Taboo: Home For Christmas

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I felt bad, having just broken up with my boyfriend and decided to spend Christmas at home. I had been away at college and at 19 years old I still got homesick. I knew my dad would be lonely and miserable since neither my brother nor sister were coming home for the holiday and my mom was in the hospital again. I should have felt sorry for her, but she called me all the time complaining constantly about her aches and pains so much I was just disgusted with the situation. My dad was upset about it also. I knew things were bad between them since he was now sleeping in my brother’s old bedroom. I often wondered how he managed to stay with her. I had recently broken up with my boyfriend and I longed for the familiar presence of my dad and my own home.

I thought my dad was a sexy older guy, sweet and caring. My boyfriend had been a good lucking guy but did not have the rugged features of my father. After working at hard labor all his life my dad’s body was incredible. Hard rippling muscles, wide shoulders tapering down to a slender waist and a great ass. Of course, I had already had sex many times with my boyfriend, but I was still waiting for that ultimate sexual encounter.

My dad picked me up from the airport hugging me tight and kissing me on the cheek. My heart felt full of love for him as he held me. It felt so good to have his strong arms holding me after the hurt I had been through. Arriving home, he took my bags up to my old room and stood watching me as I unpacked. He said after I had rested we would go through the snowy fields of the farm and find a tree since he had been too depressed to start any type of decorating for the holiday yet. The pain in his eyes matched my own. I hadn’t been looking forward to this holiday alone either.

We tramped through the snow in the fields to find the perfect tree. It was freezing cold and I held his hand tightly to keep from slipping and falling. I was happy to be with him, starting pendik escort to feel much better at the familiar sights of snow covered trees and fields. I squeezed his hand and smiled. We finally found our tree and I admired his strong arms as he chopped it down.

Feeling happy and playful, I pushed him until he fell into the deep snow, his arms around me pulling me down with him. I felt a shock of excitement as my body fell on top of his, pressing us tight together. Without thinking I kissed his lips and pushed my hot wet little tongue in his mouth, shocking him. He just looked at me for a moment before he groaned and holding me tight, he licked my lips, his tongue sliding inside my mouth to caress my tongue with his own. I felt his body tremble as the kiss deepened, his mouth pressing hard to mine, his tongue hot as he stabbed it against my own.

I was shaken to the core when his hands unzipped my coat and squeezed my breasts. I squirmed pushing my ass down on his crotch as hard as I could, not wanting him to stop. He suddenly pushed me off him into the snow. Sitting up and looking dazed, he apologized for what he had done. I wasn’t sorry, I had wanted to do it and was overcome with a desire to finish what we had started. I saw the pained look in his eyes and stood up, trying to laugh and chat, hoping the pained look would leave his eyes as we dragged the tree home through the snow.

I was freezing by the time we got to the house and ran upstairs to take a hot shower while he put the tree in the stand in the corner of the living room. The hot pulsating water running over my body only intensified my desire, making me warm and wet. I wrapped myself in a towel and started down the stairs. I saw Dad’s shocked face as I appeared on the stairs in only a towel, my body rosy and glowing from the heat of hot shower I had just taken. I was no longer a child and I knew what the effect of my almost naked young curvy body would have escort pendik on him.

He started up the stairs, staring at me as if he had never seen me before. I felt extremely bold as I told him to dry me off, letting the towel fall on the stairs. He immediately slipped his arms around me, carrying me down to the living room. Laying me on the carpeted floor in front of the crackling fire he had started while I was showering. How gently he licked my lips running his hands over my wet breasts, pausing to squeeze my nipples between his fingers.

He nuzzled my breasts, his hand reaching down to caress my thigh. He was shaking as he licked my breast, sucking my nipples gently. I was squirming beneath him as his lips slid down my flat tummy and he pushed just the tip of his tongue beneath the wet curls of my pubic hair. I raised my legs to his shoulders, so his hands could cup my ass. He pushed his tongue in harder, licking my clit and pushing his tongue into my tight wet vagina. I raised my body, moving my pussy rhythmically against his lips and tongue.

I groaned as he drank from my pussy, licking up the hot wet juice. His hands caressed my ass sliding up the crack before he pushed his finger inside my tight asshole. I gasped in surprise. I hated anal sex after my boyfriend had hurt me when we tried it back in the college dorm room. But after the initial shock, my body relaxed as he moved his finger slow and delicately in my ass, making my body seemed to erupt into a ball of flaming desire. I moaned as he turned me over, pulling me back against his face as his tongue started thrusting into my ass, making me burn. He licked and sucked my ass while his finger fucked my wet little pussy. I screamed as the cum gushed from me, soaking his hand.

He gently laid me down on my back as I watched him lick my cum from his fingers. He seemed to have lost all his uncertainty as he knelt beside my held, holding his huge cock in his hand pendik escort bayan as he rubbed the head of his dick across my lips. I rolled toward him, opening my mouth, and letting him push his throbbing dick between my lips. I sucked him as hard as I could, swirling my wet tongue over his throbbing cock repeatedly, feeling the shaking of his body.

He groaned as I slid my mouth off him and before he could change his mind, I was up on all fours pushing myself down hard on that huge cock, feeling him hot and throbbing inside me. He held my waist tightly as I pushed him in harder, my body pulsating violently and my pussy throbbing. I felt my cum drip over him and down my thighs.

He groaned louder as I turned to lick my cum from his balls, sucking them gently into my mouth. His fingers tangled in my wet hair as he pushed my mouth down on his cock hard. I sucked him until he pulled out of my mouth and laid me gently on the floor as he raised my legs to his shoulders and again started licking my asshole, fingering me until I was ready to cum before he started pushing his throbbing cock gently then more violently into my tight little asshole. This was a completely new experience for me, it hurt but the pain somehow felt fantastic. He fucked my ass with his throbbing cock, shoving his fingers into my soaking wet pussy. I screamed as again my cum exploded, hot and wet all over both of us. I felt him harden his thrusts, fucking my ass faster until he stiffened and moaned loudly, his cum squirting into my ass. burning my insides.

As I lay panting on his chest I didn’t feel the least bit guilty about what we had done and knew I had manipulated him until he could not deny his hot burning desire for me. It was what I had wanted from the start, never dreaming what a fantastic experienced lover he was and wondering how my mother could have kicked him out of her bed. I knew I would have to return to school after the holidays and this vacation was very likely the only special time we would have together alone. I held him tight not wanting to think about returning to school and the outside world. I just wanted to enjoy this special forbidden time until the end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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