That First Incestuous Christmas

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I don’t know why I suddenly woke up out of a deep sleep. Destiny, perhaps? My wife, Laura, and I were young. So very young. Everyone tried to tell us not to get married at such a young age. Neither one of us listened to them. I wanted her, and she wanted me. Less than a week after graduating high school together, we went to the justice of the peace in the town where we lived and made a commitment to each other.

Neither one of us had a plan for our future. We just knew we wanted to be married. We were childhood sweethearts. Inseparable. Soul mates.

Her father was a very kind, generous man. Instead of getting angry or protesting our decision he simply offered to let us move into the house with him. Laura’s mom had died suddenly when she was very young. She had commented on more than one occasion that her father missed her mother every day. Having us live with him was probably an attempt to avoid the inevitable loneliness of his daughter moving out and starting her own life.

We made her childhood bedroom into our own. Her childhood bed became our matrimonial bed. It was only a full-sized bed, but large enough for two young people in love to sleep in. It was more than adequate for us to make love in.

That fateful night when I woke up, the room was totally dark as usual. Darkness hid the soft, girlish, pastel colors of the room. That was fine with me. Strangely, when I reached over to touch my young, nude wife I found her missing from the bed. I was still nude. We had made love as silently as possible before I fell asleep. Neither of us wanted her father to hear us, although her bed tended to creak if I became overly enthusiastic while thrusting inside her. I remembered her beside me just before I drifted off into my slumber. Her small, delicate fingers were gently, lovingly caressing my young balls.

I arose from the bed in total darkness and slowly opened the bedroom door. I had expected to see only darkness from the hallway beyond, but instead there was a soft glow of light coming from the living room.

It was close to Christmas. The light could only be coming from the Christmas tree. Strange. I thought we had unplugged the strand of lights before going to bed. Her father had retired to his bedroom much earlier than us. Did one of them illuminate it again, and at so late of an hour?

I’m not sure why I chose to walk so stealthily toward the living room. Perhaps because I was still naked. Perhaps, once again, it was destiny. When I arrived at the end of the hallway and peered into the living room, I was thankful that I had somehow chosen to conceal my presence by being so quiet.

The image I saw was indelibly seared into my mind for the rest of my life.

Laura’s father was sitting on the couch. Perhaps “sitting” isn’t sufficiently descriptive enough. He was reclining more than just sitting on the piece of furniture. His pelvis was as close to the edge of the couch as possible, and his back curved so that only his shoulders and head rested against the back cushion. His knees were spread wide.

He was also naked.

On the floor, between his thighs, kneeling on her own knees, was my wife. His daughter. Still naked herself. Her auburn hair was cascading down onto her shoulders and half-way down her back.

Laura was slowly, lovingly, licking and sucking her father’s large testicles.

I blinked hard twice. Were my eyes deceiving me? Her dainty hand was wrapped around her father’s very large, very hard cock and pointing it straight up into the air toward the ceiling. He was staring directly at her as she used her mouth and tongue on his scrotum. The soft illumination of the Christmas tree gave me a perfect view of their activity as I observed them from the side.

I had never been so thankful for shadows in my young life.

Laura’s voice first broke the silence of their otherwise silent activity. Her mouth released one of his testicles that had previously been occupying her mouth and she said, “Am I your good little girl, daddy?” Her voice wasn’t a whisper, but not so loud as to be carried very far beyond the couch. Luckily I was close enough to hear the words clearly.

“You’re a very good girl, Laura. I’ve missed spending our special time together.”

“I have, too, daddy.”

She resumed making love to his testicles with her mouth and tongue. I watched as her mouth explored even farther down behind his balls and to his perineum. He exhaled an audible sigh as the tip of her tongue slowly, repeatedly, licked upward along bursa escort his perineum. Her tongue traced over his scrotum and up along the underside of the shaft of his penis. I watched her encircle his glans with the tip of her tongue. His erection overtly twitched at the new sensation.

“You’ve missed your daddy’s big cock, haven’t you sweetheart?”

“Oh yes, daddy,” she muttered between long, sensuous licks along his length, “It’s been too long since I’ve made you feel good.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I started breaking out into a cold sweat. Was this really my wife and her father that I was observing? I was still trying to comprehend the scene before me when Laura took her father into her mouth and began slowly bobbing up and down on his erection. One of her hands still held his shaft, barely able to encircle his girth, as her other hand caressed his balls.

I never participated in sports while in high school. This was also well before porn was mainstream. I had very little exposure to seeing other cocks in real life, none of them erect, and I found myself in awe of the size of her father’s genitals. His cock was easily twice as long as mine. It was much, much thicker as well. His giant testicles hung down inside his scrotum like two large plums. I was jealous. Envious. Most of all, I was in awe.

She continued to suck and stroke his erection before my eyes. I occasionally heard soft moans muttered from both of them. At some point I realized that my own penis had become erect.

I felt no sense of anger or betrayal as I watched my young wife pleasure her own father with her mouth. Was something wrong with me? It was sexy. Erotic. I realized I was rationalizing the activity by asking myself what better way could a daughter express her love to her own father. A father that had raised her alone in her mother’s absence. A father who had devoted his life to providing for her as she grew up. A father who, even then, provided a roof over both of our heads.

Her father’s voice interrupted the slirping sounds of her mouth on his cock. “I heard you fucking earlier tonight. Does he stretch your little pussy the way I can?”

“No, daddy, he’s much smaller than you. So much smaller… No one will ever be able to stretch me as deliciously as you.” I suppose most men would have been insulted by such a statement. He fucks her, too?! I was too preoccupied by the question to be offended.

He continued, “I’ve been saving up for you, little girl. I’m going to feed you a lot tonight. Do you think you can be a good little girl and swallow it all?”

“I’ll try, daddy.” She returned to servicing him in earnest after completing the sentence. The sounds of oral sex filled the air. I watched in awe as her small head moved up and down faster. She could only engulf the first couple of inches of him. Her hand glided up and down along the remainder of his shaft, matching the movement of her mouth around him. I could see his big testicles start to draw up against his body. His hand came up to her head. He grasped her hair with his fist. His hips began to thrust instinctively toward her mouth.

“Here it comes, baby girl. Swallow daddy’s thick, hot seed.”

I watched in awe as his face contorted as Laura’s mouth began concentrating on the big glans of his cock. Her bobbing motion slowed to match the rhythm of his body’s ejaculations. The sound of her slirping noises became louder and more pronounced. I saw her cheeks deflate and her throat make their obvious signs of her attempt to swallow. Nevertheless, thick pearlescent streams of his cum diluted by her saliva escaped the corners of her mouth and began to slowly trickle down his shaft and toward his body.

Her father’s orgasm lasted for a very long time. His breathing returned to a slow, normal pace. Laura broke the seal of her lips around his cock and began to gently lick his deflating shaft, consuming every drop of his seed that had escaped her mouth. When she was done, she looked up at him and said, “Thank you, daddy. I needed that so, so bad.”

“I did, too, sweetheart.”

She arose and stood up, standing between his thighs where she had been kneeling earlier. No matter how many times I had seen her naked, I still marveled at her thin, waifish body. Her thick, curly, auburn pubic hair was now clearly visible in the light of the Christmas tree. Her father leaned forward and nuzzled her flat stomach. His hands explored her small breasts. His palms glided across the small, pink conical nipples that stood erectly bursa escort bayan from her chest.

He looked up at her. “Remember, baby girl, you belong to me. You will always belong to me. Never forget that.”

“Of course, daddy. I’ll always be your sexy little girl. Always.”

At this point, I stealthily crept back toward our bedroom. I closed the door behind me and crawled into bed. The only evidence of having witnessed the interaction was the erection between my legs.

Moments later, I felt Laura slowly getting into bed. It was so dark that no light entered the room when she had opened the door. Obviously the Christmas tree had once again been unplugged. I wondered why they even turned it on in the first place.

As she lay on her side facing away from me, I snuggled against her. My erection pressed against her buttocks. Her hand slowly reached behind her and caressed it. My hands came around her and began kneading her small breasts. I gently pinched and twisted both of her small, erect nipples.

“My, you’re horny tonight. It feels like you’re ready to go again…”

I began to lick and kiss her earlobe and slender neck. She softly moaned. I finally whispered in her ear, “I watched you with your father, Leslie. I watched you suck his hard, enormous cock. I watched you taste and swallow your own father’s cum.”

Her body immediately stiffened. She withdrew the hand that was caressing my own hard penis and brought it toward her chest. She was quiet. She had no additional physical reaction to my attention to her breasts with my hands.

I kissed and licked her earlobe and whispered, “You know what I think? I think it was beautiful. I think it was sexy. It was probably one of the most erotic things I’ll ever witness in my life.”

I felt her lean away and extend her arm. She turned on the lamp on the bedside table, and turned her body so that she could look at me. “You’re not mad?”

I maneuvered myself on top of her, spread her knees apart, and slid my stiff erection all the way inside her in one slow, single thrust. Her eyes widened in surprise when my pelvis pressed completely against hers. “Does that feel like I’m mad?” I began to slowly piston my cock inside her as I stared into her eyes. I leaned forward to kiss her, but her lips remained closed as my tongue attempted to enter her mouth. I brought my hand up to her face, gently grasped her chin, and pulled downward to open her mouth. She accommodated. My tongue entered her mouth and found hers. She responded passionately to my tongue with her own.

“I can taste and smell your father’s cum in your mouth and on your breath, but I’m still kissing you, aren’t I?” I resumed kissing her passionately, and she responded in turn. The deep kiss lasted only a few seconds before I broke it and looked into her eyes. I began gyrating my hips as I pressed as deeply into her as I could and started ejaculating. Pleasure washed through me. My facial expressions more than conveyed the level of lust I was experiencing. I’m sure she could feel how powerful it was as I throbbed inside her.

“Did that feel like I am mad in any way?” I asked after my orgasm subsided. She stared at me, almost in disbelief. Our kissing resumed. I remained hard inside her as I licked and kissed her slender neck, making my way down to her breasts and nipples. After several minutes of expressing my adoration for her orally, she rolled me over onto my back. I remained inside her and she straddled me.

“He can never find out that you know,” she whispered. She had a look of worry and concern on her face.


“He swore me to secrecy.”

“You didn’t tell me about it. I found out on my own. He won’t think that you betrayed him.”

“He said that what he and I do is wrong according to society. He said that no one would ever understand.”

“I understand,” I attempted to reassure her. I reached up and began playing with her breasts with my hands, “Not only do I understand, but I adore you for it.”

“How is that possible?” she asked.

“Because you love him. Because he has loved you and taken care of you, and he is a man who is lonely and misses his wife. He misses being inside his wife, the way I’m inside you now”

She continued to stare at me as I spoke. She considered my words, and then said, “It doesn’t mean that I don’t love you, nor does it mean that I love you any less.”

“I know that..”

“Do you want me to stop? Because I don’t think that I can. I don’t think that I would escort bursa even want to stop.” She looked at me after speaking to observe my reaction. I just looked at her lustfully. “Is that going to be a problem for you? For us?” she asked.

I tilted my head as I looked at her. My fingers were gently pinching and massaging her small, hard nipples. I replied, “Do you know what I wished when I was watching the two of you together?”


“I wanted to be kneeling behind you. I wanted to be holding your hair back as you were sucking his cock, or caressing your breasts and nipples. I wanted to be licking and kissing your back, your neck, your shoulders as you sucked your fathers cock.” I paused purposely for a moment, and then whispered, “I even wanted to kiss you, deeply, passionately, just after he came in your mouth. I wanted to share it with you, just like we are going to share our lives and everything else together.”

Her eyes widened in surprise. She began to slowly gyrate her hips as I remained inside her. My words to her were obviously arousing.

“Your father has a very big cock.”

“It’s magnificent, isn’t it?” she moaned as she continued to gyrate on top of me. “Tonight was the first time we’ve been together since you and I got married. He said it had to stop, but I have begged him. I have pleaded with him. I told him it’s Christmas, and that his cock was the only thing I wanted.” I could tell her arousal was only increasing. She continued, “Tonight was just the beginning. I was supposed to send you on some errands tomorrow. He was going to fuck me while you were gone. I can’t describe to you how wonderful it feels when he’s inside me, how his thickness stretches me, how powerfully he makes me orgasm over and over again…”

“He can still fuck you tomorrow, you know. Hopefully I can watch you together.”

Her gyrating paused momentarily. “Oh, I don’t know if he would ever do that. He’s already mortified that someone might find out about us.”

“Maybe I could convince him.”


She started gyrating against me and my still hard penis as I spoke. “Perhaps I need to show him that I am not against the two of you being together by asking to join you. Maybe both of us could walk into the living room together in the morning. He’ll obviously see how excited I will be by my erection. I’ll tell him I watched the two of you together. I’ll tell him that my wife, his daughter, needs and deserves a large cock inside her tight little pussy, and that I am unable to give that to her. Perhaps I’ll even kneel down in front of him and begin licking and sucking him as you watch. I’ll make him hard with my mouth and ready to slide inside you. Maybe I’ll even use my hand to guide his cock toward the entrance of your little pussy.”

Laura rested her weight on my chest with her hands as she fucked me. She let out a loud moan as her pussy began contracting around my cock. She finally collapsed onto me, out of breath and sexually satisfied. She nuzzled her face against my neck and hugged me tightly.

“Do you realize how much I love you right now?” she whispered.

“Do you realize how sexy you are to me right now, and how much I love you?” I whispered back.

We lay there in silence for a very long time, our naked bodies still illuminated by the light of the lamp on the nightstand.

“Would you really do something like that for me? To make me happy?” she finally asked.

“Would you want me to? Would something like that turn you on?”

“Fuck yes,” she whispered the words slowly to emphasize her answer. After another long period of silence she looked at me once again, began passionately kissing me with her open mouth, and then whispered, “I’m really going to love being married to you, aren’t I?”

The very next day, Laura and I had the first of our numerous sexual experiences together with her father. During the course of our 54 years of marriage together, we experimented and explored every possible sexual scenario that we could imagine. Bringing others, both men and women, into our bed only strengthened our relationship and made our love grow for each other. We both very much enjoyed seeing the other having sexual pleasure in many different forms.

Even our own son, who inherited his grandfather’s very large cock, experienced his first orgasm from a blowjob from Laura’s warm, wet, motherly mouth. At her mother’s encouragement, I gave our daughter her first taste of a man’s cum and allowed her to become a very skilled fellatrix – with her mother’s close guidance of course.

I lost her last year to the ravages of dementia. She’s gone now, but the memories of our many sexual experiences together still remain, the incestuous ones particularly so…

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