Lt. La Fay’s Haunting Dream

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I made my way up the stairs, Jersey, my chocolate lab in tow, sleep called out to me, every muscle in my body aching, deprived – begging for release, to relax for just a while. Not bothering with the lights, I stepped into my bedroom, unfastening my holster, gently placing it on a near by chair, my handcuffs and case next to my weapon, keys disappeared onto the floor, tearing away at my uniform, tossing it aside, scarred leather boots flying across the room, with one hand I unhooked my sheer black bra, the clasp busting free, flinging it aside, Jersey lay on one side of the bed, her dark eyes shifting around the room, watching the days clothes fall to the floor, barking when one stray boot hit the wall across the room.

The lights from the City below dimly danced around the room, I noticed Rosa, my cleaning lady had lit a fire in the hearth in the corner of the bedroom, ambers still kindling there, the heat adding to my drowsiness. Outside the night erupted with a booming thunder, lightening dancing across the sky, rain fell from above instantly, trickling down the window, a soft comforting melody filled my senses. Reaching for the black robe that rest on a near by chaise I wrapped the thick terry cloth material around my body, loosely belting it around my waist as I walked to the window, pushing the doors open, leaning outside the mist washing over my face, inhaling the mysteries of the night — raking my hands through my hair, brushing it away from my face. With a heavy sigh, I shut the windows, made my way to the bed dropping the robe as I went.

Too fatigued to put on chemise, I slid between smooth cotton sheets that rested on the antique mahogany bed, sleep engulfing me like a virulent drug even before my head hit the mountain of pillows. I tossed and turned in my heavy sleep, the demons of the job haunting me, lingering about in the precious minutes, prelude-to-never-never land, reeking havoc on my slumber.

A visage called out to me, in the shadows of my scattered dreams. In the distance I heard him whispering my name. He came to me like a soother. A tonic. Brushing past all the doubts I harbored, all the worries I collected, the hidden pains buried deep inside, but not forgotten. The Past. The Present. The Future. A midst the canlı bahis fog, he reached out for me, pulling me out into a field laden with flowers, the blossoms intimate notes touching me, he smiled at me as he took my hand and lead me along the way to a cliff that over looked the breaking ocean.

My eyes danced about, taking in the country side. A familiar sense filled my soul. Knowing I had never been here before, at least not in this life time, but my soul has been here before, I had walked these hills, I had picked the flowers from this lush land, I had stood in this very same spot — looking at him as I did now.

A suggestive smile played on his poetic mouth now, I marveled for a moment on the shape of his mouth, carved to perfection. Supple and ripe. He leaned in now, resting his brow to mine. No words spoken between us, there rarely was at these times when he came to me.

He sat down on the grassy hill over looking the water — gently tugging me down with him, it was then that I noticed the strange frock that I wore, some sort of peasant dress in pale shades, darker hues overlapping, soft worn cotton. I lay back on the grass staring up at the billowy clouds above, as they drifted past, inhaling the salty air.

He lay next to me, supporting his head on one bent arm, fingers toying with the laces on the front of my bodice. Slowly untying each lace, the simple gown unfolding around my breasts.

I watched beneath cloaked eyelashes as he trailed one finger around the curve of one breast, pushing the soft fabric aside exposing creamy flesh to the sunlight. Dark eyes lingering on mine as one strong hand leisurely caressed down my side, rousing my awareness, following over the curve of my hip, holding me there, pulling me into him. Nuzzling the soft skin below my ear, full lips fastening on tender skin, nibbling, soft licks, the tip of his tongue tracing a moist path down my neck, flourishing under his touch, my breath came ragged, heavy.

He continued his journey south, between the swell of my breasts, leisurely circling one nipple, teeth gently scraping over taunt skin, hands softly squeezing at there fullness, cupping around the firmness.

Lips whispered down my torso, faint feathery touches, fluttering around bahis siteleri my navel, the tip of his tongue diving into my belly button, laughter trembled from inside, I fought it as my body shook with delight. He explored lower, his velvety tongue flicked over my hip bone and back across in fluid strokes, teasing the sensitive skin there, then ever so slowly down my inner thigh. A whisper of bliss rushed past my lips, reaching down I ran my fingers through his short dark hair, gently tugging him upwards wanting desperately to taste him, to feel his lips on mine.

Chuckling deeply, his hands working on the remaining laces of my frock, throwing it open, all but a pair of worn leather boots I lay before him naked in the grass. My face flushed my breath heavy with want, my lips bruised from the biting of my own teeth, I watched him as he crawled up to me, his face inches from mine, so close, lazily he stroked my skin under the sun, his hand coming to rest between my thighs, cupping my mound. I stirred beneath his touch my legs parting, opening to him as he bent down — nipping from my bottom lip, gently first, savoring the taste and fullness I offered him, my hips raising to meet his touch on there own accord, pitching towards him, like silk one finger slid inside me, tight – hot – wetness greeting him. I felt his moan even before it surfaced, stirring from heavenly depths of places deep inside him, vibrating through to me. I vaulted under his touch, fingers sliding slowly inside me, his thumb rolling over my swollen nubbin, a feverish blanket covering me, my hands clawing at the mounds of grass around me, trying to anchor myself down as my body bucked up into him. A moan cleared from his lips in a low rumble…I bit into it, tugging at his soul, if possible—pulling him deeper inside with just a kiss.

Tripping his heart as I went.

His mouth fastened to mine growing greedy and hot, control was all his this time he came to me, nibbling from my lip, his tongue scraping along the edges of my teeth, enticing me higher.

My hands worked as quickly as possible, unbuttoning, unlacing, pulling clothes over head, running my hands over his shoulders, enjoying the feel of him. Firm. Hard. Cut muscles, tensing with restraint under my light touch, bahis şirketleri pulling him closer, his hard body poised over mine. Softly he ran a finger over the curve of my cheek.

“Look at me…” he whispered. I opened my eyes to find him watching me.

My lips found his throat, nuzzling him there as he plunged into me, sending everything inside me spinning, waves of pleasure washing over me, I wrapped my legs around him, liking the way my body felt around his, the fit I found myself with.

He watched me, as I absorbed every thrust. And in his eyes I could see he got pleasure from the sounds that trailed. The sweet sighs — that followed on each descending pulse. Gently moans — as he lifts my hips in his hands, pulling me near, slowly driving into me. Husky growls — as he lifted me higher. And the urgent cries and he sunk into me, layer by layer with his seductive rhythm.

My body screamed out for more. Sliding my hands down his body — it was always the same, the want. The hunger. Wanting more of him. Never getting enough. The motioned slowed. Body to body. In one gentle fluid stroke. Riding the storm of pleasure together.

A rumbling in the sky snagged my attention, the heavens above us grew dark and angry, I noticed a change in the air around me…in the distance of my senses I heard a dog barking, fighting the calling, I looked into his eyes one last time, loosing my self there –his eyes, always reminding me of the rise and fall of the oceans tide, the mixing of the blues and greens there. He smiled gently at me as his touch grew faint and it was then that I felt myself slipping away…my body traveling across oceans of time, ancient plains passing beneath me, an eternity of places once forgotten but that held us bonded together – – past before my mind.

The barking grew louder…moaning I lift my head from the mountain of down pillows, opening one eye I looked straight at Jersey — she stood at the side of the bed, her head resting there looking at me with those puppy dog eyes of hers, nudging me with her wet nose. I glanced at the clock next to the bed….Sweet Jesus. 5:22 AM. Just under four hours of sleep this time around…and yet I felt rested.

I rolled away from Jersey, stretching out across the bed like a lazy cat, limbs relaxed, a feeling of peace washing over me, the empty side of the bed felt warm beneath my skin. I pressed my face into the sheets as I stretched, inhaling deeply, smiling. He had been here again.

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