Just One Drink Pt. 03

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It was late. No. It was early. I guess it was 3 am. Caitlyn had rolled away with her back facing me and was covered with just the sheet. Covered was the wrong term. The sheet was tucked between her legs and she had grasped the sheet as if she was hugging it. Her entire backside was exposed. As tempting as it was, I did not stroke any part of her backside. Instead, I rolled out of bed and headed to the bathroom. Prior to emptying my bladder, I started the shower knowing I wanted to sleep more and a warm shower was needed to ensure I got the sleep I desired.

Stepping into the shower, the warm water cascaded over my head and down my shoulders. It was truly was what I needed. My fingers massaged my scalp as the shampoo did its job of cleaning. As I started to wash my body, thoughts of earlier swirled in my head. These thoughts led to my dick starting to harden. With her lying in that bed naked as the day she was born, there was no way I was going to jerk off in the shower. She would be more than willing to assist me when she woke. I stepped out of the shower, dried myself, and slipped back into bed as quietly as possible. I was definitely tired and wanted sleep as I was hoping Caitlyn would want to continue our escapades again once we were both awake.

Caitlyn is everything I wanted. Intelligent! Beautiful! Uninhibited! Sexy! She knows what excites me and she does everything to ensure that our intimate time together is everything it can be.

My dream was erotic. The dream kept moving from sliding my dick into Caitlyn’s pussy to her mouth. Back and forth. Back and forth. The dream was so real.

I woke with a start! I was on my back and Caitlyn was between my legs with the head of my dick in her mouth. The dream was reality! She was looking at me with those beautiful blue eyes. Her hair was pulled up in a ponytail. She winked at me and had this smirk on her face even though she was sliding her canlı bahis mouth further down my dick. Her right hand was on my shaft. Her left hand was massaging my balls. She let go with her right hand as her mouth descended. She gagged just a bit and slid her mouth up and off my dick. A sting of saliva connected her mouth to my mushroom head. She winked again, said nothing, and slid her mouth down over the head and worked the shaft further into her mouth.

Caitlyn was intent on two things at this moment; it was to ensure her lips reached the base of my dick and for the head of my dick to be lodged in her throat. Her saliva was building and it coated my dick. It started to run down over her left hand and between my legs. She was making a mess and I loved every minute of it.

She pulled up and off and stated, “You came on my face and in my mouth last night. Today, you are to cum in my pussy. I’m going to ride you until you spurt. You are going to give me a creamy pussy.”

She slid up my abdomen far enough to ensure she could slide back down and cover my dick with her pussy. She reached back, lined my dick up to her opening, and then pushed back. God she was wet. I love it when she is wet for me. There was no hesitation. She slid all the way down. She lifted herself up and off my chest but remained impaled on my dick.

This was no longer about me cumming. This was about her. This was about her getting her “O” and I was completely ok with that! She was grinding on me. Sliding back and forth rubbing her clit on my pubis bone. She pulled her hands from my abdomen, reached up to her breasts, and pinched her nipples. She kept rolling them between her fingers. One of her hands dropped down. She started to rub her clit. She would slide her fingers around it and then slide her fingers through her outer lips. She would rub her fingers around the base of my dick. She loved this and I loved watching her. bahis siteleri

She looked down and stated, “Grab my ass! I love it when you grab it. Massage it. Smack it! Squeeze it!”

Who was I to argue? I grabbed her beautiful round ass and did everything she said. I smacked it. I massaged it. I squeezed it. I wanted her to get off. I wanted her to be happy. I wanted her to be content. I reached far enough back and touched her rosebud. When my finger touched her most intimate spot, she started to shudder. I started tapping and rubbing her rosebud and then it hit. She started to orgasm. She went rigid. Her breathing came to a standstill. She stopped moving. I could feel her pussy quivering as the orgasm hit. She was pulsating on my dick.

As I removed my finger from her rosebud and ultimately my hands to her hips, she collapsed on my chest. Her heart rate was up, but was coming down. She needed just a minute or two to rest. She earned it.

She took a breather raised up and started grinding again. “Carlos, you fill me. You know just what buttons to push. God how I love what we do together. It’s time baby. Time for you to cream in my pussy since I just creamed on your cock.”

Caitlyn knew the things I liked. She raised her pussy up. Just so the head was still in her warm, wet pussy and then she would sink back down. Up. Down. Up. Down. Her cream was pooling at the base of my dick and she would run her fingers through it. She stopped in the down position and pushed her creamy fingers into my mouth and I sucked them clean relishing in the taste of her. She pulled her fingers from my mouth, bent down, licked my lips, and then passionately kissed me. Our tongues explored the others mouth. We were hot for one another.

She pushed off my mouth and lifted off me. She turned around and got into a quasi-reverse cowgirl position. She slid her legs under mine, grabbed my dick, scooted back, bahis şirketleri and sank down on my dick.

The view from my angle was amazing. I could see my dick spearing her. I could see her lips as the clung to the side of my shaft. I could see her rosebud. Her rosebud would wink every time she pushed back.

She reached back and drug her fingernails along the bottom of my balls. She was trying to make me cum. She wanted her pussy filled with my cum. Her continued motion of sliding up and back on my cock was doing its thing. I felt my toes begin to curl. My legs started to quiver. I was trying not to explode. Why? Why was I holding back? She told me she wanted me to cream her pussy. Up and back. Up and back. I lost it. I grabbed her hips, held her in place, and pumped my cum into her.

The first spurt she stated she could feel. She said it was so warm and powerful. Another 4 or 5 spurts and I was done. I continued to hold her hips as I didn’t want her to move.

She lifted off just enough that my dick slipped up, sprung and smacked my abdomen.

Without my dick inside of her, our combined juices started to drip out of her. She stayed in this position, allowing me to stare at the creampie we created. She reached back between her thighs and used two fingers to slide between her folds while the remainder of our juices dripped onto my balls.

She turned around, grabbed my dick, looked at me, and said, “Do you love your naughty girl? Do you love your wicked girl?”

“Caitlyn, I love you when you are naughty. I love you when you are wicked.” I winked and chuckled and the replied, “I even love you when you have clothes on.”

She cocked her head, squeezed my cock a little tighter, laughed, and then replied with “Good!”

My naughty and wicked girl dipped her head and sucked my dick into her mouth. My toes curled again and I started to shake! This girl! She turned my world upside down!

After cleaning my dick and balls of our combined juices she crawled up and passionately kissed me. She pulled back and said, “Anytime. Anywhere. I will be your naughty, wicked girl. Let’s go shower!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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