Thanksgiving and Xmas Pounding

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Thanksgiving Stuffing and a Christmas Eve Pounding

All characters in this story are 18 years of age and that this is a tie-in story to Brittany’s Baleful Game, you don’t have to read that story to understand this story but you should read it if you like father/daughter incest. Brittany gets to have fun with her dad again and her friends to. For all of you who wanted a second chapter here it is, please vote for this story and leave comments.

Okay ladies and gentlemen here is the edited version of this story done for my by saltysooner thanks for the edit again.



Sex had become a routine occurrence between Chad and his eighteen year old daughter Brittany, to the extent that she regularly spent the night in his bed. However, the steamy relations with her two friends, Kate and Sarah, had cooled quite a bit since Halloween. The three girls visited each other often and even planned their birthday parties to occur in rapid succession during the first two weeks of November which gave Chad several opportunities to socialize with them. Despite all that, none of them ever brought up the topic of their sexual romp at the end of October. It almost seemed like the girls had reversed their feelings and wanted to forget that it ever happened.

Chad was making preparations for a quiet Thanksgiving celebration and dinner with his daughter when Brittany asked about inviting Sarah and Kate to join them. Apparently, both girls were going to be alone during the four-day holiday weekend and Brittany wanted them to be able to enjoy a nice family gathering. Chad readily agreed and in the days leading up to that Thursday, Brittany’s enthusiasm grew with anticipation.

Chad was looking forward to having their company as well and he hoped in the back of his mind that Brittany’s two friends would relax enough around him to flirt and perhaps do more. On Wednesday night, his daughter came to bed playing the tease. She snuggled her nude body up next to his, grinding into him to get Chad aroused, yet refusing to let him couple with her. She could tell he was aching to fuck her and withholding her favors at that point was like showing a starving man a table full of food and drink that he could not reach. In her mind, Brittany wanted to make sure her father was completely rested and unspent for when her girlfriends showed up.

Chad spent Thursday morning preparing the meal and Brittany helped out where she could. By mid-afternoon, everything was done and the dining room table was set. The only thing missing was their company. Finally, a car pulled in the driveway, and Brittany rushed to answer the door. Chad heard the excited squeals from the girls as they exchanged greetings and as he entered the foyer and saw them, he felt a rush of excitement through his loins.

Chad always viewed Sarah as a classic Mediterranean beauty with her delicate features, high cheekbones, and olive-colored skin that was nicely complemented by long, raven hair cascading loosely around her face and shoulders. She was easily the most out-spoken of the group and Chad found her to be quite skilled in bed. In contrast to her, Kate quiet, fair-skinned and had platinum blonde hair. Chad introduced Kate to sex for the first time in October and what she lacked in skill, she more than made up for with enthusiasm. The most striking person in the group however, was a girl Chad didn’t recognize who looked like a lost punk-rocker.

She was African-American with a light, chocolate complexion, wide hips, and a somewhat large, round ass. Chad’s eyes were immediately drawn to her large D-cup breasts which strained against the scoop-neck t-shirt she wore under her black leather jacket. She also sported a short Mohawk hairstyle with the center ridge bleached blonde. Chad noticed that when she saw his admiring glances, she turned her eyes downward and she bit down on her very kissable lower lip.

Not surprisingly, Sarah took charge of the introductions. “Hey, Mr. B, I hope you don’t mind we brought our friend Nikki. She’s living with her uncle, but he had to work today and tonight. We’ve been friends a long time and she’s pretty cool. So…?” she said, leaving the question hanging in the air.

“No problem,” Chad quickly. “There’s plenty of food and drink for everyone.” He then reminded himself to be careful about what he said or how he acted since he wasn’t sure what the girls might have told Nikki, or if they had an ulterior motive behind inviting their punk-rock friend.

Chad invited everyone into the living room where he brought them drinks and settled down in his chair to socialize before dinner. Brittany and the other three girls were scattered around the room in chairs or on the sofa. Chad tried to draw more information out of Nikki about herself, but her answers were usually curt and did not invite follow-on questions, leaving Chad feeling frustrated.

The rest of the girls talked about school, boys, clothes, and any number of topics that Chad wasn’t able to anything more than listen. bursa escort A couple of times, he caught a glimpse of one of the teenage girls staring at him. However, when he looked back, the girls didn’t try and look away which left him feeling a little disconcerted. After what he thought was an appropriate amount of time, he announced that dinner was ready to eat at any time and as soon as they were ready, everyone should move to the dining room.

The conversations ceased momentarily as all the girls stood up and declared they were all hungry. Brittany helped her guests refresh their drinks on the way to the dining room and then seated them around the table. Chad finished bringing in the food and soon everyone was busy enjoying the small feast he prepared.

Conversation continued around the table, but was much quieter and more intermittent. Nikki remained subdued and focused on her meal or looking around at the others, especially Chad. The conversation that did occur seemed forced and Chad wondered why the girls weren’t more relaxed and outgoing. Sarah and Brittany were seldom at a loss for words, but even though they were laughing and giggling a lot, they weren’t talking as much as normal. Kate, who spoke sparingly on the best of days, was almost completely silent and appeared slightly nervous.

As the meal came to an end, Kate quietly thanked Chad for preparing it and the rest of the girls quickly chimed in to tell him how good it was. Chad nodded and thanked the girls as well, but then an awkward silence came over the table. Surprisingly, Nikki was the one to speak first. “Was there something we were doing after this, or what?” she asked Brittany and Sarah.

“Nicole…!” Chad’s daughter playfully scolded with a smile. “Not now. And it’s supposed to be a surprise.”

“What’s supposed to be a surprise?” her father inquired as he began clearing the table. Instead of answering, the girls got up made themselves busy bringing dirty dishes and the few leftovers to the kitchen.

Sarah took Nikki’s side and walking next to Brittany, she said, “Well,” dinner is technically over, isn’t it?”

By then, all the dishes were in the sink and Chad was wrapping up the last of the leftovers. Brittany gave Kate a questioning glance, and Kate piled on, “Technically, I think it is, too.”

Moving over beside her daddy, Brittany coyly pleaded, “Daddy…”

Sarah came up on his other side and made the same plea, but in a more salacious way, “Oh, Daddy…!”

“No, Sarah, he’s my daddy!” the strawberry blonde teased back.

“No, Brit,” Sarah replied. Taking Chad’s arm, she began rubbing up against his body, “he’s my daddy now, too, isn’t he? Mmmm…, yes, my hot fuck-daddy.” By then, Sarah was also grinding her thighs against his, squirming with desire.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Chad momentarily forgotten his earlier thoughts about the girls and was caught off-balance by the sudden and very sensual advance of two girls at once. “What’s going on?”

Taking the leadership role, Sarah filled him in. “Ah, come on, Mister B, you already know what we’re up to. Why else would four girls come running over to a sexy, single man’s house? The turkey isn’t the only thing in here that needs to be stuffed!” she finished with an evil gleam in her eyes.

Chad looked around the room and when his eyes settled on Nikki, Brittany explained. “Daddy… I’ve wanted to have my friends over during the holidays for a long time, hoping that we could share you, again. Nikki heard me, Sarah, and Kate talking about it and how we spent Halloween and figured out what was going on pretty quick. She asked if she could join us, to see for herself what you were like. I mean, we were just saying that after fucking that big cock of yours, there’s no way any of us could be fully satisfied with fucking a boy.”

“Yeah, Daddy,” Sarah chimed in, setting herself over Chad’s thigh to unabashedly grind her ass over it. “My asshole misses you sooo much. Mmm…, it’s all I can think about at night when I masturbate; dreaming about your monster cock splitting my teenage ass wide. Please, we’re dying to have you again.”

Looking expectantly to Kate, he wondered what she would say, but the bashful girl just looked down before confessing, “Yeah, I’m here for the same reason… But, not for ass, I mean… for my pussy.”

“Come on, Daddy,” said Brittany as she mounted his other leg to rub her pussy over his thigh. “How can you refuse the opportunity to fuck your daughter and all her friends in one night?”

“I can’t,” he croaked.

“I was thinking about dessert,” Sarah exclaimed, reaching into his trousers to stroke the growing cock she felt inside. “And I decided it should be something with hot, white icing.” Her comment elicited a series of “Me, too’s” from the other girls who were moving in closer.

Without waiting to ask Chad, Sarah unzipped his trousers and reached in to haul out his shaft for the group to marvel at. Chad kept looking at Nikki as he tried to figure her out, but she had apparently bursa escort bayan regained her self-confidence and boldness now that the ice was broken. Her eyes grew wide and she unconsciously licked her lips when she first saw it. “Goddamn,” she swore, “I’ve never seen anything that big before that wasn’t already hard!”

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” Sarah guffawed. She continued to hold it in her hand, but was slowly stroking it to coax it to grow more. The others huddled around his dick to openly gawk at its impressive measurements as it grew under Sarah’s care.

Brittany stepped in first, removing Sarah’s hand and stating, “Let me show you the best way to do that.” She then knelt before her daddy and took his cock between her lips to make a show of slowly sucking him off. After maybe a minute, Nikki cut in. “Let me have that thing!” she said and taking Brittany’s place, she began working Chad’s cock into her mouth. That’s when Chad discovered that the dark beauty had a stud in her tongue and knew how to use it on him.

Kate and Sarah moved in on either side of her trying to reach his balls. Chad was having a hard time keeping his balance with everything happening to him, so he held on to the counter for support. Sarah and Kate had managed to pull his heavy balls out from his trousers to hang below the cock that Nikki was still working with her mouth. They were desperate to suck and slurp them in hopes to help spur delivery of the cream held inside them. It was definitely working, but Chad knew this was only a prelude to the fucking he would give each of the teen beauties.

Chad enjoyed the novel sensation of Nikki’s pierced tongue moving over and around the head of his cock, however she had difficulty trying to get more of his cock inside her mouth. She kept trying to push more of it into her mouth and down towards her throat, but continued to gag on it. Despite that, she would recover and try again with similar results. A tap on her shoulder signaled that Kate was ready to take over for a while and Nikki reluctantly removed Chad’s cock from her mouth and left it hanging out for Kate to enjoy.

Chad found that Kate’s technique was still amateurish and sloppy, but the sight of her working over his throbbing shaft was still very erotic. Sarah was the last to take her turn at sucking him off and she proved to have lost none of the skill that she demonstrated a few weeks earlier. Chad wondered how much head a high school butt-slut like Sarah must have given to boyfriends of her own age group to become that good and how much she was giving to keep in practice. Knowing he was still their favorite and satisfied them the best, he took an arrogant pride for making the cock hungry whores they had become.

Sarah decided that Chad’s cock was ready and she removed it from her mouth, insisting on being ass-fucked first. However, Brittany suggested that Nikki get the first shot since she had never been taken by him before. Sarah reluctantly agreed and moved aside so that Nikki could move into his waiting arms. His lips joined hers and their kiss immediately became heated. He could feel the hard steel stud embedded in her tongue as she carefully moved it around in his mouth and thought about how During their opening kiss, they both began exploring one another with their hands. Chad pulled her jacket from her shoulders and dropped it to the ground before reaching down to raise her t-shirt up. Nikki broke away from his kiss and raised her arms to let him remove her shirt and as soon as he was clear of her head, she reached behind herself and unhooked her bra.

Chad finished removing her bra and got his first look at Nikki’s large D-cup breasts. The first thing he noticed was that each nipple was pierced with a small gold ring. Her areolae were very large and looked almost black against her smooth, dark brown skin. He also noticed a tattoo on her side of a band logo with which he was unfamiliar. Her breasts were heavy and drooped quite a bit without the support of her bra, but Chad to busy enjoying himself by sucking on her pierced nipples.

While he teased around one areola with his tongue, he continued to undress her. He didn’t stop feasting on her breasts until he had her fashionably torn jeans and skimpy panties down past her wide hips. He then continued examining her voluptuous form as he pulled her jeans and panties all the way to her ankles so she could step out of them. He had a nice view of her swollen pussy lips and noticed she was already getting wet between them. However, he was also surprised to see that her clitoris was also adorned by a ring that was only partially visible from inside her tender, pink delight.

Chad reached up to touch the small gold ring inside her and finger her cunt so he could judge how ready she was for him. He was able to easily slide two fingers inside her and when he briefly finger-fucked her, he enjoyed how she squatted and opened herself more for his penetration while she played with her breasts.

Chad pulled his hand away from her and stood escort bursa to look for a place where they could shift their action. Nikki was already ahead of him, though. The table was clear, so she reclined on top of it with her hips at the edge and her legs held up and open wide as an invitation. Chad quickly removed his trousers and shorts to completely free his manhood and moved to stand between her legs. Nikki’s slender legs wrapped around his waist and as she pulled him into her, her thick thighs spread wider. He opened her pussy by teasing it with the head of his prick before finally sliding into her sopping hole. He didn’t stop moving into her until his testicles were resting against her curvaceous ass. Despite the size of his cock, she had no difficulty accommodating him and soon his balls were slapping against her and her pussy made wet, sucking noises as his cock worked in and out of it.

The other girls watched in fascination as their “daddy” fucked their friend on the table where they had recently enjoyed dinner. Chad rammed into her with such force that the large, heavy table rocked and creaked slightly underneath the pair. Even though Nikki seemed to take his huge cock easily, she was still surprised how big it felt and thought to herself that she had never taken anything so big inside her pussy.

Nikki was far from a passive lover. She reached up to hold Chad by his upper arms and moved her hips in time with his to increase the force of his pounding. Her face had a look that resembled a scowl and her deep, dark eyes blazed as if to challenge him to do more. Her raunchy sex talk soon gave way to loud grunts and moans of pleasure that were punctuated by frequent discharges of her pussy juice over Chad’s prick. Chad couldn’t tell if she was experiencing multiple orgasms or just one long continuing one.

To occupy themselves as their daddy indulged himself, the other three teens undressed each other. Naturally, Brittany and Sarah focused on Kate, who was the most passive of the three. She was quite receptive to their advances, even if she was rather shy about it. Once their clothes were scattered about the floor, the strawberry blonde and her anal whore companion had each of her perky C-cups in their mouths, while Kate closed her eyes and enjoyed being the object of their carnal intentions.

As focused as he was on fucking Nikki, Chad still glanced over to see what the other girls were doing. He gained renewed excitement as he watched his daughter rubbing several fingers against her pussy while trying to get her other hand inside her platinum haired friend. Kate was holding on to Brittany’s shoulders for support because Sarah had temporarily abandoned Kate’s tits and was behind her quiet friend trying to finger either her pussy or her ass. It reminded Chad of when the girls used to accuse one another of “lezzing out”. He then realized that this activity didn’t seem new to any of them and it probably happened a lot, right in his home when he was away. He wondered if his daughter might start dating other women, and if so, would she bring her girlfriend/partner home to share with her daddy?

Sarah knelt down and put her head between Kate’s spread ass cheeks but Chad didn’t have time to wonder if she was enjoying Kate’s asshole or pussy because Nikki regained his attention once more. She managed to raise herself to a sitting position while still impaled on Chad’s throbbing cock and seized his head in her hands to pull him down to her for a deep, hard kiss. Her tongue pushed into his mouth and moved about wildly. Chad responded by pushing back with his tongue leading his dark beauty to move her kissable lips to capture his lower lip and suck hard on it. The couple took turns biting and sucking each other’s lips in-between bouts with their intertwined tongues.

Nikki gave Chad’s lip one final nip with her teeth, and then moved to whisper in his ear, “I want you to get your big, fat white nut in my black pussy, baby. Mmm.., if you want to own it, you need to fuck me like you own me; like my eighteen year old pussy is all yours. Goddamn, that huge fucking dick feels so good inside me… Ahhh…. , Fuck! You keep making me cum like no one else ever has. I want you to pop your nut and fill me up with your hot, white cum. I need to feel your load in my nasty cunt.”

Chad’s senses were getting overloaded. Besides having his arms full of her soft, smooth, warm body, his young beauty had a filthy mouth that she used to urge him on. When he looked down at her, he saw her large, soft breasts rocking wildly between them and he felt her tightening her cunt around his cock to try and hold him inside her. In a suddenness that surprised him, Chad felt his cock starting to spasm uncontrollably as it spurted his load of cum deep inside the beautiful girl’s cunt.

He thrust as far into her as he could, while his cock continued to pulse and empty his aching balls drain into her tight hole. When he was finished, Chad slowly withdrew from her swollen pussy and left Nikki shaking and satisfied. Her body tensed and relaxed over and over to force some of his thick cum to ooze out of her vagina to make a nice cream pie. He left his newest teen whore glowing and purring in post-sex delight so that he could take Sarah for a nice ride.

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