it in there!” his mom yelled at him. She didn’t want any lubricant. Somehow she knew they wouldn’t need it.

He didn’t need to be told twice. Cade shoved and shoved like there was no tomorow but his mom’s asshole wasn’t as compliant as her pussy. With each shove he moved a half inch deeper. More than 6 inches of his dick was inside her ass but they both wanted all 10 in. Miss Allen put both of her hands on the counter, including the one holding her cigarette, and braced herself so that her son could do what he needed to get it all in.

“C’mon… More…. I want more! I want it all inside me! I want all of my son’s cock in my ass!” Miss Allen squeeled.

Cade grabbed the top of her thighs and pulled them hard against him while shoving in again. He gained an inch. Miss Allen’s feet were off the ground now as her son struggled to imbed his entire cock inside her spincter. Cade never pulled out a little to gain more, he only shoved, then paused and shoved again. A mix of pain and pleasure washed over his mother. But she experianced another orgasm. Her cum and her son’s cum from her vagina dripped straight to the kitchen floor.

Victoria Allen wondered how she had gotten into this postion, with her son’s cock pushing deeper into her asshole. She had never even thought of her son sexually before. She had even sworn sex off since her husband left her. But now she couldn’t keep her body from feeling her son. She was drawn to him now. The amulet had used her body against her. Now it had altered her personality. Cade’s mother truly was a filthy slut.

Miss Allen’s ass had 8 inches of meat inside it now. Cade stopped jamming, grabbed hold of his mother’s hips and pushed with all his might. His cock moved slowly in until his waist pushed at her cheeks. He was completely in her rump. Cade’s mother inhaled her cigarette smoke and blew it out as if having her son’s cock in her ass was a regularity.

The amulet had made it all posible. Her ass was three times tighter than her pussy, and Cade was gonna cum again soon.

“Fuck my ass, Son! Fuck it hard, now!”

It took only a few thrusts to get going at full speed. Her asshole adjusted to allow Cade to pump in and out. But with the tightness of her rectum, he couldn’t last.

Cade shot a load of his incestious cream into his mother’s bowels. With the cigarette dangling from her lips, Miss Allen moaned in a deep sexy voice, “Yaa.. Fuck and cum in my ass… cum in your mama’s shithole.” His mother came again and the cigarette fell from her mouth into the sink full of water as she groaned in the mix of pain and pleasure. He came so deep in her ass that it would take weeks for her to get it out, but she didn’t want it all gone. Miss Allen wanted to have her son’s cum in her body all the time now.

She felt as though her pussy needed to have him again.

“Cade put it back in my cunt! Now!”

He pulled his cock out from her ass, but his mom’s butt clamped down and made him pull out slowly with force. A load ‘Plop’ sound filled the kitchen. Even after all the sperm that he had poured into his mother, Cade was still hard, thanks to the amulet.

Once he was out of her ass, he wasted no time in jamming his cock back into her pussy. But she pushed him away and turned to face him. Miss Allen sat on the counter, and with her soaking top still on and her skirt still bunched at her waist, she pulled her son’s cock back to her entrance.

“I want to see my son’s big, beautiful cock fucking my pussy.” she said while guiding it inside her. It took no time to jam all 10 inches in her vagina, and they fucked slowly this time, gyrating against eachother.

Miss Allen pulled the wet flexible neckline of her top down over her breasts. She placed it under the weight of her DD melons. Her tits were now bare for the first time to her son. They looked so perfect, he was entranced. His mother sensually pulled him to one of her pink nipples.

Cade took her tit into his mouth. He licked and sucked all over canlı bahis it. Then he moved to the other and did the same. The teenager squeezed while he sucked on one hoping that he would get milk in return. And the amulet made it so.

Milk seeped into his mouth. Miss Allen was shocked at this, but moaned in the feeling of having her son drink her milk from her tits while fucking her at the same time. She screamed out in pleasure as her son gave her another orgasm. Her milk tasted sweet to Cade, and he moved back to the other one to draw more of the white necter from his mother’s grapefruit.

After he had his fill he pulled away. But his mother pulled him into a liplock and tasted her own milk from her son’s mouth. They looked into eachother’s eyes, both full of lust. The mother and son didn’t want to make love, they wanted to fuck. Together they pumped against eachother with a new intensity.

Cade looked into his mother’s eyes. She clenched her teeth and concentrated on fucking her body against her son’s cock. They both had a look of intense pleasure on their faces while staring into the other. Miss Allen’s breasts bounced and giggled to their fucking rythym.

Then Miss Allen spoke through clenched teeth, “Fuck me, my son. Fuck your mommy! Fuck me until I can’t stand! Ugh.. ugh.. ugh..”

They were both near the edge. Miss Allen came on her son’s cock for the second time while he poured another full load of semen into her snatch.

Miss Allen pulled Cade into another tongue twisting kiss. Cade was about to pull out then but she made him stay. His mother pulled out a glass from the cuboard and postioned it under their conjoined sex organs. Cade pulled his now limp cock out of his mother. Cum gushed out of her pussy and dripped to the floor. She ran her index finger up her thigh, gathering a lot of her son’s cum, that was streaming down her legs, on her fingertip. Then she licked it clean.

“Mmmmm… Verrrrryyy Taaaasssstyy.” Victoria Allen’s eyes caught a glimpse of her son’s now rehardening cock.

“Might as well get it from the source.” she said as she lowered herself to a squatting position. She imagined that she was squatting on her son’s fuck-stick. But her attention was quickly brought back to the present situation. His dick had hit her in the face when she got down. Her mouth opened, but she didn’t say a word. Cade saw the glistening of her lips and the moist tongue come out and touch the head of his penis. His cock was covered with their combined cream. Miss Allen couldn’t understand why, but it made the dick look even better to her. She immediately started to lick the head with reckless abandon.

“Oooh Mom!…Mom…oh Mom…” Cade uttered softly. He had never met this woman in his life, and yet it still felt so right to call her that.

The sound of her son moaning ‘Mom’ was hypnotizing. She then placed her lips over his head and began to slide down until her nose touched his firm stomach. All ten inches of her son’s gigantic shaft was in her mouth and throat. Without thinking about it she started to bob her up and down ferociously on his cock. Every time she came up she sucked on it like a vacuum. And each time she went down she dragged her tongue on the underside. Her tongue licked up as she sucked on him hard, tasting their juices and replacing it with her soliva.

“Oooohh Mom…Oohh shit Mom…Oohhh fuck Mom…” Cade was yelling to his mom. Every time his cock touched the back of her throat he shivered. The amulet coaxed him into putting his hands on the back of her head. His mother sucked him like crazy, but it wasn’t good enough.

Her son now took more control and pumped his dick at his mom while jamming her against him, fucking her mouth. But she liked it. Her right hand played with his testes while her other hand grabbed his pant-covered ass cheek and helped him fuck her mouth.

Cade was cumming in minutes. He came in buckets. Shooting it straight to her throat. It caught her by surprise and a lot of cum seeped out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin. It dripped down and landed on her bare tits.

Cade kept shooting, but his mother couldn’t keep up. She gagged, took his cock out and coughed up a mouthful of sperm that splashed down into her cleavage. But she immediately put it back into her mouth. Miss Allen knew that she could swallow the rest. Her son shot more cum into her mouth as if he was cumming for the first time in his life, but she wasn’t relenting now either. Victoria moaned deeply while she swallowed every remaining drop.

Cade’s mother licked her lips and stood up. Miss Allen looked down at her tits that were now gleaming with semen. She shrugged and pulled back up her dryer, but still wet, top over her breasts. Cum could still be seen in her cleavage. His mom let her skirt finally drop back down to her ankles. Officially ending their incestious fuck-session. She ruffled her son’s hair in her hand with a smile.

“Whooooh…. well I’m pooped. I think I’ll go catch a nap.” then she bahis siteleri winked at her son, Cade, and walked to her upstairs to her room very gingerly, she was having some trouble. Her ass was a little sore, more cum was leaking out of her pussy, and she now had a full load of sperm swishing around in her stomach with every step. But she loved every one of those feelings. All made possible by the amulet.

Cade walked into the family room quite dazed. He had a half smile on his face. ‘At least the family room is still familiar.’ he thought. Funny that he was now more familiar with his new mother’s body than anything else in his former life. He was tired, so he laid down on the couch, shut his eyes and went to sleep.

He dreamt of his mother. She came down to him in the family room and sat him up on the couch. Miss Allen wore a pink belly dancer outfit, that was see-through. And she belly-danced for her son, adding a few sexual things like playing with herself and licking her own tits in the process. Cade’s mother grabbed her son’s head and pressed his ear to her belly while dancing. It sounded like water splashing around, but it was his cum making waves inside her tummy.

Miss Allen removed her pink pants and whipped her son’s cock out. She wasted no time in straddling his fuck-stick. Cade fucked into his mother in his dream harder than he did in real life. Climax was nearing, but he was awakened.

Cade woke up to see his mother sucking his hard cock. She stared deeply into his eyes waiting for his eruption. He was so close from his dream that he came on the spot. The teenager didn’t fill her with a half-gallon this time, but it was a mouthfull. Miss Allen opened her lips to show her son all the cum that he had given her. Then she closed them and swallowed with a big gulp. Cade’s mother opened her mouth again to show him that it was all gone.

“C’mon, dinner’s ready.” she patted his leg and walked into the kitchen.

They ate dinner like it was any other night. She still had her dirty clothes on. When they finished, Victoria Allen cleared the table. She placed the dishes in the sink and then looked over her shoulder at her son. Miss Allen winked at him and smiled while shaking her ass tantilizingly at Cade.

He thought of fucking her there again, but he wanted to live out a long time fantasy, “As much as I love your new look, I think you need a shower.”

“Good idea, Son. Why don’t you join me?” she stripped her cum-covered clothes off while walking up the stairs.

Cade came up to her in the shower. She was naked and soaping herself up. He stripped off his clothes, along with the amulet in his pocket, and stepped into the shower. Miss Allen noticed her son as he stepped in and turned away from him.

“I love it when you take me from behind. Fuck me now, please.” she pushed her soapy chest against the glass shower screen, and offered her son her body. Cade pressed the tip of his dick at her entrance. He couldn’t believe it. He had just met this woman today. Now she was his mother and his fuck-toy.

Instinctively he thrust forward, trying bury himself up to her hilt. She welcomed Cade with a groan as he drove into her, his throbbing cock finding a happy home in her clasping pussy. Miss Allen’s pussy enveloped him, her inner muscles massaging and pulling at his cock as her son thrusted and pulled back, thrusted and pulled back. She turned her head back over her shoulder as he leaned over her. But she groaned through er clenched teeth.
“Ohh yaa… You’re a motherfucker aren’t you? A… real..ughhh.. damn..good.. Motherfuc-” Cade’s lips found her lips, and her tongue found his tongue. They banged against the screen, threatening to break it. Both of them moaned and grunted as their bodies slammed together, flesh meeting flesh with a load slapping sound, increased by the warm shower water.

“Oh God, yes, fuck me Cade,” she gasped. “I want to feel all of you inside me.”

Cade thrusted harder, feeling her shift and accommodate him as he went deeper. Then he reached a wall, the head of his cock cresting against the roof of her womb. That was a trigger that set her off once more, and she gave a triumphant cry, her pussy clamping down on her son’s penis like a vise. Her body went rigid and shivered back against him. In response, Cade felt his cock lurch, throb and a sudden stab of intense pleasure at the base near his balls. He erupted deep within his mother. Jet after jet of cum blasting from his cock into her womb. Victoria shivered and came again, her hands and breasts held her up against the wet shower screen.

Thoughts went racing through his head.

“What am I doing? I don’t even know you!” Cade said as he withdrew his wilting cock from his mother’s clenching, wet pussy. The amulet was on the bathroom floor and it couldn’t influence his current thoughts. Cade technically was its master, and had control over it, though he didn’t know how to use its power yet. And that’s why the amulet was helping him along. bahis şirketleri

Victoria was confused, “You’re fucking me! Your mother!” What, you suddenly got a problem with that? You instigated this, remember?” she pointed her finger at him, turned off the shower and crossed her arms. It was hard for her to believe that she was going to have to argue with her son over their new incestious relationship, naked.

Cade got out of the shower. He was having a serious attack of guilt. What had he done?! He wondered what happened to his old world, to his old family?! That was where he belonged. Now he was fucking some lady he had never really met. Who was actually his blood mother now. He sat down on the toilet to tryed and figure it all out. He looked up to see his mother staring agrilly at him, waiting for his answer. Cade groaned and spoke.

“I didn’t know what I was doing…. That wasn’t me and it wasn’t you!”

“Well I don’t care who it was. I didn’t ask for you to put your cock in me, but you did, and now I’ve got to have it. You came in my pussy and for all we know, I could be pregnant! So you’re not going to deny me after what you’ve done!!”

The thought that he may have made this woman pregnant was horrifying, and exciting at the same time. His cock started to grow a little. Miss Allen thought about that last comment she made. While she may have been acusing her son of knocking her up, she had told him to cum inside her. And now the thought of having her son’s baby was making her very wet.

Cade waited for his cock to die down before his reply, “You mean you’re actually going to force me to fuck you?”


“And how would you do that?” Cade stood up to show her his physical presence. His cock was beginning to grow again at the thought of this milf raping him, though he wouldn’t allow it.

“Oh my son, you’re not very bright are you? I’m not going to physically force you… Its simple, if you don’t fuck me.. then I’ll tell everyone you raped me…” the amulet still had influence on her and it was going to have its way, “..including the police!”

It hit Cade like a brick. Fear swept into his eyes and over his face. Miss Allen saw her oppurtunity and continued, “And I’ve got all the proof I need right here.” she swipped two of her fingers around her cunt lips and showed her son his cum that was leaking from her sex. “So just sit down and do as I say. After all, Mother knows best.”

Victoria helped push him down onto the toilet seat. But she stood there thinking. “Hmmmm… you just fucked my cunt…. I think its time you fucked my ass again.”

Cade’s mother turned around, she placed her legs on the outside of her son’s ankles. Victoria lowered her round ass down to Cade’s lap. Her asshole was hovering above his prick, but not for long.

Riinnnggggg!!! The telephone began to ring. The amulet wasn’t able to control all the outer aspects of this new world it created for Cade.

“Dammit! Stay right here!” Miss Allen ran out of the bathroom, through the hallway and to her bedroom to answer the phone. She hated missing phone calls.

Cade panicked. ‘Screw what she says!’ he thought. He quickly threw on his boxers and ran to his room. Cade jumped under the covers of his bed. It didn’t take long for his mama to open his door and enter the room.

“I told you to stay. You disobeyed your mother, you Bad Boy.” she got to his bed and turned on his light. Then she could see her son’s face. He was scared of her. Victoria saw the little boy she raized, not her lover. His mother relaxed at the sight of him. “Ok then…. I’ll give you a break tonight. But in the morning… you’re cock is mine again! Goodnight… Son.” she leaned down and kissed his cheek, then walked out of the room. But she had brought his clothes from the bathroom, including the amulet in his pant pocket. His mother left them there on his floor.

Cade couldn’t sleep all night. He thought about his old life. What had happened to the people he loved? Did he make them just disappear? He sat up in his bed. Then he got up and put his shirt on. He decided that he wouldn’t change, and one of the things that he use to do is watch TV late at night when he couldn’t sleep.

He put on his pants and the first thing that popped into his head was fucking his mother. The amulet was in his possession again and was giving him thoughts. ‘What the hell was I thinking?! I have this fuck-toy of my own and I turned her down?” He thought of rectifying it by walking into her room and fucking her on her bed. But then things had changed. Guilt resided in him now and there was a conflict. Cade walked out into the hallway. He paused at Victoria’s door. Then he walked down the stairs. He sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. Cade always watched MTV2 late at night. Some lame video was on, but he sat there and watched it.

Victoria was awakened by her son in the hall. She emerged from her room and went downstairs to see him. He usually did this late night thing. Only she was hoping that his habit would change from watching TV to having sex with his own mother, on regular basis. She sat down on the couch adjacent to him. After some glances, they turned their heads to the screen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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